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Kayla! Why did you lose your sparkle? Did the makeover strip it out of you?

I blame the bad makeover. I liked Kayla Ferrel’s blonde hair on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 and LOVED her bright red makeover. But I think the drab dark reddish color they gave her on “America’s Next Top Model: All Stars” did not do her any favors. It pushed her back two steps and she never recovered.

The ludicrous “branding word” labels also hurt. “Free”? Anything she did should’ve fit into “free” but no matter what she did it didn’t seem to live up to the judges’ bizarre expectations.

I thought Bianca Golden, who was also sent home on Episode 7, was a bit too arrogant to just brush off the bathtub pose element of their perfume challenge, but she was right to question it. Every cycle ANTM does ridiculous things and I’m always amazed anyone goes through with it. (Alexandria Everett was also right to be confused about being insulted as a reality TV star last week, then told to impersonate Snooki this week. Par for the course.) But Bianca had to know the drill going in. She’s there to have a good showing on TV, win more fans, promote herself, build her “brand” and continue on a path to be the next Beyoncé or whatnot.

Allison has been shining as Kayla faded away.

Instead of being rewarded for standing up for herself, she was sent home. Along with my girl Kayla. I really think that was a mistake. Shannon Stewart is the one who should’ve gone home — probably a while ago. She’s sweet but forgettably commercial to me, and boring. Even Tyra Banks mentioned the “b” word with her. Why wasn’t that enough to send her home? Bianca certainly isn’t boring. Kayla isn’t boring, although they went out of their way to make her boring with that makeover.

Is Allison Harvard going to win? I’m getting the impression that that’s what the judges want. Maybe Angelea Preston or Dominique Reighard vs. Allison in the end.

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You didn't just look ridiculous this week, Savaii. Here's Keith Tollefson, Dawn Meehan, Ozzy Lusth, Whitney Duncan, Jim Rice and John Cochran, of the Savaii Tribe during the immunity and reward challenge.

In the vote between “stupid” and “iconic,” Ozzy’s decision to 1) give his immunity idol to the guy who lost his tribe’s most important challenge, then 2) send himself to Redemption Island so his ego could grow even bigger — my vote goes to “stupid.”

I don’t care that Ozzy had a very special dream about redemption. I wouldn’t even care if Phillip Sheppard’s grandfather appeared to him in a vision and told him to go to Redemption Island and share the crispy rice. It was a dumb move.

*UPDATE* Ozzy pulled it off. He won the duel in time to re-enter the game at the merge. God, his ego is going to explode now! *END UPDATE*

But that’s just what happened on the “Survivor: South Pacific” episode “Trojan Horse.” Christine Sheilds Markoski is kicking butt over on Redemption Island and the Savaiis are under the mistaken impression that if the tribes merge the next day, Christine will immediately run back into the welcoming arms of the Upolus who voted her out to begin with. That would give Upolo the majority and they could just pick off the Savaiis. As if that’s the way it always goes every season.

One thing challenge-ruining Cochran could’ve done to help the Savaiis would be to go to Redemption Island, convince Christine to switch to Savaii if she won and then no matter what happened his old tribe would get one extra member. She’s basically a free agent at this point. But Ozzy — who previously declared himself the free agent — is unlikely to do anything but grandstand on Redemption, then either win or lose the challenge.

Go, Christine, go!

As Jeff Probst pointed out, if Ozzy loses the Redemption Island challenge to Christine, he’ll look like even more of a fool than he did on “Fans vs. Favorites” when he was voted out with an idol in his pocket. I would take it a step further — he already looks like more of a fool. Because he handed the idol to Cochran, who should’ve gone to Redemption and instead has Ozzy’s idol.

There’s no real reason to think Ozzy will win the duel over Christine. That’s just his ego talking out of his tushie. Christine has proven herself to be very adept on that “island” and the challenge could be right up her alley. Remember last season when Andrea won the last Redemption challenge over all the other guys? You never know.

But not only is Ozzy assuming he’ll win, he’s assuming the merge is the next day. And they told Jeff about it. If I were Jeff — one of the producers — I’d go back to my producing team and say “Come on in, guys!” (Just for fun) Then say “How about we teach Ozzy the lesson he should’ve learned last time and delay the merge. They think they know this game? They think we’re predictable? Suck it.”

What if Ozzy loses? Does Cochran get to keep the idol? His speech about not wanting to be the hero should’ve been a warning that this guy isn’t going to give up The One Ring of Power so easily. He’s a nerd, but he’s not Frodo.

However, if I were anyone on Savaii — not just Cochran — I’d be laughing my ass off. The biggest threat on your tribe just volunteered to leave and he gave up his idol, all assuming there’s a merge coming and he’ll be back the next day. Well, that’s exactly when you WANT to dump your biggest physical threats. Thank you, Ozzy. Why would they want him to come back when it’s an individual game? So he can win and win and win his way to the end — like Boston Rob? Is he the Ozfather? Better to have Christine come back on their side. She doesn’t get along with her old tribe and there’s little chance anyone would vote for her to win if she got to the end.

And really, Coach? “Jack and Jill” had a great family message that applies to your tribe? Nice try. I wish Coach and Ozzy were at Redemption together so they could drive each other crazy with their speeches.


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They need to do this every week. And Laura needs to be there every single week. She's gold.

Laura Bennett. Laura freakin’ Bennett.

She is my hero. She’s right. She’s right about everything and she was right when she asked Joshua McKinley about his behavior on “Project Runway” Season 9. (Where was this “After the Runway” special last season so she could talk to Gretchen Jones?)

I wasn't wowed by Anya's look, at left, and I had no problem with Laura Kathleen's look, at right. But whatever.

Josh was oversensitive. Laura’s questions were valid and if he hadn’t wasted so much time feeling bullied and put-upon, Laura might’ve had time to question Anya Ayoung-Chee as well. Instead, Anya was let off the hook. Again.

Josh has become the villain of the season and just like the “Project Joshua” pattern Laura mentioned, he lashes out, gets emotional, then apologizes. I doubt he’ll apologize for lashing out at Laura, but it frustrated me because I was on his side when it came to his issues with Anya. I wanted to stay on his side, but his latest outburst overshadowed the valid quesitons being directed to Anya about her sewing and her, in my opinion, selfishness.

Anya seems very popular with the other designers on a personal level, but this isn’t “Project Miss Congeniality.” It’s “Project Runway” and construction has ALWAYS been important. Until now, anyway. Viktor Luna was absolutely right — from day one the judges have favored Anya because of her interesting story of only learning to sew four months ago. (I recommend all future PR designers come up with similar stories — maybe try three months next time — because it works.)

I can understand if he felt ambushed, but he just dealt with it the wrong way. Bringing up Laura's age, as if that had anything to do with it?

Even Kimberly Goldson got lots of praise this week on Season 9, Episode 11, “This is For the Birds,” for coming up with a new dress in three hours, even though they saw all the flaws. The stories aren’t supposed to matter. The finished product is all that is supposed to matter. Everyone has a story, whether it’s Josh having major student loans (get in line), Anya not having experience, Bert Keeter being the older guy, whatever. (I’ll miss you, Bert! Love the transformation from angry old man to mature hipster.)

I enjoyed this look from Josh M. but I can't help but wonder what Anthony would've done on a bird challenge. Remember his birdseed dress? I miss you Anthony Ryan!

I was cheering for Viktor, Kimberly and Josh in the “After the Runway” special because they were right about Anya — she got help every step of the way. She got tangible sewing help, she got money from her friend Anthony Ryan Auld after she lost her own (who stole that, by the way?) and she told Anthony last week — the week he was eliminated — that she would wear the clothes the judges despised.

And yet the very next challenge she shut down, not only telling the cameras she didn’t want to give Josh fabric, she didn’t even think it was appropriate for him to ask for help. Say what? Since when? Didn’t she stand by the register while Anthony was paying last week, so he could give her money?

What is her response to that? All she said was that if she were the other designers, she’d be pissed too. Pissed about what, though? The judges’ favoritism when it comes to her lack of construction skills? Her decision to take help, but not give it? Or give it to Kimberly, then regret it? Would she have given Anthony $11 if the situation had been reversed?

And I didn’t love her black edgy raven dress. That was the “clear winner”? It seemed very literal. And I feel like Andy and April did better versions of this dark edgy look last season, never mind anywhere else. And why does it matter so much when designers “step out of their comfort zone” when some seasons the judges interpret that as “where are you in this design?”

The judges just love Anya. I think she’s a strong designer and I actually really loved her finale collection and think she could win in the end, but I also loved Laura Kathleen’s raven look. To me, that was no more literal than Anya’s black dress with wings.


Why wasn’t Laura Kathleen at the “After the Runway” special? No one addressed the omission on air. Well, according to Laura Kathleen’s Twitter, this Laura may not have fit with the drama theme.

LKathleenDesign: “I wasn’t enough drama for the episode!!!” Based on the fan items she’s retweeting, it sounds like she really did want to be there. Sad.
At this point it looks like the judges really, really want Anya, Viktor and Joshua in the finale. I don’t know if Laura Kathleen or Kimberly can get there. Maybe one of them could push Josh out, but Anya is definitely in and Viktor has earned his way there by now. He is the only one who really deserves to be there. He’s the real slow and steady tortoise who could win this race.

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***Did you miss the “After the Runway” special? Want to see it again? Watch here at

Now we have to wait several months to spend more time with the All-Stars. But seriously, Elisa is here? And is it good that Mondo already looks like a ragtime leprechaun?

Both “Project Runway All Stars” and “Project Accessory” were supposed to premiere on Thursday, November 3, 2011. But now neither one will be premiering on that date.

Here’s the original information from Lifetime (courtesy of Wetpaint):

“Airing at 9/8c, Project Runway All Stars brings back familiar contestants but debuts a new host, judging panel, and mentor. Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief Joanna Coles will help the aspiring designers as they prepare their work for judging by Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman. Supermodel Angela Lindvall will host. … Project Accessory will air directly after Project Runway All Stars. The show will feature 12 contestants who participate in challenges to design and display the most amazing accessories. With the help of their mentor, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, they’ll need to impress host Molly Sims and judges Kenneth Cole and Ariel Foxman, editor of InStyle. Kelly Osbourne and Debra Messing will be among the guest judges appearing this season.”

But NOT SO FAST! Lifetime giveth and Lifetime taketh away. “Project Accessory” now appears to be starting on October 27 and the “All Stars” premiere has been pushed to Whenever in 2012.

Here’s the *new* information, from TV By the Numbers:

“As viewers eagerly await to find out which designer is ‘in’ as the winner of Project Runway Season 9, Lifetime keeps the night full of fashion with the all-new series, Project Accessory premiering Thursday, October 27 at 10:30PM ET/PT following the Project Runway finale at 9:00PM ET/PT. The evening continues with the final episode of After the Runway at 11:30PM ET/PT. The following week on November 3, Project Accessory will move to its regular time period of Thursdays at 10PM, immediately following the one-time, one-hour special, Project Runway Best of Season 9 airing at 9PM ET/PT.  The special will feature some of the most memorable moments from this season of Project Runway and include some never-before-seen footage of the judges and designers.  Project Runway All Stars will now premiere in 2012.”

Poo. I don’t care about “Project Accessory.” Sad face.

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Bad gingers are goin' down at the start of "American Horror Story."

I watched the first five minutes of “American Horror Story” and I’m intrigued. I still think “Jersey Shore” is the ultimate American Horror Story, but I’m willing to let FX prove it deserves such a wonderful title. AHS premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5.

“House” is back this month, but I couldn’t even get through last season. I used to love that show. Obsessed with it. I’ve always loved Robert Sean Leonard but now I just want “House” to be put down. It’s suffering.

I wish I still had Showtime so I could watch “Dexter” and the new show, “Homeland.” I LOVE Damian Lewis. For months Netflix kept recommending “Band of Brothers” but I kept rejecting it. I didn’t want to deal with another heavy WWII saga. Then I figured I’d give it a chance. I rented the first few “Band of Brothers” discs and got addicted. I ended up buying the box set because I couldn’t get enough and the discs took too long to get to me. (Still an issue.) Damian is a god in that. He plays basically the opposite character —  total slimy git — in “The Forsyte Saga” and is just as good. Have you rented “The Forsyte Saga”? You must.

Dang it. I want Showtime back. Why am I poor?

Here are the full October listings as copied wholesale from the lovely and amazing AOL TV Squad:

Saturday, October 1
12:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
3:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
7:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘SEC College Football’ (CBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series’ (The Hub) 2nd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Austin City Limits’ (PBS) 37th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Celine: 3 Boys and a New Show’ (OWN) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Doctor Who’ (BBC America) 6th season finale
9:00 – ‘Love’s Everlasting Courage’ (Hallmark) telefilm
9:00 – ‘”Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour’ (Comedy Central) special presentation
9:30 – ‘Home by Novogratz’ (HGTV) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Bedlam’ (BBC America) series premiere
10:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation

Damian Lewis = good ginger.

Sunday, October 2

6:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
7:00 – ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ (ABC) 22nd season premiere
8:00 – ‘Clan of the Meerkats’ (Nat Geo Wild) special presentation
8:00 – ‘How Hard Can It Be?’ (National Geographic) series premiere
8:00 – ‘The Hunt for the I-5 Killer’ (Lifetime) telefilm
8:00 – ‘Little People, Big World: Off to School’ (TLC) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Prohibition’ (PBS) mini-series premiere
8:00 – ‘Tough Love’ (VH1) 3rd season premiere
9:00 – ‘100 Moments That Changed TV’ (TV Guide) mini-series premiere
9:00 – ‘Big Rich Texas’ (Style) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Dexter’ (Showtime) 6th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Halloween Wars’ (Food) series premiere
9:00 – ‘History of the World in Two Hours’ (H2) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Making Monsters’ (Travel) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Snapped’ (Oxygen) 150th episode
9:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Around the World in 80 Ways’ (History) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Homeland’ (Showtime) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Hung’ (HBO) 3rd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Momster of the Bride’ (Style) 1st season finale
10:30 – ‘How to Make It in America’(HBO) 2nd season premiere
Monday, October 3
12:00 AM – ‘China, IL’ (Cartoon Network) series premiere
6:00 PM – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Bomb Hunters: Afghanistan’ (National Geographic) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Top Gear [UK]’ (BBC America) “Lost” 4th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Girl Fight’ (Lifetime) telefilm
9:00 – ‘House’ (Fox) 8th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Tia & Tamera’ (Style) 1st season premiere
9:00 – ‘Warehouse 13’ (Syfy) 3rd season finale
9:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
10:00 – ‘The A-List: New York’ (Logo) 2nd season finale
10:00 – ‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Top 10 Fights’ (Discovery) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Hair Battle Spectacular’ (Oxygen) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Mega Dens’ (DIY) 2nd season premiere
Tuesday, October 4
3:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
7:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
7:00 – ‘Rise Up’ (ESPN) 1st season finale
8:00 – ‘Renée’ (ESPN) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Made in America’ (Travel) series premiere
8:00 – ‘Prohibition’ (PBS) mini-series finale
9:00 – ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ (A&E) 6th season mid-season premiere
9:00 – ‘Hardcore Pawn’ (TruTV) 4th season finale
9:00 – ‘Mysteries at the Museum’ (Travel) 2nd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Viking Wilderness’ (Animal Planet) series premiere
9:30 – ‘A Cook’s Tour: Childhood Favorites’ (Cooking) special presentation
10:00 – ‘I Hate My Kitchen’ (DIY) 2nd season finale
10:00 – ‘Mad Fashion’ (Bravo) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Nazi Collaborators’ (Military) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Off Limits’ (Travel) 1st season mid-season premiere
10:00 – ‘Onion News Network’ (IFC) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Teen Mom: Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew, Part 2’ (MTV) special presentation
10:30 – ‘Carfellas’ (Discovery) 1st season finale
10:30 – ‘Fashion Hunters’ (Bravo) series premiere
10:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation

Wednesday, October 5
6:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘How Hard Can It Be?’ (National Geographic) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Part 1’ (HBO) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Outback Wrangler’ (Nat Geo Wild) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Rescue Renovation’ (DIY) 3rd season premiere
9:30 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
10:00 – ‘American Horror Story’ (FX) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Brad Meltzer’s Decoded’ (History) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Dance Moms’ (Lifetime) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Dark Matters: Twisted But True’ (Science) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Mad Scientists’ (National Geogrpahic) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Penn & Teller Tell a Lie’ (Discovery) series premiere
10:00 – ‘South Park’ (Comedy Central) 15th season premiere
10:30 – ‘Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time’ (Comedy Central) 2nd season premiere

Thursday, October 6
8:00 – ‘MLB Playoffs’ (TBS) special presentation
9:00 – ‘American Underworld’ (Discovery) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Angels Among Us’ (CMT) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Part 2’ (HBO) special presentation
9:00 – ‘I (Almost) Got Away With It: Love on the Run’ (ID) special presentation
9:00 – ‘The This Old House Hour’ (PBS) 10th season premiere
10:00 – ‘CMT Made’ (CMT) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution’ (Comedy Central) series premiere
10:00 – ‘I (Almost) Got Away With It’ (ID) 4th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Junkies’ (Science) 1st season finale
10:30 – ‘The League’ (FX) 3rd season premiere

Friday, October 7
10:00 AM – ‘Russian Dolls’ (Lifetime) 1st season finale
8:00 PM – ‘Man Caves’ (DIY) 8th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ (TLC) 7th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Top Secret Recipe’ (CMT) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Four Weddings’ (TLC) 3rd season finale
10:00 – ‘Sanctuary’ (Syfy) 4th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Trick My What?’ (CMT) series premiere

Saturday, October 8
7:30 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 1’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Rules of Engagement’ (CBS) 6th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Terror Beneath’ (Syfy) telefilm
10:00 – ‘Bad Dog!’ (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
11:00 – ‘Free Agents [UK]’ (BBC America) series premiere

Sunday, October 9
4:00 – ‘MLB: NLCS Game 1’ (TBS) special presentation
7:00 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 2’ (FOX) special presentation
7:30 – ‘Cash & Cari’ (HGTV) 2nd season finale
8:00 – ‘Brain Games’ (National Geographic) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, Part 1’ (E!) special presentation
9:00 – ‘All American Handyman’ (HGTV) 2nd season finale
9:00 – ‘Tough Love: The Wards Get Real’ (VH1) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Breaking Bad’ (AMC) 4th season finale
10:00 – ‘Six Days to Air: The Making of South Park’ (Comedy Central) special presentation
10:30 – ‘Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past’ (PBS) special presentation

Monday, October 10
8:00 – ‘MLB: NLCS Game 2’ (TBS) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Bath Crashers’ (DIY) 4th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Bored to Death’ (HBO) 3rd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Cake Boss: Dear Buddy’ (TLC) special presentation
9:00 – ‘(Dis)connected’ (MTV) telefilm
9:00 – ‘Five’ (Lifetime) telefilm
9:00 – ‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, Part 2’ (E!) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Scare Tactics’ (Syfy) 4th season mid-season premiere
9:30 – ‘Enlightened’ (HBO) series premiere
9:30 – ‘Kitchen Crashers’ (DIY) series premiere
10:00 – ‘The A-List: New York: Reunion, Part 1’ (Logo) special presentation
10:00 – ‘American Guns’ (Discovery) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Most Eligible Dallas’ (Bravo) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Swamp Men’ (Nat Geo Wild) 2nd season premiere
11:00 – ‘(Dis)connected: MTV News Special’ (MTV) special presentation
11:00 – ‘The A-List: Dallas’ (Logo) series premiere

Tuesday, October 11
7:30 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 3’ (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘BET Hip Hop Awards ’11’ (BET) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Eat St.’ (Cooking) 2nd season premiere
8:00 – ‘The Dotted Line’ (ESPN) special presentation
8:00 – ‘History Detectives’ (PBS) 9th season finale
8:00 – ‘Last Man Standing’ (ABC) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Cold Blood’ (ID) 4th season premiere
9:00 – ‘Food(ography)’ (Cooking) 3rd season finale
9:00 – ‘Frontier Force’ (National Geographic) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Frontline’ (PBS) 30th season premiere
10:00 – ‘I Hate My Kitchen’ (DIY) 3rd season premiere
10:00 – ‘I Used to Be Fat’ (MTV) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Women, War & Peace’ (PBS) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Reed Between the Lines’ (BET) series premiere
10:00 – ‘United Tastes of America’ (Cooking) 2nd season finale
10:00 – ‘Viking Wilderness’ (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
11:00 – ‘Chelsea Settles’ (MTV) series premiere

Wednesday, October 12
4:00 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 4’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘MLB: NLCS Game 3’ (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Sun Come Up’ (HBO2) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’ (Bravo) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Paranormal Witness’ (Syfy) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Psych’ (USA) 6th season premiere

Thursday, October 13
4:00 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 5 [if necessary] (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Live From Lincoln Center: Wynton Marsalis at 50’ (PBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘MLB: NLCS Game 4’ (TBS) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Bordertown: Loredo’ (A&E) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Harvest’ (History) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Independent Lens’ (PBS) 13th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Secretly Pregnant’ (Health) series premiere

Friday, October 14
8:00 – ‘MLB: NLSC Game 5 [if necessary] (TBS) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Crime Lords of Tokyo’ (National Geographic) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Red Sea Jaws’ (Nat Geo Wild) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Unleashed by Garo’ (Sundance) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Hairy Bikers’ (History) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day’ (TLC) special presentation
11:00 – ‘Iron Man Anime’ (G4) 1st season finale
11:30 – ‘Wolverine Anime’ (G4) 1st season finale

Saturday, October 15
7:30 – ‘Animals Say the Wildest Things’ (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
7:30 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 6 [if necessary] (FOX) special presentation
7:30 – ‘NASCAR Sprint Cup: Charlotte’ (ABC) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Finding a Family’ (Hallmark Movie) telefilm
8:00 – ‘HGTV’d’ (HGTV) 1st season finale
8:30 – ‘Transformers: Prime’ (The Hub) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Welcome to the Sweetie Pie’s’ (OWN) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said?’ (Comedy Central) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ (OWN) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Margaret Cho: Cho Dependent’ (Showtime) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Puppies vs. Babies’ (Animal Planet) series premiere

Sunday, October 16
4:00 – ‘MLB: NLCS Game 6 [if necessary] (TBS) special presentation
7:30 – ‘MLB: ALCS Game 7 [if necessary] (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘He Cooks, She Cooks’ (Cooking) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind’ (OWN) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Ask Oprah’s All Stars’ (OWN) 2nd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Brothers on Call’ (DIY) series premiere
9:00 – ‘The Walking Dead’ (AMC) 2nd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Why Am I Still Single?’ (VH1) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Million Dollar Contractor’ (DIY) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Our America with Lisa Ling’ (OWN) 2nd season premiere

Monday, October 17
12:00 AM – ‘Talking Dead’ (AMC) series premiere
8:00 PM – ‘The Lying Game’ (ABC Family) 1st season mid-season finale
8:00 – ‘MLB: NLSC Game 7 [if necessary] (TBS) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Sin by Silence’ (ID) special presentation
8:30 – ‘Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge’ (Disney XD) series premiere
9:00 – ‘The A-List: New York: Reunion, Part 2’ (Logo) special presentation
9:00 – ‘We Have Your Husband’ (Lifetime) telefilm
10:00 – ‘Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas’ (Oxygen) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Sing Your Song’ (HBO) special presentation

Tuesday, October 18
8:00 – ‘Unguarded’ (ESPN) special presentation
8:30 – ‘Man Up!’ (ABC) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Downsized’ (WE) 2nd season finale
9:00 – ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ (A&E) 6th season finale
9:00 – ‘Scream Awards 2011’ (Spike) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Flashpoint’ (Ion) 5th season premiere
11:00 – ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels: After the Catch’ (A&E) special presentation

Wednesday, October 19
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 1’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ (TLC) 4th season finale
8:00 – ‘Nature’ (PBS) 29th season premiere
8:00 – ‘Pretty Little Liars: The First Secret’ (ABC Family) special presentation
8:00 – ‘The Will: Family Secrets Revealed: Outrageous Final Wishes’ (ID) special presentation
9:00 – ‘The Will: Family Secrets Revealed’ (ID) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘American Hoggers’ (A&E) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Devil You Know’ (ID) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files’ (Syfy) 2nd season mid-season premiere
10:00 – ‘Luther’ (BBC America) 2nd season finale
10:00 – ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ (TBS) 7th season mid-season premiere
10:30 – ‘Extra Virgin’ (Cooking) 2nd season premiere

Thursday, October 20
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 2’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Murder in the Roman Empire’ (National Geographic) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Sweet Home Alabama: Best Of Special’ (CMT) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Miss Representation’ (OWN) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (CMT) 2nd season premiere
10:00 – ‘Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team’ (CMT) 6th season premiere
10:30 – ‘Pitchin’ In’ (Cooking) series premiere
11:00 – ‘Gigolos’ (Showtime) 2nd season premiere

Friday, October 21
8:00 – ‘Casino Wars’ (National Geographic) special presentation
9:00 – ‘American Masters: Pearl Jam Twenty’ (PBS) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Boss’ (Starz) series premiere
10:00 – ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ (Animal Planet) 5th season finale
10:00 – ‘Strike Back’ (Cinemax) 1st season finale
11:00 – ‘X-Men Anime’ (G4) series premiere

Saturday, October 22
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 3’ (FOX) special presentation
7:30 – ‘College Football: Notre Dame @ USC’ (NBC) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred’ (Nickelodeon) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Oliver’s Ghost’ (Hallmark) telefilm
11:00 – ‘Free Agents [UK]’ (BBC America) 1st season finale
11:00 – ‘That Metal Show’ (VH1 Classic) 8th season finale

Sunday, October 23
8:00 – ‘Cupcake Confidential’ (Cooking) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Glam Fairy’ (Style) series premiere
8:00 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 4’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Once Upon a Time’ (ABC) series premiere
9:00 – ‘100 Moments That Changed TV’ (TV Guide) mini-series finale
9:00 – ‘Against the Wall’ (Lifetime) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Halloween Wars’ (Food) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Making Monsters’ (Travel) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Wicked Fit’ (Style) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Hillbilly Handfishin” (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘On the Case with Paula Zahn’ (ID) 5th season premiere
11:30 – ‘Robot Chicken’ (Cartoon Network) 5th season mid-season premiere

Monday, October 24
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 5 [if necessary]’ (FOX) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Hoarders’ (A&E) 4th season mid-season premiere
9:00 – ‘Possessing Piper Rose’ (Lifetime) telefilm
10:00 – ‘Disappeared’ (ID) 4th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Monster In-Laws’ (A&E) series premiere

Tuesday, October 25
8:00 – ‘Bridal Mile’ (TLC) series premiere
8:00 – ‘The Real Rocky’ (ESPN) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Texas Multi Mamas’ (WE) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Africa’s Deadliest’ (Nat Geo Wild) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan’ (G4) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’ (ID) series premiere
10:00 – ‘Top Shot’ (History) 3rd season finale
10:30 – ‘Flip Men’ (Spike) series premiere

Wednesday, October 26
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 6 [if necessary]’ (FOX) special presentation
8:00 – ’10 Grand in Your Hand’ (DIY) 6th season finale
9:00 – ‘Missions That Changed the War’ (Military) 3rd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns’ (TBS) 5th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’ (Bravo) 2nd season finale
10:00 – ‘Whitechapel’ (BBC America) series premiere
10:30 – ‘Disaster House’ (DIY) 3rd season premiere

Thursday, October 27
2:00 – ‘Wormzilla’ (National Geographic) special presentation
7:30 – ‘MLB: World Series Game 7 [if necessary]’ (FOX) special presentation
8:30 – ‘The Education of Dee Dee Ricks’ (HBO) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Countdown to Catastrophe: Mega Tsunami’ (National Geographic) special presentation
10:00 – ‘Africa’s Deadliest’ (Nat Geo Wild) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ (MTV) series premiere
10:30 – ‘Good Vibes’ (MTV) series premiere

Friday, October 28
8:00 – ‘Chiller 13: Horror’s Creepiest Kids’ (Chiller) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Chuck’ (NBC) 5th season premiere
8:00 – ‘Gold Rush: Alaska: The Off-Season’ (Discovery) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Hostage Crisis Massacre’ (National Geographic) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Fatal Attractions’ (Animal Planet) 3rd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ (Discovery) 2nd season premiere
9:00 – ‘Great Performances: Miami City Ballet Dances Balanchine and Tharp’ (PBS) special presentation
9:00 – ‘Grimm’ (NBC) series premiere
10:00 – ‘DC Cupcakes: Katherine’s Wedding’ (TLC) special presentation
10:00 – ‘My Extreme Animal Phobia’ (Animal Planet) series premiere

Saturday, October 29
8:00 AM – ‘Run My Makeover’ (HGTV) 1st season finale
8:00 PM – ‘America’s Most Wanted’ (FOX) 25th season premiere (quarterly specials)
8:00 – ‘From the Sky Down’ (Showtime) special presentation
9:00 – ‘The Good Witch’s Family’ (Hallmark) telefilm
9:00 – ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ (Nat Geo Wild) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (Syfy) telefilm
10:00 – ‘The Graham Norton Show’ (BBC America) 10th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Prison Diaries’ (TLC) 1st season finale
10:00 – ‘Puppies vs. Babies’ (Animal Planet) 1st season finale

Sunday, October 30
8:00 – ‘America in Primetime’ (PBS) mini-series premiere
8:30 – ‘Allen Gregory’ (FOX) series premiere
9:00 – ‘Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend’ (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 – ‘The Next Iron Chef’ (Food) 4th season premiere
10:00 – ‘Long Island Medium’ (TLC) 1st season finale

Monday, October 31
7:00 – ‘Ghost Hunters Live!’ (Syfy) special presentation
8:00 – ‘Basketball Wives LA’ (VH1) 1st season finale
9:00 – ‘Iris Johansen’s The Killing Game’ (Lifetime) telefilm
9:00 – ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ (VH1) 2nd season finale
9:00 – ‘Top Gear [UK]’ (BBC America) “Lost” 4th season finale
9:30 – ‘The T.O. Show’ (VH1) 3rd season finale

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