Peach was a peach. Will Bert take her place as the lovable sassy "senior" contestant?

Right now “Fairy Dragmother” Peach is talking about her “Holly Hobbie dinner napkin disaster” on “Project Runway” Season 8.

Here's the Season 9 cast, as I attempted to copy the pics from the official Lifetime site. I'm kind of in love with Bryce already.

Thank you, Lifetime. I really wanted to see this season again. (Sarcasm.)

But it is awesome to see more PR before the Season 9 premiere, which (as you must know) is next Thursday, July 28 at 9 p.m.

I don’t know how long these repeats will be going onΒ  β€” or when they even started, I’m just noticing now β€” but I hope they go back and start from the beginning and do a FULL ASS MARATHON!

Blogging Project Runway is doing a great job, as always, of posting Season 9 promos, cast intel and other stuff. You can also catch up on my PR ramblings in this nifty archive.

See you next week for the premiere!

Wait! Do we know if Tim Gunn will continue to do his amazing post-episode vlogs on his Facebook site? He got into some hot water last season for being brutally honest, but I love him for that. Please keep vlogging, Father Tim!