Love, love, love Seth Aaron. Willy Wonka meets the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak.

By Gina Carbone

It’s fitting that “Project Runway” season 7 came down to Emilio Sosa and Seth Aaron Henderson.

And the right designer won.

The buddies worked well together, won a challenge together, and were neck and neck for talent throughout the season. Yes, Emilio won more challenges. And perhaps he should not have won the fabric challenge that may or may not have pushed Maya Luz over the edge to quit the show. And yes, Emilio had attitude. He was the Meana Irina of season 7.

Meanwhile, third place winner Mila Hermanovski was inexplicably viewed as something of a bitch and was enemies with Jay Nicolas Sario, but that just came off as manufactured drama.

Through it all, everyone loved Seth Aaron. His work is more edgy and unique than commercial, but so what. He’s the commercial one. Look at the guy. Hollywood is going to eat him up.

I’m so happy for his family! He did this for them.


Kristina is red, white and awesome for my boy Seth Aaron.

Seth Aaron Henderson, 38, Vancouver, Wash. — Edgy, fun, colorful, exciting. Very, very Seth Aaron — even though he was inspired by 1940s military. You can always pick his stuff out right away, while still being surprised by it. Friggin love this guy. So jealous of his wife. My boy Nigel Barker from “America’s Next Top Model” called Seth’s collection “sexy” and I think that’s exactly it. Howard Stern’s wife, Beth, also singled out Seth. I agreed with Nina that the silk sort of parachute dress was amazing. The purple dress? Not so much. Nina and Michael felt he had gotten more sophisticated and grown up, but he was a bit costumey and could go overboard. Nina called him “fearless.” He has guts.

Seth finale collection:

Gross color, but to each his own.

Faith Hill loves this coat, too.

Emilio Sosa, 43, New York —I hate that vomit green shade he had as his first an signature look but I LOVE his blue turquoise coat. I also liked that he went for a global feel to his collection. And so much color. You know Nina Garcia loves the color. But he was an ass to Tim Gunn this entire season and that is not OK. Tim Gunn is a national treasure, even if you don’t always agree with him. Anthony Williams singled out Emilio’s work during the interviews. Jonathan Peters said Emilio and Mila’s collections could be bought right off the runway, whereas Seth’s looks were more “whimsical.” Michael Kors said this was the most commercial collection. Guest judge Faith Hill was “knocked out” by his work. She repeated that. Nina said Emilio was thinking more business-wise. Michael wasn’t wowed and said there was a lack of showmanship, but the clothes were the easiest to wear.

Emilio finale collection:

This was Mila's first look. It should hook me, but it doesn't.

Mila Hermanovski, 40, L.A. — Her collection looked like Seth Aaron lite. The same love for black an white and stripes, but without as much pop and wow. Joanna Coles of Marie Claire liked Mila’s shadows inspiration. Irina Shabayeva, who won season 6, also liked Mila’s looks. Then again, Ping went with Mila, too. I agree with Heidi that the shirt with the stripes crossing was a great look. That was my favorite.

Mila finale collection: