This really is a crap photo.

By Gina Carbone

It actually seems like a reward to be eliminated from this cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.”

This is a great photo for anyone, but especially Angelea. Now stop picking fights just for fun. If you're bored, just knit or something. Play poker with the girls you do like.

Too much freakin’ drama in that house. Lots of mouths moving, not a whole lot of beauty happening.

Yes, Jessica Serfaty comes off as a smarmy know-it-all and I rolled my eyes when Brenda Arens talked about how she always goes to “uppity” parties back home in Houston.

It is nice to see Jessica knocked down a peg, but she's hardly the only one in the house with overconfidence issues.

But Raina Hein is right about Angelea Preston and Alasia Ballard — they are just angry and start drama for sport.

And what the heck is Angelea’s deal, following people around to purposely pick fights? What are you, 12?

Funny that (oblivious) judge Andre Leon Talley not only complimented her subway photo — which genuinely was the best of the week — but also complimented who she is as a person. Where was he even getting that?

My girl Nicole “Bloody Eyeball” Fox was right — it’s best to stay classy. All of these women could learn from that.

Anyway, on “New York Women,” Alasia made everyone late for the meeting at Seventeen where editor Ann Shoket had them all try on outfits to fit their body type. (Did she even apologize to the girls or just Jay and Ann?)

Later, the ladies had to mingle at a party with socialite Tinsley Mortimer. Alasia — who is loud enough when she thinks she’s being dissed — got shy and played with her hair and acted like the teenager she is.

Jessica, also 18, won that challenge because she told Tinsley that she picked out her dress because it fit her body type.

Really? This is a great shot that will sell makeup? Sorry, I'm not buying the whole Alexandra thing.

But when it came down to the subway photo shoot, Angelea rocked her Meatpacking fashionista look. As Brenda put it, she had to come off as a snob and maybe that helped her.

Brenda was supposed to be a student, but not only was her outfit fugly, she gave a lousy photo that did not look young or fresh.

Alasia, who has the energy and focus of a puppy, was not prepared for her shoot and ended up giving them just about nothing when she was supposed to be a model on the way to a go-see.

“There’s not a lot of there there,” as Ann Shoket put it.

Krista White, whose arms are so skinny they may disappear on us, was a beautiful aspiring actress. Anslee Payne-Franklin gave my second favorite pic as a snarky artist. I loved that twinkle in her eye. Yes, that would sell Cover Girl, Andre, because that’s a photo I would stop and look at.

Pictured left to right: Alasia, Raina, Anslee, Brenda, Krista, Angelea, Jessica and Alexandra

And is Alexandra Underwood really still there? I forgot she was even around until they raved over her Upper East Side photo. I was not impressed by it. But I am impressed by the idea that she may be keeping out of the drama in The Drama House.

Angelea got top photo and it actually did look “dynamite,” “magnificent” and “alluring” as Nigel Barker and Andre agreed. Nigel thought it was possibly the best picture of the whole season.

There really is no THERE there with Alasia.

The judges knocked Jessica’s “fake confidence” and Andre dismissed her picture as “flat.” They thought she was combative when they insulted her shoes. She did not seem remorseful when Tyra Banks pointed out they were not charmed by her change in attitude from sweet girl to megabitch.

Jessica should take a page from Angelea’s book and hide who she really is, at least in front of the judges.

Best photo, digital art: Angelea (This week alone I agree)

Runner up: Krista (She does have that Iman thing going on)

3rd: Raina (Still my favorite)
4th: Alexandra (I don’t get it)
5th: Anslee (Dark horse)
6th: Jessica (Just looks like another Gossip Girl)
7th: Alasia (Immediately burst into tears and probably didn’t even process a word of Tyra’s suggestions)

And so Brenda was sent home. To sweet relief, free from more time-wasting drama. Congrats, girl. Go have fun at your uppity parties.