Brandon has a serious hero/villain complex and I don't want to deal with it. He needs to stop blaming pretty girls for being pretty while he's a married "man of God." That's his problem. Not theirs.

This is how women end up in burqas.

“Survivor: South Pacific” player Mikayla Wingle is an attractive, confident 22-year-old girl with a hot body and major athletic chops. That’s a problem for Brandon Hantz, a married 19-year-old who apparently blames her for the fact that she’s scantily clad— On a beach! On Survivor! In the South Pacific! The nerve! — flirtatious and proud of her body. He doesn’t trust her. Because he doesn’t trust himself.

The name of the second episode was “He Has Demons” and that’s how Coach tried to explain Brandon’s extreme discomfort around Mikayla. Apparently he was naughty in the past and he wants Mikayla gone so he won’t be tempted again. Or something.

Brandon calls MikaylaParvati” and means it as a serious diss. But don’t get him wrong! He doesn’t want people to think he’s like his uncle Russell Hantz, whose name will undoubtedly come up every single episode, thanks to the kid who doesn’t want to be linked to him. He wants to redeem the family name. Right after he lies to Coach, insults women and somehow decides Parvati screwed a lot of guys just because she played smart social and strategic games. (Russell is the one who screwed Parv out of the H&V win. She went down with his ship.)

At least Brandon came clean at the tribal council — admitting that he lied to Coach when he said Christine and Stacey were going to vote for Mikayla — but … what’s his issue? Is it just genetic or has he spent way too much time with Russell and he just can’t help himself?

It just shows that people have to be careful what they say in this game. Episode 2 and Brandon is already pegged as a liar — and a fool for going after one of the strongest members of his tribe. (The women gave the men a head start in the immunity challenge; the guys are the ones who screwed that up.)

And Christine? Christine was a victim of her own mouth on the premiere, saying Coach and Ozzy were temporary players. For a lot of veterans that would mean nothing, but Coach’s ego is wafer thin and he never forgets any slight — real or perceived. She had to go. But having Christine voted to Redemption Island doesn’t make me too confident in these spoilers.

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