All this drama over "Mr. Dateless," shown here in a high school photo.

By Gina Carbone

I went ahead and bought the “Bachelor Dirty Secrets” issue of US Weekly.

Of course I did!

The two-page spread on Vienna Girardi, 23, is just sad — not only do her ex-husband and his mother hate on her, so do people who knew her in high school and as a Kappa Delta at the University of Central Florida.

(“Vienna was the girl in high school who would cry because she claimed nobody liked her, then flirt to get attention,” one “source” said. “She stole a lot of boyfriends.”)

According to US Weekly, in 2008, Vienna posed for a Florida-based C.O.D. Trees Inc. calendar. "She had the idea for the pose," a staffer said. (The other models wore bikinis.)

No idea how much these people are paid to spill dirt, but it’s especially sad that to balance the story in some way, US added a short, sorry little paragraph at the end marked “In her defense…”

“A staffer at a Hooters in Sanford, Florida, where Girardi worked in 2007, says: ‘She was happy and outgoing.’ And high school classmate Lindsay Hitchcock tells US, ‘She’s not quite that vicious. She was always nice to me.'”

What ringing endorsements!


On to Gia Allemand, 26, a classically trained ballerina who posed for Maxim in 2007 and who apparently regrets her breast implants.

“She never had a boyfriend in high school,” one childhood pal told US.

However, another source said Gia (real first name Gina; thanks for betraying all of us just to be more like Angelina Jolie) was very popular. “Every guy wanted to be with her. She comes off as innocent, but she hooked up with everyone.”

According to the story, a later romance with ex-New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano ended in 2007 after she allegedly caught him cheating.

She certainly doesn't seem shy or insecure.

She then dated Ottawa Senators star Chris Campoli (“She wanted to settle down with him,” said her friend Amanda Olson) but he broke up with her in 2009.

Olson said Gia regrets her boob job. “She was unhappy with the first surgery, she had to get them redone,” Olson said. “She did ballet for a long time. Now she’s too top-heavy.”

Olson — who is so indiscreet I’m starting to think she’s Reality Steve’s source — also said Gia had her nose reshaped but her lips are natural.

*Feb. 15 update: This guy says he’s been Gia’s boyfriend on-and-off for the past two years.

*August update: Gia and her NHL player boyfriend, Chris Campoli, got back together but supposedly split up when she got back from taping Bachelor Pad.


Tenley Molzahn, 25, posted Bible verses on Facebook after her 15-month marriage to ex-husband Ryan Natividad fell apart in 2009.

“He seemed like a great guy, head over heels, but he wasn’t,” her friend Krista Lenggiere-Ward told US.

Natividad is engaged to wed Christina Latham, said to be the fellow cop he allegedly cheated with, and I suppose that’s better than dumping Tenley for a fling.

Then again, if Jake Pavelka dumps Tenley only to get engaged to Vienna, I think that might be worse than just a fling.

Another big difference between Tenley and Vienna: Tenley’s ex-in-laws like her. “She wrote us a nice Christmas letter last year,” Ryan’s uncle, Gino Natividad said.

Former “Bachelorette” Jen Schefft picked Tenley as the best choice for Jake, followed by Ali Fedotowsky, 25.

*August update: Do you think Tenley & Kiptyn should be a couple? Vote in this poll.


Speaking of Ali ... not much. Her friend Trisha Patel said Ali “has had several serious relationships.”

She said Ali is a fun-loving girl next door. “When she wore a dress with sneakers at a rose ceremony, that was typical Ali.

Her type is “older guys,” says a source. (Jake is 32.) (Wonder how old her rumored new boyfriend might be.)

But when it comes to Ali raising a glass to the downfall of Vienna, Ali’s high school pal said the Facebook employee who kind of returns this week “needs to be open instead of talking behind someone’s back.”


By the way, Jake Pavelka spoke to Life & Style about his “Mr. Dateless” status in high school.

“I was just shy around girls at that age,” Jake said. “I tended to be bullied in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades.”

Single mom Ella Nolan saw that side of him.

“The time that I spent with Jake, I could see that he was probably very shy in high school,” Ella said.

So is that why he’s making up for it by going after someone like Vienna?