Rozlyn Papa with Jake Pavelka

By Gina Carbone

Some people are spoiler-phobes. Some are not. I am a not. I love to know what’s going to happen since it changes the entire viewing of “the process.” Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination. Or something.

So when RealitySteve — the guy who had the scoop on Jason Mesnick dumping Melissa Rycroft for Molly Malaney long before it aired so many moons ago — went ahead and promised more spoilers on the Jake Pavelka season, “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love,” I jumped in with giddy feet.

And I am going to share his spoilers with you.

If you want to know.


Sorry for the Kanye caps, but I get irked by whiny spoiler-phobes.

Here we go…

1. Who is having the alleged affair with a producer?

On Tuesday, RealitySteve dropped his first bombshell that Rozlyn will be the one who goes home on Monday, but not for any kind of sexual affair with a producer.

To quote his Tuesday post:

“I will tell you now, Rozlyn is the girl that is kicked off the show next week for what Chris Harrison will deem as ‘inappropriate behavior in the context of the show’. Which is a perfect description since he technically never mentions a sexual affair. Why? Because there never was one. They just use one of the other contestants to voice over the now infamous, ‘She’s having a sexual affair with someone in the house’. Way to cover your asses. Just ask someone else to say it as speculation, then boot Rozlyn without any proof.

“… The ironic thing is that Rozlyn actually gets a rose early in the episode next week on the In Style Photo Shoot group date. And why wouldn’t she? She’s a model and probably one of the three best looking women this show has ever seen. So she’s already set to continue on, then something happened behind the scenes, ABC throws her under the bus, kicks her off the show, and fires the producer. I feel bad for her since what really happened has actually happened in the past to a former contestant.”

On Wednesday he revealed more about the circumstances of Rozlyn leaving, specifically that Rozlyn is a 28-year-old single mother of a 7-year-old boy. Her ex-husband never signed the paperwork for him to be shown on TV, so that’s why we haven’t seen him the way we’ve seen Ella’s boy, Ethan. But Rozlyn was supposedly told she could talk to her son and they would fly him out.

To quote RealitySteve’s Wednesday post:

“What does this have to do with the scandal? From what I’m told, a big contention in the house the night before next week’s rose ceremony (which remember Rozlyn already secured a rose for on her group date), is that Rozlyn was told by producers, ‘Do NOT tell Jake about your son yet. Not now. Save it for later.’ However, on one hand they’re telling Rozlyn not to tell Jake about her son (even though she’s already talked about it with all the women in the house), but when the other women go in for their ITM’s (1-on-1’s with the camera), the producers are asking them, ‘Hey, so what do you think about Rozlyn not telling Jake about her son?’, just so they can get a reaction. Well, one of the girls tells Rozlyn she was just asked about this in her ITM and it set Rozlyn off. Apparently she had a melt down in the kitchen that won’t be shown, because she’s going off about not being able to see her son, that the show is lied to her, and she wants out. At this point they realize they need to get rid of her somehow.”

So they put the “scandal” storyline in motion, involving a producer who had taken a strong interest in Rozlyn.

“Well, when Rozlyn receives her rose on Monday’s episode during the group date, a lot of the girls in the house were noticing this producer and Rozlyn’s flirtatious behavior towards each other, saw Rozlyn gets a rose, and started becoming suspicious. From there I was told, this producer was confronted by somebody, and ADMITTED that he basically had fallen for Rozlyn which, in the context of the show, is considered ‘inappropriate behavior’. Yes, you can talk with them. Yes, you can become their friend. But if you start to develop feelings for one of them, technically that’s compromising your work, and it can be labeled “inappropriate behavior”. However, while this producer admitted this, he NEVER admits that he and Rozlyn had any type of sexual affair. Never kissed, never had sex, never did anything of the such. Well, it didn’t matter at this point cuz boom! They’ve got their storyline now.”

So that’s that.

2. Who are the final four?

According to RealitySteve, the final four are: Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. “I’m hearing Ali voluntarily leaves the show at this point for, I think, work related reasons. Whatever the case, she’s eliminated after the home town dates.”

Tenley, I would've expected you to "win" this thing, but someone said your status is now "in a relationship," so good for you anyway.

3. Who are the final three?

Tenley, Gia, and Vienna. “Gia gets sent home after the overnight dates.”

4. Who are the final two?

Tenley and Vienna.

5. Who wins Jake’s heart?

“And in what has not been reported anywhere else,” RealitySteve wrote, “Vienna is Jake’s final choice. Are they engaged? Not sure. But he does choose her in the end over Tenley. I’m guessing he proposed, but not sure. I’d say that’s kind of a surprise because Vienna doesn’t really seem to be someone that anyone thinks of as a favorite right now. Well, she is. She’s the final one.”

Seriously? Vienna? Her?


The daddy’s girl with the Paris Hilton dog? She’s Shayne Lamas all over again.

Jake, really?