It's not phone sex but the viewer manipulation of it still makes me feel dirty.

By Gina Carbone

Watch a sneak peek of Ali Fedotowsky’s phone call in this video.

We see Ali wake up in bed in San Francisco, with Jake Pavelka’s cheesy rose photos on her bedside.

(The ABC “Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” cameras just HAPPENED to be in her room! Total coincidence. Looks like a hotel room, though, so why isn’t she just staying at her own place?)

We hear Ali saying she’s been in San Francisco for a few days and even having her job “I’m still heartbroken without Jake.

She realizes her life is without love and every day when she’s away from Jake her heart breaks a little more.

Ali: “So I’m going to fight for him.”

Meanwhile, Jake Pavelka is talking about how he got to St. Lucia and has opened his heart to the three ladies left (Vienna Girardi, Gia Allemand, Tenley Molzahn and Vienna’s bad reputation.)

But then we see the phone ring in Jake’s room. (The cameras just happened to be there, right?)

It’s Ali.

Through much editing — which RealitySteve believes is also not a coincidence — we hear Ali make her pitch to return.

Ali: “I’m a mess right now. And uh all I can just say is I know I made the wrong choice and I want to come back.”

Anyway, New York Magazine confirmed that Ali does still have her job at Facebook:

“A Facebook spokesperson confirms that Ali is still employed at the company: ‘We appreciate the personal decision to return to work was deeply difficult, but we’re glad Ali decided to come back.’ According to a source close to the matter, Fedotowsky told her manager about The Bachelor before she left (though, strangely, not her co-workers), and used up her entire vacation allotment for the filming of the show. But her bouncy personality and cute girl-next-door looks carried her farther than she anticipated; her vacation days ran out, and she was forced to return in order to keep her job.”

Meanwhile, RealitySteve insists Ali is not returning to the show and goes to town attacking her “fake phone call to Jake.”