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All hail the King and Queen of Red Sox Nation! Obviously, since he's in uniform, she should've attacked him like she did on the Bachelorette hometown dates. Don't let the romance fade so fast.

Miss Ali, I wish you many years of joy with Roberto Martinez. But, seriously, if you ever get sick of him, I’ll be right here.

Ali turns 26 today and you should see the cute cooking video she did with Roberto this morning on Fox 5 San Diego.

You should also consider telling Tenley Molzahn what to get Ali for her birthday since they are supposedly hanging out today and Tenley is looking for advice.

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Is it finally time to give up on the idea that Chris Lambton will be the next “Bachelor”? I’m fine with a newbie. Totally down with that.


D'oh! Tenley, you got served.

Sad that out of the final four I ended up rooting for Kiptyn Locke and (HOW?) Natalie Getz to win “Bachelor Pad.”

But they were not paired together so they were not an option. Alas.

I can’t say I’m happy that Dave Good and Natalie Getz won. I love that they beat Kip-Ten but once Peyton Wright and Jesse Beck left there were no good options. The super six sucked.

I’m happy that Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand may now be a thing. (Check out their nightclub activity from last Friday.)

I’m even happier that Michelle Kujawa told off Tenley Molzahn. About time!

Natalie and Dave are not a real couple.

And I’m happy that Elizabeth Kitt went back to brunette — she looked good — but it didn’t help her get in touch with sanity.

Dave is a jerk and I have no idea why women love him. He’s Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Gwen, I’m glad you called him out. You should’ve won that money.

Next time?

***Live blog/stream of consciousness recap***

The super six are congratulating themselves. I can’t stand them.

Dave talks about his pact with Kovacs to make the final two, but that’s not possible since it’s a couples game.

Natalie is falling hard for Dave but it was a mistake to vote out Peyton and Jesse.

Love how Kovacs gazes at Dave in the kitchen.

Chris H. calls them all into the living room.

The couple that wins the competition will guarantee them in the final 4.

Kiptyn’s eyes go wide about ballroom dancing. Tenley is a trained dancer.

Kiptyn isn’t a good dancer, he says.

Woo hoo! Wes and Gia! Although he scammed her into this kiss.

Elizabeth doesn’t like to dance. Now she is “smitten by Kovacs.” What happened to love?


They take limos to meet their trainers. Elizabeth and Kovacs make out in the limo.

Natalie is glad that her gym class dance training will come in handy.

Kiptyn’s biggest fear is letting Tenley down. Aww.

Elizabeth is already stressing over whether they’ll get a male or female instructor.

Elizabeth: If it’s a woman you have to still focus on me because it might make me lose focus.


Tenley is a big fan of Chelsie Hightower.

Melissa, Jake and Trista judge the dances.

Elizabeth is happy to see Edyta, she says.

Edyta will teach them the Rumba.

Kovacs: Edyta, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl in person with that great of a body. It’s incredible. Edyta is so hot it’s almost unbearable.


Tenley and Kiptyn will do the Foxtrot.

Dave and Natalie are doing the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Dave will do whatever it takes to win.

Dave: I’m twirling him, I’m dipping him and this is business to me. I’m not afraid to get in touch with my feminine side and dance with another guy.


Oh it’s like Edyta is teasing Kovacs.

Elizabeth: Edyta is extremely sexy. I get a little tinge of jealousy every time she puts her hands up on my man. The first time that Edyta straddled him and looked at him with those eyes, I felt very insecure actually.

Ha! You should.

Dave looks good in this open shirt, I have to admit. But it's not enough to overcome his attitude.

Kovacs is spending way more time dancing with Edyta than him. Don’t worry. Dave is only dancing with Louis.

Kiptyn is frustrated. He’s not moving his feet right.

Don’t overanalyze it, Kip!

Natalie is overthinking it too.

Dave says they need to be passionate. He has great chemistry with Natalie, he says.

Louis: Do you guys have sex in the house?


He wants them to dance as if they have sex. That’s what Cha-Cha is.


Louis: Rumba is romantic. This is get to the point, let’s just get it over with.

That’s hilarious. I love Louis.

This is good for Dave and Natalie who are “sexual people.”

Louis does a doggie-style move too. Hello!

Natalie: Louis has told me so many times throughout these lifts and spins to throw my head back with a feeling. And you know Dave and I are definitely used to those positions.

Eww! TMI!

Louis: In the history of me teaching as a pro I’ve never heard a woman ask ‘Please grab my boobs, it’s safer.’

Elizabeth is stressing that she’s not as sexy as Edyta.

Chelsie is giving good advice. Don’t show your mistakes because the judges won’t even notice them unless you point them out.


Kovacs and Elizabeth were never going to work. They never spoke the same language. Unfortunately no one understands Elizabeth's language except Elizabeth.

The sextestants are getting their styling done.

They walk outside and it’s just like Dancing with the Stars. Kiptyn has been in the audience a few times.

They will be judged by performance, chemistry and effort on a scale of 1 to 10.

Chris H. brings out three special judges.

Melissa Rycroft finished third on DWTS
Jake Pavelka comes back. He’s the last guy Tenley kissed before Kiptyn
Trista Sutter was on the first season of DWTS

Kip-Ten is first. Kip kissed her on the neck before the dance.

Tenley kept telling Kiptyn to smile. It’s very cutesy and energetic.

Melissa – 8, Jake – 9, Trista – 9

Kovacs and Elizabeth dance their Rumba. You can see Edyta’s mark on this, but it’s not as much of a crowd pleaser as the peppy Kip-Ten dance, so I think they have no shot.

The choreography is just not helping them.

Natalie: Watching Elizabeth and Kovacs dance was like watching Bambi on Ice. It was awful.

It was “uncomfortable and distracting” like a bad wreck.

Elizabeth is one of the worst dancers ever.

Ha! Jake says he can tell they are a couple. Trista said they had no problem in the chemistry department. Poor Kovacs is probably gritting his teeth.

They got kind comments from the judges, but 8s from all three. Kovacs said they blew it. He’s never one a challenge or a rose. Elizabeth feels like she let herself and Kovacs down.

They are out.

Dave and Natalie are last. They dance the Cha-Cha.

Dave looks good in his open shirt.

They both look stiff and stone-faced. Natalie has no hip rhythm. Tenley says they are “on fire”? Is she blind? They kept screwing up.

They impressed Melissa and Jake with the lifts. Trista says “hello sexiness.”

Gia hearts Wes.

Dave and Natalie have to beat 26 points to beat Tenley and Kiptyn.

Trista gives them an 8, making Tenley and Kiptyn the winners.

Dave is frustrated. Something about the light at the end of the tunnel and bleeping down your leg.

Natalie is ticked at herself. They nailed it in the studio and failed in crunch time.

They couldn’t even finish the dance.

Oh no. Tenley and Kiptyn are bathing together. Gross.

Dave thinks he and Nat have a good chance to beat Kip-Ten, if they chose him.

Will Kip-Ten follow their heads or their hearts? Blah blah.


Dave says Natalie is the perfect partner for him. She’s beautiful and he’s falling in love.

Elizabeth thinks this show has helped bring them together.

The fairy tale may be over if they leave that night. Dear, there was no fairy tale.

Dave said if he and Nat lived in the same city things might be different. She’s in Hollywood. He’s in Dayton, Ohio. If they won they could move closer to each other. But would they?

Natalie and Tenley are good friends. Women code.

Kovacs is making his pitch to Kiptyn. It’s basically a “we suck so pick us” argument. How sad.

Tenley wants to keep Nat and Dave. Kiptyn wants to keep Elizabeth and Kovacs.


Kiptyn walks into the rose ceremony very conflicted. They are friends and they will feel the repercussions of the decision long after the show ends.

Tenley is already teary eyed. This isn’t about you, dear.

Kiptyn makes a speech about how much they liked each other, etc.

Tenley and I would like to extend the invitation….

To Dave and Natalie

So Elizabeth and Kovacs are finally gone.

Reality Steve’s spoilers were right so far…

Tenley said she and Natalie are close and Dave showed such loyalty.

Kiptyn hopes that Kovacs did find love with Elizabeth. RIGHT.

Elizabeth hopes the experience has genuinely changed Kovacs. What about you? You are the one who needs to change more.

Kovacs isn’t as angry as he thought he would be because he has an “awesome” relationship with Elizabeth.

He went on “The Bachelorette” hoping for a relationship and left with nothing. He went on “Bachelor Pad” hoping for money and he ended up with a relationship.

Nope. Not anymore, man.


The next time the final four see Chris H. will be in front of a live studio audience.

Oh no. Dave called it “the process.” I HATE when they do that.

Natalie wants to win the money so she and Dave can start their lives together.

Kiptyn and Tenley live sort of close to each other in SoCal.

They are leaving the mansion forever.


Not-so live finale (taped Wednesday) with all the former contestants.

Peyton, Jesse, Wes and Gia seem to get the biggest applause.

Melissa has a cute baby bump.

Elizabeth has dark hair again.

They are not together.

Elizabeth: He’s single, Anyone who wants to date a player, here you go. Good luck.


He led her to believe he had certain feelings about her but behind the scenes he was saying she had a screw loose.

To be fair, we were all saying that.

After the show they gave their relationship a shot for a quick minute, but that didn’t work out.

He wanted a casual relationship and she didn’t.

Chris H. asks about the Insiders vs. Outsiders.

He talks to Gia about how they screwed that up.

She says her decision to save Wes was not an emotional vote.

Gia still has an attraction to Wes!

She does not still have her boyfriend from before the show.

Wes just wanted to take the money and run like a robbery, but then he met Gia.

Wes: Bad boys need love too.

Where do they go from here?

There’s only one girl he wanted to kiss in the kissing contest but she pulled away. So he got his kiss!

Chris H.: If you should choose to forgo the studio, you can go straight to the fantasy suite.


Tenley gushes “Kiptyn’s my boyfriend.” Love Michelle’s face!

Dave and Natalie are taking it slow.


Chris wants to hear if the contestants believe that the relationships are real. Ashley was surprised because Dave was just with Jessie before the Vegas trip.

Dave said he and Natalie started as friends. Dave said they are not on the same level as Kip-Ten.

Krisily now says she knows Dave didn’t lie to her, but why didn’t he come to her first and tell her what was going to happen?

Dave said he didn’t want her to be upset. He didn’t see the point of going up to her with one minute left. She feels like it was a respect issue. I agree with her.

Chris H. brings up Kiptyn’s lie to Peyton that he was not in a relationship with Tenley.

Kiptyn is glad that he brought that up. Kip was being 100 percent honest that night. The next week Tenley won the Catalina date and that’s when things started. (So what was with the comment to the camera that he lied?)

Gia asks why he said he would never vote off Tenley. Kip said they were friends. Gia keeps challenging him, like about Nikki. Nikki saved Kiptyn and she did not keep her safe.

Gia was upset that Kip didn’t save Nikki.

Yes! Michelle talks about how what happened with Tenley will affect her decision.

She and Tenley were on the same season of The Bachelor. They seemed like they got along. She confronted Tenley because she was upset about the rumor about Craig.

Michelle: I was pissed. I was livid, Tenley, that you — bubbly, smiling all the time — would make up a rumor and not even come up to me first but spread it through the entire house. I lost respect for you. I didn’t care for you and to this day I still don’t care for you. I’ll tell you right now, you don’t have my vote.


Tenley said she is sorry. The audience loves Tenley, no matter what she does.

Dave picks share, but what did Natalie pick?

Wes questions everybody’s integrity. Money talks. He feels hurt that Dave told Krisily that Wes was running behind people’s backs.

Aww! Wes on Gia: I mean hell I got a million dollars right here, I don’t need $250,000.

He is such a player.


Natalie talks about the fun she had on the show. She wants to pay off her debt and start a small charity for prostate cancer because her father survived it. She talks so fast.

Dave feels like he played the game as honest and fair as she could.

God Jesse Beck looks hot. But Dave said he looked Jesse in the eyes and told him he would vote him out. It was honest.

He hopes he and Nat brought some comic relief to the show. (VOMIT!)

Gwen said she overheard a conversation he had with some people in the house. Dave said anybody in their 30s is a loser to be in the house? He is SUCH an ass.

Dave said if you’re in “your upper 30s” then being on a dating show is getting a little older. As a personal preference it’s not something he would do.


Gwen didn’t go on the show for a relationship, she came for the money. SUCK IT, DAVE.

Tenley makes a pageant speech. She tried to play as true to her character as she could. Sadly, I think she did.

She lost her home? She disses her marriage again. Her ex is never going to live that down. She wants to pay her parents back.

Kiptyn is planning to give 20% of the money to charity, so that’s $50,000 off the top. He wants to take vacations and do “selfish” things, but he also wants to give back.

Juan said Kiptyn played with integrity and Dave and Natalie were strong, but what did Tenley do?

Jessie defended Tenley, saying she was strong and she won the pie-eating contest. Blah. Blah. Blah.


The life-changing vote is up!

Everyone has paddles under their seats. First couple to 8 votes wins.

Craig’s vote: Kiptyn and Tenley

Jonathan/Weatherman: Kiptyn and Tenley

Jessie: Dave and Natalie

Krisily: Dave and Natalie

Peyton: Dave and Natalie

Jesse B.: Dave and Natalie

Juan: Kiptyn and Tenley

Gwen: Kiptyn and Tenley

Ashley: Dave and Natalie

Michelle: Dave and Natalie

Nikki: Dave and Natalie

Wes: Dave and Natalie

Wes is a good guy for getting past his ego to make that vote. I doubt Dave would have been as mature about it.

I love Wes. I do. Not the way Gia loves him, but I’ve always liked him.


Natalie tries to make us believe she chose "keep."

Dave and Natalie’s relationship will be put to the test. They have to go to separate deliberation rooms.

If they want to split the money they pick share. If they want to keep the money they pick keep.

The twist is, if they both pick share they will split the money evenly: $125,000 each. If one chooses share and the other chooses keep, the other will get all the money.

If they both pick keep then neither gets the money. The money will be split between the former housemates. (Juan and Jonathan hug each other. They love this idea!)

How much do they trust each other?

The best answer is “share” at this point. It doesn’t take a strong relationship to make that decision. You could do this with strangers and come to that decision.

Kovacs believes Dave will pick share. Gia believes it would be selfish if they don’t pick share.

Nikki believes Natalie puts Natalie first and she could go either way. She says that as a friend! Krisily thinks Natalie could pick “keep” too.

Kovacs doesn’t think it should ruin a friendship if one keeps the money. True! That’s what happens on “Survivor” and this show was supposed to have one winner, not two.

Dave reveals first: He picks share.

Natalie wants to say something. Chris says no, at first.

Natalie: I think that we all said get your friends as far as you can get your friends and the only time to be selfish is when you get your friends as far you can get them.

Everyone thinks she’s going to pick “keep” but then she turns her card around to reveal “so I’m gonna share with ya!”

They hug and Dave bounces around. Did he kiss Chris Harrison?

Then, inexplicably, Wes plays “Love Don’t Come Easy” AGAIN!


Catch up on my archive of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad stories.

Dave and Natalie win. Going topless and hooking up with multiple people in the house pays, kids.

Oh for heaven’s sake.

The good news is the “Bachelor Pad” cast can see through Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke. I’m glad to hear it.

Bad news: They can’t see through Dave Good.

Jessie Sulidis is no longer dating Kirk from "The Bachelorette" so she's free to downgrade to Dave.

Why does everyone love him? Does he smell like that Old Spice guy? I don’t get it.

Not only did he split the “Bachelor Pad” winnings with Natalie Getz — according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, see below he seems to be the one person Krisily Kennedy (who said she wasn’t into him anymore), Natalie and even Peyton Wright and Jessie Sulidis all want to be with.

I guess he chose Jessie. For now.

Good-ish news: Apparently Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand are on. I like them. I’ve always liked Wes, even when he was a cartoon character on “The Bachelorette.”

I thought there was only supposed to be one winner of “Bachelor Pad” but this whole show has been a crock of shite since day one so why am I surprised when they just change the rules whenever they feel like it.

I used to like this show for its camp/trash value, but now I think I would rather have a new season of “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” than a “Bachelor Pad 2.”

UPDATE: ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale recap: Dave Good is an ageist d-bag, but did Tenley Molzahn lose $250,000 for herself and Kiptyn Locke?


Here is the full finale report from Reality Steve:

-Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance contest. Melissa, Jake, and Trista were the judges.

-Tenley and Kiptyn then get to choose who they want to go up against in the finals. They take Dave and Natalie obviously.

-Then all the contestants from this season are brought on stage and allowed to ask all four of them questions, grilling them on whatever they feel like. Then each team makes a “plea” to the jury on why they think they deserve the money. Very “Survivor”-ish. Apparently Tenley’s speech was a 20 minute diatribe and had pretty much turned everyone off at that point. With 15 people on the “jury” each is given a card to hold up voting which couple they want in the finals. Whichever couple got 8 votes first is in the finals. Dave and Natalie win by a rather large amount. I’m hearing only 4 or 5 people voted for Tenley and Kiptyn. Not many people are too hip to their act at this point.

-So Dave and Natalie are the final two and are immediately told that they now must go into a separate room and either choose the word “keep” or “share” in regards to the 250k. They are not given time to talk this over. If:

One chooses “keep” and the other chooses “share”, then the one who chose “keep” would get all the 250k.

They both chose “share”, then they would split the 250k.

They both chose “keep”, the remaining CAST would actually split the 250k.

-Dave and Natalie go off and vote. Natalie makes it seem like she chose “keep”, but pulls a “just kidding” on everyone, and its revealed her and Dave both chose “share” and they end up splitting the 250k.

Other happenings:

-Gia and Wes profess their “love” for each other and make out on stage in front of everyone. Still not dating though. Their making out continued well into the after party for everyone to see.

-Elizabeth goes off on Kovacs calling him a player and what not. Apparently he’s unfazed by this since he’s hooking up with someone else now not on the show.

-Jesse Beck has a new girlfriend who also isn’t part of the show that he brought to the after party.

-Dave Good is one hot commodity. I’m hearing Natalie, Krisily, and Peyton all wanted a piece of him at the after party but he ended up leaving with Jessie. This left a few people quite unhappy.


Seriously. Someone fill me in on how a rageaholic like Dave “Man Code” Good is such a prize? I’ll take a Reid Rosenthal over a Dave Good anyday.

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I vote for a Kovacs/Dave union to be the next ABC wedding.

Dave Good and Jesse Kovacs, on the other hand, are still going strong. That bromance will outlast Trista and Ryan. Believe it.

According to Reality Steve, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke are still dating, but no one else is still together.


To quote Steve’s post from last week:

Speaking of couples, everyone keeps asking me which of these couples are still together, and which aren’t. So let me just run down the list for you and tell you where they stand:

Tenley and Kiptyn: YES. They are officially dating now. Not quite sure why it took this show for them to make it official, nor do I understand their relationship in the least bit, but they are dating now. Don’t mind all of her “Well, I don’t know, you’ll have to wait til the end to found out” answers that she’s been giving the press. They’re together. Whatever that means in the “Bachelor/ette” world.

Wes and Gia: Not a couple.
Jesse Beck and Peyton: Not a couple.
Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth: Not a couple.
Dave and Natalie: Not a couple.
Natalie and Jesse Beck: Not a couple.
Natalie and anyone: Not a couple. Just making out.
Dave and Jessie: Not a couple.
Krisily and her vibrator: Definitely in love.


That last one was egregious, but that’s Steve for you.

*Update 1* Here are the relationship updates from after the “Bachelor Pad” finale taping.

*Update 2* ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale recap: Dave Good is an ageist d-bag, but did Tenley Molzahn lose $250,000 for herself and Kiptyn Locke?

Anyone else disappointed that only the annoying people are left on “Bachelor Pad”? There is not a single likable person left in the house — and yes, I include Tenley and Kiptyn. They are the most fake and manipulative of them all.

Ashley, Gwen and Nikki fall victim to The Insider couples on ‘Bachelor Pad’

Bachelor Pad recap: Dave Good and Jesse Kovacs bromance survives couples cut

It should be illegal to find Tenley sexy. She's a cartoon character for crying out loud.

You’re joking.

Tenley Molzahn as sexy? (Shudder) That’s even more surprising than D-bag Dave Good being picked as the sexiest — and the one person everyone secretly wants to hook up with. (Especially Jesse Kovacs.)

Check out some of the other answers from that “Bachelor Pad” survey.

We saw a few really awful ones on Monday, but there are more. Entertainment Weekly got the ABC producers to share some of the answers, but others were too cruel for even them to share.

It’s evil. Enjoy.

Speaking of evil things to enjoy, have fun laughing at this short video of Dave and Kovacs in their d-bag dance off.

And check out “Bachelor Pad” recaps, top 10 lists, gossip and other stuff here at

Here they are as an "actual couple."

I still think it’s a bad idea, but it’s not like they asked for my advice.

My advice would’ve been to skip the Fantasy Suite since now everyone assumes they’ve done it with ABC cameras outside the door.

So anyway, check out this story where Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke attended an Emmys party, walked the red carpet and confirmed their dating status.

On “Bachelor Pad,” Ten and Kip took his first helicopter trip ever and landed at Catalina where they pretended they were hilarious dorks instead of boring preps.

Sorry, I’m not into it.

But I know many, many fans are and the folks at “My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together” must be FLIPPING OUT.

Congrats, folks. Read a bunch of “Bachelor Pad” news, top 10 lists and other gossip here at

Chris is funnier than Kiptyn, but the women who love Chris are crazier than the women who love Kiptyn.

I’ll be blunt: I never drank the Chris Lambton Kool-Aid on Ali Fedotowsky’s season of “The Bachelorette.” I was solidly Team Roberto Martinez/Dimples.

Having said that, I also never drank the Kiptyn Locke Kool-Aid on Jillian Harris’ season of “The Bachelorette.” I was Team Reid Rosenthal/Honey Bear.

Having said all of that, it’s looking like Kiptyn Locke is willing to be “The Bachelor”:

“Assuming I was single and available, I would do it,” Locke admitted to “Extra’s” Jeannie Mai, adding, “I think they could definitely make a TV show out of it, but I don’t think I’d compromise too much.”

See, I could’ve sworn Kiptyn already turned down “The Bachelor” after Reid turned down “The Bachelor,” leaving us with Jake Pavelka as the third choice (thanks a lot!) out of Jillian’s rejects. Is that not true?

I’m fine with Kip being “The Bachelor,” but he’s going to need a personality intervention. I’m sure he’s tons of fun, but right now he’s just a better-looking version of pre-Bachelor Jason Mesnick. Remember how much everyone loved Jason and little Ty, but worried that his season would be dull because he’s, well, dull? That could happen to Kiptyn. The whole show would be about his women instead of him.

Most fans still seem to be holding out hope for Chris Lambton. Here are the early Sunday evening results to Extra’s “Who would be the better ‘Bachelor’?” poll:

Total Votes: 14463

* Chris – 12743 (88.1%)
* Kiptyn – 1720 (11.9%)

But it’s looking increasingly like Chris L. doesn’t want to do it. There’s really no reason why he should, considering he’s basically mobbed by women everywhere he goes. ABC needs him much more than he needs them.

As if this helps, Jake seems to think Chris should accept “The Bachelor” gig:

“Chris’ll come around,” Jake told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. “I think he’ll be the next ‘Bachelor.’ And if he does turn it down, you have closed the door on an amazing opportunity to possibly find love.”

(And perform endless Mesnicks at balconies!)

So what do you think? Would you be OK with Kiptyn as the next “Bachelor”? Would you be more or less into him as the next B-boy if he wins “Bachelor Pad” on September 13? Or are you still insisting Kiptyn and Tenley would be a good couple and should date after the end of the show? I’d rather see him as “The Bachelor” than Mr. Sh*ts Rainbows.


Catch up on all “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” news here at Catch up on “Bachelor” news here at And check out my own nifty archive from “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” here.

I have no idea what's going on with this photo, except Kiptyn needs to work on his crane. This is from the Facebook group "My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together"

Do you think Jesse Beck, Jonathan Novack and Craig “The Hair” McKinnon are insulted?

Their would-be fiancee, Ali Fedotowsky, has publicly backed Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke to win “Bachelor Pad.”

(Important question: Are we calling them Tentyn or Kipley? I say Kipley.)

Maybe this is retaliation for Jesse Beck so obviously preferring Gia Allemand to Ali. And Natalie Getz. And every other woman on Earth.


According to an Us Weekly story called “Bachelorette Ali Plans Double Date With Tenley and Kiptyn:

“Obviously, I’m biased. Tenley is a friend of mine,” Fedotowsky, 25, told at the Give & Get fete in West Hollywood Monday. “I think Tenley and Kiptyn will be doing a double date soon. So, those two, I will be rooting for them.”

And though she’s rooting for Molzahn, 26, and Locke, 32, to nab the $250,000 prize, Fedotowsky admitted that she doesn’t have what it takes to compete on the show.

“I’m way too competitive,” she said. “I would have never, never done it. I would have been a wreck on that show.”


Has she really met Tenley? Tenley is the definition of a wreck.

Check out my Top 10 OMG Moments from Bachelor Pad Episode 2. Tenley does not come out well.

Do you think Tenley and Kiptyn belong together? Vote in this poll that still seems to be very much in support of the idea of them dating.

Tenley cries over Michelle. Or eating pie. Or Elizabeth calling her out in front of Chris Harrison. Or a feather brushing past her face. Or something.


Someone agrees with me that Little Miss Sh*ts Rainbows overreacted last week on “Bachelor Pad” episode 1.

Blame Canada? Jessie and Craig both left "Bachelor Pad" last night.

Jessie Sulidis was dumped from “Bachelor Pad” last night on episode 2.

She did the whole conference call thing today and talked about how she’s a light sleeper and heard a bunch of noises in that bunk-bed bedroom.

So I asked her about the drama between Tenley Molzahn and Michelle Kujawa over the rumor Tenley started that Michelle hooked up overnight with Craig McKinnon. Does she believe that Craig and Michelle hooked up and what was her reaction to the ensuing feud?

To quote Jessie’s response:

“No, I don’t think that Michelle and Craig hooked up. I’m friends with Craig and he told me after ‘Definitely not.’ When we were on the show he said ‘Definitely not, that never happened.’ I believe him. I believe Michelle. Tenley might’ve heard something and I don’t think that she tried to be malicious about it but she definitely did say something. So I don’t disagree with Michelle confronting her on it, just maybe she could’ve done it in a better way. But yeah I definitely think it was a big overreaction on Tenley’s part.”

TRUE. Michelle had every right to confront Tenley, but she just went about it the wrong way. Tenley bursting into tears and running to Elizabeth Kitt? Vintage Tenley, but a definite overreaction.

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‘Bachelor Pad’ episode 2 recap: Gia Allemand and Nikki Kappke make brainless calls

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Get ready for this! This pic is from the Facebook page "My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together." See how she's leaning into him and he's not really doing the same? That's how Ali treated Chris L. on "The Bachelorette." It's the very-good-friend-zone.

What is it about Tenley + Kiptyn that people love so much?

According to the current poll on this “Are Tenley and Kiptyn a Couple?” story, 100 percent of fans think Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke should be together.

Here's another cute pic from the "My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together" Facebook page. They do look good together, I admit.

Personally I think she’s a little too much of a baby for him. She whines and cries over pie, for heaven’s sake.

I think she’s more into him than vice versa.

As Tenley is quoted in a Zap2it story/video today:

“‘Kiptyn is one of the most genuine men I have ever met. Kiptyn is probably just one of the most gracious people that you will ever come upon,’ Molzahn says. ‘I was just admiring him throughout the whole show … what I can say about Kiptyn is if he has a possibility of still winning that $250,000 [on ‘Bachelor Pad’], I think we could see him walking away with it.’ Way to side-step that romance question, Tenley. She does tell us later that they are still ‘just friends,’ as she smiles and giggles.”

Maybe not, though. Read a bit more about Tenley and Kiptyn here at “Are Tenley and Kiptyn a Couple?” and add your vote in the poll there.

And after that, watch this insane video called “Proof!!!! Tenley and Kiptyn– DJ Got Us Falling In Love [HQ]”

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