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She's not hiding her roots, for one thing. Time for a touch-up.

By Gina Carbone

Reality Steve was adamant: Ali Fedotowsky does not pick either Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton. She is single.

But now Us Weekly (I know, take that for what it’s worth) has a cover story about Ali, alleging that there was a proposal at the end of the show and she said yes. (Was it a proposal to be on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars”?)

The cover also hints to a “secret past with Roberto.” Dang it! I hate when they get me to want to buy the thing.

To quote the story, “In fact, the former Facebook ad sales rep, 25, is planning a West Coast wedding in early 2011. … ‘She’s already thinking about the details,'” a source told Us Weekly.

Did anyone buy this rag? Apparently it’s already out. Does it say she picks Roberto or Chris? DON’T MAKE ME BUY IT!

The finale will air August 2. I guess that’s going to give us the definitive answer.

(But now I’m thinking she may really be engaged to Roberto Martinez.)

And is Ali’s rumored guy back home, Patrick Hammon (he says they’re just friends) the same guy from this old February post?


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Apparently they really are just friends. But Reality Steve still thinks they made out.

By Gina Carbone

Well, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke fans, you should be happy to read some of the “Bachelor Pad” spoilers that Reality Steve released today.

***SEPT. 13 UPDATE***: ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale recap: Dave Good is an ageist d-bag, but did Tenley Molzahn lose $250,000 for herself and Kiptyn Locke?

Dave Good supposedly made out with Natalie Getz here AND Jessie Sulidis.

I’m still trying to clear my head from the idea that Dave “Man Code” Good was named the best kisser in the bunch. Really? Not Jesse Beck? Not Kiptyn? Not .. uh … Wes Hayden or … Jonathan “The Weatherman” Novack or … Craig “The Hair” McKinnon? OK, so the choices aren’t that great.

Read the episode-by-episode breakdown spoilers here.

Steve still doesn’t know who won because they won’t film the ending until September. A spoiler free finale? I’d forgotten what that looks like…


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Do you have any questions for Justin? Let me know.

Justin “Rated R” Rego took to his Facebook page and posted an official statement about what went down on episode 6 of “The Bachelorette.” Suffice it to say, he’s the victim. In his eyes.

He should realize we’ll all be saying “Justin Who?” in a couple of weeks, thanks to Frank.

Read more about Justin’s statement here and please comment at the end of that story with any questions you have for Justin.


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There's something too Ryan Seacrest about Frank anyway.

By Gina Carbone

Now that we’ve all seen the preview video for what’s coming up “this season” on “The Bachelorette” — including the tearful Frank Neuschaefer drama — let’s talk about how much of a twat Frank is.

According to Star Magazine (take that for what it’s worth) the Frank situation is not too different from the Justin “Rated-R” Rego situation and if you recall, last night Frank called Justin all kinds of names for two-timing Ali Fedotowsky.


To quote Star:

Frank’s love interest back home in Chicago is hazel-eyed stunner Nicole Caruso, 23. She’s a 2009 graduate from Arizona State University and they met while both working in retail at a local mall. When Frank was cast for The Bachelorette, the pair made a pact to keep their love a secret. In reality though, they’ve been a couple the entire time Frank’s been on the ABC reality series!

“Frank wants a screenwriting career, and he assured her that he was only going on The Bachelorette for the show business exposure,” a friend of Nicole tells Star. “This whole business about Frank wistfully longing for a former girlfriend seems like a sham. He and Nicole were rock-solid when he left for the show, and I believe they still are. He never had any interest in Ali.”


Here's Nicole Caruso in her video talk with Frank.

Who knows if that’s true. It did seem like Frank enjoyed that Hollywood paparazzi shoot a little too much, but he also seemed to be into Ali. I know, I’m an easy mark. But he seems like the kind of guy who falls in “love” with whoever pays him compliments and attention.

But on top of whatever Frank’s real feelings were is the timing of the announcement. Apparently he wanted to leave sooner and ABC wanted a more dramatic situation. According to Reality Steve’s report to InTouch Weekly, “The [upcoming] footage of him and his [ex] reconciling was shot after his hometown date with Ali, [but before the final-three episode]. Ali was left in the dark!”

I did a basic Google search for Nicole Caruso and came up with a Linked In page — now apparently deleted — that seemed to list a person by that name as Assistant Manager at an Abercrombie & Fitch in the Chicago area. Frank seems like an Abercrombie guy, so that could be where they hooked up.

Check out an ABC sneak peek of the Nicole reunion here. She sounds young. And like she’s chewing gum.

A couple of weeks ago Frank and Ali were both in San Francisco at the same time and it launched a bunch of rumors that they were hooking up. I seriously doubt this. Maybe they were both at the Union Street Festival at the same time, but I don’t think that means much.

Anyway, ABC just issued a press release about what’s coming down the pike for Episode 7. Jake vs. Vienna and some lovin’ in Lisbon, Portugal. For the record, I don’t think it matters that Kirk DeWindt has never been in a longterm relationship. At least he won’t have ex-wives calling him out, like Ty Brown.


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Just call Wes Hayden and date him next.

By Gina Carbone

First of all, why did it take so freaking long for Jessie Sulidis to pick up the phone when Chris Harrison called from Ali’s room?

Second, couldn’t Chris Harrison at least try to not look so pleased at this development? I know they are taping it all, so it’s no shock to anyone (and I believe anyone includes Ali at this point. They must’ve warned her that this was going to happen) but he could try not to seem so smug. “Sorry,” he says to Ali after the call, barely hiding a smile.

The video of the phone call kills me. Not from the obvious amount of editing they have to do between the two taping stations — in Turkey and Canada — but from Jessica Spillas’ fake reaction.

She immediately bursts into tears, as if this is all about her. Tip: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. The only reason Jessica came forward, it seems, is because she found out, through Justin “Rated-R” Rego’s Facebook account, that he was also dating some chick named Kimberly Kerekes.

Full. Of. Shite.

Jessica contacted Kimberly, who was also unaware that Justin was in another relationship.

Jessica contacted fellow Canadian Jessie — who was on Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” with Ali and also lives in Toronto — and Jessie put her in touch with ABC. ABC ultimately decided to keep Kimberly out of the situation, so the phone call to Ali only includes Jessica.

Anyway, Jessica talks about how she and Justin have been dating for about two years. She knew he was going on “The Bachelorette” just to further his entertainment wrestling career. Apparently she was fine with him using Ali for sport like this.

She helped him buy his suits. She took him to the hospital when he broke his leg. She was fine with all of this until she found out that she was also being two-timed. It was OK for Ali, not for her.

And how about this chestnut from Jessica, during the video: “I’m really trying to be strong through all of this.”

Really? This is happening to you? You are the victim? PHONY.

Put her and Justin in a wrestling ring and let them fight it out. No cameras. They’ve had enough coverage for this mutual stunt.

Ali actually thanks this chick for telling her, as if some great favor has been done. And judging by photos of Justin kissing Jessica, they are still going strong. Unless these photos were taken a long time ago. But who would’ve taken paparazzi shots like this before he was a “name”?

They deserve each other. The part that really burns me? Justin is going to be on Reid Rosenthal’s upcoming Bachelor cruise. Reid, I’m disappointed in you. You should not associate with trash.

*June 30 update* Reid backed out of the cruise due to “other commitments”! It’s now being called “Fans of Reality TV Cruise.” I should have more details later, but Justin and the other guys are still on board. Literally, plus a few more names.  Justin also wants to share his side of the story. Part of me almost feels bad for him, but he did play “The Bachelorette” like “Survivor.” And lost. The tribe has spoken.


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Yeah, you can come in.

By Gina Carbone

For the record, James Frain > Joe Manganiello. By a lot.

I am not warming to Alcide, but Franklin is hot. The vampire makeup on “True Blood” still needs work (why does everyone have to look like a Golden Girl?), but James Frain’s personality is shining through the pastiness.

Here are my thoughts on the third episode of Season 3:

Top 20 quotes from ‘True Blood’ Episode 3: ‘It Hurts Me Too’

‘True Blood’ recap: Alcide is weak, Franklin rules, Bill and Lorena have weird Exorcist sex


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Jason & Landon. You know, I'm fond of both. I've forgiven Jason. Mostly because I'm sick of Melissa Rycroft.

By Gina Carbone

I was watching Team USA in The World Cup and something kept nagging at me. I couldn’t figure it out until I realized USA bigshot Landon Donovan kept reminding me of “The Bachelor” basketcase Jason Mesnick. Formerly known as The Most Hated Bachelor In History.

(I’m not sure if Wes Hayden replaced him on “The Bachelorette” but I’m pretty sure Justin “Rated-R” Rego and Frank “I Love My Girlfriend” Neuschaefer are going to put Jason deep on the list.)

Jason actually has a nice body. Not Jesse Beck or Kiptyn Locke nice. But nice.

Landon is an amazing player and seems like a decent guy, but man is he boring. His voice, the diplomatic answers. He really is the soccer version of Jason. I loved his ESPN SportsCenter ad, mostly because it hints to a personality you rarely see elsewhere.

He’s intense. I get it. When they played the National Anthem today in the (sob) match against Ghana, the rest of the USA team seemed to be singing along or looking, you know, normal. Landon had this intense, focused look. Serial killer focused.

Whatever gets the job done. Except this time the job did not get done. In extra time Ghana won. I’m sad. Especially since I’m curious about this Bianca situation. Apparently Landon was married to some tall “Rules of Engagement” actress named Bianca Kajlich and although they are separated, he gave her a

Landon is Captain America right now.

shoutout at the end of the match against Algeria, in which he scored the winning goal. I just like drama, so I’ll miss hearing about that.

Jason, for the record, you were right. Melissa just wanted fame. You seem happy with Molly and, more important, you’re staying out of the public eye. For that, I salute you with a vuvuzela honk.


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What is Seth Aaron up to now anyway? I miss him. I don't miss Emilio's attitude that much.

By Gina Carbone

Remember: Short, tight and shiny is the quickest way to look cheap. So don’t forget to wear your tackiest mini on Thursday, July 29 for the premiere of “Project Runway” season 8.

According to The Futon Critic,‘Project Runway’ is set to return next month with some old friends: Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice.” (Nice! Love that those two, uh, “eccentrics” found each other.) “Sources close to the series have indicated the eighth season of ‘Runway’ will roll out Thursday, July 29 on Lifetime followed by spin-off ‘On The Road With Austin & Santino.’ The half-hour series follows the ‘Runway‘ alums as they cross the country finding women in need of a fashion makeover.”

Also according to the story, “Runway” will now air at 9:00/8:00c and run 90 minutes with “Austin & Santino” following at 10:30/9:30c. No one seems to know yet how or if “Models of the Runway” will be incorporated into the new season.

I also found this tidbit on Blogging Project Runway: Apparently while I was tossing and turning over Jake/Vienna and “The Bachelorette” implosions, Heidi Klum was on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and talked about season 8.

She said various vague things, including this “Survivor”esque tidbit about beleaguered contestants: “We had an incident – well, three incidents – where they basically dropped like flies and we had the ambulance come three times in a row.”



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Here's Jason, gracing us with the original Mesnick. This is how I feel about the current Jake-is-everywhere situation.

By Gina Carbone

My TV just filed a restraining order against Jake Pavelka.


Here's Jake's Mesnick. He's not even leaning into the railing. Appalling lack of commitment.

“Bachelor Pad” was originally supposed to have 20 people, but the official cast list left it at 19.

Why? Were they perhaps waiting for Jake to end his “relationship” with Vienna Girardi? Looks like it to me.

It was just announced that Jake will drop into the “Bachelor Pad,” which is currently filming and will premiere Monday, Aug. 9 on ABC.

I don’t care if “drop into” just means he stops by for five more seconds of air time. It’s five more seconds than I want.

So, I’m sorry, but the label “fame whore” is all too appropriate. This whole charade makes me want to pull a Mesnick.

Make. It. Stop.


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I blame this guy.

So much back and forth about what Ali Fedotowsky is going to do at the end of her season of “The Bachelorette.”

At first Reality Steve said he knew Ali didn’t pick Chris Lambton, which left Roberto Martinez. But now Steve is saying she is single and chose no one. He’s not even sure who comes out of the limo first for the initial rejection.

Can anyone really blame her for picking no one? I don’t think next Monday’s Justin “Rated-R” Rego scandal is going to push her over the edge, but when Frank Neuschaefer goes back to his girlfriend, Nicole Caruso — that’s going to kill her. She never had a strong connection with Justin. I think she just thought he was hot. But she seems to be falling for Frank and to hear that he’s in love with someone else — and to hear it right after Justin — that would make me want to stop the show right there.

**JULY 3 UPDATE** Now I’m not sure of anything! ‘Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Is Ali Fedotowsky really engaged to Roberto Martinez? Has Reality Steve been ‘Fleissed’? **END UPDATE**

So what do you think? Roberto, Chris or Kirk for the next Bachelor? Or are you a Jesse person?


Anyway, here’s what Reality Steve reported today about the finale:

For those that haven’t been back to the site since last week, I posted Friday where everything stands in regards to the final two and what I know. Go back and read it if you haven’t. However, I have a new update. Now I have absolute 100% confirmation that Ali is single. She chose no one. Don’t know who came out of the limo first, don’t know if either of the guys proposed, don’t know what she said to them. All I know is Ali did not choose either Roberto or Chris and is single. I knew my sources would come through for me. So whatever you hear over the next six weeks in regards to rumors she might be with one of them, don’t listen to it. Can’t make it any clearer. Ali is single. And no, just because Jake is single now does not mean he and Ali are gonna end up together. That’ll happen around never. Already people are speculating he’ll try and get her back or something ridiculous. I’m telling you, it’s not gonna happen so don’t bother hoping it will. UPDATE: Well, here’s the proof. Ali has already addressed it and says there’s no chance. Click here to read what she says.


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