To what job would you wear this dress — besides maybe Marie Claire, if you’re Nina Garcia or Joanna Coles?

For the second week in a row, the winning design on “Project Runway” Season 10 was the dress the judges liked the most, despite it having no real connection to the challenge.

Last week, guest judge Hayden Panettiere said she wanted to wear Sonjia Williams’s winning look on the red carpet, even though it wasn’t a red carpet challenge. It was supposed to be a day-to-night look for a woman on the go.

I love Dmitry’s dress. I can’t believe the judges questioned whether the tiny back cutouts would be appropriate for work, but they didn’t have any concerns about the neck of Melissa’s dress.

This week, the judges — including that fabulous Marie Claire megabitch Joanna Coles — adored Melissa Fleis’ beautiful blue dress, despite the fact that no one in their right mind would wear it to work and it was supposed to be a challenge about creating a look for work.

They took issue with other looks they felt weren’t work-appropriate, including one where Heidi Klum said she wouldn’t want her lawyer to look like that. But if my lawyer came in looking like Melissa’s model, I’d assume I’d interrupted her cocktail party or trip to a film premiere.

I mean, imagine sitting at your desk with that collar. It does give you a natural bib, in case you have a messy lunch, but other than that it is totally impractical. I think the judges have no idea what it means to actually work somewhere, other than a fashion magazine in New York City.

But, anyway, I’m happy for Melissa. I suspected she’d be one of my favorites this season and she is. I still wish Dmitry Sholokhov would win — I LOVED his navy and black checkered dress, which was totally appropriate and practical for work — but mostly I just want to hear more phrases from him like “one-way monkey.” Elena Slivnyak is a one-way monkey, in my book.

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