It's where Bruce Campbell picks up a well-deserved check. What did I win?

By Gina Carbone

I’ll tell you what is “Burn Notice”: Bruce freakin’ Campbell.

Ashton Kutcher hosted the Feb. 6 “Saturday Night Live” and it was not impressive.

One of the skits was about a game show called “What is ‘Burn Notice?'”

Jason Sudeikis (love) played the host, who repeatedly asked contestants Kristen Wiig, Will Forte and Kutcher “What is ‘Burn Notice'” while making incredulous faces and comments about how it’s (somehow) the 8th highest rated cable show and (somehow) is in its fourth season.

They showed a commercial for the show which illustrated nothing about it, other than showing Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar wandering around in hot clothes in Miami.

I can imagine how this skit got started: Bunch of guys sitting around the writers’ room throwing pencils at the ceiling, trying to come up with something funny, and just casually asking each other if they knew anything about “Burn Notice.”

Apparently SNL writers are too cool for Bruce Campbell, who plays Sam opposite Donovan’s “burned” government spy, Michael.

How dare you mock something that offers a steady paycheck to The Bruce, while he awaits Sam Raimi’s next project? Characters are welcome as long as they include Ash!

OK, enough of that.

The rest of the Ashton show was lame. Certainly not up to par with the glory of Jon Hamm last week.

Especially lame skits included the Roman grape-feeding session (although I am happy to see Will Forte get more play) and a lousy return to The View.

Jean K. Jean and Garth and Kat returned, but I think G&K were more amusing to themselves than anyone else.

Weekend Update did have a highlight with Eliot Spitzer (Bill Hader) reading off his greeting cards for troubled couples.

Go Andy's version of Rahm!

And I always love Andy Samberg’s “even-tempered” Rahm Emanuel skits. This was the best part of the night.

Loved his Sarah Palin diss:

“Also, you come after me on Facebook? What are you, 14? Here’s a status update: Grow the f–k up! Poke me again and I will write s–t on your wall so obscene your computer will cry. Go back to the tundra, you f—ing gimmick!”


“Also, Mel Gibson? Shut the f–k up!”