I vote for a Kovacs/Dave union to be the next ABC wedding.

Dave Good and Jesse Kovacs, on the other hand, are still going strong. That bromance will outlast Trista and Ryan. Believe it.

According to Reality Steve, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke are still dating, but no one else is still together.


To quote Steve’s post from last week:

Speaking of couples, everyone keeps asking me which of these couples are still together, and which aren’t. So let me just run down the list for you and tell you where they stand:

Tenley and Kiptyn: YES. They are officially dating now. Not quite sure why it took this show for them to make it official, nor do I understand their relationship in the least bit, but they are dating now. Don’t mind all of her “Well, I don’t know, you’ll have to wait til the end to found out” answers that she’s been giving the press. They’re together. Whatever that means in the “Bachelor/ette” world.

Wes and Gia: Not a couple.
Jesse Beck and Peyton: Not a couple.
Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth: Not a couple.
Dave and Natalie: Not a couple.
Natalie and Jesse Beck: Not a couple.
Natalie and anyone: Not a couple. Just making out.
Dave and Jessie: Not a couple.
Krisily and her vibrator: Definitely in love.


That last one was egregious, but that’s Steve for you.

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Anyone else disappointed that only the annoying people are left on “Bachelor Pad”? There is not a single likable person left in the house — and yes, I include Tenley and Kiptyn. They are the most fake and manipulative of them all.

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