They say love, it don't come eeeeeaaaasssyyyyy ... for one-legged birds. For Wes, it comes all too easy.

It’s still a shock to me that Wes Hayden has had any girlfriends, never mind that he might’ve had one back home while courting Jillian Harris on “The Bachelorette.” Jill should’ve sent that player home long before “that bird has no foot.”

But apparently the guy has mad charms, because he’s now bragging to friends that he broke up “Bachelor Pad” co-star Gia Allemand’s on-again/off-again relationship with NHL star Chris Campoli of the Ottaway Senators.


To quote RadarOnline:

“Wes felt he was instrumental in breaking up Gia and her boyfriend’s serious relationship,” said a source who heard Wes boasting at a bar in Texas this past week. “Wes has a really big ego and seemed proud of being the main cause of their breakup.”

Here is Gia with Chris Campoli in a pic from Gia's website,

Wes also talked about how the swimsuit model was still contacting him after the show. “Wes claimed Gia stayed in touch with him even after the taping of the show, and that Gia’s boyfriend was really upset with them talking with each other so much.”


This is probably bull. Who knows what half of RadarOnline’s stuff is ever true.

*Update with intel on Wes and Gia’s relationship status after the “Bachelor Pad” finale*

Gia was crazy to save Wes last week and I disagree with her assessment of Wes as “the modern-day Shakespeare, but better and cuter!” But I refuse to believe she’s so mentally unstable — and her NHL man so insecure — that Wes could break them up. Chances are something else was a factor there.

Watch Gia defend her decision to give Wes the rose here in this Access Hollywood video.

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