This is Michael Costello's blue dress from the Jackie Kennedy challenge. Did ANYTHING go right that week?


I’m still hoping for an official snarky Tim Gunn vlog entry on the subject, but Blogging Project Runway went straight to the source for comment from Mr. Gunn on the double-stick tape issue from “Project Runway” Season 8 Episode 11.


To quote Tim’s comment to BPR:

“Here’s my take of the tape: Michael had nothing to do with it. It was his model who took the initiative to tape herself into the dress. By the time that this was brought to our attention, the challenge in which it happened was well behind us. It was, indeed, a mean-spirited attack on Michael. And how did Ivy think we were going to respond to her accusations? Did she think that Michael would be disqualified and that we’d bring her back? Ridiculous.”


OK, but why wasn’t that explained on the show? Tim said he saw nothing, the producers saw nothing, the cameras saw nothing. But it sounds like they did so some research after-the-fact and discovered the model taped herself into the dress.

I still don’t understand why that’s against the rules — based on recent former designers’ blogs it hasn’t been an issue in the past — but if Michael Costello knew or someone on the show knew last week, why weren’t we told? Why are the producers letting the cheating allegations hang there in the air?

Sure, they said it’s a he-said-she-said and to Tim it’s a “case of a non-case,” but it leaves a stink in the air. It’s possible, the show says without saying, that MC did cheat and he just didn’t get caught. This Tim quote makes it sound like that not the case at all and PR should make that more clear.

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