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This is reportedly a McQueen but it reminds me so much of Naeem Khan's Fall 2011 collection. Sorry for the text over some of these pics.

Here's one of Naaem Khan's designs from last year.

I love Jessica Chastain’s Oscars dress. I’m glad. She deserves more attention. Just not for “The Help.”

It’s almost funny that she was nominated for that performance when she was in something like seven films in 2011 and her role in “The Help” was probably the least deserving of an Oscar nomination. Why not her as the mother full of grace in “Tree of Life” or — even better — her married-to-a-mad-man-or-is-he-actually-a-prophet role in “Take Shelter”? Liked her in “The Help.” Loved her in the others.

Anyway, she’s one of my favorites this year, dress-wise. Her chances of winning an Academy Award this year are less than zero, but she looked great. Rooney Mara also has almost no chance of winning but I love her look. Still refuse to see the *new* “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” since the original was fine. (I feel so bad for Noomi Rapace, why no nod for her?)

I feel like I had more favorites at last year’s Oscars, but maybe I just haven’t seen the best yet… (And check out Naaem Khan’s 2011 collection here. It’s amazing.)


I do love Rooney' stark black hair and white dress.

Rooney looks French to me, for some reason. More French than the real Frenchies with “The Artist.”

Gwyneth Paltrow is almost always good for best lists. I remember I liked her dress last year even though not many others did. This is more of a cool GOOP classic. Very regal. I guess I love white this year.

I don't normally like nude as a dress color, but damn it, Kristen Wiig makes it work.

It irritates me a bit that Kristen Wiig is beautiful on top of being funny and a talented writer. At least Tina Fey has the courtesy to be closer to the pretty/average side.

Penny! I haven't seen the bottom of Penelope Cruz's dress yet, but I'm guessing it's good. I love this color. Love love love.

I'm boring myself to include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the best list, but they do look good. Every time I see her she's lightened her hair a bit more.

Here's Wendi McLendon-Covey. I like her dress second best of the "Bridesmaids" so far. It reminds me of stuff I've liked better before, but whatever.

No idea who Rachel Smith is. I'm just here for the necklace.

Octavia Spencer will be winning the Oscar Jessica Chastain will not get.

Like this, but don't really love it. Maybe I was expecting a "wow"? I've seen Jennifer Lopez's hair like that too many times.

Here's Tina Fey crossing herself as she passes the "ashes" of Kim Jong-il, as dumped on Ryan Seacrest by "The Dictator," aka Sacha Baron Cohen. Nice of Sacha to pimp his next film instead of supporting "Hugo," which he was also in.


Nancy O'Dell did NOT want to be missed on the red carpet.

Do you think Nancy wore this purposely to make worst-dressed lists?

I've seen Melissa McCarthy look beautiful but this dress does not work for her. I'm not sure it would flatter anyone.

I love Viola Davis and she's going to deserve her Best Actress win tonight, but this color, cut and fit don't work for me on her.

Judy Greer and her racing stripe.


I'm kind of meh about Michelle Williams' dress. I guess it's coral, not red or orange. The more I look at it, the more I like it ... but ... not best for me. Not for her. She's worn some amazing things.

I remember when "Brokeback Mountain" came out and I thought Kate Mara would be a big deal. Now her sister Rooney is the big deal.

Just in case George Clooney forgot Stacy Keibler was his trophy girlfriend, she literally looks like a trophy. No matter what, he'll go home with an Oscar statue! She's beautiful, but how sad.

I love "The Artist" couple Berenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius but I'm not wowed by her dress. He's a cutie, though.

I don't know. I like Emma Stone and this looks good, but it also looks like her neck is a Christmas present and the color clashes with the red carpet.

At first I hated this, but it's Meryl Streep — who usually wears worse — and it seems to have pockets.

Are those ... polka dots? No. Just look like it at first. The bottom looks a bit wrinkled too. Too much time sitting in the limo?

Wouldn't it be funny if Sulu DID have a muscled body like The Hulk and went shirtless all the time?

I love George Takei so much I can hardly stand it. His voice. His swooning over Lou Ferrigno. He’s the best.

When he’s fired from “The Celebrity Apprentice” Season 5 — and I seriously doubt he’ll win, although I’d be thrilled — I may have to stop watching. I still don’t know who a lot of these “celebrities” are and, as usual, the loudest people in the room are already getting the most attention.

On the guys’ side, Team Unanimous, comedians and former “Dancing With the Stars” losers Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla can’t stop joking long enough to be taken seriously. I’m always a fan of the quieter stars, so that’s probably why I’m rooting for “meek” Mr. Takei. I haven’t picked another favorite on the men’s side yet, but dark horses always emerge. (By the way, congrats to Paul Teutul, Sr. for being the winning project manager, earning almost $500,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.)

On the women’s side, I’m loving Patricia Velasquez and I think it says so much that her Team Forte lost the first challenge of the season and yet no one thought she should’ve gone home. She is classy, smart, thoughtful and everything good. I had never heard of her before tonight’s premiere but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. People stop jabbering and actually listen when she speaks — which is huge since the women always talk over each other and the biggest interrupter in Apprentice history is always “Mr. Trump” himself. Guy never shuts up.

I don't know what's up with this photo, but I'm very impressed with Patricia.

I like Chery Tiegs but she’s lucky to be escaping before the ugly drama starts. I would’ve fired Victoria Gotti — she did seem to spend a lot of time on that phone talking about non-Apprentice things — but no one really pushed for it. They are all on their best behavior at this point, like roommates walking on eggshells around each other in the first week at college. This will end.

Before the season started I knew I would be Team Sulu but I’m so impressed with Patricia  that I hope she goes all the way. I think she has the stuff to be a good, respectable winner.


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Fellow Norman Reedus fans should check out this new USA Today story, “Norman Reedus talks about ‘Walking Dead’ fan favorite Daryl.” I like this quote from Robert Kirkman — creator of “The Walking Dead” comics, in which Norman’s character doesn’t even exist:

“It all comes down to Norman. I feel absolutely blessed he has honored our show with his presence, and the way he has come in and taken over that role and defined Daryl Dixon.”

So excited for “The Walking Dead” to return this Sunday. Here are some other good shows starting this week:

Sunday, February 12
9:00-10:00 PM – The Walking Dead AMC
9:00-11:00 PM – The Celebrity Apprentice (Season Premiere) – NBC

Monday, February 13
8:00 PM — The 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (I love the dogs that look like mops! They never win…)

Tuesday, February 14
8:00 PM — The 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (The big finale!)

Wednesday, February 15
8:00-9:00 PM  — Survivor: One World CBS

(For some reason I still can’t give up on “Survivor.”)

Sunday, February 19
8:00-9:00 PM – The Amazing Race (Season Premiere) – CBS
10:00-10:30 PM – Eastbound & Down (Season Premiere) – HBO
10:30-11:00 PM – LIFE’S TOO Short (Series Premiere) – HBO

I see the judges' point about the lopsided shirt issue, but the idea that this design could send anyone home is unfathomable. I don't mind these colors together and Joanna was wearing the same shade of green. That coat is awesome and there were serious issues with Mila's garment, never mind what Austin, Kara, Michael and Mondo did. Ugh.

What a crock of doo doo.

Not only should Rami Kashou not have gone home on “Project Runway: All Stars” Episode 6, he should’ve won his particular fashion face-off (and I love Mila) and stayed a frontrunner to win the whole season. Instead, the spoilers seem to be playing out exactly as listed — the preordained anointing of certain designers who will not deserve what they get. Sorry, but it’s true.

Please. Are you kidding me? Both of these designs should've been "auffed" before Rami's.

Austin should’ve gone home for that embarrassing top. (I’m seeing a lot of floral prints at NY Fashion Week, but not like this.) Or Kara should’ve gone home for putting everyone to sleep. The “Spring” selections for American Sportswear were a total bust — the groundhog definitely saw his shadow.

But the judges/producers/whoever shot this episode in the foot by deciding there had to be one winner and one loser from each season. The second it came down to Rami vs. Austin, Michael and Mondo you had to know they would kill off the least reality TV friendly personality.

Jerell definitely deserved his win and he deserves applause for how he handled the Michael Costello design inspiration scandal. It’s a tricky thing, but when you design something first and a couple of hours later someone else right next to you creates something that even the judges notice is very similar to what you did — it’s important to speak up. This is not a sewing competition, it’s a design competition. Jerell was right to speak up when Joanna Coles asked about it and he was right to talk to Michael directly about it.

Michael may be sensitive because, on Season 8, he was accused of cheating by using tape of some kind, but this is completely different. And no, Mondo, I don’t think it had anything to do with Michael having won a couple of previous challenges. The Team of Mondo + Michael is nice to see, but their little whisper campaign was way off this week.

I also did not care for Mondo’s Summer design — which didn’t seem like much of a 60th birthday present for his mother either. I felt bad for him when he burst into tears (somewhat like Michael sobbing when he didn’t make the Season 8 finals) but I was very impressed with Rami’s opposite response to being eliminated.

Rami was poised and classy to the end. He felt like he accomplished what he came there to do — he promoted his brand and got more name recognition. Bravo to him. (Or Lifetime to him?) However, it is a crime for him to have been eliminated before Kara, never mind lose to Austin’s horrible top.

Here are the remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference:

• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)


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