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So now we have to accept that controversy trumps popularity on DWTS.

To me it’s obvious Bristol Palin does not belong on “Dancing with the Stars” — or any show — but the apologists are already out in force, commenting on stories to defend the choice to include Mini Palin.

This is what the show’s producers wanted, obviously. Controversy, not popularity. (Edyta, is this why you want to quit?)

I just came across this L.A. Times story where they talked about how they had to turn away stars this season.

Ali Fedotowsky of “The Bachelorette” practically begged to be on the show. She would’ve come with a built-in audience, even if they didn’t decide to go with both Ali and Roberto Martinez. Their loss.

(What the heck happened with Reality Steve? Way back, he said DWTS asked both Ali and Roberto to be on the show. But Ali kept saying DWTS never asked her. So he was wrong again?)

Instead, they called Bristol and this story says she drove her truck from Alaska down to L.A. for the show.

Of course she did. What else is she going to do at 19? Go to college?


Here’s the LA Times story:

New Dancing With the Stars’ lineup is casting chief’s dream team’

LOS ANGELES — It didn’t seem possible that “Dancing With the Stars” could outdo itself in the casting department. After last season’s winning combination of Kate Gosselin, Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson, senior producer and head of casting Deena Katz decided she had two choices: retire or up her game.

Katz opted to challenge herself and wound up with a Season 11 cast that is bound to get the whole country on its feet.

Seriously, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (“Jersey Shore”) is going to cha cha cha and compete against singer Michael Bolton, Kyle Massey (“Cory in the House”), recently retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, retired basketball player Rick Fox and David Hasselhoff?

The women competing for the coveted mirror ball trophy are: Jennifer Grey (yes, Baby from “Dirty Dancing”), singer Brandy, “Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson, Audrina Patridge (“The Hills”), comedian Margaret Cho and Bristol Palin.

“It’s like putting together the most bizarre and yet entertaining kind of dinner party,” Katz said of the casting process. “I make a jigsaw puzzle of including something for everybody. And what I think works best is, let’s say you watch because you love David Hasselhoff and you have no idea who Margaret Cho is — what I love is this idea that you go in watching The Hoff but you then fall in love with Margaret.”

This cast, said Katz, is her “dream team.” Since the show launched in 2005, she said she’s been “stalking” Hasselhoff and Grey to be a part of it every season. But they both had prior commitments and reservations about joining.

“It takes a big leap to do the show, and I get that people have fear and they have commitments,” Katz said. “What you don’t realize is that besides the 10 weeks of the show, there are three or four weeks of rehearsal time. Jennifer had some concerns because of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ She knows everybody wants to see her on the show.”

Although the entire cast is made up of people that Katz said she approached, these days producers are bombarded with requests from interested celebrities. It wasn’t always that way.

“Calling people before we were on the air in Season 1 and saying, ‘We’re going to do a live ballroom dance show with celebrities,’ you could hear the clicks of the phone,” Katz said.

Now, people are more open to it, even those Katz thought were longshots, like Sarah Palin’s 19-year-old daughter, Bristol.

“You ask and you never know,” she said. “I can tell you this, she’s the only one that when I asked her to join the show, she packed up her truck and drove all the way from Alaska. I always try to have people you’d never expect … And this season, some of the names make you chuckle, others you’re surprised about, and others you think you know, but you’re going to see them in a different light.”


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Here they are as an "actual couple."

I still think it’s a bad idea, but it’s not like they asked for my advice.

My advice would’ve been to skip the Fantasy Suite since now everyone assumes they’ve done it with ABC cameras outside the door.

So anyway, check out this story where Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke attended an Emmys party, walked the red carpet and confirmed their dating status.

On “Bachelor Pad,” Ten and Kip took his first helicopter trip ever and landed at Catalina where they pretended they were hilarious dorks instead of boring preps.

Sorry, I’m not into it.

But I know many, many fans are and the folks at “My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together” must be FLIPPING OUT.

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I still wish Jason and Edyta had won Season 6.

OK, so no Julianne Hough and maybe no Edyta Sliwinska? No one’s husband is going to want to watch “Dancing with the Stars” season 11, no matter what 12 “Stars” they choose for the season.

I’m going to post the 12 names as they come in from the ABC press conference during “Bachelor Pad,” but I’m more worried about this TMZ report about Edyta.


The women:

1. Brandy
2. Jennifer Grey
3. Margaret Cho
4. Audrina Patridge (FYI, barely ranks as a “Star”)
5. Florence Henderson
6. Bristol Palin (FYI, not a “Star” at all. At all. At all.)

The men:

1. Michael Bolton
2. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
3. David Hasselhoff
4. Kurt Warner
5. Kyle Massey
6. Rick Fox

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January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks, left to right, from the show "Mad Men" pose in the press room after the show won outstanding drama series during the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

First of all, I’m ticked at my favorite “Saturday Night Live” comedian, Jason Sudeikis, for dating January Jones since she was arguably the worst SNL host of all time.

Jason, have comedy standards!

Do you read Lainey Gossip? Lainey also loved January’s Emmys dress and hates January’s lack of personality. She is gorgeous — and probably should’ve won an Emmy for playing Betty Draper on the best show on TV — but there’s no there there.

Having said that, I was grateful for her dress after the darkness the Emmys dropped on us — long navy and black evening gowns.

Why? It’s August.

If I had a ticket to the Emmys and any style at all, I would’ve done what January did with this bold royal blue Versace. But I would’ve done something equally bold with my hair, instead of her casual California surfer girl look.

E! online did its glam or sham poll and they also called out January for her hair and boring pumps. Readers voted her 39.9% Glam and 60.1% Sham.

Hey, I liked it — a lot more than what my favorite “Mad Men” actress, Christina Hendricks, wore. Those are some ugly purple feathers. She’s one of those beautiful-in-a-paper-bag types, but this lavender Zac Posen dress is testing that theory.

Christina is my #1 girl on the show and Elisabeth Moss is my second favorite. Elisabeth stays in that position fashion-wise with her not-great-but-not-bad Donna Karan gown.

Speaking of “Mad Men,” I just saw this story about how the cast of “True Blood” — including Alexander Skarsgard — ditched the HBO party to hang out at AMC’s cooler “Mad Men” party at the Soho House. Poor HBO! At least they have all those Emmys to keep them happy.

Eric is the light of our lives. Even when he's giving crazy eyes.

Top 20 quotes from ‘True Blood’ Season 3: ‘Fresh Blood’

Eric likes it best when we’re cold and heartless, so I’ll be blunt: “Fresh Blood” kinda sucked. Definitely not one of Season 3’s better episodes and nowhere near the standard of the Dallas episodes in Season 2. However, the last 10 minutes were pretty special since they focused on Eric and Pam and all the poignant things about being a supernatural being. Here are my 20 favorite quotes from “Fresh Blood.” But what do I know. I’m just an infatuated tween. Add your favorite quotes in the comments. 20. Eric to Russell: Be brave. We’ll die… Full story here

True Blood ‘Fresh Blood’ recap: Only the last 10 minutes are ‘Fresh’

“True Blood” doesn’t usually make my eyes glaze over, but there were at least four scenes during Season 3 Episode 11 “Fresh Blood” where I started to drift: 1. Jesus going on about how he wants to do more V. (I still don’t buy this.) 2. “Grandpa” Jason Stackhouse going after the football star who does V. (I still don’t care about this.) 3. Arlene having some flashback moments with Holly during their non-abortion ritual (I still don’t understand this.) 4. Tara crying over Eggs and staring Andy down, even after he offered her his… Full story here

I do love Georgina Chapman, but they should've saved the Marchesa queen for a red carpet challenge. (Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television photo)

Tim is God. God is Tim. Accept.

Tim Gunn has been The Truth about “Project Runway” season 8, mostly through his vlogs, where he has ripped into Gretchen Jones and the judges for their taste and behavior.

On the Fall Fashion team challenge, Gretchen predictably took over Team Luxe and, in keeping with all of her advice to other designers, ran it into the ground.

I feel sorry for Michael Costello but, at the same time, he CHOSE Gretchen as his first team member. As April Johnston so colorfully put it, “Do you want to hire Hitler? Seriously?” You have to know what you’re getting with her.

Not only was awful, mouthy (G)retchen on the team, her lackeys were there, too. Every word out of her mouth was parroted by the even more awful Ivy — at least Gretchen has some talent — as well as the otherwise likable Andy, Christopher and A.J.

Tim is right about how Gretchen bosses everyone around, but she’s not a bully. They didn’t sit quietly, cowed by her personality. They all nodded and gushed about her ideas. They were high on themselves.

Michael C. had immunity from the last challenge and everyone made it QUITE CLEAR they didn’t agree with his win. (I also thought Christopher should’ve won, but there’s no need to blame Michael C.)

They treated him like arse and threw him under the bus on the runway, even though the judges repeated that he had immunity and it was all wasted words.

You wanna know why Nina Garcia is The Goddess Known As Nina Garcia? For her Gretchen impression after Gretchen pulled her quick 180 from loving the collection to saying it sucked. She was so busy taking care of everyone else she couldn’t focus on her own talents! Catch her before she faints!


Casanova is too sensitive. Tim hurt his feelings, but Casanova has wafer thin skin. He needs to man up a bit. Having said that, I was THRILLED to see the underdogs succeed this week. That Casanova and Peach were the top two and Gretchen ended up in the bottom two? That was pretty sweet.

Bet Valerie loved that. LOVED that.

Having said all of that, I think Ivy should’ve been the one to go home. Her Grandpa outfit was horrifying and she has shown NO point of view as a designer. Her hat design last week was so drab. “Inspired by the hospital” drab.

A.J. does have a point of view, he just ignored it completely for this challenge and unfortunately he ended up being eliminated for an ugly shirt thing that had nothing to do with his aesthetic.

Not that he should’ve been let off the hook. Why did it take him so effing long to make that one ugly thing?

From this point on I think the judges and Tim may be harsh with Gretchen but she is pretty much a lock to go to Fashion Week.

And Tim said in his last vlog that one bonus of the 90-minute format is that it shows more than two dimensions to each person. We may dislike Gretchen now, but she shows a different side going forward. That’s the impression I got from Tim, anyway.

Here’s my ranking for the contestants at this point in the season:

Valerie Mayen, 29, Cleveland, OH
Christopher Collins, 30, San Francisco, CA
Michael Drummond, 31, St. Louis, MO
Andy South, 23, Waipahu, HI
Gretchen Jones, 28, Portland, OR
Peach Carr, 50, Lake Forest, IL
Michael Costello, 27, Palm Springs, CA
Mondo Guerra, 32, Denver, CO
Carlos Casanova, 33, Astoria, NY
April Johnston, 21, Savannah, GA
Ivy Higa, 30, New York, NY

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I copied this pic of Levi Johnston and Bristol Effing Palin from NY Daily News.

“Dancing with the Stars” is dangerously close to jumping the shark — and the Fall 2010 cast list hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

Bristol Palin?

Bristol Effing Palin?

Can I say “Shut the Front Door?” or is that already passé?

Why would DWTS pick Bristol — the daughter of a failed fly-by-night veep nominee — over an ABC family member like “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky? What has Bristol done to deserve the “Star” treatment?

She makes Kate Gosselin seem like Julia Roberts. At least Kate has her own shows and books and other crap she doesn’t deserve.

I’m disgusted. If I didn’t have to watch DWTS to snark about it for the lovely and amazing, I would avoid it. But I shall rise above my anguish. Actually, I shall wallow in denial until the official cast list is revealed on Monday during “Bachelor Pad.” Maybe this is all more ABC manipulation! Please?

If this E! story is correct, we’re looking at one of the worst cast lists ever. And on the heels of the highest rated season yet. What gives?


To quote Kristin Dos Santos of E!:

The list just keeps on growing! After breaking the news that Bristol Palin is on board for season 11 of Dancing With the Stars, we can now confirm that two real-life exes of Desperate Housewives stars are in the cast. One is Michael Bolton and the other is... Rick Fox!

Yes, my reliable sources confirm that the former Mr. Vanessa Williams and current Mr. Eliza Dushku (some of you may know him as an NBA star) has been cast on the new season of DWTS, which begins September 20. Williams stars as the new fifth housewife this season on Wisteria Lane. She and Rick most recently starred together on the late Ugly Betty.

Also confirmed by my sources to be part of the cast: Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge, The Situation, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, Florence Henderson.

I’m told that despite rumors, Kirstie Alley won’t be there, and neither will soccer star Landon Donovan, football star Troy Aiken, or Ali, Roberto or anyone from the Bachelor or Bachelorette.


Point to the contestant I’m supposed to care about, ’cause I’m lost.

OK, maybe Florence Henderson. But barely.

So ... maybe not then?

Why is this always the way of it with Ali and Roberto? Reality Steve says one thing, someone else says the opposite, we go back to the original rumor and then that’s refuted again. It’s exhausting.

OK! Magazine claims both Ali and Roberto will be dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” season 11, even though they live in San Diego and he just started work in an area State Farm insurance office. However…

According to the Huffington Post:

David Hasselhoff is the latest contestant to sign on with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Us Weekly reports. He joins Kirstie Alley, the Situation, Audrina Patridge and more. Despite rumors, ‘Bachelorette’ couple Ali and Roberto are not likely to participate.

Never discount Wikipedia. According to the Season 11 page:

Kurt Warner is expected to be one of the cast members, according to the Washington Post. Other confirmed contestants include Brandy, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Troy Aikman, Audrina Patridge, Michael Bolton, Teresa Giudice, Kirstie Alley and David Hasselhoff.

I am not mentally prepared to deal with The Situation flashing his abs at me for several weeks, so I choose him to go home first. I don’t care AT ALL if he’s actually a good dancer.

Sad news now:

Dmitry Chaplin, Anna Demidova & Jonathan Roberts have announced on twitter that they will not be back this season. Julianne Hough will also not be back this season as she starts filming the remake of Footloose.

Julianne thinks she is too good for DWTS now, since she’s (shudder) with Ryan Seacrest.

Good news:

Lacey Schwimmer stated that she will be returning to DWTS. Yay! Welcome back, Lacey!


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At least they have each other. Say what you want about the Weatherman, Gia has said "I love you" to him more times than any other guy in the house. (Including Wes Hayden.)

Gia Allemand and Jonathan Novack did the whole media conference call thing today.

Jonathan pretended to be confused by being called Jonathan instead of The Weatherman (first and last name) and for some reason someone asked him if he would want to be the next “Bachelor.” He said he’d consider it. I say NO and I think I speak for all of us there.

Inevitably Gia was asked about Wes Hayden and her (ex?) boyfriend NHL player Chris Campoli. She played coy but she did say she hasn’t “spoken” to Wes since the show ended. Is there more to it than that?

Also, Gia calls Kiptyn Locke the biggest liar in the house. Jonathan says Elizabeth Kitt is the biggest liar and also “demonic.” They both picked Kiptyn to win the $250,000. Gia has nasty words for Nikki Kappke, whom she blames for everything.

And they call out one of the “Bachelor Pad” housemates for farting up the bedroom. Seriously. Find out who at the end of the interview.

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They should've vomited last week's cherry pies all over The Insiders.

Am I going straight to hell if I can’t get “Love Don’t Come Easy” out of my head?

It’s been a week now! It started after the previews from last week’s “Bachelor Pad” and for whatever reason ABC let Wes Hayden play the whole dang song on air this week.

I … I almost want to buy it. (Don’t hate me!)

Gia Allemand completed her tour of self-delusion this week on episode 3. If I were her boyfriend, I would dump her less for cheating with Wes than having no idea why anyone would blame her for the collapse of The Outsiders.

Jonathan Novack is a victim of his looks and his desperate attempt at charm. It’s high school. A really crap high school. And Dave Good and Natalie Getz are the Homecoming King and Queen (of STDs). If there are two trashier people on TV, never tell me about them.

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