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I don’t love the dresses. I do love Sophie’s pink hair, though. I’d have pink hair if I thought I could pull it off.

“British Invasion” complete. Mission accomplished banner up.

After a disappointing — and still confusing — end to “America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars,” ANTM Cycle 18 managed to anoint the right person as “Top Model.”

I love pink-haired sprite Sophie Sumner. I like Laura LaFrate but I think the right person won. Still, I think they should’ve subbed in Allison Harvard at the end, just as an uber-dramatic “We finally figured out we screwed up — she should’ve won both of her cycles, so let’s just give her this one.” (In reality, Allison is doing just fine.)

I’m still sad to lose Nigel Barker and the Jays. Miss J. wasn’t even on last night’s episode as a runway coach. At least Mr. Jay Manuel had a pretty big role. Check out my finale recap here. I didn’t mean for the headline to make it sound like Sophie’s win caused Laura’s panic attack. The editor changed it slightly and now it has that unintentionally funny result. Oh well.

Are you going to watch Cycle 19, with its Friday night air time and weird voting?

Get your hands off my Nigel! Quick, Miss J, smother Tyra with that orange thing you're draped in!

It’s like she’s daring us now.

All the crazy “Pot Ledom” stuff. Tookie. The branding words. The insane challenges. The “All-Stars” disqualification of Angelea Preston with no explanation. The failure to give any kind of award — even for Most Patient Model To Sit Through This Crap — to Allison Harvard.

All of it. It’s like Tyra Banks is daring us to keep watching “America’s Next Top Model.”

Last week on Cycle 18, “British Invasion” — which, yes, I am still watching — they dumped one of the frontrunners, AzMarie, for refusing to wear a (sigh) “booty tooch pad” in Tyra’s tooch class. That’s where we are now.

But all of that, somehow, I can stand. I’ll shake my head, but I can stand it. But I wake up today and — lo and behold — my three favorite people on the show have just been fired: sexy noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, the fabulous runway diva coach extraordinaire Miss J. Alexander, and the on-shoot style director/therapist, Ice Man Jay Manuel.

I can’t see the end game with this.

Are they seriously thinking this will help ratings — because ratings are down because of Nigel and the Jays? Ratings are not down because of Nigel and the Jays. We all know ratings are down because:

1. Lisa won “All-Stars” instead of Allison.

2. There’s been no explanation about Angelea.

3. The show has just gotten too bizarre and too much about Tyra’s own ego as opposed to finding raw new talent and supporting it.

Kelly Cutrone was added to the judges’ table this cycle and so far it sounds like she’s still going to be around. She gets to stay, the guys have to go. Unbelievable. I really think they must want the show to end so they’re going to go out of their way to kill it.

If you are still curious/sad/determined enough to still want to keep up with ANTM news, be sure to check out for all kinds of daily updates, polls and my recaps. I want Sophie to win this cycle, and not just because she’s best friends with Hermione Granger. It won’t change everything that’s happened but Sophie winning would end the men’s reign on a high-ish note.

Is Allison the real winner of this current cycle, without even showing up?

Loyalty! Such a prized commodity nowadays. Could it be that “America’s Next Top Model” fans are more loyal to Allison Harvard than Tyra Banks?

According to TV by the Numbers (via, only 1.3 million people tuned in to the Cycle 18 “British Invasion” premiere and the show pulled a 0.6 in the coveted 18-49 demo. For comparison, that 0.6 is 45% worse than the spring 2011 premiere.

Why? According to the comments under Wetpaint’s story, the general consensus is “IT’S COS ALLISON LOST.”

So far I really like Scottish Ashley and British Annaliese of the “British Invasion” cycle.

Yes. Maybe. Probably.

But I agree with the guy who wrote “It’s because Alisson lost AND because they disqualified Angelea without giving any explanations at all.”

I would add AND because having Americans compete against seasoned British models makes even less sense for AMERICA’S Next Top Model than everything else they do.

That said, there’s no way I wouldn’t watch. In fact, I’m writing recaps of Cycle 18 for Wetpaint. If you are boycotting the show but still want to know what happens, why not read the recaps of a devoted Allison fan like me? If you feel like it, check out my premiere recap here. They do a “power rankings” style recap and, right now, I’m fond of the Scottish girl. I like all the Brits best.

I’m also recapping the “Kris Jenner” episode tonight and you can read my recap Tuesday a.m. here at Wetpaint’s ANTM site.

Overall I like Lisa's shot the best, but if this is selling eyes, Allison is always going to win.

*April 3rd update* Fellow Pot Ledom lovers/sufferers: For daily updates on ANTM news, please visit There’s new Allison and Angelea stuff on there right now! *End update*

I’m so proud of my little scary doll-eyed blood lover. I loved her back on Cycle 12 and I still love her now. Even if she didn’t win Cycle 17.

Allison Harvard definitely deserved to be named “America’s Next Top Model All Star.” She always seemed aware that the whole thing was ridiculous — One-word branding? Bath tub perfume ads? Pot Ledom?! I am Tookie?! — and stayed above it without mocking the whole thing or taking it much too seriously.

How random that Angelea was disqualified right at the end. If shooting had already wrapped, how much time lapsed between the end of filming and the final panel where they decided the winner?

Angelea Preston, on the other hand, took everything way too seriously. This was her Hunger Games and it brought out all of her emotions —good and bad, but mostly bad.

And then something happened to disqualify Angelea, after the final runway show, right when the panel was about to judge the winner.

As Nigel put it: “It turns out that after shooting was wrapped, our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition.”

What went on with Angelea? They didn’t say. It was frustratingly cryptic, especially since Angelea was so into the competition up to this point. However, everyone said they wished Angelea the best so she couldn’t have done anything too awful.


According to comments below, as well as other reports, Angelea supposedly posted some finale spoilers on Facebook and that got her dumped.

***End Update***

Anyway, the finale came down to two girls after all: Allison vs. Lisa D’Amato.

Lisa grew on me as the cycle progressed. I came to love the wild child. But really? She’s ANTM’s first All Star?

She just doesn’t fit the high fashion mold as much as Allison. She also reads a little “old” to me — model “old” not real-life old. Both Lisa and Angelea are a little more commercial, which fits with the “Extra” correspondent part of the competition, but not the pure modeling part.

Allison actually matched her branding term — unique — which automatically set her up to win, in my eyes, since that’s what they were looking for to begin with. Lisa was given “daring” and Angelea had “persistence” and neither one had the same ring.

Plus, Allison at least kept pace with her previous season, even if she didn’t improve on it. (I don’t think anyone really improved.) She took gorgeous photos and managed to turn her I-can’t-look-into-the-sun issues into assets, since it made her eyes tear up and look stunning. She also came out of her shell a lot more and showed her personality, which seemed to include a dry wit and natural gift for random goth music videos.

On that note, I got sick of hearing about her supposed lack of personality — as if being more reserved than the crazies is the same thing as having no personality. It isn’t. Just like being loud and overconfident does not equal a personality.  To me, it just equals obnoxious. Allison may be reserved but she’s great on camera and if she’s interviewing someone she might actually let the interview be about the subject.

As they said during the finale, she’s one of the  most popular past contestants and even The Game fell in love with her. Tyson Beckford wasn’t as into her, but that’s probably because she failed to worship him as much as Angelea.

I like Lisa well enough — and I think she’ll do well with the “Extra” interviews — but Allison was the real star of this season. Maybe they can keep bringing her back until they get it right?


Catch up on my ANTM stories in this little archive.

Kayla! Why did you lose your sparkle? Did the makeover strip it out of you?

I blame the bad makeover. I liked Kayla Ferrel’s blonde hair on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 and LOVED her bright red makeover. But I think the drab dark reddish color they gave her on “America’s Next Top Model: All Stars” did not do her any favors. It pushed her back two steps and she never recovered.

The ludicrous “branding word” labels also hurt. “Free”? Anything she did should’ve fit into “free” but no matter what she did it didn’t seem to live up to the judges’ bizarre expectations.

I thought Bianca Golden, who was also sent home on Episode 7, was a bit too arrogant to just brush off the bathtub pose element of their perfume challenge, but she was right to question it. Every cycle ANTM does ridiculous things and I’m always amazed anyone goes through with it. (Alexandria Everett was also right to be confused about being insulted as a reality TV star last week, then told to impersonate Snooki this week. Par for the course.) But Bianca had to know the drill going in. She’s there to have a good showing on TV, win more fans, promote herself, build her “brand” and continue on a path to be the next Beyoncé or whatnot.

Allison has been shining as Kayla faded away.

Instead of being rewarded for standing up for herself, she was sent home. Along with my girl Kayla. I really think that was a mistake. Shannon Stewart is the one who should’ve gone home — probably a while ago. She’s sweet but forgettably commercial to me, and boring. Even Tyra Banks mentioned the “b” word with her. Why wasn’t that enough to send her home? Bianca certainly isn’t boring. Kayla isn’t boring, although they went out of their way to make her boring with that makeover.

Is Allison Harvard going to win? I’m getting the impression that that’s what the judges want. Maybe Angelea Preston or Dominique Reighard vs. Allison in the end.

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This is just too exciting.

Kayla in Venice. The opposite of "Dreckitude."

This Fall, “America’s Next Top Model” will make Cycle 17 an “All-Stars” season. All-Stars seasons are the new black. Everyone is doing it. I’m fine with that if it means Kayla Ferrel and her AMAZING red makeover can return.

She had better not have messed with that hair.

Here’s the Cycle 17 cast line-up. I can’t even pretend to remember most of the early names, but I do remember the later girls:

Cycle 1: Shannon
Cycle 2: Camille
Cycle 4: Brittany
Cycle 5: Bre
Cycle 5: Lisa
Cycle 9: Bianca
Cycle 10: Dominique
Cycle 11: Isis
Cycle 11: Sheena
Cycle 12: Allison
Cycle 13: Laura
Cycle 14: Angelea
Cycle 15: Kayla
Cycle 16: Alexandria

Look at the haircuts they're giving Molly and Brittani for the Cycle 16 finale!

Obviously this new season must reverse the tragedy of Kayla only making it to third fourth place on Cycle 15.

There should’ve been two winners — Kayla and Ann Ward. And now there can be…

Check out Wetpaint’s ANTM page for all kinds of spoilers, photos and whatnot.

Who do you think will win Cycle 16? I want it to be Brittani, but I think it will be Molly.

Catch up on my rather limited number of ANTM stories in this archive.

Smells like teen suckage. He really is just Soul Patrol Part II, anyway. Am I alone on that? Can you really picture his voice on the radio, any more than Taylor Hicks?

I’m not even slightly surprised that Casey Abrams was on the bottom. It’s Megan’s fault. Megan, if you recall, is the “friend” in the audience that Casey pointed out on Wednesday’s “American Idol” season 10 top 11 performance show.

Ever since Jennifer Lopez dubbed Casey “sexy,” girls have screamed for him.  They don’t want to think that the cuddly teddy bear is already taken. That takes a shine off fast. It’s like Andrea looking at Matt in a whole new light after he bonded with fellow prayer warrior Krista on “Survivor: Redemption Island”. (See recap below)

Other reasons he was at the bottom: He performed first and sometimes the early singers are forgotten by the end of the night. Also, after he performed he was grossly overpraised. Casual fans probably figured he was safe and they didn’t need to vote for him. People who don’t have clear favorites (like me) probably weren’t so impressed by that performance that they would jump to the phone/web.

I think Casey is cute and funny, but the growl got old for me last week. I like the talent this season, but I don’t have a strong favorite anymore. I’m voting performance-by-performance. Last night I voted for Jacob and Pia. It was the first (and possibly the only) time I voted for Jacob but I’ve voted for Pia several times. I like her.

Anyway, the judges saved Casey. Which means we still have a top 11. And all 11 will go on tour. What a Disney special. Two people go home next week. Such melodrama.

Interesting week. I have a lot of catching up to do, so I’m combing my “American Idol,” “Survivor” and “Top Model” recaps.


American Idol Season 10 (stream of consciousness asides)

Is it just me, or was the Marc Anthony opening extremely awkward? Did the “American Idol” top 11 want a thing to do with him? Was he just bored? That whole relationship is weird. Jennifer Lopez and Marc, I mean. But J.Lo and Steven Tyler is coming off as weird to me, too. Steven seems to turn his back to her sometimes and Jennifer openly leans into Randy Jackson. It’s like two against one.

By the way, happy birthday, Steven! He really is the most adorable thing to happen to this show since the Davids of Season 7.

Unnecessary side note: I still have my old, pink “About Me” diary from when I was in grade school where I wrote “Hulk Hogan” as the strongest person I knew. I didn’t quite get that it was supposed to be someone I knew in person.

Is Ryan Seacrest a slightly good actor or did Hulk actually hit him a little bit there? Did those people know they were going to get Julianne Hough-close to Ryan when he crashed into their row?

Stevie Wonder rocks. And I noticed Jennifer had her arm around Steven when Stevie sang for the b-day boy. Is she jealous of his attention? I’ve heard that, but who knows.

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They deserve the pink undies as punishment for being lazy. (CBS pic)

Survivor: Redemption Island

Who was it that ripped Grant Mattos’s shirt off during the immunity challenge on “Their Red-headed Step Child”? Was that David Murphy or Mike Chiesl? Whoever it was, THANK YOU.

I’ve been praying to the Survivor gods for more shots of hot Grant. And, as we know now, God has a vested interest in the outcome of the show. He’s Team Matt Elrod and Team Ometepe. Matt now has a pink Bible, courtesy of The Other Blonde, Krista Klumpp, but no girl wants to see her crush bonding with another (similar) woman, so Matt may have lost the very important support of Andrea Boehlke — aka the only girl on Ometepe who is not completely useless. (I miss you, Kristina Kell.) Matt has turned out to be more Brett Clouser than Jud “Fabio” Birza and it looks like Krista was briefly Matt’s Natalie White.

Anyway, I’m disappointed in my boy David. He was my pre-season pick to be named fan favorite. But what was that nonsense about defending Stephanie Valencia over Sarita White? Even if he didn’t know Sarita had the support of her loyal allies, didn’t he hear shrill Stephanie’s pro-Russell Hantz screeches earlier in the season? Doesn’t he know that it’s better to enter a merge with fewer numbers as long as they stick together, rather than a large group with some people ready to be bought by the other side? How do you think Russell got to the end on “Samoa”? That Foa Foa Foursome was far from a majority.

I hate to support Boston Rob any more than he’s already been supported, but right now — other than Matt — he’s the only player really making a mark. He even pulled a fast one on my new faux boyfriend (I don’t care that he’s married) Grant, switching out the idol clues last week. Rob is also right when it comes to letting Natalie Tenerelli and Ashley Underwood dig their own finale graves.

However, how pissed is Rob going to be if/when Rob gets booted before the two useless girls? That was Phillip Sheppard’s point and —  I hope these words never pass through my keyboard again — he’s right. I’m growing fond of our resident Coach 2.0. Is it inevitable that Phillip and Coach 1.0 will be brought back together and put on the same tribe?

At this point, I’m in the market for someone to support. I guess it’s Matt for now, but I might be Team Andrea, just to support a girl who feels illogically hurt and betrayed by a guy. Who hasn’t been there?

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I am currently Team Brittani, but ask me again next week. From left: Hannah, Molly, Dalya, Jaclyn, Brittani, Alexandria, Monique, Kasia and Mikaela (CW pic)

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16

Am I nuts or is Alexandria Everett not really THAT annoying?

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Survivor” and “Project Runway.” And I haven’t really been watching enough ANTM this cycle to really weigh in, but at this point Alexandria just seems like one of those girls who sounds more abrasive than she means to. She’s my Sharon Stone out there.

But I think I’ve switched allegiances from the machete cheekbones of Mikaela Schipani to the cute bob of Brittani Kline. I also like Monique Weingart and I wonder who she reminds me of. Someone. And as sweet as she may be, I CAN’T STAND Jaclyn Poole’s voice. I can’t get past it. I think Kasia Pilewicz is already overrated. And Hannah Jones. Hannah is not making a dent at all for me.

The just-eliminated Dalya Morrow said it’s going to come down to bad-weave Molly and Brittani in the end. Agree?

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I do love Mikaela's look. Here's the photo blurb from the CW: "The models work in pairs to film a retro-style coffee commercial with photographer/director Francesco Carrozzini on America's Next Top Model on The CW." Pictured left to right: Sara, Mikaela, Molly and Dalya Cycle 16

I have been blowing off “America’s Next Top Model” this cycle because my DVR cannot handle “American Idol,” “Survivor” and “Top Model” at the same time. Tonight I decided to blow off “Survivor: Redemption Island” just because I can watch it On Demand tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s some good news from the CW, which must hate “Idol” with a passion:


“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” Slides to 9:00PM on Wednesdays, Starting April 20

Burbank, CA (March 16, 2011) – Scheduling update: “AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” moves back an hour, to 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Wednesdays, beginning April 20 through the remainder of its 16th cycle.  This change goes into effect the week after the season finale of “SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING,” which airs Wednesday, April 13 at 9:00-10:00 p.m.

Also starting on April 20, encore presentations of the previous week’s “Top Model” will air Wednesdays at 8:00-9:00p.m, as the lead-in to the original episodes.


Awesome. I get why they can’t start today, but I wish they would anyway. Then I could tape this and “Idol” and be done with it.

By the way, Mikaela is my favorite. Just for her striking features. If she’s in a magazine or a commercial, I’m going to stop for a second look.

And coffee is delicious. I would’ve DIED to be in that commercial. Coffee + “Mad Men” = Heaven. ANTM usually has weird challenges (like girls being set on fire) but this one was awesome. So jealous. Hell with all of them, just call me next time. I’ll own it.

Here’s the crew. I don’t know which witch is which yet. … Scratch that, I do know: Pictured: (L–R): Dominique, Kasia, Brittani, Monique, Mikaela, Angelia, Hannah, Dalya, Nicole, Sara, Alexandria, Ondrei, Jaclyn and Molly. (Photo Credit: Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions)

I just got a press release from the CW (not that they just sent it to me, but I can act that way if I want, I suppose) announcing the new cast and some details on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 16.

I’m having a lazy day, so I’m just going to cut and paste the release. It’s not like I have tremendous insight beyond what they wrote, anyway.

Actually, I will say this: Cycle 15 winner Ann Ward was from Dallas, Texas, and I’m seeing a lot of Texas happening on this list. Are they hoping for a Texas two-some?


The CW’s hit series AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL returns to the world of high fashion when Cycle 16 premieres on Wednesday, February 23 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

Lending their expertise as guest judges during this high fashion cycle are international fashion designer Lana Marks, model/stylist Erin Wasson, stylist Rachel Zoe, Sudanese model and actress Alek Wek, stylist/creative consultant Lori Goldstein, Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, fashion model Sonia Dara, IMG Models executive Ivan Bart, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel, and costume designer/stylist Eric Daman (“Gossip Girl”).

Fourteen model hopefuls will compete for the ultimate career-launching prize package: a contract with IMG Models, one of the top international modeling management companies in the world; a fashion spread in Vogue Italia and an additional spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue; and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics.

Tyra Banks leads the panel of judges, comprised of influential fashion editor André Leon Talley and photographer Nigel Barker.  Jay Manuel serves as the photo shoot creative director while Miss J Alexander returns as the runway trainer.



Check out individual model photos here.

Name: Alexandria

Age: 21

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Newport Beach, California

Current Location: Huntington Beach, California

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Biggest ANTM Fear: Accidentally falling or doing something embarrassing while modeling.

Most Confident About: My drive to never give up on what I want.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: Adventures in new places. I love snowboarding, hiking, surfing, cliff-diving, hanging out with my sister and any of my five brothers.


Name: Angelia

Age: 20

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Landstuhl, Germany

Current Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida

Occupation: College student, studying Marine Biology

Favorite Designer: Vera Wang

Biggest ANTM Fear: Getting along with the other models, and not making it past the casting week.

Most Confident About: My unique look.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love going to the beach and snorkeling in Key West.  I also love snowboarding, rollerblading, fishing and swimming.  And of course, dancing!


Name: Brittani

Age: 19

Height: 5’ 10 ½”

Hometown: Beech Creek, Pennsylvania

Current Location: Howard, Pennsylvania

Occupation: College student, studying English, International Studies and Spanish

Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs

Biggest ANTM Fear: Living in the house with the other models.

Most Confident About: My walk.  The runway is my favorite part of the modeling world.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love dancing, and any form of artistic expression, including collages, painting and crafts.  Also reading, writing and being with friends and family.


Name: Dalya

Age: 21

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Clear Lake, Texas

Current location: Corona, California

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Favorite Designer: A tie between Alexander McQueen and Giambattista Valli

Biggest ANTM Fear: Having the judges misunderstand me.

Most Confident About: I am most confident in my ability to work any runway you put me on!

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: Hanging with my friends, shopping and reading.  But I’m forever in model mode!


Name: Dominique

Age: 23

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current location: Houston, Texas

Occupation: College graduate with a degree in Marketing

Favorite Designer: Stacey Bendet’s Alice & Olivia Clothing line

Biggest ANTM Fear: Not knowing what to expect.

Most Confident About: I’m most confident about my walk.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: Hanging with family and friends.  And you can find me at a local museum, book store or window shopping.  I also love to dance and go to the theater when I can.


Name: Hannah

Age: 20

Height: 5’10”

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current location: Austin, Texas

Occupation: College student majoring in Photo-Communications.

Favorite Designer: John Galliano

Biggest ANTM Fear: That I might come across as a ditz.

Most Confident About: My personality, my sense of style and my ability to make friends easily.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love photography, stop-animation and film.  I like to write and doodle.


Name: Jaclyn

Age: 20

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Belton, Texas

Current location: Belton, Texas

Occupation: Waitress and college student

Favorite Designer: Valentino

Biggest ANTM  Fear: Having to do any sort of modeling with a shark!

Most Confident About: Being myself and the person my parents raised me to be.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love to be outdoors!  Hiking, rock climbing and sailing on our lake here in Belton — I love all sports.  Go Steelers!  Go Spurs, Go!


Name: Kasia

Age: 26

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois

Current location: New York, New York

Occupation: College graduate with a degree in Journalism

Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs, among many others

Biggest ANTM Fear: That being myself won’t be enough.

Most Confident About: I am most confident about my high fashion look.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love taking acting classes and reading anything I can get my hands on about films, acting and directing.  I also go to a lot of art museums, exhibits and shows in New York City.


Name: Mikaela

Age: 21

Height: 5’ 9”

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Current location: Boca Raton, Florida

Occupation: College Student, studying theater

Favorite Designer: A tie between Roberto Cavalli and Calvin Klein

Biggest ANTM Fear: Not making it into the house.  I don’t want to let myself or anyone else down.

Most Confident About: I am definitely confident about my runway walk.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love to make short films with my friends.  I can spend the entire day at the movies with my boyfriend.  And I hang out with my family a lot!


Name: Molly

Age: 22

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Current location: Charleston, South Carolina

Occupation: College student, studying biology

Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen

Biggest ANTM Fear: Not getting along with everyone.

Most Confident About: Definitely the photo shoots.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love watching movies and TV shows, reading, swimming and shopping.


Name: Monique

Age: 19

Height: 5’ 11”

Hometown: Hebron, Illinois

Current location: Pell Lake, Illinois

Occupation: College student and waitress at a sports bar

Favorite Designer: Dolce & Gabanna

Biggest ANTM Fear: Tripping and falling over.

Most Confident About: I am most confident about being in front of the camera.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: Lately, all I’ve been doing is snowboarding and working out.  I enjoy anything with music and I love art.  And, of course, bubble baths.


Name: Nicole

Age: 20

Height: 5’ 11”

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Current location: Orlando, Florida

Occupation: College student

Favorite Designer: A tie between Alexander Wang and Balmain

Biggest ANTM Fear: That the other girls might be overly dramatic and mean.

Most Confident About: I am confident that I can handle criticism well.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love to shop, look at fashion editorials and read books about the brain.  And working out – it releases my stress!


Name: Ondrei

Age: 18

Height: 5’ 7”

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Current location: Muskegon, Michigan

Occupation: Currently working in a retail clothing store

Favorite Designer: Betsey Johnson.  I love her clothing and the way her colors go from loud to chic and the style is so free-spirited.

Biggest ANTM Fear: That people won’t see my true potential to become a model.

Most Confident About: I am confident that I leave my mark in people’s eyes and hearts.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love photography and writing poetry.


Name: Sara

Age: 18

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Rio Grand Valley, Texas

Current location: Edinburg, Texas

Occupation: College student with two part-time jobs

Favorite Designer: Betsey Johnson

Biggest ANTM Fear: That I won’t be able to articulate what I am feeling and thinking, and that I won’t improve throughout the competition.

Most Confident About: I am absolutely confident in my ability to stay grounded and remain true to myself and where I cam from.

Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I’m really involved with Planned Parenthood activities on our campus.  I go dancing with all my friends on weekends.


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Is the shot going to stay black and white? Is that a stupid question? I'm asking anyway.

So Ann Ward won “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 15 over Chelsey Hersley, my girl Kayla Ferrel and some other people I’ve already forgotten.

Normally I stop caring at this point, but I just Googled Ann Ward and Vogue Italia to see what the heck she’s doing next. They made such a fuss over her before the cycle started and Tyra Banks seems to think she’s going to be A Big Deal.


Here’s a blurb from Tyra from Vogue Italia, paired with a shot of “The model Ann Ward, photo by Vincent Peters, an exclusive preview of the cover shoot Beauty in Vogue May 2011”:

“America’s Next Top Model is a competition that celebrates the various types of beauty in women. Watching Ann realize that she is uniquely beautiful standing tall at 6’2 is one of the reasons I make it a point to choose contestants that the audience can relate to. Women should understand that there is no such thing as standard beauty. Ann found her beauty in her height and took all the years of bullying she endured and turned that energy into a strong work ethic that led her to be the winner of America’s Next Top Model.”


Congrats to Ann, but I don’t relate to her. I relate to the idea of awkwardness and shyness and overcoming bullying, but not being a 6’2″ skinny model. I am worried about how Ann will do in the industry without Tyra and company behind her. She still seems awkward and insecure and in The Real World people won’t be rooting for her quite as hard as they did this past season. Maybe they will at first, because of the show, but she’s going to have to cowboy up fast.

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