Is Allison the real winner of this current cycle, without even showing up?

Loyalty! Such a prized commodity nowadays. Could it be that “America’s Next Top Model” fans are more loyal to Allison Harvard than Tyra Banks?

According to TV by the Numbers (via, only 1.3 million people tuned in to the Cycle 18 “British Invasion” premiere and the show pulled a 0.6 in the coveted 18-49 demo. For comparison, that 0.6 is 45% worse than the spring 2011 premiere.

Why? According to the comments under Wetpaint’s story, the general consensus is “IT’S COS ALLISON LOST.”

So far I really like Scottish Ashley and British Annaliese of the “British Invasion” cycle.

Yes. Maybe. Probably.

But I agree with the guy who wrote “It’s because Alisson lost AND because they disqualified Angelea without giving any explanations at all.”

I would add AND because having Americans compete against seasoned British models makes even less sense for AMERICA’S Next Top Model than everything else they do.

That said, there’s no way I wouldn’t watch. In fact, I’m writing recaps of Cycle 18 for Wetpaint. If you are boycotting the show but still want to know what happens, why not read the recaps of a devoted Allison fan like me? If you feel like it, check out my premiere recap here. They do a “power rankings” style recap and, right now, I’m fond of the Scottish girl. I like all the Brits best.

I’m also recapping the “Kris Jenner” episode tonight and you can read my recap Tuesday a.m. here at Wetpaint’s ANTM site.