Ali shows off her Dennis bracelet in Dennis, Mass. — which is part of Cape Code. Cape Cod itself is not a town, not matter how much "The Bachelorette" insists.

By Gina Carbone

File this one under Some People Are Just Perpetually Disgruntled.

The Boston Herald has a story today about Eden Hand Arts in Dennis, Massachusetts, the company that makes the “Dennis bracelets” that got so much air time on “The Bachelorette,” thanks to Chris Lambton.


To quote the Herald:

… “We have more business than we can handle,” said Rachel Carey Harper, owner of Eden Hand Arts in Dennis, where the bracelets are handmade. “This just makes our life much more complicated.”

Now as all “Bachelorette” fans know, Chris waited until he and Ali had made their elusive “connection” before presenting her with his special gift – a silver and gold Screwball. …

Anyway, Harper declined to discuss her bracelet’s role in the TV romance before quickly signing off. Because, really, she has customers to wait on. (There’s a line out the door of her Dennis jewelry shop every day it’s open, all summer long.)

But we hear the Eden artistes also are annoyed that Screwball knockoffs no doubt will prosper from the nationwide boost “The Bachelorette” gave their bling.

In fact, on their Web site, the Eden peeps note, “No other jewelry maker is authorized to manufacture or sell the Cape Cod Screwball bracelet! Please don’t be fooled by imitations. Beyond the ethical considerations they are often of questionable quality, fit and over-priced.”

Not so upset over being featured on the hit ABC show: the brewmeisters at Cape Cod Beer . The gang at the Hyannis brewery said their phones were ringing off the hook after a growler of their suds was featured on the show.

“It was pretty cool,” said brewery boss Beth Marcus .

But has it helped business?

The line is indeed long outside Eden Hand Arts, as shown in this pic from

“It’s July and the hottest July in 12 years, business is crazy,” she said, adding that Chris rang them up yesterday to say, ‘Hey,’ ” and “He seemed like a very nice guy.”

“I wondered, ‘I wonder if she deserves him?’”


People commenting on the story had little sympathy for the Eden Hand Arts owners:

ShonShon: The article states that the company is now super busy and thus life is much more complicated. You want complicated? Try feeding your family and paying bills on unemployment.

bella_92: I am not familiar with the jewler, but I wonder if everything they sell are original designs? If not, they might not want to get into commenting on knock-offs. They might also not want to complain about being busy…some people would give anything to have their businesses so busy it made things \”complicated\”.

LMichelle30: If she doesn’t appreciate the attention and it makes her life so much more “complicated” then how come on her website she brags that it is the same bracelet as seen on The Bachelorette? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

fish: OK, I’ll help you out by not getting one.


If you go to this site it looks like there ARE lines out the door, but that may be because the space is tiny and the hours are random and only a few days a week. (Very New England. As a native and resident I have to say, most regional businesses seem to resent business more than welcome it.)

The business owners should know by now that Love Is The Only Reality. So just smile, take the stalkers’ fans’ money and say thank you. It’ll all be over soon enough.


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