"Wonky" boob job? Does anyone's boob job ever go well?

By Gina Carbone

Talk about a soap opera.

Because US Weekly knows we “Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” fans will latch our talons (see?) onto any gossip right now, they have more dish in their latest issue, headlined by “Bachelor Scandal: Vienna’s Double Life.”

But the story online now is how the current fiancee of Tenley Molzahn’s ex-husband is coming to his defense.

Tenley, 25, talks non-stop about how her ex mistreated her during their 15-month marriage — he was a police officer who cheated with someone he worked with; he did what his parents told him to do; he never watched her dance, etc.

But Christina Latham, who is engaged to Ryan Natividad, said Ryan did not cheat on Tenley.

“She’d only allow sex once a week…and sometimes she withheld it,” Christina told US Weekly, which is not the same as denying Ryan cheated, but US Weekly said she did deny it.

Christina added that Tenley is not “the sweet girl everyone thinks” and “wouldn’t let (Ryan) see his family.”

“There’s no way she loved him,” she said.


It’s funny. I looked up Ryan and Christina and found this wedding registry that said their wedding was scheduled for March 27, 2009. Either that didn’t happen or the world is chock full of love-struck Christina Lathams and Ryan Natividads.

I’m glad we’re hearing another side of this. My knee-jerk reaction was to hate on Ryan and part of me still does, but Tenley is the one who signed up for a reality TV show and thereby signed away her privacy.

(And anyone who signs up for a reality TV show, especially 14 seasons into “The Bachelor,” really isn’t all that innocent. Seriously.)

Ryan and Christina did not sign up for those things, but I’m glad they are not sitting silently while Tenley gets to have the first, last and final word.

There are at least two sides to everything.

But enough of this fairness! Look what we can look forward to from this week’s US Weekly:

“For more – including embarrassing new details about Vienna‘s ‘wonky’ boob job; which Bachelor finalist once dated a Backstreet Boy; how Vienna’s former classmate describes her as ‘not the sharpest crayon in the box’ and Bachelor Jake’s hot high school pics — grab the new Us Weekly today!”

I’m guessing Gia Allemand dated the Backstreet Boy … then again, the cover words under Vienna’s headline say “a secret celebrity fling” — and weren’t the Backstreet Boys formed in Florida?

Eh. I’m too lazy to go out in the cold to buy the issue. I’ll get to it eventually.

*Update* OK, Vienna was the one who dated a Backstreet Boy: Howie D. To quote US Weekly, “A source tells Us that years before Dorough got married in 2007, the Backstreet Boy dated Floridian Girardi ‘for a little while.'”

*Update 2* The Feb. 17 US Weekly is even juicier, with lots of white trash fighting between Vienna and her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith. Read about it here.