****Spoiler alert****** This photo is not technically a spoiler. It's mostly just Colby working on a comeback. Because he's dreamy like that. Having said that, the (alleged) winner is in this photo.

By Gina Carbone

Because I’m obsessed with spoilers on (cheesy ass) shows like “The Bachelor” and “Project Runway,” I finally decided I was mentally and emotionally ready to see if there were also spoilers on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,” the best season of “Survivor” in years. If not ever.

It had never occurred to me to “spoil” a “Survivor” season before. Usually I just like to watch in order and let myself be blindsided. But I realized I cannot handle the stress of seeing Russell Hantz go on and on and on without knowing what will happen — for better or worse. I’m just not that strong. I needed to prepare for the worst.

So after a two second Google search I immediately found this “leaked boot list” thing from RealityTVCalendar.com.

To quote their report, “Back in January we published the leaked Suvivor boot list that had been posted on several sites. As I write this article the show has premiered and there have been seven boots. All seven, in the predicted order, were correct on the boot list.”

Which means the winner will be … well … read ahead and maybe we can talk about in the comments or e-mail. (Yes, the finale is “live” but the votes were cast long before they are read aloud by Jeff Probst.)

I don’t want to spoil anything in big letters. Not yet, anyway. There are still plenty of spoiler-phobes out there. I won’t roll my eyes at them. Not yet, anyway.

********SPOILER ALERT********


1st boot: Sugar – Actual 1st Boot

2nd boot: Stephenie – Actual 2nd Boot

3rd boot: Randy – Actual 3rd Boot

4th boot: Cirie – Actual 4th Boot

5th boot: Tom – Actual 5th Boot

6th boot: Tyson – Actual 6th Boot

7th boot: James – Actual 7th Boot

8th boot: Boston Rob – Actual 8th Boot

9th boot- 1st juror: Coach – Actual 9th Boot

10th boot- 2nd juror: Courtney – Actual 10th Boot

11th boot- 3rd juror: J.T. – Actual 11th Boot

12th boot- 4th juror: Amanda – Actual 12th Boot

13th boot- 5th juror: Candice – Actual 13th Boot

14th boot- 6th juror: Danielle – Actual 14th Boot

15th boot- 7th juror: Rupert – Actual 15th Boot

16th boot- 8th juror: Colby

17th boot- 9th and final juror- Jerri

Final Three- Russell, Parvati, and Sandra

Third – Russell

Second – Parvati

Winner – Sandra

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