I really do want a Boris and Natasha spinoff now.

I could watch Dmitry Sholokhov make dresses all day. To me, it shows consistent talent. To the “Project Runway” Season 10 judges, it shows he has no range. It’s not like he’s made the same dress over and over. They have similarities, but he’s not making roses or fans all the time (Ven!) or doing the same big coat that makes the model look huge (Elena!) or doing … whatever it is that Fabio does.

I’m still Team Dmitry. And I’m very much not Team Elena. She’s a one-way monkey. And I don’t understand how she’s being allowed to be the fan favorite on Lifetime’s PR site. That’s some rigging right there.

I started this season not liking Gunnar Deatherage, but now I’m mad on his behalf. He was robbed tonight. Last week he was robbed by being in the bottom two and this week he was robbed of a win because the judges liked Sonjia Williams‘ coat. Props to Christopher Palu for giving Gunnar — whom he doesn’t even like — credit for all the work he did this week. Sonjia just promoted her own hunter green coat.

Anway, I’ve been posting recaps on Wetpaint’s site and you can check out my past three recaps here, including all the comments about Ven Budhu being rude to his “plus-size” client, Terri.

Be sure to scroll down to the end of my recap of tonight’s episode for details on the PR 10 Fashion Week collections. I hope Melissa Fleis, Dmitry and either Christopher or Gunnar make the final three. But I’m guessing it will be Melissa, Ven and Christopher. Or Sonjia? The judges love her stuff.