All hail Gretchen and her lackeys.

I missed Tim Gunn’s vlogs.

In Tim’s Season 8 Episodes 4-5 vlog he talks about the last two “Project Runway” challenges, which he missed gabbing about while he was away from his official Facebook page.

It's Tim time. He's on point. Just look out.

He talks about the losses of Kristin Haskins Simms and A.J. Thouvenot in the hat and group challenges, respectively, but he zeroes in on The Gretchen Jones Incident.

As you can read below and watch in his vlog, he is not backpedaling at all. No regrets. The fight? It’s on.

Here are Tim’s comments about Team Luxe during the group challenge:

“I became really frustrated and finally angry with Team Luxe. Why did the team members allow Gretchen to completely take charge? I mean, they were like little puppies rolling over. Were they afraid? Were they intimidated? Yeah, she won the first two challenges, does that make her the greatest designer in the world? No. I was mystified by it. But I wasn’t fully aware of the collective psychosis of it until they had the Q&A on the runway. And talk about the Three Faces of Eve or the 37 faces of Dr. Jekyll, I don’t know which it was. How many times did Gretchen change her story and change her alignments and wax quixotic? I was flabbergasted by the entire thing. And Team Luxe beat up on Michael Costello. It was totally inappropriate and it was a kind of collective feeding frenzy on that poor guy that made me sick.”

In terms of his outburst at the end of last week’s show, he said he didn’t even think about the producers and the editors when he spoke out. He could’ve said goodbye to A.J. first and then delivered his rant so they could edit it out, but he wanted A.J. to hear the rant. He believed A.J. was the sacrificial lamb.

Tim: “Somebody from the team had to go. To be blunt I would’ve sent Gretchen home. Do I think she stayed because she’s good TV? No, I think he stayed because the judges have a soft spot for her. Plain and simple. … They can’t get over the designs she designed in the first two challenges, for which she won. They have her on a pedestal…”

So now where does he stand with Gretchen?

Tim said he can tell us this because nothing on the Tim/Gretchen front happens tonight: He was told that Gretchen wanted to speak with him privately. Of course nothing happens privately on the show; it would have to be on camera. All through the taping of tonight’s show, Tim kept waiting for Gretchen to ask to speak to him. It never happened. So he decided to take “the high road” (as he does in his book, cue the blatant self-promotion) and put it all behind him, and Gretchen did the same thing.

That’s what he thinks anyway. But he can’t even remembers what does happen tonight. Guess we’ll find out soon!

By the way, if you haven’t read The Thirty-Three Faces of Gretchen, you need to. It’s a definite LOL.

Now they need to make one of those for Ivy Higa. In my opinion, she’s worse. At least Gretchen has some talent.

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