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I'm sad about it, too, Michelle. Having said that, it's not cool to try and cry your way out of a tough spot. You're not one of the little girls, right? ( photo)

There’s so much bitterness toward Michelle Money.

I can understand it from the women of “The Bachelor” Season 15. Michelle’s sarcasm may be funny to me at home, but I bet it is different when you’re on the receiving end.

But I think they went too far at “The Women Tell All,” especially Stacey (a fellow cheater!), who dissed Michelle as a mom for putting herself first — while ignoring the fact that Emily Maynard also left her daughter at home.

(Not to mention single dad Jason Mesnick, who left his son behind first on “The Bachelorette” Season 4 and then as “The Bachelor” on Season 13. And he had single mom Stephanie Hogan as one of his contestants.)

Ken & Barbie ... if Ken & Barbie had lots of skeletons in their closets. ( pic)

Fans seem to be mixed on Michelle, with the haters truly HATING her. Whatever.

I still marvel at the idea that Charlie Sheen has more than 2 million Twitter followers, supporters and defenders, but Michelle can’t catch a break for being aggressive on “The Bachelor.” And I believe she did talk about her daughter, Brielle, on the show and ABC decided they already had a mom talking about her kid, so they stuck with Michelle’s other, more humorous comments.

So I can see Ashley Hebert definitely being “The Bachelorette.” I don’t like her (especially as a brunette) and I don’t care to follow her “journey” through “the process,” but whatever. I’m resigned.

Reid Rosenthal tweeted this pic of himself with fellow Philly resident, Ashley Hebert. Ashley looks much better here than she did on the WTA.

Between Chantal O’Brien’s rumored new boyfriend and the fact that Brad said he wanted a sweet person who makes him want to be a better man, it looks like he’s really picking Emily Maynard. Fine.

I think it may be a lost cause, but Chris Harrison said earlier in the week that the Bachelorette had not yet been chosen, so go ahead and vote in this poll and support either Michelle, Shawntel Newton or one of the Ashleys. Reality Steve said the After the Final Rose is being filmed today, so it could be that they will announce the new lady right there.

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5 Hints That Brad Womack Picks Chantal O’Brien

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It would be the most controversial season EV-AH!

It will never happen, but it would be so much fun.

Emily Maynard seems very sweet and genuine and she’s undeniably gorgeous. The camera — along with everyone and everything else on the planet — adores her. But she would not be fun to watch as “The Bachelorette.”

First of all, she has yet to show a personality on “The Bachelor.” She looks worried most of the time. When she’s not worried, she’s pining (understandably) for her daughter. When she’s not doing that, she’s crying and talking about how she sabotages relationships.

We should all be kissing her ring.

She has no romantic spark with Brad Womack at all and it’s pretty much understood that she is this season’s Chris Lambton. The job of choosing between 25-30 (better?) guys on “The Bachelorette” is hers if she wants it and I HOPE TO GOD she doesn’t want it.

On top of not having much personality, Emily is the third rail of this season. You can’t say anything about her without getting a lashing from her adoring fans. Chris Lambton at least had a sarcastic sense of humor. He would’ve been fun to watch as “The Bachelor.”

But you saw the fan (over)reaction to taking Emily on a NASCAR date, can you imagine what will happen when she’s faced with a Justin “Rated-R” Rego or a Wes Hayden?

And ABC would feel compelled to cast some crazy person — like Madison “Fang Girl” Garton or Michelle “I”m Even Crazier Than The Last Michelle” Money, because that drama is what gets people talking, aka ratings.

Another day, another serious sit-down with Emily.

If Emily is off-limits for drama, there is no season to be had. She’s not exciting enough to carry a season on her own and if all of her guys are as gosh darn sweet and vanilla it will be even worse than Brad’s therapy sessions.

On top of that — I hate double standards, but Emily has already spent a lot of time away from her daughter, Ricki, and if she becomes “The Bachelorette” it’s unlikely Ricki would be traveling the world with her. Jason Mesnick was a single dad “Bachelor” but his ex-wife is still among the living. I’m sure whoever is caring for Ricki now could continue to do so during “The Bachelorette,” but is that something Emily would want?

Am I alone here? I don’t care if I am.

Honestly, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch Michelle as “The Bachelorette. Seriously. I love the way she tries to control and dominate Brad. She knows what she wants and she knows how crazy she needs to be to get it. No wishy-washy behavior.

It’d be refreshing to have an exciting, mildly insane person in the hot seat for once. And the one-liners she comes out with! I want more. I’m dreading the week after next when she’ll be gone.

(Of course, Michelle is a single mother, too, but I believe her ex-husband, Ryan Money, is still with us and should be able to care for Brielle during the show. … Not that ABC will cast her. They’d probably cast Vienna Girardi before Michelle.)

Is my Michelle a lock for “Bachelor Pad” Season 2? Probably, if she’s into it. Is that enough? No. No, I’ve decided it isn’t. I want her to either be “The Bachelorette” or get her own spinoff. I’m well aware that she’s an actress who has a (straight to video?) movie coming out. And I love the rumor that ABC has been paying her to play the villain. If they aren’t, they should be.

Who else would be good for “The Bachelorette” if not Michelle? Last year I would’ve said Gia Allemand, but not after “Bachelor Pad” Season 1 and certainly not after the online drama between Gia, Vienna and Wes. I want nothing from them anymore.

Maybe Shawntel Newton. I really like her. I like her more than the Ashleys and she’s much more sane than Michelle. I could compromise and go with Shawntel, but please not Emily.


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Here’s the start:

Ding dong! The witch has fled! Which old witch? The wicked witch …

Yes, in a rare good decision, Brad Womack said goodbye to Michelle Money on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 7. No more birthdays, ninjas, monkeys, black eyes and repellent rappelling dates. Maybe now she can go replace the “crazy” girl who looks and acts just like her in the Virgin Mobile commercials. (Read full recap here.)


Here’s my previous recap of Episode 6: Michelle Needs to be Dumped in All’s Cave:

Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Michelle Who?
Exactly what Brad should’ve said weeks ago!

(No good? Leave a better Michelle knock-knock joke in the comments. There’s gotta be a great one out there somewhere.)

When Michelle Money came a knockin’, Jackie Gordon and Alli Travis went a walkin’ on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 6. Sanity seemed to check out of Costa Rica at the same time… (Read full recap here)


And if you miss Michelle already, catch up on 15 of her best quotes from Season 15. Come back to us, luv!


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Who do you love, Gustavo?

Last week Brad Womack had two things to do: Quickly move past (the good decisions of) “The Bachelor” Season 11 and prove that he’s not really a boring Texas Ken doll.

He failed at both — drowning the Season 15 premiere in depressing apologies instead of showing the spark and sense of humor that occasionally pop up in his interviews.

Which leaves us with with “The Bachelor” Season 15 Episode 2, where the burden shifts to the ladies. Thankfully it looks like they will not fail in their mission to put some life back into this already troubled season. Cat fights galore!

Check out all the stuff that’s going to go down tonight, from two one-on-one dates (Ashley H. and Jackie) and a pretty epic group date involving the Red Cross that somehow also involves a Telemundo soap opera cat fight and Madison the vampire fang girl in dominatrix gear, telling Brad to lick her boot. (Fun!) And I guess Melissa steals a kiss from Brad that launches new drama. (Fun!)


“Bachelorette” cuties Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez will also show up before the rose ceremony to help Brad weed out girls who are not there for — wait for it — “the right reasons.”

You really should check out Wetpaint’s Bachelor site — and not just ’cause I write for it. We’ve added a crapload of stories and videos and updated spoilers in the past week.

Brad has been on a media blitz (poor fella), trying to sell this season. He’s already told us he’s madly in love and calls his chosen one 20 times a day.

Reality Steve has said Brad is engaged to his lady *spoiler alert* whom we can pretty much guarantee is Chantal O’Brien, aka “The Slapper.” Brad even made a special video begging people to stop being so uptight about her slap.

I worry about them.


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This "Bachelorette" blind vice sounds like it has to refer to either Chris Lambton, Kirk DeWindt or Ty Brown. Right?

LOVE this!

I go to Crazy Days and Nights every week for the “Four for Friday” blind vices. (I also go to Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth for his Friday blind vices.)

I forgot to visit Crazy Days yesterday, but I just checked it out and — what are the odds? — there’s a vice about Ali Fedotowsky’s season of “The Bachelorette.”


Check it out:

“This recent Bachelorette reject was a popular fan favorite this past season. Popular enough, in fact, that he was on the short list to be the next Bachelor. Unfortunately, however, the guy screwed himself badly by hooking up with a big-mouthed rookie publicist who had delusions of importance. Said publicist had dreams of molding her client into the next Jake Pavelka, but then made the mistake of trashing a major gossip tabloid with A-list name recognition. As a direct result, the celeb rag declared war on the poor guy. Unfortunately, the ensuing bad blood proved to be far more of a headache than ABC decided the guy was worth. The result? Brad Womack.”


Hmm… You always have to take these things with a grain of salt, but Crazy Days is a pretty legit site, so I’m intrigued.

The way I see it, the short list of fan favorites from “The Bachelorette” Season 6 can be boiled down to:

1. Chris Lambton

2. Ty Brown

3. Kirk DeWindt

4. Craig Robinson

That’s about all I can think of.

This sounds like it could be Chris Lambton. Chris told Star that he didn’t want to be “The Bachelor” but Chris Harrison’s wording has made it seem like ABC and the producers eventually decided they didn’t want him.

It sounded like spin to me, but here’s how Chris H. put it to Ryan Seacrest, “We got to this season and realized, you know, Chris Lambton, last year’s second place guy, just wasn’t right to be The Bachelor…”

And here’s Chris H. to TV Guide, “Ali’s season ended phenomenally with Chris L. as the No. 2 guy and our immediate thought was obviously Chris L.’s the guy. The more he kept thinking about it and we kept thinking about it, he realized he wasn’t going to be right for it. A great guy, which Chris L. is, doesn’t necessarily make a great bachelor. I think he realized it, we realized it we and ultimately decided to go our separate ways.”

Or it could be Ty Brown, since Ty is the one who really parlayed his “Bachelorette” time into an entertainment career. He’s all about his music now, ala Wes Hayden.

Or could it be Kirk? Kirk got the pre-Bachelor treatment on “The Men Tell All” and it looked like he was being prepped to be The Guy, then he hooked up with Jessie Sulidis and disappeared.

But Chris L. is the only one a tabloid seems to have declared “war” on, claiming he is living it up as a single guy. Although I suppose you could consider jumping on Kirk + Jessie to be going after Kirk, making it seem like he’s not single enough to be “The Bachelor.” All talk of him as the next Bachelor disappeared after the two of them dated, however briefly. Jessie did “Bachelor Pad” and Kirk just … went away.

Anyway, Reality Steve now says Chris Lambton is hooking up with Peyton Wright. Not sure if that’s to be believed or not, but there it is.

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Behold, the world's worst photo of Brad on "Dancing with the Stars."

I’ll tell you now what. Now we e-stalk his season.

Hey, he asked for it. Brad Womack wanted another shot at this silliness, so head over to Fans of Reality TV’s Bachelor forums where the FORT “sleuthing” has already begun.

In case the first one wasn't bad enough. I wish I had a shot of Jonathan Novack, but I was so thrown off to even see him there. I bet a lot of people would prefer The Weatherman as The Bachelor, but I am NOT one of them.

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Next Bachelor to be Revealed on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars

By the way, I loved the Jonathan “Weatherman” Novack fake out. I almost bought it for a minute, panicking a little when I saw him sitting next to Chris Harrison in the “Dancing with the Stars” audience.

Can you imagine? There goes the hot tub. And the kissing. But there’d be plenty of tears … from him.

There's little Brad smiling up at us from Us Weekly. And for the record, I think Kelly Osbourne is too thin. There's naturally thin and there's "I'm getting very thin very fast despite my body's natural state" thin.

I missed these pissing matches. I really did.

Two days ago Reality Steve tweeted the news that Brad Womack would be the next Bachelor.

Two hours after that 90-something-percent sure post, People magazine dropped their own story about how Chris Lambton and Ty Brown were still being considered.

Star Magazine called Steve to get their own tabloid scoop on the story. Steve confirmed with his sources later the same day that it would indeed be Brad Womack. Someone posted a “confirmation” from Chris Harrison on his Facebook page, but it turns out the page was fake.

(Now Chris H. is saying he will sit next to the real Bachelor this Monday on “Dancing with the Stars.”)

What are the 25 women going to say when they see it's Brad ... again? The 25 men/women aren't usually told in advance who the main person will be.

And yet today Us Weekly has an “exclusive” story with a insider who says Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor.

I love Us Weekly. It makes me smile. The back and forth between Us Weekly and “The Bachelor” universe is such fun to observe from the sidelines.

It’s especially interesting to see how the rag completely ignores Steve’s new intel considering they — Us Weekly —were actually right about Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez being engaged after “The Bachelorette” when Steve stuck with his sources, who were wrong for once, insisting that Ali was single.

But other than Steve’s “Bachelorette” glitch — and the apology he’s supposedly going to explain tomorrow — he’s been right about most things. Or, I should say, his sources have been right. He’s not like the Fans of Reality TV sleuths. FORT doesn’t wait to be told.


Here’s the Us Magazine story:

Brad Womack, take two!

After infamously jilting both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during the season 11 finale of ABC’s The Bachelor in 2007, the Texas-bred hunk, 37, is close to signing on for a return engagement.

“Brad is very sincere and believes in the show,” a source close to the series tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). “That’s why he didn’t pick someone last time. He was never in it for the publicity. He wants to find a wife.”

But this go-round, the Austin bar owner will show a different side. “Brad knows he has to open up more,” says the insider. “Last time, he was reserved with the women.”

And while the insider says producers are also considering aspiring country singer Ty Brown, 31 — the fourth runner-up on Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette — viewers can all but rule out that round’s runner-up, Chris Lambton, 33.

“Chris has been living large,” says the source. “He isn’t ready to settle down and is having a blast being single.”


And here’s Steve’s response in his blog today:

As for “US Weekly” today claiming on their site it’s an “exclusive”, that just shows the depths of which those parasites will sink. Jeez, at least give credit where credit is due. It’s not an exclusive when I reported it two days ago AND one of your main competitors, Star Magazine, called me immediately after I posted and put it on their website Monday afternoon. So ridiculous. Every time I post a quote, or reference a story I read online about this show, I always credit who reported it or where it came from. All I ask is the same in return. Apparently that’s too much for them. I guess I somewhat understand. I mean, when a blogger in Texas is constantly beating you when it comes to inside information for this show, I guess you have to pretend you’re winning. Hell, take my website completely out of the equation. ran the story on their site TWO DAYS AGO because they actually followed up with my Twitter post and called me asking for quotes and verifying it.


Steve also says the response to Brad 2.0 has been 80/20 against. Over on our Wetpaint Bachelor site it’s more like 95/5 against.

I’m completely in favor. I don’t think this is a good idea. I think it’s a great idea.

Also cheerleading for Brad: Trista Sutter. She took to Twitter in favor of the guy. So there are at least a few of us hoping for the best.

Steve also said the filming of Brad’s season is being moved up. Taping will begin this weekend. The new season always starts the first Monday in January, so just expect that again.

I don’t know if Brad Womack has a Twitter yet, but it doesn’t look like it. I want a way to e-stalk him find out what’s going on, but it’s tough right now. FORT, can you help me?


Anyway, it looks like it’s on in a big way so catch up on my Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad archive here and bookmark for all news, gossip, spoilers, top 10 lists and other stuff. Seriously, we’re posting about 4-5 stories a day on there, even in the Bachelor “off season.” Why? Because we’re effing nuts about the stupid show! You should be too.

Brad, we know love don't come easy, but if you do return try not to drag Wes Hayden, Laurel Kagay or any other Austin, Texas, drama onto the show. K?

I’m dying. Mike Fleiss and “The Bachelor” Powers That Be are on the verge of making a good decision. I don’t know how to handle it. I’ve spent so long thinking of them as The Enemy.

But maybe this is good karma all around. Brad Womack was vilified after “The Bachelor” for picking neither DeAnna Pappas nor Jenni Croft.

I remember it was pretty shocking, because it just didn’t fit with the formula. But in hindsight, GOOD FOR HIM.

Yeah, he's a hunk.

Didn’t Chris Lambton say he would only be “The Bachelor” if he could break the rules? Well, here’s the original rule-breaker.

Yes, Jenn Schefft rejected both guys on her season of “The Bachelorette,” but she technically chose Jerry Ferris. She probably wishes she had pulled a Womack.

I was convinced Ali Fedotowsky was going to pull a Womack at the end of “The Bachelorette,” because that’s what Reality Steve was saying. He got Fleissed.

But now I am excited … because the same Reality Steve just tweeted “Definitely looking like Brad Womack is the next Bachelor. Again. Wow. Didn’t see that one. Still trying for 100% confirmation. Stay tuned.”

*Update* A few hours later, Steve tweeted “Not a rumor anymore. Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor. Expect them to officially announce it later this week, if not tonight on DWTS.”

*Update 2* On Sept. 22, Steve wrote a blog confirming yet again that it’s Brad.

So far fans seem less than thrilled.

But I think Brad deserves this second chance. After all the crap people have done after him — Jason/Molly/Melissa, Wes and his alleged girlfriend, Jake fighting with Vienna, Justin and Frank and their girlfriends — we need a guy with integrity who isn’t afraid to stand up to the brass and say “I know I’m going to get my ass kicked for this, but I know what’s right for me.” (To paraphrase a possible conversaion.)

Hell yeah, Brad Womack. I hope this is true. I am much more into Brad as the next Bachelor than Chris Lambton. 100% more.

Having said that, Keep Laurel Kagay out of it, please. She’s the one Brad supposedly dated and then Wes Hayden (also of Austin, Texas) supposedly cheated with during Jillian Harris’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Just keep her away.

Forgot the deets on Brad? Here’s some bio intel.

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All hail the King and Queen of Red Sox Nation! Obviously, since he's in uniform, she should've attacked him like she did on the Bachelorette hometown dates. Don't let the romance fade so fast.

Miss Ali, I wish you many years of joy with Roberto Martinez. But, seriously, if you ever get sick of him, I’ll be right here.

Ali turns 26 today and you should see the cute cooking video she did with Roberto this morning on Fox 5 San Diego.

You should also consider telling Tenley Molzahn what to get Ali for her birthday since they are supposedly hanging out today and Tenley is looking for advice.

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Is it finally time to give up on the idea that Chris Lambton will be the next “Bachelor”? I’m fine with a newbie. Totally down with that.

I'm almost ready to give up.

This is what you’ve done, “Bachelor Pad” sextestants. You’ve fed the “man code” monster. Thanks a lot.

Everyone in “The Bachelor” universe is in love with David Good. Everyone.

Even Wes Hayden gushes with love over Dave, and says something about having a gun pulled on him in Texas. But that’s not important right now.

What’s important is how all of this adulation has gone to Dave/Gaston’s head. He has a book coming out called “The Man Code” and he is going to use the $125,000 he got from winning “Bachelor Pad” with Natalie Getz to promote the book.

Natalie, by the way, has already used some of her money to buy shoes. She’ll get to that prostate cancer charity later.

Check out more information on Dave’s book here.

Weirdly enough, some girls on the Bachelorette Fans facebook page are already excited to buy the book — and buy Dave. What is up with this guy’s appeal?

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D'oh! Tenley, you got served.

Sad that out of the final four I ended up rooting for Kiptyn Locke and (HOW?) Natalie Getz to win “Bachelor Pad.”

But they were not paired together so they were not an option. Alas.

I can’t say I’m happy that Dave Good and Natalie Getz won. I love that they beat Kip-Ten but once Peyton Wright and Jesse Beck left there were no good options. The super six sucked.

I’m happy that Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand may now be a thing. (Check out their nightclub activity from last Friday.)

I’m even happier that Michelle Kujawa told off Tenley Molzahn. About time!

Natalie and Dave are not a real couple.

And I’m happy that Elizabeth Kitt went back to brunette — she looked good — but it didn’t help her get in touch with sanity.

Dave is a jerk and I have no idea why women love him. He’s Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Gwen, I’m glad you called him out. You should’ve won that money.

Next time?

***Live blog/stream of consciousness recap***

The super six are congratulating themselves. I can’t stand them.

Dave talks about his pact with Kovacs to make the final two, but that’s not possible since it’s a couples game.

Natalie is falling hard for Dave but it was a mistake to vote out Peyton and Jesse.

Love how Kovacs gazes at Dave in the kitchen.

Chris H. calls them all into the living room.

The couple that wins the competition will guarantee them in the final 4.

Kiptyn’s eyes go wide about ballroom dancing. Tenley is a trained dancer.

Kiptyn isn’t a good dancer, he says.

Woo hoo! Wes and Gia! Although he scammed her into this kiss.

Elizabeth doesn’t like to dance. Now she is “smitten by Kovacs.” What happened to love?


They take limos to meet their trainers. Elizabeth and Kovacs make out in the limo.

Natalie is glad that her gym class dance training will come in handy.

Kiptyn’s biggest fear is letting Tenley down. Aww.

Elizabeth is already stressing over whether they’ll get a male or female instructor.

Elizabeth: If it’s a woman you have to still focus on me because it might make me lose focus.


Tenley is a big fan of Chelsie Hightower.

Melissa, Jake and Trista judge the dances.

Elizabeth is happy to see Edyta, she says.

Edyta will teach them the Rumba.

Kovacs: Edyta, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl in person with that great of a body. It’s incredible. Edyta is so hot it’s almost unbearable.


Tenley and Kiptyn will do the Foxtrot.

Dave and Natalie are doing the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Dave will do whatever it takes to win.

Dave: I’m twirling him, I’m dipping him and this is business to me. I’m not afraid to get in touch with my feminine side and dance with another guy.


Oh it’s like Edyta is teasing Kovacs.

Elizabeth: Edyta is extremely sexy. I get a little tinge of jealousy every time she puts her hands up on my man. The first time that Edyta straddled him and looked at him with those eyes, I felt very insecure actually.

Ha! You should.

Dave looks good in this open shirt, I have to admit. But it's not enough to overcome his attitude.

Kovacs is spending way more time dancing with Edyta than him. Don’t worry. Dave is only dancing with Louis.

Kiptyn is frustrated. He’s not moving his feet right.

Don’t overanalyze it, Kip!

Natalie is overthinking it too.

Dave says they need to be passionate. He has great chemistry with Natalie, he says.

Louis: Do you guys have sex in the house?


He wants them to dance as if they have sex. That’s what Cha-Cha is.


Louis: Rumba is romantic. This is get to the point, let’s just get it over with.

That’s hilarious. I love Louis.

This is good for Dave and Natalie who are “sexual people.”

Louis does a doggie-style move too. Hello!

Natalie: Louis has told me so many times throughout these lifts and spins to throw my head back with a feeling. And you know Dave and I are definitely used to those positions.

Eww! TMI!

Louis: In the history of me teaching as a pro I’ve never heard a woman ask ‘Please grab my boobs, it’s safer.’

Elizabeth is stressing that she’s not as sexy as Edyta.

Chelsie is giving good advice. Don’t show your mistakes because the judges won’t even notice them unless you point them out.


Kovacs and Elizabeth were never going to work. They never spoke the same language. Unfortunately no one understands Elizabeth's language except Elizabeth.

The sextestants are getting their styling done.

They walk outside and it’s just like Dancing with the Stars. Kiptyn has been in the audience a few times.

They will be judged by performance, chemistry and effort on a scale of 1 to 10.

Chris H. brings out three special judges.

Melissa Rycroft finished third on DWTS
Jake Pavelka comes back. He’s the last guy Tenley kissed before Kiptyn
Trista Sutter was on the first season of DWTS

Kip-Ten is first. Kip kissed her on the neck before the dance.

Tenley kept telling Kiptyn to smile. It’s very cutesy and energetic.

Melissa – 8, Jake – 9, Trista – 9

Kovacs and Elizabeth dance their Rumba. You can see Edyta’s mark on this, but it’s not as much of a crowd pleaser as the peppy Kip-Ten dance, so I think they have no shot.

The choreography is just not helping them.

Natalie: Watching Elizabeth and Kovacs dance was like watching Bambi on Ice. It was awful.

It was “uncomfortable and distracting” like a bad wreck.

Elizabeth is one of the worst dancers ever.

Ha! Jake says he can tell they are a couple. Trista said they had no problem in the chemistry department. Poor Kovacs is probably gritting his teeth.

They got kind comments from the judges, but 8s from all three. Kovacs said they blew it. He’s never one a challenge or a rose. Elizabeth feels like she let herself and Kovacs down.

They are out.

Dave and Natalie are last. They dance the Cha-Cha.

Dave looks good in his open shirt.

They both look stiff and stone-faced. Natalie has no hip rhythm. Tenley says they are “on fire”? Is she blind? They kept screwing up.

They impressed Melissa and Jake with the lifts. Trista says “hello sexiness.”

Gia hearts Wes.

Dave and Natalie have to beat 26 points to beat Tenley and Kiptyn.

Trista gives them an 8, making Tenley and Kiptyn the winners.

Dave is frustrated. Something about the light at the end of the tunnel and bleeping down your leg.

Natalie is ticked at herself. They nailed it in the studio and failed in crunch time.

They couldn’t even finish the dance.

Oh no. Tenley and Kiptyn are bathing together. Gross.

Dave thinks he and Nat have a good chance to beat Kip-Ten, if they chose him.

Will Kip-Ten follow their heads or their hearts? Blah blah.


Dave says Natalie is the perfect partner for him. She’s beautiful and he’s falling in love.

Elizabeth thinks this show has helped bring them together.

The fairy tale may be over if they leave that night. Dear, there was no fairy tale.

Dave said if he and Nat lived in the same city things might be different. She’s in Hollywood. He’s in Dayton, Ohio. If they won they could move closer to each other. But would they?

Natalie and Tenley are good friends. Women code.

Kovacs is making his pitch to Kiptyn. It’s basically a “we suck so pick us” argument. How sad.

Tenley wants to keep Nat and Dave. Kiptyn wants to keep Elizabeth and Kovacs.


Kiptyn walks into the rose ceremony very conflicted. They are friends and they will feel the repercussions of the decision long after the show ends.

Tenley is already teary eyed. This isn’t about you, dear.

Kiptyn makes a speech about how much they liked each other, etc.

Tenley and I would like to extend the invitation….

To Dave and Natalie

So Elizabeth and Kovacs are finally gone.

Reality Steve’s spoilers were right so far…

Tenley said she and Natalie are close and Dave showed such loyalty.

Kiptyn hopes that Kovacs did find love with Elizabeth. RIGHT.

Elizabeth hopes the experience has genuinely changed Kovacs. What about you? You are the one who needs to change more.

Kovacs isn’t as angry as he thought he would be because he has an “awesome” relationship with Elizabeth.

He went on “The Bachelorette” hoping for a relationship and left with nothing. He went on “Bachelor Pad” hoping for money and he ended up with a relationship.

Nope. Not anymore, man.


The next time the final four see Chris H. will be in front of a live studio audience.

Oh no. Dave called it “the process.” I HATE when they do that.

Natalie wants to win the money so she and Dave can start their lives together.

Kiptyn and Tenley live sort of close to each other in SoCal.

They are leaving the mansion forever.


Not-so live finale (taped Wednesday) with all the former contestants.

Peyton, Jesse, Wes and Gia seem to get the biggest applause.

Melissa has a cute baby bump.

Elizabeth has dark hair again.

They are not together.

Elizabeth: He’s single, Anyone who wants to date a player, here you go. Good luck.


He led her to believe he had certain feelings about her but behind the scenes he was saying she had a screw loose.

To be fair, we were all saying that.

After the show they gave their relationship a shot for a quick minute, but that didn’t work out.

He wanted a casual relationship and she didn’t.

Chris H. asks about the Insiders vs. Outsiders.

He talks to Gia about how they screwed that up.

She says her decision to save Wes was not an emotional vote.

Gia still has an attraction to Wes!

She does not still have her boyfriend from before the show.

Wes just wanted to take the money and run like a robbery, but then he met Gia.

Wes: Bad boys need love too.

Where do they go from here?

There’s only one girl he wanted to kiss in the kissing contest but she pulled away. So he got his kiss!

Chris H.: If you should choose to forgo the studio, you can go straight to the fantasy suite.


Tenley gushes “Kiptyn’s my boyfriend.” Love Michelle’s face!

Dave and Natalie are taking it slow.


Chris wants to hear if the contestants believe that the relationships are real. Ashley was surprised because Dave was just with Jessie before the Vegas trip.

Dave said he and Natalie started as friends. Dave said they are not on the same level as Kip-Ten.

Krisily now says she knows Dave didn’t lie to her, but why didn’t he come to her first and tell her what was going to happen?

Dave said he didn’t want her to be upset. He didn’t see the point of going up to her with one minute left. She feels like it was a respect issue. I agree with her.

Chris H. brings up Kiptyn’s lie to Peyton that he was not in a relationship with Tenley.

Kiptyn is glad that he brought that up. Kip was being 100 percent honest that night. The next week Tenley won the Catalina date and that’s when things started. (So what was with the comment to the camera that he lied?)

Gia asks why he said he would never vote off Tenley. Kip said they were friends. Gia keeps challenging him, like about Nikki. Nikki saved Kiptyn and she did not keep her safe.

Gia was upset that Kip didn’t save Nikki.

Yes! Michelle talks about how what happened with Tenley will affect her decision.

She and Tenley were on the same season of The Bachelor. They seemed like they got along. She confronted Tenley because she was upset about the rumor about Craig.

Michelle: I was pissed. I was livid, Tenley, that you — bubbly, smiling all the time — would make up a rumor and not even come up to me first but spread it through the entire house. I lost respect for you. I didn’t care for you and to this day I still don’t care for you. I’ll tell you right now, you don’t have my vote.


Tenley said she is sorry. The audience loves Tenley, no matter what she does.

Dave picks share, but what did Natalie pick?

Wes questions everybody’s integrity. Money talks. He feels hurt that Dave told Krisily that Wes was running behind people’s backs.

Aww! Wes on Gia: I mean hell I got a million dollars right here, I don’t need $250,000.

He is such a player.


Natalie talks about the fun she had on the show. She wants to pay off her debt and start a small charity for prostate cancer because her father survived it. She talks so fast.

Dave feels like he played the game as honest and fair as she could.

God Jesse Beck looks hot. But Dave said he looked Jesse in the eyes and told him he would vote him out. It was honest.

He hopes he and Nat brought some comic relief to the show. (VOMIT!)

Gwen said she overheard a conversation he had with some people in the house. Dave said anybody in their 30s is a loser to be in the house? He is SUCH an ass.

Dave said if you’re in “your upper 30s” then being on a dating show is getting a little older. As a personal preference it’s not something he would do.


Gwen didn’t go on the show for a relationship, she came for the money. SUCK IT, DAVE.

Tenley makes a pageant speech. She tried to play as true to her character as she could. Sadly, I think she did.

She lost her home? She disses her marriage again. Her ex is never going to live that down. She wants to pay her parents back.

Kiptyn is planning to give 20% of the money to charity, so that’s $50,000 off the top. He wants to take vacations and do “selfish” things, but he also wants to give back.

Juan said Kiptyn played with integrity and Dave and Natalie were strong, but what did Tenley do?

Jessie defended Tenley, saying she was strong and she won the pie-eating contest. Blah. Blah. Blah.


The life-changing vote is up!

Everyone has paddles under their seats. First couple to 8 votes wins.

Craig’s vote: Kiptyn and Tenley

Jonathan/Weatherman: Kiptyn and Tenley

Jessie: Dave and Natalie

Krisily: Dave and Natalie

Peyton: Dave and Natalie

Jesse B.: Dave and Natalie

Juan: Kiptyn and Tenley

Gwen: Kiptyn and Tenley

Ashley: Dave and Natalie

Michelle: Dave and Natalie

Nikki: Dave and Natalie

Wes: Dave and Natalie

Wes is a good guy for getting past his ego to make that vote. I doubt Dave would have been as mature about it.

I love Wes. I do. Not the way Gia loves him, but I’ve always liked him.


Natalie tries to make us believe she chose "keep."

Dave and Natalie’s relationship will be put to the test. They have to go to separate deliberation rooms.

If they want to split the money they pick share. If they want to keep the money they pick keep.

The twist is, if they both pick share they will split the money evenly: $125,000 each. If one chooses share and the other chooses keep, the other will get all the money.

If they both pick keep then neither gets the money. The money will be split between the former housemates. (Juan and Jonathan hug each other. They love this idea!)

How much do they trust each other?

The best answer is “share” at this point. It doesn’t take a strong relationship to make that decision. You could do this with strangers and come to that decision.

Kovacs believes Dave will pick share. Gia believes it would be selfish if they don’t pick share.

Nikki believes Natalie puts Natalie first and she could go either way. She says that as a friend! Krisily thinks Natalie could pick “keep” too.

Kovacs doesn’t think it should ruin a friendship if one keeps the money. True! That’s what happens on “Survivor” and this show was supposed to have one winner, not two.

Dave reveals first: He picks share.

Natalie wants to say something. Chris says no, at first.

Natalie: I think that we all said get your friends as far as you can get your friends and the only time to be selfish is when you get your friends as far you can get them.

Everyone thinks she’s going to pick “keep” but then she turns her card around to reveal “so I’m gonna share with ya!”

They hug and Dave bounces around. Did he kiss Chris Harrison?

Then, inexplicably, Wes plays “Love Don’t Come Easy” AGAIN!


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