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To what job would you wear this dress — besides maybe Marie Claire, if you’re Nina Garcia or Joanna Coles?

For the second week in a row, the winning design on “Project Runway” Season 10 was the dress the judges liked the most, despite it having no real connection to the challenge.

Last week, guest judge Hayden Panettiere said she wanted to wear Sonjia Williams’s winning look on the red carpet, even though it wasn’t a red carpet challenge. It was supposed to be a day-to-night look for a woman on the go.

I love Dmitry’s dress. I can’t believe the judges questioned whether the tiny back cutouts would be appropriate for work, but they didn’t have any concerns about the neck of Melissa’s dress.

This week, the judges — including that fabulous Marie Claire megabitch Joanna Coles — adored Melissa Fleis’ beautiful blue dress, despite the fact that no one in their right mind would wear it to work and it was supposed to be a challenge about creating a look for work.

They took issue with other looks they felt weren’t work-appropriate, including one where Heidi Klum said she wouldn’t want her lawyer to look like that. But if my lawyer came in looking like Melissa’s model, I’d assume I’d interrupted her cocktail party or trip to a film premiere.

I mean, imagine sitting at your desk with that collar. It does give you a natural bib, in case you have a messy lunch, but other than that it is totally impractical. I think the judges have no idea what it means to actually work somewhere, other than a fashion magazine in New York City.

But, anyway, I’m happy for Melissa. I suspected she’d be one of my favorites this season and she is. I still wish Dmitry Sholokhov would win — I LOVED his navy and black checkered dress, which was totally appropriate and practical for work — but mostly I just want to hear more phrases from him like “one-way monkey.” Elena Slivnyak is a one-way monkey, in my book.

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I’m not saying Dmitry’s model looks better than Christopher’s — I looooove Christopher’s jacket — but Dmitry just isn’t getting the love he deserves. Both looks were better than Sonjia Williams’ dress. And why was Melissa just “safe” for all the separate pieces she made?

Where’s the love, crack-smoking judges?

I loved the movement of Dmitry Sholokhov’s candy dress from the unconventional challenge — and he and Melissa Fleis were a great team when turning purple-haired April Johnston into a silver Emmys goddess.

Love Dmitry’s candy look.

And this week, he created a simple but very chic and classic look for “Project Runway” Season 10, Episode 4’s Michael Kors day-to-night challenge. Michael called it the best-made dress on the runway, but he wanted it in a different color, maybe red instead of black. Which is weird, since Michael Kors NEVER wears any other color than black. The judges felt like Dmitry needed to turn the volume up creatively.

He didn’t win. He has yet to win anything. If he quit out of frustration I could almost understand. But nope. Andrea Katz and Kooan Kusuke quit. Buffi Jashanmal has talked about quitting (not that she needed to; she was eliminated this week) and Nathan Paul even cried when talking about how he wanted to quit too, but wouldn’t do it.

As much as he irritates me, I think Christopher Palu is a pretty good designer and he’ll go far. Just like Joshua McKinley. I loved Christopher’s leather jacket for his day-to-night look. If Dmitry didn’t win, I could understand Christopher winning. This time, anyway.

But no.

I like Sonjia Williams but I’m still not convinced I love her clothes. I feel like her woman-on-the-go look wouldn’t be flattering on too many non-model body types, but what does that matter to guest judge Hayden Panettiere? Sonjia won the challenge and Hayden is going to wear the look. I did love Sonjia’s candy dress, and I think she should stick around, but I’m not as in love as the judges.

Most of the judges worshiped Sonjia’s dress but I agree that it wasn’t a head-turner.

Ven Budhu has already won two challenges, but this week he was just safe. Still, he’ll probably go far. Unless he’s the one Heidi Klum was talking about in this quote to the Huffington Post: “We have someone right now, for example, but I can’t really say his name. But there’s one guy, great designer, but then he really couldn’t make it work that one challenge so he had to go. It was only fair.”

I just hope she wasn’t talking about Dmitry. Right now I’m still Team Melissa and/or Dmitry but the judges clearly aren’t on the same page.

Why am I never in agreement with these people!

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