I like where you're head's at, Gia, but even if you choke Vienna to death Jake will probably still pick her.

By Gina Carbone

Mike Fleiss — Second cousin to Heidi, did you know? Explains a lot — told Entertainment Weekly it “bugs” him and his “Bachelor” minions that someone is singing like a canary to Reality Steve — aka Steve Carbone.

(Go Carbones! I just found out even my dad, John Carbone, watches the “Bachelor” — hi Dad!)

The subject came up because we’re coming up on a year after the Jason Mesnick/Melissa Rycroft/Molly Malaney situation (before the situation was The Situation).

Those three landed well — Jason & Molly are getting married on ABC and Melissa is a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, which is probably what she wanted most to begin with.

But Reality Steve was the one who told us Jason would pull that naughty nonsense months before it actually happened.

And this season he has been well ahead of the curve on Rozlyn Papa, the final four and the woman Jake Pavelka eventually chooses as his special lady friend.

“That’s something that kind of bugs us,” executive producer Mike Fleiss told EW exclusively. “In some ways, it’s just more promotion. We would like to find out [who his source is]. … I’m offering a $25 reward!”

If anything, Reality Steve could be secretly be on the ABC payroll, or getting info from people paid to give it to him. But I doubt it. The world is not really that complicated.

More likely, The Carbone I Am Not Related To — who is sporting quite the ego — is just excited to milk this new publicity. In fact, he already is.

Reality Steve told EW he relies on several tipsters who “just fell into my lap.”

“I don’t go looking for this stuff, it comes to me because I’m willing to throw the show under the bus,” he said.

Well, sure, we all are! But we’re not all getting “only about 400,000 to 500,000 page views a week,” which doesn’t really deserve an “only,” in my view.

In other “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” news, Jillian Harris joined the design team of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” as a special guest designer during the episode entitled “Skaggs Family,” which began shooting on Monday. The episode will air later this season on ABC.

ABC issued a press release about it, which makes me wish HGTV had issued a press release when Reid Rosenthal was on “My First Place.”