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He was just being nice! Besides, what's wrong with some casual bribery between non-friends?

The Sash mystery on “Survivor: Nicaragua” now appears to be solved, courtesy of an FU from missyae to CBS.


Check out this rant:

missyae: It’s really absurd to try and intimidate and sue a spoiler when you spoil most the crapfest yourself. If you had better editors you would have done a much better job this season with you even moving to a crappy Wednesday night. If you had balls you would show how Sash offers to pay Jane’s mortgage if she will vote for him and help him with the jury. But instead you won’t show it, you will sweep it under the rug. Why else did Jeff holler, “cut the cameras and get the producer in here NOW”  So you talk it over, resume filming and what happens???? Well the jury obviously believed Jane especially when Sash had already ‘brainwashed’ Kelly S into voting for him. Too bad once she got to Ponderosa, she woke up. Hi ADUMB! Hi MB!!! I know, I know, you are so pissed off at me, I get that. F U


Sash is laying the "second mom" thing on way too thick, but I want to see with my own eyes how the Jane/Sash bribe allegation plays out.

Tee hee! Yeah, that’s a nice early Christmas present for Survivor Spoiler Nation.

But so what? Sash has been making deals left and right. They are not allowed to split the money when they win, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go ahead and pay Jane’s mortgage anyway, just because she’s a sweet old lady (NOT) with no money. Didn’t Colby and Tina have a deal on “Survivor: Australia” where the winner would buy the other a motorcycle, or something?

Not that I trust Jane’s word over Sash’s. Jane seems like a paranoid exaggerator and I wouldn’t be surprised if a casual comment from Sash turned into something major at her hands. Not that I trust Sash either. He’s going too far with his “I’ll say anything to win” deal-making.

I think CBS will show this. They have to. They have shown worse, so unless something is being left out, they should air Jane’s supposed accusation and give Sash time to defend himself. This shouldn’t just be settled in whispers and off-hand comments.


*Update 1* Wondering why Jane voted for Sash as her last hurrah on “This is Going to Hurt,” even though she knew he was going to play an idol? Listen to her sharply edited tribal council words and Sash’s anger at Jane. This makes sense in light of the idea that Jane may have just told everyone her allegations about Sash and the mortgage. I wish they would’ve shown it.


*Update 2* Check out this portion of Gordon Holmes’ post-elimination interview with Jane:

Gordon: Why’d you vote for Sash even though you knew it was his last night to play his idol.
Because of an incident that happened that night prior to Tribal Council.
Gordon: What was that?
Jane: I can’t talk about it. But I was saying you guys are making a big mistake. I’m writing his name down even though I know he has an idol. Cause he is a big rattlesnake. And if y’all don’t know it, you know it now. I’m not wasting my vote on Holly.


*Update 3* I love this video, “The Jury Speaks: Jane,” which was shot before the final jury vote. Jane explains that Sash has no shot. It’s between Chase and Fabio, for her. She thinks Fabio is a boy not a man and she didn’t like how he never voiced his own opinions in the game. He rode Brenda’s, Sash’s and Dan’s coattails. She wanted to hear how Fabio would spend his money. I guess she didn’t like his answer ’cause Jane apparently voted for Chase. Chase did say he would give $100K to charity, so maybe that was the clincher.

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Here's our future Survivor Season 21 final three: Sash, Chase and Fabio.

This is it. The one mystery left on “Survivor: Nicaragua”: What did Matthew “Sash” Lenahan do that was so controversial that Jeff Probst stopped taping of the final tribal council, no one voted for Sash to win and some cast members still seem to dislike him?

*Post-Finale Update* It looks like the big event did NOT happen at final tribal, it happened during Jane’s boot, which aired the week before the finale. The controversy itself was never addressed on air. *End Update*

Thanks to some pretty good “Nicaragua” spoilers from multiple sources — but in large part from missyae on the Survivor Sucks board — we’ve known every week what was going to happen next on season 21, including how NaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn (she will forever be Kelly Purple or Purple Kelly) will quit in the next episode (not the recap this week) and it will eventually come down to the final three of Judson Birza (aka Fabio) as the winner, Chase Rice in second and Sash in third.

From where I’m sitting, Sash has played a darn good game so far — certainly the best of the three. At this point, Fabio is sitting back, “being cool.” Chase is playing too many sides, trying to please everyone. People think he’s even more of an airhead than Fabio.

Sash, on the other hand, has been controlling the game with Brenda Lowe. Except Brenda didn’t have an idol last week. Sash still has the idol Marty Piombo never should’ve given him. Sash never owed Brenda his idol and for not sharing it he will earn a place in the finale.

Chase supposedly gets NaOnka’s idol (which Brenda helped her find) next week. And Fabio is the one who goes on a wild immunity run, winning everything from here on out. The jury supposedly starts openly cheering for him.

Fabio winning tons of immunity challenges and being “cool” to everyone — those are decent reasons to win “Survivor.” But zero votes for Sash? Zero, after being arguably the strongest strategic player of the season?

What happened?


That’s the question James Barber wrote on the Sucks board: “So what exactly happens with Sash and the jury? Over and over when I watch his Insider clips he is talking about what a great player he is and how he’s in control. In the latest he says he’s surprised he hasn’t been blindsided yet, which makes me wonder if he might have suspected he’s not as important in the game as he thinks. Is this a case of Sash really not playing as good a strategic game as he thinks, or does he just not have any ability to get this across to other people in the game, or the jury?”

As missyae responded, “Something that will never be aired.”

And so launched the current insane speculation.

Missyae has added a few more details, but not much:

“I don’t think they will show it because the stopped the cameras from rolling.
You know something happened for 2 reasons.
1. He played too good of a game to not get a vote.
2. I told you there was a controversy”

“TC, Jeff stops TC and shuts off the cameras and calls for the producer.
That’s it gang.
Maybe since they read all my postings they will figure out how to show it. Tough when you stop the cameras though.
I just don’t see them showing it, I really dont.
It was made out to be, ‘who do you believe’
When they voted, we saw who they believed.”

“It did happen at TC. Once Sash made the final 3 it became part of the equation. He played very solidly BUT did he really do that? Guess they decided he did. The other part of the equation was not a Mr. or Ms. clean either, so it did warrant some consideration.”

“When I ‘first’ started releasing stuff about this season I mentioned a number of ‘firsts’. The final 3 were very aware they would be the ‘first’ all male final 3. This deal with Sash could have been another ‘first’ had they not ignored it, or sided with the other person involved. I doubt it is the ‘first’ time they have bent the rules though as so many of you have already mentioned. I guess they enforce the ones they want to and ignore the ones they want to.”

“I think they are risking damage by not showing it and trying to tuck it under the rug. But they can’t really show it unless they edit it to look like it was just BS and he was innocent. They can make it appear that way at first but when the jury votes on the final 3 people are gonna wonder, HUH, why didn’t he get any votes, he played a great game? Their problem is, they cannot show the truth because people will not like how it was handled. So they really have a problem on their hands now. Maybe they thought it would not get out. Maybe they thought their talk with everyone around that night would work. I don’t know. I just know it’s true. Oh it’s damn true. (Thanks Kurt)”

“The other person involved ratted on him.”

“They would only be ratting on Sash if they never did anything wrong. They would just be telling what Sash wanted to do if they didnt do anything to involved themself. So they didnt rat on themself. The only ? about them was if they were telling the truth about what Sash did.”

“If anyone tells you he tried to get Kelly S to work the jury for him, that is true too, but that is not it.”

“Stop ripping on Kelly S, nothing to with her except for the fact that Sash was using her and when she got to the jury house, she got a wake-up call as to what Sash was doing to her. Now could that have been the ‘prior history’ people used to help base their decision Sash was guilty as charged, I think so.”

“This has nothing to do with looking at ballots.”

the rev wrote: “missyae, why are you sitting on this one? Are you worried that letting it out might expose your source? Just for the fun of letting us twist in the wind? A little of each?”
missyae: “Not worried about it exposing anyone. Too many people talk for 1 person to get nailed.”

rnd4me wrote: “Sash probably got the two girls and perhaps others to demean the character of the other final 2 guys (Queer, Misogamist, Gangsters or whatever). It seams that they knew it would be a final three male group for some reason.  Depending on what was done and how harmful it was to the people involved it could have meant big “Law Suit, Law Suit, Law Suit” to all involved, including CBS. Therefore – shut down the cameras; lecture/threaten the cast and crew then try to edit it out of the show. And most of all make sure Sash doesn’t get any votes.
Is that close Missyae?”
missyae: “You got the shutting down the cameras part right, they did that. The lecture and threats are right. Editing it right or lack thereof. But the whole demeaning the other 2 guys is just not right.”


Some of the theories are too wild and disparaging to even mention. But there’s some speculation that maybe Sash conspired with a crew member or bribed jury members somehow.

But why would they shut off the cameras? That’s the part that confuses me. Only under extreme circumstances would Jeff Probst shut down Tribal Council and run for a producer. (Someone said he did that for Janu on “Palau.” I don’t remember the details of that, but supposedly they stopped production so Jeff could ask the producers if Janu could quit and still be on the jury.)

Why wouldn’t they just film whatever happens? There has to be a legal/rule-based reason. What would it be?

**NOV. 29 UPDATE** Mystery solved!

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Kayla, you need to keep this hair. Don't you DARE dye it back to blonde!

Nooooo! No. No. No.

Kayla Ferrel should be in the finals of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15.

She was robbed! ROBBED, I say!

Having said that, Ann Ward was always going to win. If she doesn’t win, it will be the biggest reality TV upset since Mondo Guerra lost “Project Runway” to Gretchen Jones. (If Bristol Palin wins “Dancing with the Stars” that will trump everything.)

Look at her frickin' arm! Is Ann on ANTM or has she spent the last few months starving on "Survivor"?

The final four — Ann, Jane, Chelsey and Kayla — in Italy.

On the “Franca Sozzani” episode, Chelsey Hersley won the one-on-one challenge with Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief.

Chelsey does have more pep and personality than Ann.

But Kayla has just as much personality as Chelsey.

Jane Randall, on the other hand, is mousy. She’s so pretty, but the second she’s off screen I forget her. She’s very commercial, though, and I agree with Tyra Banks that she’s probably going to make a lot of money.

Tyra made her directorial debut in some kind of motion editorial challenge. Nigel Barker thought Kayla’s performance was the most believable. Andre Leon Talley thought she was stunning.


It’s now down to Chelsey Hersley, 22, of Boise Idaho (height: 5 feet, 11 inches) and Ann Ward, 19, of Dallas, Texas (height: 6 feet, 2 inches).

They will pose in a Roberto Cavalli fashion show.

Chelsey is the fashion junkie of the season, so she’s really the only one who appreciates stuff like that. She’s always reliable for a worthy gush-fest.

That finale ep will air on Dec. 1. Next week, on Nov. 24, there’s a highlight reel where we can relive Kayla’s two wins in a row and TOTAL ROBBERY from the finale.

Does Ann have enough confidence and personality to be a successful model? She needs so much support and validation and in the “real world” she won’t have Tyra, Andre, Nigel and the Jays to support her.

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She's not scrambling! No scrambling for Brenda. Not for eggs, not for votes, not for anything.

By Gina Carbone

Hey, how about that Holly Hobbie Hoffman? Nice power move tonight!

Reminds me of the “Survivor: Nicaragua” premiere when Holly cozied up to Wendy, then swiftly cut Wendy’s throat when the tide turned against her.

That’s a Survivor. Holly is a Survivor. Without being too obvious about it (unlike Jane Bright, who can’t stop showing off, even though it won’t help her get to the end.) Holly is a smart Survivor.

Jane betrayed Brenda pretty darn fast. Brenda could've dumped Jane last week but instead she voted for Marty. So what does Jane do? She listens to Holly and cuts Brenda's throat.

Holly told Jane there comes a time when you have to say “see ya,” even if the people are nice. That time came tonight.

So … see ya, Brenda Lowe!

This is Brenda’s own fault. She called herself the king of the island, with Matthew “Sash” Lenahan as her queen. Sash still has an idol. Brenda had no idol. No immunity. No protection beyond her own hot bod and even hotter ego. That kinda makes her seem like the jester. (Unless Jud “Fabio” Birza wants ownership of that title.)

Holly and Jane figured Brenda was calling the shots. Holly convinced Ben “Benry” Henry of the same.

Holly to Benry: “Kelly Purple crawls up Brenda’s ass.”

Nice visual!

Not that Benry was a tough sell, considering he was on the Marty-led alliance.

I especially appreciated the awesome moment between NaOnka Mixon and Jane where Jane started tripping down the high road, telling NaOnka she doesn’t like to associate herself with villains. And Brenda is a villain. Irony alert!

Chase was on the fence again. The name of the episode was “Stuck in the Middle” and that’s Chase, but also Brenda and Sash themselves. Their power position was as the swing votes, but that also left them dispensable and untrustworthy.


Chase did a dang good job leading the team of Chase, Fabio, NaOnka, Kelly and Jane. Their reward was pizza, brownies and volcano surfing.

I so wanna go volcano surfing.

So that’s two rewards in a row for Fabio. He was with the men-minus-Chase on the BBQ last week.

NaOnka pulled Fabio aside and they had a “for real, for real” conversation on the volcano. These two hate each other and supposedly Na is Brenda’s best island friend, but now Na is approaching Fabio about dumping Brenda. So much for loyalty!

This plan just fell right into Fabio’s hands. He and Benry were on the chopping block, so if everyone hands him Brenda, bonus! He wants to stay lying low so he can slither along in this game. (Is he a Slytherin? I had him pegged as Hufflepuff.)

I’m telling you, Fabio is being handed this game on a silver platter.


Meanwhile, back at camp … a shitestorm was in play!

Because rain was coming, the tribe had moved the chests around the fire to protect the fire from the rain. But there was nothing to protect the chests and the rest of the camp from the fire.


There goes the flour. And mangoes. And the machetes. No rocket scientists on this crew, that’s for sure.

How do you think the camera crew feels about situations like this? They have to stand there and film it. No tipping off the castaways.

Benry, Brenda, Holly, Sash and Dan came back from a lost reward challenge to find the camp almost totally burnt down.

This reminds me of that time on “Survivor: Australia” when the river washed away camp and almost stole their rice jar, but Tina and Keith managed to save it. Then Colby came back from his reward and there was definite resentment going on.


Oh Chase. Loyal and honest to a fault. He told Brenda Holly’s plan to get rid of her. “For whatever reason I trust Brenda.” There’s no “reason or rhyme,” he said. But there is: She’s hot.

Brenda wasn’t impressed by their plan.

Then Chase told NaOnka that he told Brenda about his plan. Chase really is “scatterbrained.” Love the guy, but he’s not playing a smart game.

NaOnka told Benry she wanted Brenda out, then Sash out, then Chase out. Music to Benry’s ears, since the order up to this point seemed to be Benry, then Fabio, then Dan.

Benry said Chase has been playing with his heart this whole time. That’s sweet in the real world, but not here.

Jane: “Chase is suckin’ up to Brenda like he wants to get in her pants or somethin’. I have no idea what kind of magic spell she’s casting over Chase right now.”

Again: SHE’S HOT. That’s the magic spell.

However, Chase already made an alliance with Brenda.That was after making an alliance with Shannon, who is now gone. Then Chase made an alliance with Jane and the other women.

But Chase’s #1 alliance is clearly with Little Chase, who is charge of his decisions.


Rope challenge. Sash was out first. Sash is so skinny he could hide in one of the chests and no one would find him until the finale.

Purple Kelly (why are we all still calling her that?) was out next. Then Holly. Then Brenda. Then Dan. (Even Dan outlasted Brenda!) Then Fabio, who just released, since he was never in danger. Smart! NaOnka was out next. Benry looked constipated.

It was down to Benry, Jane and Chase. Not sure why Benry was growling, but since he was a “Girls Gone Wild” cameraman and supposedly dated Heidi Montag, I shouldn’t be surprised by anything he does. He was out next.

It came down to Chase and Jane. Chase said he was secure. Jane said she was going to let go. Jeff talked her out of it, if she ever really meant it.

Jane won immunity. Jane is a badass, but she just put a huge target on her back. She was not on the chopping block tonight, but she’s a showoff. She did the same thing a few weeks ago when she fought Fabio for the immunity win she already had.


Chase talked to Sash about wanting to get rid of Benry. NaOnka and Sash talked about how much Chase annoys them. They can’t stand Chase. What am I missing? From where I’m sitting, NaOnka is the annoying one.

NaOnka told Sash they want to get rid of Brenda. It was the first he heard of it.

Chase and Holly talked to Fabio about what to do. Fabio said he didn’t know what to do, he’s been sitting back. He lets Holly make her pitch.

Chase said he doesn’t trust Benry, Holly, Dan or NaOnka. He doesn’t mention Fabio or Sash.

Chase talked to Brenda and said Na is the one who had the idea to dump Brenda. Brenda said Na would never vote for her.

Interesting that Chase doesn’t mention that it was Holly’s idea. Unless there was an editing fail, this is Holly’s doing.

Sash and Chase talked to Brenda about NaOnka’s plan, which I don’t think was NaOnka’s plan.

Brenda said Sash could use the idol and blindside them. So he considered using it to save her.

Brenda was furious. She thought she had a great plan to take NaOnka to the end. (Which is a great plan for everyone but NaOnka, who has to know by now that no one would vote for her.)

Brenda was hoping Sash would use the idol to save her and blindside NaOnka. Not a chance.


Sash told Jeff there’s been a reshuffling. Brenda said she never wanted to vote off Marty. Brenda said she’s never had difficulty trusting people, but now there’s a break in the alliance due to NaOnka.

NaOnka said “I don’t think it was me…” Jeff cut her off before she could finish the thought. She went on to say Chase was running around with his head cut off.

Chase said he did go to Brenda because he trusted her. Purple Kelly weighed in “with 20 years of wisdom.” She felt out of the loop for the first time. (Is she even in this game?)

NO ONE MENTIONS HOLLY. Love it! Holly may be my new favorite.

Jeff asked Brenda if she scrambled at all. She said she did little things. She’s too proud for the word “scrambling.” It’s beneath her. Eye rolls all around!

Holly holds up her “Brenda” vote: “You should’ve scrambled.”


1st vote: Brenda

2. NaOnka

3. Benry

4. Brenda

5. Brenda

6. Brenda

7. Brenda

Sash never gave Brenda the idol, but it looks like he did vote for her. So did Chase. Kelly Purple gave the Benry vote. So Sash gets out of this with his idol intact, but not his power position. Still, Brenda shouldn’t feel like this is a betrayal by Sash. He never owed her an idol and the majority was already going in her direction. Chase, on the other hand, did a lot of talking for nothing. And Kelly Purple/Purple Kelly is clueless.


Ben “Benry” Henry, 24; bar owner
Chase Rice, 24; NASCAR jackman/singer
Judson “Fabio” Birza, 21; student/model/musician
Kelly Shinn, 20; student
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, 30; luxury broker
NaOnka Mixon, 27; P.E. teacher
Dan Lembo, 63; property management
Holly Hoffman, 44; swim coach
Jane Bright, 56; dog trainer


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By Gina Carbone

Who doesn’t love a good list? Or even a crappy list? For Survivor-philes, this is a good list. Fancast is doing something that probably should’ve been done before Season 21: creating a “Survivor Hall of Fame” where fans get to nominate five players for the Class of 2010.

As explained here: “Fifty percent of the vote will be based on the ballots of the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel will consist of ‘Survivor’ luminaries such as Host and Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, and Executive Producer David Burris, members of the ‘Survivor’ press corps, and XFINITY TV’s ‘Survivor’ Know-It-All Gordon Holmes. … The other fifty percent will come from fans like you. Simply enter your picks for the five best Survivors of all time into the comment section below to participate. Voting will end Friday, December 3, 2010 at 5 p.m. ET. Once all of the votes are counted, we’ll unveil a new member of the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame Class of 2010 each weekday in the week leading up to the ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ finale.”

You can add your list here in the comments. Currently there are 854 submissions with fans leaving some pretty good — and some pretty wacky — lists. Eliza Orlins has her list on there somewhere.

Just to show examples, here are the first five commenters’ choices:

1. Richard Hatch
2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
3. Parvati Shallow
4. Tom Westman
5. Both Robs (Cesternino and Marciano)

I like this!
Here are my five…
1. Sandra: Two time winner has to be in there
2. Rupert: Most popular player ever
3. Richard: First winner
4. Boston Rob: Awesome at challenges
5. Parvati: Won once, almost won once

1. Parvati
2. Rob M
3. Stephen
4. Cirie
5. Tyson

This is long overdue. Here’s my list:
1. Sandra Diaz-Twine
2. Tom Westman
3. Yul Kwon
4. Rob Mariano
5. Parvati Shallow

1. Sandra- 2 time winner
2. Parvati- Best female player/ athlete
3. Russell- Best Villan
4. Amanda- Best player that never won the title
5. Ruper- Most liked survivor



Since this is the very first class, and probably not the last, I’m picking honorary/legendary Survivors who will be at the top of any current lists. For example, if someone asked me to give a one paragraph summary of the series to a newbie, I’d include intel on these five people:

1. Richard Hatch — He’s the honorary #1, since he was the first winner and defined how future players viewed the game. “Survivor” didn’t have to be this cutthroat, but because of Tricky Dick’s Machiavellian (and naked) ways, the show is the way it is, 20 seasons later.

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine — Whether you like it or not, she’s won twice. Granted, on “Pearl Islands” she was really the only choice. Lill had already been voted out and that whole Outcasts twist was horseshite. She didn’t deserve to win “Heroes vs. Villains.” Parvati owned that season, but Sandra did win. The (bitter ass) jury knew she had won before and voted for her to be the first two-time winner. There’s no taking that away from her.

3. Parvati Shallow — In my eyes, the best “Survivor” player. Period. She won “Fans vs. Favorites” with her Black Widow alliance and should’ve won HvV. She’s right — even though everyone ignored it when she brought it up at final tribal — she had a target on her back from day one and no one could get rid of her. She was even given an idol by Russell Hantz, who had just mocked JT Thomas for giving Russell Hantz an idol. You don’t give the enemy an idol! But that’s just what Russell did. Parvati lost because HvV has the saddest, most bitter jury since … All-Stars. (There should be a penalty for bitter juries. If we can vote for the Player of the Season, we should be able to vote for the Worst Survivor Jury or some equivalent.) To be fair, Parv also lost in part because her flirtatious ways could be grating. She has that laugh. I love Parv, but even I hate her laugh.

4. Boston Rob — I’m boring myself by including Rob and Russell, but they are the Big Names at this point in the series. Boston Rob’s fingerprints are all over Survivor. That lying, backstabbing blindside against Lex? That’s a big, memorable Survivor move, and it prompted the win to go to his future wife, Amber. Rob is the original Russell. Back on All-Stars he didn’t play to win (i.e., he blew off the social game, except for his wife) and it showed. But on HvV he learned a new tactic; he was the ultimate benevolent leader. His tribe loved him, except for Russell, Parv and Parv’s BFF, Danielle. Russell was clearly jealous, but Eve Harrington sometimes gets the last word.

5. Russell Hantz — I thought Russell was evil right out of the gate. Go ahead and steal and burn supplies from camp. It’s stupid and counter-productive, but not evil. But pretending you are a Hurricane Katrina survivor, to garner a few moments of sympathy? That crosses the line. But Russell got us talking. Russell put “Survivor” back on a lot of people’s radars. He was the guy we loved to hate, and he controlled “Samoa.” He went on to be the bad cop to Parv’s good cop on HvV. He had an advantage in that no one had seen “Samoa” before HvV, but he still managed to completely take over. And fight with people. And lie. And have major ego explosions. He’s good TV and even though I don’t think a Season 22 “Redemption Island” with Rob vs. Russell is really necessary, I’m not surprised that “Survivor” wants to focus on its two marquee stars.



Richard, Sandra, Rob and Russell belong in the Hall of Fame, but there’s no freakin’ way I want them near my favorites list. This is purely … well, it’s like a social game list. These are people I like, but I also like to think if I were out there playing, I could put my personal preferences aside and judge people on their games. I can now accept that Russell deserved to win “Samoa,” even if I can’t stomach his grandstanding ways. Complaining about blindsides and backstabs on “Survivor” is like complaining that football is mean because people get pushed over — it’s called a tackle and it’s part of the game.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s my list:

1. Ian Rosenberger —I am always going to be a little bit in love with Ian. He’s my sentimental favorite, the way “Dead Poets Society” is always going to be my favorite movie and “Northern Exposure” will always be my favorite TV show, even when I go years without seeing or even thinking about them. Removing them from the list would feel like a betrayal. Ian is just the kind of goofy dork I love, plus he dominated the challenges with Tom. If Tom hadn’t been there — and I know that’s a huge “if” since Tom Westman was the God of Palau — Ian would’ve won. But there could be only one alpha male and Katie (I can’t stand Katie!) abused her friendship privileges with Ian and led him to lose his shot at $100,000, if not a million bucks.

2. Stephenie LaGrossa — Yes, Palau was my favorite season. Stephenie is a huge inspiration to me because, before her, most of the women who stood out on “Survivor” stood out because their fake boobs popped out of their sunken ribcages. I have no problem with sexy women using their assets to get ahead on “Survivor.” The flirt game works. But it’s not something I can identify with. Stephenie is someone I not only relate to, she’s someone I look up to. I wanted her to win so badly. (Or Bobby Jon.) Her reputation suffered a bit in “Guatemala,” but good for her for playing a completely different game. It got her to the end, even if she didn’t win. She was injured on HvV, but when it came down to James vs. Stephenie I was on Team Stephenie. JT was not leading the team well in that challenge; they should’ve listened to Steph. She should’ve been their “one voice”!

3. Parvati Shallow — As much as I respect and admire Stephenie for being the anti-flirt, I still love the original flirt almost as much. Parvati just draws people in. She’s funny and smart and clever and she beats the boys at their own game. She’s a sly one, without confusing “Survivor” with brain surgery. It’s just a game, and Parv happens to be the best at it.

4. Jerri Manthey — I actually had Colby Donaldson here, then backspaced him for Jerri. I love me some Colby, but only for his looks. Especially after All-Stars and HvV. He’s a great guy, but he’s going downhill as a “Survivor.” The game has moved past him. Jerri, on the other hand, is hitting her stride. She did very well on HvV, despite being a little too wishy-washy toward the start of the game. She needs to find her confidence and run with it. I love her wit, her honesty and her showmance with Coach. She’s just watchable. I want to see her back on an island.

5. Lex van den Berghe — Lex ended up king of the bitter “All-Stars” jury after his dumbass move to trust Rob — and he’ll never be as sweet and lovable as “Africa” winner Ethan — but man is he hot. I usually like the goofy, nerdy ones like Ian, or Stephen Fishbach of “Tocantins,” but Lex is a serious badass. The tattoos. The attitude. Something about him. He could be a twat, but it’s fun to have a villain around sometimes. I would’ve loved to have seen him with Russell, Coach, Tyson and the other Villains from HvV. Can you imagine the ego overload? Missed opportunity.


Catch up on my “Survivor: Nicaragua” recaps, spoilers and boot list intel here in this nifty archive.

I prefer it without sleeves.

I’ll give her credit.

“Project Runway” judge (and executive producer) Heidi Klum may not have been able to convince Nina Garcia and Michael “Slutty! Slutty!” Kors to pick Mondo Guerra as the winner of Season 8 over Gretchen Jones, but she is making good on her assertion that she would wear his polka dot finale dress. She just had it adjusted a bit.

Heidi wore Mondo’s dress to the “Black Swan” premiere in Hollywood. (Wonder what Heidi thought of the movie. I can’t wait to see it!) But she had the sleeves taken off and she restyled it to remove some of Mondo’s very Mondo embellishments.

I actually like this look better without sleeves, the hat, the shoes, the earrings and the other “stuff” that distract from what’s already a “wow” gown. Not that I was in love with the dress to begin with. This is not my favorite look in Mondo’s collection and his collection was not my favorite of the bunch. But my opinion is valued by the judges even less than Jessica Simpson’s, and Mondo’s work was strong and distinctive enough that I figured he was a lock to win anyway.

Catch up on my “Project Runway” recaps and ramblings here. And did you watch “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” premiere? I did.

Bye Marty. Go play chess with that Argentine tennis player. You may even beat him and boost your own ego. Just stay away from Jimmy Johnson. I doubt he wants to see you.

Fabio: “I hate playing stupid so much, but it’s like the smartest thing to do right now.”

Fabio’s strategy of playing dumb, not doing much and “being cool” could take him far on “Survivor: Nicaragua.”

Just saying. It makes me sick, but looking back on the past 20 seasons, this is how people win. More often than not, the Russells don’t win. The Robs don’t win. The Martys don’t win. The Sashes don’t win. The Brendas don’t win. The Stephenies and Colbys don’t even win. Instead, the Fabios win. The Hollys win. Sometimes even the Dans win.

A moment of depressed silence, please.

*Update* After the Nov. 17 episode, I’d be happy if Holly won. Nice power move ousting Brenda without getting blamed for it! That’s hard to do… *End Update*

One minute Brenda and Sash were talking about how Marty was right about Jane's threat level, then it came down to Jane vs. Marty and Marty went home. Who is really "Running the Camp"?

The problem with “Survivor: Nicaragua” contestants voting out anyone suspected of having an IQ over 100 is we’re left with mentally unstable fools who build alliances based on the sound of each other’s accents.

Take “humanitarian” NaOnka, for example. I want you guys to know I’m not dumb. I’m very far from stupid.” She doesn’t mind that being a nasty b*tch will take her to the end, even though going off on everyone from Marty to Fabio to Jeff Probst himself is probably not going to win her any dough.

Funny how everyone is keeping her around under the assumption that both she and they will make it to the final 3. She doesn’t act on logic. She turns on a dime. What makes anyone think she will make it that far and be loyal enough to bring them along?

Last week they got rid of Alina for no reason other than the fact that she seemed smart. Never mind that the numbers were against her and she wasn’t likely to go on any immunity streak.

This week the group turned on “evil, diabolical” Farty Marty Piombo, whose arrogance and wit I miss because it means we have to listen to more of the village idiots congratulating themselves on handling this major threat. Huge threat! Because anyone who insults a beloved old lady and gives a playa like Sash an idol is a huge threat to get to the end and run away with the votes. Right.

At this point there are very few people to actually root for. I’m familiar with the spoilers so I have an idea of what’s going to happen, but think about it. Fast-forward to the final three with any three of these folks. Mix them up and who is legitimately worth rooting for?

Don't irk Brenda!

My former fave Jane Bright is no longer on my good side. So what if “Mr. Farty” attacked her? He had nothing to lose. He knew if he didn’t go last week he was going to go this week. He had no numbers and no reason for anyone to keep him. So why not put a target on the back of an enemy? Why did everyone act so surprised?

And what was that nonsense from Jane about insulting Marty as a father and not letting her grandkids play with his kids? Could this be any more fourth-grade?

Marty is a smart guy, but not as smart as he thinks. He had a valid plan to get rid of Jane or NaOnka (via the idol), but once again, the best laid plans died on the stupid vine.

I don’t know what Jeff was talking about, saying the survivors are not thinking as a group anymore. They are. Previous alliances seem to matter more to this crowd than “what’s my best case scenario?” decisions.

Except when it comes to the reward challenge when all the guys went with their stomachs, except for sweet, paranoid Chase. (Chase, go ahead and keep “irkin'” Brenda, I still love ya.)

I think I missed the part where it was explained why the plan to flush out NaOnka’s idol died, but in the end Marty vs. Jane ended with Marty on the jury. We know he won’t vote for Jane, if he gets to the end.

Point to ponder: Who would get his vote?


Jeff Probst claims it was a coincidence that it came down to men vs. women in the reward obstacle course. Chase had to sit out but he was allowed to choose a team to back. He went with the girls, probably because Brenda jumped up and down for him.

Jane held the women back, just like Dan held the men back. But the men had such a head start and it was such a physical challenge, it was inevitable that they’d win. Purple Kelly cried, which is the most we’ve seen of her.

Chivalry had a chance to be revived, but it stayed dead. No guys volunteered to give up their spot for a lady.


Marty compared Chase backing Jane to “Dumb and Dumber.” That’s only true if neither gets to the end. If Chase gets to the end, this is just the kind of vote of confidence — and alone time to solidify the bond — that could earn him social game votes. Would the other guys hold it against him? They shouldn’t. They’ll have full bellies and can come back to camp and mock him for being swayed by Brenda’s body and Jane’s twang.

The boys went ziplining, which Dan thought was “OK.” Marty had a “thrilling, exhilarating” time. He felt free. Dirty squirrel Benry can feel whatever he wants as long as I don’t have to hear about it later. Fabio is just goofy enough to be cute. Sash’s insincere smile gives me the heebie jeebies.

Poor Marty thinks it’s a good idea to talk strategy with everyone. This is the season where smart people are targeted. The best plan is to play dumb, like Fabio and Jane. Fabio isn’t that dumb. He tells Sash to talk to Brenda, whom the guys respect as a smart girl who shouldn’t be casting her lot in with “kooks” like NaOnka and Chase.

Brenda thinks Chase made a bad move by making an emotional “North Carolina” vote and backing the women. Brenda: “Chase doesn’t make smart moves. That’s his problem.”

Chase isn’t sure they can trust Brenda. “We don’t talk much anymore.” Aww! Everyone’s afraid of getting on Brenda’s nerves. That’s such a weird thing to hear from NaOnka.

Brenda: “Chase is like a little baby that’s always going ‘wah wah wah.'” She can’t stand paranoia and he’s paranoid.

Chase’s alliance is sick of him? Maybe Chase is too smart for this crowd. Paranoia makes sense, especially in a group that doesn’t act on logic.


Memory challenge with symbols. Jane and NaOnka were the first ones out. Dan was out next. Holly, Sash and Kelly were out next.

In the second round, Fabio was out first. Chase was out next. Benry out next. It was down to Marty and Brenda. Both are a little too smug, but it was extra smug Brenda ftw.


Fabio and Benry seem close, which makes me respect Fabio less. They plan on telling everyone they are voting off NaOnka.

Do you think her father is proud of her? How about those kids she teaches ... or taught, before this show aired?

This is why Chase’s paranoia is valid: Somewhere along the way, Sash & Brenda — who think they are “Running the Camp” — decided to listen to Smarty Farty Marty and change their votes from Marty to NaOnka + idol and Jane.

Brenda wanted to get rid of her buddy, Jane, which would constitute a bigger betrayal than Marty going after Jane. But in the end both Brenda and Sash voted for Marty, and the Fabio/Benry crowd targeted Jane.


Uh-oh. It’s Jane vs. Marty at Tribal Council, but Brenda makes a statement comparing NaOnka to Jane. Which would you want to take to the end? Troublemaker (but she’s only a “humanitarian!”) Na or Jane, who gets them fish? Brenda sits next to Na as she says that. Is that something Na would want to hear? Sure, she’d get to the end, but it would be with Brenda.

Na: “I want you guys to know I’m not dumb.” They can say it as many times as they want. “I’m very far from stupid.”

Now it’s Na vs. Marty. Now it’s Na vs. Fabio. For a minute there it was Na vs. Jeff.

The vote came down to Jane vs. Marty. No NaOnka votes. Marty went home. He’s better off at Ponderosa anyway. Alina probably has that wine waiting for him…


“Dirt squirrel” Benry and Holly are upset by a major event at camp. This must be the fire…


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Ben “Benry” Henry, 24; bar owner
Brenda Lowe, 27; former Miami Dolphins cheerleader
Chase Rice, 24; NASCAR jackman/singer
Judson “Fabio” Birza, 21; student/model/musician
Kelly Shinn, 20; student
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, 30; luxury broker
NaOnka Mixon, 27; P.E. teacher
Dan Lembo, 63; property management
Holly Hoffman, 44; swim coach
Jane Bright, 56; dog trainer

Here's the sucky Syx opposite the judges on "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection" premiere.

Calvin Tran: “Oh, here go hell come.”


“The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” premiere just came and went in a flash of ugly yellow and chic white.

I’m impressed.

Despite Iman’s warning, there were no real fashion emergencies. No evacuation necessary.

Granted, the bar was low. “The Fashion Show” Season 1 could’ve been subtitled “All The People Eliminated First From Past Seasons of Project Runway.”

House of Nami's Iman designs won over the House of Sycks Arse.

This new incarnation has Iman as the new Heidi Klum — literally, in the first episode, as she makes herself the first client. (Oh those vain, vain supermodels!)

I don’t miss Kelly Rowland. I do, however, miss Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia, my two faves from “Project Runway.”

(I don’t care if she made a bad call on Season 8; I adore The Goddess Nina Garcia.)

I don’t care for Isaac Mizrahi, even when he’s drunk on “Watch What Happens Live,” like he was last week. He doesn’t have that certain something that makes me want to hear his opinion — unlike Tim and Nina and, to a certain extent, Michael Kors, but only to hear what zany “slutty slutty” thing he’ll say next.

I’m not into the whole Fashion House Wars concept. I think it just forces designers to settle for the lowest common denominator and creates unproductive cattiness. (Not that I don’t love cattiness.)

However, “The Fashion Show” does have some benefits over PR:

Cesar won the first challenge. Fair enough. I can see Iman in this.

Everyone gets a critique. The winning and the losing houses get individual reviews, which is important. That’s one of the frustrating things about PR — only the highest and lowest get reviews and “safe” designers can hover in limbo for weeks at a time.

It’s like finale week every week. I already love Stefan behind the scenes at the fashion shows. I have a feeling he’s going to be important.

Some of the designers are actually good. And the crazy people aren’t as bad as some of PR’s crazy people. As usual, they cast for “types” — the cutesy giggly girl, the token straight guy, the drama queens, the foreign guy with an attitude. But I was surprised by the level of potential from some of these folks.

This first week, the two houses — Emerald Syx (our first clue to their downfall) and House of Nami — had to create collections inspired by Iman.

Francine lost for this look, despite her perfectionist sewing techniques. She had potential to be the new Ivy Higa. Oh well.

It’s possible that there are some designers in Emerald Syx (Calvin was right, that name will sound even stupider when they go from six to five to four…) that have talent, but they are bound by the same bad ideas, agreed on by the majority. Like their color scheme. That yellow. They are bound into it, so even if you have a lot of talent you are tied to the anchor.

Having said that, the jumpsuit was okay. But House of Nami blew them out of the water, from the simple white to the sophistication of the designs. Syx was cheap. Nami was chic.

Francine Simmons, who immediately clashed with my favorite diva, Calvin Tran, was sent home first. It came down to the two of them; Isaac said they hated Francine’s design and hated Calvin’s attitude.

Which is worse? Please! Of course the bad design went home. Francine’s stuff isn’t really bad, it just seems middle-of-the-road commercial.

Besides, you had to know Francine would be going home first when her initial camera time consisted of trashing the other designers and saying, “Wow, I think I have a really good chance of winning this competition.” The editing of this show is really not that different from “Project Runway.”

This is the first look Eduardo showed, when the designers had to present something that showed their point of view. I liked him after this and I also liked his Iman dress. He's my fave at this point.

Right now only three or possibly four people are standing out to me:

1. Eduardo de las Casas — From the very first runway show, when they debuted their signature looks, Eduardo and his white feathers stood out to me. He’s right, his work is up here and some others are down there.

2. Mike Vensel — Mike and his hipster hat think they are better than everyone and everything. He’s seen more than 300 runway shows, people. He knows. He’s not impressed by celebs because he lives in L.A. He sees them every day, people. He knows. Attitude aside, I like his simple, classy style. I think he’ll go far.

3. Cesar Galindo — Silver fox Cesar won the Iman challenge with his tribal print. I liked it, as well as his initial signature piece. I think he’ll do well, but I need to see more to be sure. He works fast, we know that. He was finished way before everyone else and he still won.

On the maybe side:

Cindy Ayvar — I didn’t hate her draped purple pantsuit. She may have just gotten a raw deal with Emerald Syx. Time will tell.

Golnessa Farmanara — Another one who may just have gotten a raw deal. Bad idea on the shoulder ruffles. Next time.

Most of the designers are a blur at this point, except for some of their personalities. Dominique is driving me crazy with her giggle and her determination to remind us every two seconds that she’s 21. So what? Christian Siriano was 21 when he won “Project Runway.”

Here's Eduardo's Iman look. Pretty good. But does he work in any other colors?

Rolando has pretty hair and Isaac compared him to a girl. David is the token straight guy, although Dominique doesn’t seem to believe in straight male designers. Not sure any side should fight for him after he described his signature piece as coming from his “Return of the Greenpeace Yuppies” collection. Something about being born in space and reinterpreting the ’80s on Earth as having lived through it in space?

Anyway, House of Nami all the way! Let’s treat this like “Survivor” and just vote off “Sycks” until they go bye-bye.

RATE THE RUNWAY: The designs are up on, so rate them here.



Emerald Syx
Calvin Tran
Tamara Jones
Francine Simmons (Eliminated 1st)
Jeffrey Williams
Cindy Ayvar
Golnessa Farmanara

House of Nami
Cesar Galindo
Mike Vensel
Eduardo de las Casas
David Caldwell
Dominique Pearl David
Rolando “Ro” Tamez

I have no idea why this photo is so dark and depressing. "The Event" is not a dour show. From left are Laura Innes as Sophia Gavras, Ian Anthony Dale as Simon Lee, Jason Ritter as Sean Walker, Bill Smitrovich as Winston Jarvis, Blair Underwood as President Martinez, Lisa Vidal as Christina Martinez and Zeljko Ivanek as Blake Sterling.

By Gina Carbone

I had zero interest in “The Event” going into the fall TV season. I already watch far too much TV. The last thing I need is another flashback-happy, twist-heavy, “we’re asking A LOT of you” show to get addicted to, just so it can either disappoint me or get canceled.

But I got sucked in anyway.

Basically I got bored one night and went to On Demand to check out what shows I could watch for free. I usually ignore NBC except for Thursday and Saturday nights, but I found “The Event” and gave it a shot. I was immediately annoyed by the constant flashes to last week, five years ago, three months ago, whatever. And I can’t stand the backwards second E in Event. Stop it.

But I got sucked in anyway.

First of all, I’ll follow Laura Innes to the ends of the Earth. I totally buy her as an alien leader. I also buy Clifton Collins Jr. as the alien answer to a desperate terrorist.

I love seeing Željko Ivanek again, even if he’s back to playing slimy bureaucrats. Blair Underwood is a little too much of a cliched president for my tastes, but part of that is just because he was so unexpectedly raw on “In Treatment” and now I will settle for nothing less.

I like Jason Ritter, an unlikely show star in that he’s not typically “hot” or charismatic. He’s just sweet, smart Sean who adores his would-be fiancee Leila (Sarah Roemer, the gorgeous one in the couple) and will do anything to protect her.

At first the flashbacks were so rapid and constant they felt like the time-traveling wipeouts on “Lost.” I expected to get a nosebleed. Either the flashes are slowing down or I’m just getting used to them. At any rate, I don’t feel as confused as I used to. And I certainly don’t feel as confused as I did watching “Lost” with its 20 different characters, flashbacks, flashforwards, flash sideways and time travel.

Looking good! Still not sure why there's some kind of dark Harry Potter background to these shots.

But more than anything, what’s keeping me watching “The Event” is the emotional angle.

I’m rooting for the aliens, especially CIA agent/undercover alien Simon, played by Ian Anthony Dale, who should probably change his last name to Daaaaamn. He tripped my “Who is THAT?” wire from the start. According to IMDb, the 32-year-old St. Paul, Minnesota native is 6-feet-tall and of Japanese, French, English and general Gorgeous-ish descent.

The most recent episode, “Loyalty,” was not only action-packed in tracking Sophia (Laura Innes) on the loose, but in the moving flashbacks with Simon and his true love from 1954, Violet.

Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) made Simon leave her so she wouldn’t grow suspicious by his slow aging. When Simon had to say goodbye, then met up with old Violet later in life, I was near tears. What a beautiful human moment to include on a sci-fi action show.

More of that, please.

Feel free to cut some Sean and Leila scenes to give us more Simon. And feel free to cut all of the First Lady’s (Lisa Vidal) scenes. I’m so sick of watching her walk in to give President Martinez the hairy eyeball for making tough calls. Stop guilt tripping him; run for the office yourself next time, if you hate every decision he makes.

Actually, feel free to cut most of the human scenes and just focus on the aliens. I can’t wait till we learn more about them. I want the captives to be freed from Mount Inostranka in Alaska, where they’ve been since the 1944, and yet … what would they do if they were free? What is the master plan? Didn’t Sophia say the late William (Omid Abtahi) couldn’t have told the president what their plan was because, if he had, they would all be dead?

Episode 7, “I Know Who You Are,” airs tomorrow night (Nov. 8). Unfortunately I have to watch “Dancing with the Stars” at 9 p.m. on Mondays, but here’s a description of what I’ll be watching later On Demand: “Sterling becomes suspicious of the people close to him; Sophia prepares Thomas and the rest of the detainees for the next part of their mission; Madeline (Paula Malcomson) helps Sean look for answers.”

Even my dad likes the show and asked me if I could catch him up on what’s happening. No one should ever ask me to give a quick synopsis of anything, so I directed him to “The Event’s” Wikipedia page. Catch up on episodes online here at the official NBC site.

I hope this show continues with episodes like “Loyalty” and doesn’t tease out the truth about the aliens for five or six seasons. The longer we’re left in the dark, the more annoyed we tend to be about the eventual resolution. Get it out of the way sooner rather than later and let us just enjoy the characters instead of the “What is The Event?” suspense.

Every time I hear "Casanova" I think of the designer on "Project Runway."

Chelsey Hersley is the only one who seems to know anything about fashion on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15. It was so telling when Liz Williams said she always turns to Chelsey to see if what’s going on is a big deal or not.

Liz never should've made it to Italy.

Note to Liz: You should know without being told.

Note to Liz: It’s too late ’cause you’re gone. At least you can go see your daughter!

On the “Margherita Missoni” challenge, the final six girls had to wear heavy clothes and live in a tiny apartment in super-hot and humid Venice. So much for glamorous fashion!

They posed in their first group photo shoot on a gondola with a handsome male model. Cue Kayla’s freak out!

Kayla Ferrel is my girl and she destroyed this week. Love her. But she’s obsessed with not kissing men. I understand, from what we heard last week about her sexual assault, but if she can’t overcome that fear she shouldn’t aim to be a top model. Sad, but it’s that simple.

Speaking of obsessions, Chelsey is obsessed with comparing herself to Ann Ward.

Ann is obsessed with her own stiff awkwardness. (I’m thinking this whole Ann “slump” is just preparing us to view her as the underdog when she wins. As opposed to just seeing her win as a season-long anointing.)

Liz is obsessed with complaining. And I’m obsessed with Chris White’s fantastic faces. I loved her reaction to seeing their not-so-glam room in Italy.

Oh I forgot about Jane. I think that says it all. Jane Randall is so pretty, but who cares. She’s not memorable.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kayla in every shot from this episode. What's the opposite of dreckitude?

Ann is memorable, as we know and have heard a thousand times. Kayla is memorable, especially with that new hair. Chelsey is memorable to me, but I wonder if it’s because she’s reminding me of Anna Paquin.


Here’s my ranking of the final 5 at this point in Cycle 15:

1. Kayla Ferrel, 19, Rockford, Illinois, 5 ft 9 in
2. Ann Ward, 19, Dallas, Texas, 6 ft 2 in
3. Chelsey Hersley, 22, Boise, Idaho,  5 ft 11 in
4. Jane Randall, 19, Baltimore, Maryland, 5 ft 9 in
5. Chris White, 20, Arlington, Texas, 5 ft 10½ in

Out: Lyzbeth “Liz” Williams, 21,, Arlington, Texas, 5 ft 10 in


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