Hey, it's Reid. I'm the cute one Jillian dumped.

By Gina Carbone

I’m coming to this late, not because I didn’t know Reid Rosenthal — Jillian Harris’ worst mistake of many on “The Bachelorette” — was going to be on HGTV’s “My First Place,” but because I did not realize it would be on RIGHT NOW.

Thanks to Temi, who just let me know!

I was not prepared in many ways, so it took me five minutes to figure out which channel HGTV is on. (I have a tiny apartment with no taste, sue me.)

Reid with his client

Reid, as we know, is a Realtor in Philadelphia and the Tuesday, Jan. 5 episode that started at 8 p.m., called “Lowballing and Losing,” is about an attorney who wants a place in Philadelphia but his frequent underbidding causes him to lose properties and frustrates his real-estate agent.

When I started watching, Reid was signing some kind of deal with a musician. Is the musician the attorney? Is he frustrating my Honey Bear? Honestly, I don’t care. It’s just good to see Reid again.

Reid, I adore you. Always will. Come back to us. “The Bachelor” needs you.

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