This is not another navel-gazing blog. (I hope. Let me know if that starts coming off as a lie.)

I’m here because my friend Lisa and I just went to the local Barnes & Noble in Newington, N.H., and — for the first time — managed to leave having accomplished something: The plan to start writing stories online.

We’re both in different writing ruts and we figured this would be a way to stretch our creative muscles. She wants help developing characters for a story she’s already working on. I need someone to “assign” me topics or first lines or something to get me started.

Since I don’t see either of us having the time or discipline to do this every day, I’m also going to post the kind of pop culture recaps I used to write for, where we both worked.

*Update* I now freelance for I also have a Wilmington Celebrity Headlines Examiner page, where I occasionally write about N.C. film productions but also recaps for shows like “Mad Men.”

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think … unless it’s nasty.


Gina Carbone
Portsmouth. N.H. (I moved! Now in Southport, N.C.)

July 2009

P.S. I am not related to Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve … at least, I don’t think I am.