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Please please please please make this happen. Vote in the Wetpaint poll (link below) to vote for Michelle as the next "Bachelorette." Can you imagine having an interesting person in the hot seat, for once?

Oh this made my day.

Reality Steve just wrote that Emily “Soporific Southern Barbie” Maynard will not be the next “Bachelorette.”

*** UPDATE ***

It’s only the day after the Emily news, but Steve just announced the new Bachelorette will be Ashley Hebert, pronounced Ay-bear, ’cause it’s all French-like. Si! I’m not happy with this choice. My choices are below. Sad face. Actually, more like resigned face. As long as they cast her well, it should be OK. “The Bachelorette” is all about the men. Find me some Robertos and Reids, ABC!

*** UPDATE PART 2 ***

Is Emily not the Bachelorette because Brad actually picked her in the end? FORT says Steve got it wrong (again) and Brad is engaged to Emily, not Chantal. True or false? We’ll find out soon!

*** END UPDATE ***

Did she turn down the show? (Likely.) Did they decide they didn’t want her? (Less likely.) Will they skip “The Bachelorette” and go straight into another season of “The Bachelor” or “Bachelor Pad” or “Something Else Entirely”? Hell if I know.

All I know is, I’m so happy when I get my way. I didn’t want Chris Lambton as “The Bachelor” and, more to the point, neither did he. He didn’t appreciate his saccharine edit and he found his own Southern Barbie in Peyton Wright.

I was happy to have Brad Womack as the Season 15 “Bachelor,” although I’m disappointed in how he’s handling this second chance. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he contacted Laurel Kagay before, during or after the show. I care that he’s boring. I care that he can’t get through a sentence without awkward stammering and unnecessary things like “Can I say this?” or “Can we be honest here?” I care that he’s completely owned by the emotional basket-cases around him. I care that he says he doesn’t want an emotional roller coaster, then buys a lifetime ticket for exactly that. And that’s without even getting into his on-air therapy sessions.

I’ve already written my case for Michelle Money to be the next “Bachelorette.” Please God, let someone from ABC see the value in the idea.

If women can put up with The Most Hated Bachelor Ever (now strongly in the running for The Most Boring Bachelor Ever) and let ratings do OK, they should be able to put up with The Most Controversial Bachelorette Ever and give her a chance to show the sides that ABC didn’t show on “The Bachelor.”

Because if Chris Lambton didn’t like how “nice” he was portrayed on the show, it’s fair to think they are going the same thing to people like Michelle Money. She said as much in her media interview and fans may not believe her, but only because they’re buying what ABC is selling. They sold Chris and Emily as the heroes and Michelle as the villain. Michelle is an actress, but I was on that media call with her and she proved she can be sane and reasonable and sweet for at least an hour and a half, which is more than I can say for some people.

Michelle is a single mom, just like Emily. She’s made mistakes in life, just like Emily. She’s gorgeous and very camera-ready, just like Emily. She just happens to be more interesting than Emily. A lot more interesting.

Michelle said she would only do the show if her daughter’s schedule would allow for it, or something. I don’t know how it would work, but my hopes are up now. Not that it’s likely to happen.

I appreciate you, Shawntel. You were a lovely dose of Dramamine on a season of emotional roller coasters.

The producers are more likely to cast cuties like the Ashleys, Hebert or Spivey. I would prefer Shawntel Newton, but look what they did to her — yes, she works as a funeral director, but Ashley Hebert works as a dentist and Ash didn’t get the creepy “Is it safe?” date. Why not? Are they grooming her for “more”?

That funeral director edit may have put the literal nail in Shawntel’s “Bachelorette” coffin because it just put a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Besides, her freaking dad brought out the violins over the idea of Shawntel ever leaving Chico or the family business. She’s stuck, poor lass. (Run for your life, kid!)

If you’re into the idea of Michelle as the next “Bachelorette,” PLEASE vote in this Wetpaint poll. It may actually help her. You can vote several times, which is how Vienna got so many votes. (Is she voting over and over herself, or maybe her family members)

Prefer Shawntel? You can vote for her here. (Or you can vote for Michelle again.)

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Hey, I'm a woman in America and I don't want to slap Brad. He made the right call on Season 11.

By Gina Carbone

Now we know: The way to get Brad Womack to commit is to just slap him around.

Or that’s what we think we know after Reality Steve’s latest round of spoilers. “The Bachelor” Season 15 doesn’t even start until Monday, January 3. Last season Steve was almost right about “The Bachelorette,” but that’s like being given a six-digit phone number.

But I believe this ending. Just watching the “first look” promo, you could see Chantal O’Brien (it’s written as “Chantel O’Brien” here and “adopted daughter Chantal” here) snuggling with Brad, saying “you’re so cute.”

I don't know if I'd call Brad "cute."

She’s already coming off as the kind of take-charge gal he needs. He doesn’t need a sweet single mom like Emily Maynard.

*** FEB 26, 2011 UPDATE***

But maybe that’s what Brad wants. FORT is now abuzz with the rumor that Brad did pick Emily, not Chantal Was Steve “Fleissed” again?

Yep! Steve admitted he was wrong. Brad proposes to Emily. Oh well!

*** END UPDATE ***

Emily can be the Season 7 Bachelorette if she wants. Brad needs a ballsy chick. Steve seems to think Chantal — the first one out of the limo — was told the slap Brad and maybe she was. She probably didn’t need the suggestion.


Here’s the scoop on Chantal and Emily:

Chantal O’Brien, 28, of Mercer Island, Washington, is the slapper. She’s also the daughter of Mike O’Brien, former Seattle Seahawk and owner of the O’Brien Auto Group chain in the Pacific Northwest. Sounds like money! She’s divorced, having been married from 2005 to 2009.

Emily Maynard, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, is our potential superstar. The father of her 5-year-old daughter, Rickie, was Ricky Hendrick, the NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004. Five days after he died, she found out she was pregnant with his child. She’s also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr., so it’s not like she needs this show to find high-profile men.


Brad supposedly has a one-on-one date with Emily on Episode 3. They take a private jet to Santa Maria, California, to fly kites in a vineyard and eat dinner in a barn. This is when Emily tells Brad the story about her daughter and the girl’s father, who died in a plane crash. Needless to say, she gets a rose.

Emily is still a little bit of a mystery in the promos. Unless I'm confusing her with the other blondes.

On Episode 4, Brad and Chantal fly in a helicopter to Catalina Island, which is where Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn became “Kip-Ten” on “Bachelor Pad.” On this date, Brad and Cha-Cha walk across the bottom of the ocean floor and actually spend the night on the island, making the girls back on the ranch think Miss Chantal was eliminated. She and Brad stay in separate rooms and she gets a rose.

On Episode 6, in Costa Rica, Brad and Chantal go camping and get rained on and Brad lets her wear his shirt.  She ends up wearing Brad’s shirt back to the house and there’s another Chantal jealousy moment. (Is she going to be this season’s Vienna Girardi?)

Steve said he didn’t have all the details on the finale, but he’s confident about the outcome. “Because on Thanksgiving, Brad was in Palm Desert, California with Chantal and her family celebrating Thanksgiving with them. The O’Brien family is not hurting for money, dad even owns a private jet, they own a vacation home in an exclusive part of Palm Desert called the Hideaways, and that’s where Brad and Chantal spent Thanksgiving with her family.”

Here's Ms. Emily. She reminds me of country singer Miranda Lambert.

Chantal/Chantel is divorced and seems to have a bit of a past, but whatever. (Was she married to Jason Vena, the lead singer of a band called Acceptance? The Fans of Reality TV boards seem to have some scoop on her ex.)

Based on previews alone, I think she’s a good choice. I’m pumped for this season.


Who is the Hottest Bachelor of All Time?

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There's little Brad smiling up at us from Us Weekly. And for the record, I think Kelly Osbourne is too thin. There's naturally thin and there's "I'm getting very thin very fast despite my body's natural state" thin.

I missed these pissing matches. I really did.

Two days ago Reality Steve tweeted the news that Brad Womack would be the next Bachelor.

Two hours after that 90-something-percent sure post, People magazine dropped their own story about how Chris Lambton and Ty Brown were still being considered.

Star Magazine called Steve to get their own tabloid scoop on the story. Steve confirmed with his sources later the same day that it would indeed be Brad Womack. Someone posted a “confirmation” from Chris Harrison on his Facebook page, but it turns out the page was fake.

(Now Chris H. is saying he will sit next to the real Bachelor this Monday on “Dancing with the Stars.”)

What are the 25 women going to say when they see it's Brad ... again? The 25 men/women aren't usually told in advance who the main person will be.

And yet today Us Weekly has an “exclusive” story with a insider who says Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor.

I love Us Weekly. It makes me smile. The back and forth between Us Weekly and “The Bachelor” universe is such fun to observe from the sidelines.

It’s especially interesting to see how the rag completely ignores Steve’s new intel considering they — Us Weekly —were actually right about Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez being engaged after “The Bachelorette” when Steve stuck with his sources, who were wrong for once, insisting that Ali was single.

But other than Steve’s “Bachelorette” glitch — and the apology he’s supposedly going to explain tomorrow — he’s been right about most things. Or, I should say, his sources have been right. He’s not like the Fans of Reality TV sleuths. FORT doesn’t wait to be told.


Here’s the Us Magazine story:

Brad Womack, take two!

After infamously jilting both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during the season 11 finale of ABC’s The Bachelor in 2007, the Texas-bred hunk, 37, is close to signing on for a return engagement.

“Brad is very sincere and believes in the show,” a source close to the series tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). “That’s why he didn’t pick someone last time. He was never in it for the publicity. He wants to find a wife.”

But this go-round, the Austin bar owner will show a different side. “Brad knows he has to open up more,” says the insider. “Last time, he was reserved with the women.”

And while the insider says producers are also considering aspiring country singer Ty Brown, 31 — the fourth runner-up on Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette — viewers can all but rule out that round’s runner-up, Chris Lambton, 33.

“Chris has been living large,” says the source. “He isn’t ready to settle down and is having a blast being single.”


And here’s Steve’s response in his blog today:

As for “US Weekly” today claiming on their site it’s an “exclusive”, that just shows the depths of which those parasites will sink. Jeez, at least give credit where credit is due. It’s not an exclusive when I reported it two days ago AND one of your main competitors, Star Magazine, called me immediately after I posted and put it on their website Monday afternoon. So ridiculous. Every time I post a quote, or reference a story I read online about this show, I always credit who reported it or where it came from. All I ask is the same in return. Apparently that’s too much for them. I guess I somewhat understand. I mean, when a blogger in Texas is constantly beating you when it comes to inside information for this show, I guess you have to pretend you’re winning. Hell, take my website completely out of the equation. ran the story on their site TWO DAYS AGO because they actually followed up with my Twitter post and called me asking for quotes and verifying it.


Steve also says the response to Brad 2.0 has been 80/20 against. Over on our Wetpaint Bachelor site it’s more like 95/5 against.

I’m completely in favor. I don’t think this is a good idea. I think it’s a great idea.

Also cheerleading for Brad: Trista Sutter. She took to Twitter in favor of the guy. So there are at least a few of us hoping for the best.

Steve also said the filming of Brad’s season is being moved up. Taping will begin this weekend. The new season always starts the first Monday in January, so just expect that again.

I don’t know if Brad Womack has a Twitter yet, but it doesn’t look like it. I want a way to e-stalk him find out what’s going on, but it’s tough right now. FORT, can you help me?


Anyway, it looks like it’s on in a big way so catch up on my Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad archive here and bookmark for all news, gossip, spoilers, top 10 lists and other stuff. Seriously, we’re posting about 4-5 stories a day on there, even in the Bachelor “off season.” Why? Because we’re effing nuts about the stupid show! You should be too.

Brad, we know love don't come easy, but if you do return try not to drag Wes Hayden, Laurel Kagay or any other Austin, Texas, drama onto the show. K?

I’m dying. Mike Fleiss and “The Bachelor” Powers That Be are on the verge of making a good decision. I don’t know how to handle it. I’ve spent so long thinking of them as The Enemy.

But maybe this is good karma all around. Brad Womack was vilified after “The Bachelor” for picking neither DeAnna Pappas nor Jenni Croft.

I remember it was pretty shocking, because it just didn’t fit with the formula. But in hindsight, GOOD FOR HIM.

Yeah, he's a hunk.

Didn’t Chris Lambton say he would only be “The Bachelor” if he could break the rules? Well, here’s the original rule-breaker.

Yes, Jenn Schefft rejected both guys on her season of “The Bachelorette,” but she technically chose Jerry Ferris. She probably wishes she had pulled a Womack.

I was convinced Ali Fedotowsky was going to pull a Womack at the end of “The Bachelorette,” because that’s what Reality Steve was saying. He got Fleissed.

But now I am excited … because the same Reality Steve just tweeted “Definitely looking like Brad Womack is the next Bachelor. Again. Wow. Didn’t see that one. Still trying for 100% confirmation. Stay tuned.”

*Update* A few hours later, Steve tweeted “Not a rumor anymore. Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor. Expect them to officially announce it later this week, if not tonight on DWTS.”

*Update 2* On Sept. 22, Steve wrote a blog confirming yet again that it’s Brad.

So far fans seem less than thrilled.

But I think Brad deserves this second chance. After all the crap people have done after him — Jason/Molly/Melissa, Wes and his alleged girlfriend, Jake fighting with Vienna, Justin and Frank and their girlfriends — we need a guy with integrity who isn’t afraid to stand up to the brass and say “I know I’m going to get my ass kicked for this, but I know what’s right for me.” (To paraphrase a possible conversaion.)

Hell yeah, Brad Womack. I hope this is true. I am much more into Brad as the next Bachelor than Chris Lambton. 100% more.

Having said that, Keep Laurel Kagay out of it, please. She’s the one Brad supposedly dated and then Wes Hayden (also of Austin, Texas) supposedly cheated with during Jillian Harris’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Just keep her away.

Forgot the deets on Brad? Here’s some bio intel.

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All the guys seem to think Jessie Sulidis is the hottest girl. Does it matter if her top half is, uh, augmented?

**UPDATE** Here’s the scoop on the finale and winner(s)

He took a beating after “The Bachelorette” but Reality Steve’s “Bachelor Pad” spoilers have been on point.

The finale taping was last night and Steve just tweeted this:

“Just found out who won Bach Pad 2 min b4 flight takes off for Vegas. Will post after I find out more info and get situated. Prob a few hrs”

That was around 1:30 or so East Coast time. So come back later to find out what happens! I’m guessing Kiptyn Locke wins…

In the meantime, visit for all kinds of top 10 lists, news, gossip and other fun stuff.

**Update** Apparently “Prob a few hrs” means “Prob tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. I couldn’t just tweet the winner’s name because that would save people from checking my website and Twitter every 10 minutes. I like being an Elizabeth Kitt-style tease.”


Why DID they make Roberto wear a suit? Or did he insist? It's too hot for that.

By Gina Carbone

In a media conference call today, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez talked about all kinds of stuff, including spoilers.

Well, Ali talked about spoilers. Roberto steers clear of all that stuff. He is wise.

Ali, however, said she does follow all the spoilers and was upset when the rumors that she chose no one (or chose Roberto but they split up already) started coming out mid-season and led people to stop supporting her and assume she was there for the dreaded wrong reasons.


Here is Ali’s spoilers answer from the conference call:

Do you follow the spoilers and are you ever tempted to comment on stories to direct people one way or another?

Ali: Yeah, I was very well aware of the spoilers out there. I probably shared them with Roberto, he doesn’t really read into that stuff. Yeah, you know, it was tempting just because, you know, at the beginning of this season everyone sort of realized that Roberto and I had this great connection from the beginning and they were sort of rooting for us, and that was so exciting! It’s good to have people behind you and supporting you. We don’t need it, but it’s nice. And then when the sort of rumors came out that we were together or, you know, that I was single or that maybe I ended up with him but we were split up already — it was so hard because all of a sudden people went from sort of supporting us and excited about our love story to you know ‘Oh this is awful’ and you know ‘The Bachelorette is about finding love and Ali didn’t even care, she didn’t want to find love.’ So that was so hard for me. It really, really was and there were so many times when I wanted to be like ‘You’re wrong! You’re wrong!’ But I knew I needed to wait it out and, you know, all that matters now — I mean regardless of how anyone else feels — is that we have each other and we’re so happy.


You can read more of Ali and Roberto’s answers here.

She does say “you know” a lot, but I know that I do that too whenever I’m trying to explain something. I remember Kirk said “obviously” a lot during his conference call. Sometimes I’m tempted to take that stuff out, but then I think you can’t just cherry pick what you’ll keep and remove. It’s better to sound natural than to speak in soundbites. That’s my take on it, anyway.

Chris Lambton (aka The Second Coming, even to the media folks on the conference call) was interviewed right after Ali and Roberto and you should be able to read that story here. Maybe not right as I post this, but soon.

You know, maybe ABC should’ve helped Ali instead of letting her be thrown under a bus. Us Weekly turned out to be somewhat correct, so I guess they were given the correct Roberto engagement spoiler, but most of the season we were led to believe Ali chose no one.

And I don’t just mean Reality Steve. We were given a strong Ali Picks No One edit, with all the Justin and Frank drama and Chris Harrison talking about how her “insecurities” were such a big deal, and how Ali was “satisfied” with her choice in the end, happy or not. They could’ve just told us she picked someone, even if they didn’t want to say they were engaged. That would’ve ruined the big “surprise” ending, but at least Ali wouldn’t have been attacked by the increasingly cynical and disillusioned “Bachelorette” fan base.

I’m part of that fan base, too, and I feel bad if any of the spoilers and rumors I recycled ever hurt Ali. (Not that I expect her to read a low-rent, happy-to-get-a-dozen-readers blog like this.)

As the self-declared captain of Team Roberto I’m thrilled about how things turned out, but there was a point where even I was wondering if Ali had agreed to go on the show just to get a new wardrobe. This show has gotten crazy and maybe we do take the spoilers and sleuthing too far sometimes in an effort to get the full scoop, but it’s harmless fun. Or it’s supposed to be, until it turns personal and fans go on the attack.

So maybe we can all take a deep breath and remember this is “The Bachelorette,” not “True Blood” or any kind of really important show. (Kidding. Except I’m not.)


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Chris Harrison just tweeted this pic of himself, Roberto and Ali. Chris H. actually looks pretty good here.

By Gina Carbone

Chris Harrison just blogged about the season 6 finale of “The Bachelorette.”

I don’t know. Can we forgive Ali Fedotowsky’s entire season of craziness just because the ending was good? Do the ends justify the means? I say no, even though this is probably my favorite proposal ever. (Sorry Meredith and Ian!)

There was just too much drama, too much manipulation and too little love — up until the end, anyway. I still feel used.


Here’s the start of Chris’ blog post:

“I’m so happy this season is finally over and you’ve all seen how it really ended — and how beautiful that ending really was. There were more rumors, wild stories, and supposed leaks this year than ever before. I’ve wanted to tell all of you just how great this season really was, but didn’t want to give anything away and ruin the ending. Why anybody would ever want to destroy the ending of a show for you, I’ll never understand. Some people just have this need to tear down what others create.”


What others create!

I’m as guilty as anyone of spreading around rumors, hints, spoilers and speculation. It’s fun! It doesn’t ruin it for anyone who isn’t looking for that kind of harmless gossip online. I love spoilers. They’ve changed how I watch shows — in a good way.

As I said in a previous story, I respect that some people are not spoiler fans. This is a spoiler blog and obviously Reality Steve’s blog is a major spoiler site and there are others who have picked up the baton as well. But usually sites are good about doing spoiler alerts or making sure people know they are spoiler sites.

Sometimes, though, people will go on Facebook pages or comment on non-spoiler stories with spoilers and ruin it for fans who didn’t want to “know” things.

Of course, this season we all thought we “knew” that Ali picked no one, because that’s what Steve was told. Steve isn’t a sleuth like the fans on the FORT boards. He just repeats what he’s told. For once he was told wrong, and it was the ending that he was wrong about, but he’s still a good source of general intel. Maybe this will give him a dose of humility, but somehow I doubt it.

Spoilers aside, Chris H. should admit how hard he tried to mislead us on this ending. Steve may have tried to “spoil” it with his sources, but Chris H. also tried to spoil it by feeding into the idea that Ali chose no one. All that careful talk about how she’s “satisfied” with the ending, happy or not. Those ABC previews made it look like Ali was rejected by both guys.

They could’ve told us she was happy and engaged, as they have for past couples, but they didn’t. That was their choice. I don’t think they care that anyone tried to “ruin” the ending — they’re just ticked that they lost control of the spin.


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I don't even know what this cheesy pic is supposed to be about, but it's the most cloak-and-dagger thing I could find in The Bachelor/ette world.

Well, this is odd.

I watched “The Bachelor: Then and Now” on Wednesday and there was Reality Steve, saying nothing controversial at all. Nothing too interesting either. He was Mr. Exposition, giving us background on who was “the stalker” or “the crier,” etc., from the past 14 seasons of “The Bachelor.” Just the resident “expert” documentaries feature all the time.

I was surprised that they invited him onto the show only to leave him in such a generic role. No discussion of spoilers or producer manipulation. None of the stuff that makes Steve the spoiler king.

I wondered if it was because E! is connected to Disney/ABC through Comcast and they decided to play it safe while appearing to not play it safe by inviting an “outsider” like Steve to do an equally bland version of “The Stories Behind the Rose,” just on E! instead of ABC.  Now I’m wondering if there was pressure after the fact from ABC producers (*cough*MikeFleiss*cough*) angry that Steve was given such a shot of credibility — sandwiched in edits between Fleiss and Chris Harrison.

It actually makes more sense that he was removed, considering Steve wrote that ABC supposedly hired a private investigator to ferret out his sources.

It’s funny because Steve has been playing up how often the show will repeat — if you missed it on Wednesday watch it seven or eight more times this week. He’s been their PR machine.

And now it appears he’s been replaced.


According to one of the Fans of Reality TV posters on the Reality Steve spoilers page:

“One thing raises my curiosity about Reality Steve and his relationship with the Bachelor management.
On Wednesday, I saw a couple minutes of The Bachelor: Then and Now on E! I recall Fleiss, Harrison and Reality Steve as being on the small part I saw. I recorded the second half and set my recorder to get the first half. The first 2 scheduled repeats did not air. This afternoon, E! aired it again but no Reality Steve. Instead, I saw a black woman, Delaina Dixon aka TV DivaGal.
Now, I don’t know whether E! wanted more diversity or someone more telegenic than Reality Steve. However, it is possible that TPTB at ABC or The Bachelor wanted Reality Steve off the program. Curiouser and curiouser.”

Delaina Dixon is a regular on the ABC “Bachelorette” conference calls they do almost every week with departed bachelors. (There’s another one with Ali, Chris and Roberto on Tuesday.) Not sure why they would add her to replace Steve, though. If they hate him so much, why did they ask him to do the show to begin with? He wrote that they came to Dallas and spent three hours interviewing him. Why bother? Unless they were just using him for PR? Weird.


Steve is tweeting about it. He does not seem happy, but he does seem to see it as affirmation of his power:

  1. Really? Removing all my clips from the E! special & replacing them w some1 else? Now that’s funny. Guess I’ll just keep ruining their show about 3 hours ago via web
  2. I’ve said numerous times I didn’t think ABC cared what I wrote or said. Boy was I wrong. Apparently they have a hard on for me. about 3 hours ago via web
  3. @weez2610 That’s the only explanation.They don’t want my name associated w/ their franchise. Esp since the girl just reworded what I said about 3 hours ago via web in reply to weez2610
  4. @TrowbyB I was on when it aired the 1st time Wed night. Every repeat will be w me replaced w someone they got 2 basically reword what I said about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to TrowbyB
  5. @kwisnie not sure how or why, but they did. They don’t want me associated w their franchise cuz what I say is right and they know it. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to kwisnie
  6. @JRadloff nope. Not kidding. Watch the replays. One is on right now. Every clip of me is replaced by some1 saying what I said just reworded about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to JRadloff


No matter what, it’s odd. Looks to me like there’s another broadcast Sunday around 5 p.m. so I might try to catch part of it just to see if there’s any obvious reason why this would be happening. Maybe they just wanted a woman’s perspective? They did have the E! news guy, Fleiss, Chris H. and Steve, so I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted a woman’s view on a show as female-driven as “The Bachelor,” but why come to that decision after the initial airing? And why have her just repeat Steve’s words? Again, weird.


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Hints that Ali is Single

Hints that Ali Picks Chris Lambton

Hints that Ali Picks Roberto Martinez

Hints that Ali is Engaged to… Someone

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P.S. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m not related to Reality Steve. Carbone is just a fairly common Italian name. Maybe the real translation of “Carbone” is “People Who Are Too Obsessed With The Bachelor”! 🙂

No wonder we haven't seen Roberto or Chris with Ali in the final rose ceremony previews.

By Gina Carbone

Now we’re talking.

I tell you. Spend two minutes on the FORT spoiler threads and you’ll either go blind or crazy with wild ideas.

I’ve decided to go crazy.

My latest inclination — of many — is that creepy producer Mike Fleiss asked our Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky to leave Bora Bora a single woman, choosing no one in the final rose ceremony, or just not having an official FRC.

This would mean Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct, but only to a point. Like a six-digit phone number.

Then the idea is that Ali names her choice at the “After the Final Rose” special, which Steve admits he doesn’t have any intel on at this point. (He just says Frank is being a diva and doesn’t want to do it.)

The final two, Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton, already know her choice and Ali and her F1 have been in contact at the safe house or wherever. They may even have filmed some secret scenes — the alternate ending — in Bora Bora.

At any rate, it would be one way to save some kind of “surprise” for the viewers. So Steve can crow about her “single” status and claim he was right while actually being “Fleissed” about the actual outcome.

Again, just a theory. I know Steve turns his nose up at rumors and speculation, but I say keep ’em coming! Especially when they support the idea of Ali being engaged to Roberto and living with him somewhere around Irvine, California where he’ll work for State Farm and she’ll do the short commute to L.A. for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Who doesn’t want that kind of fairy tale ending?


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Memba this? Rozlyn vs. Chris at the "Women Tell All," which turned into a blatant ad for Ali to be named the next Bachelorette. Will Kirk get his Bachelor ad during Monday's "Men Tell All"? Or are they still hoping it will be Chris L.?

By Gina Carbone

The only good thing about last March’s “Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose” was that it let us know Reid Rosenthal is officially off the market.

Wait. Did I say “good thing”? I meant “good thing if you’ve invested in razor blades ’cause now there’s no reason to live.” The rest of the show was an ABC love letter to itself.

(Missed it the first time? Apparently they are running a new version of it at 10 p.m. Monday, after “The Men Tell All.”)

For whatever reason two “Stories Behind the Rose” specials are not enough, so now E! is joining the mix with the E! Entertainment Special “The Bachelor: Then & Now,” which premieres Wednesday, July 28 at 10 p.m. on E!

Not only is creepy producer Mike Fleiss quoted, along with Rozlyn Papa, Matt Grant, Jillian Harris and Andy Baldwin — and whoever else — Reality Steve wrote that he was interviewed for it as well.


To quote Steve’s latest post:

Next Wednesday night on the E! channel at 10pm EST is a 1-hour special called “The Bachelor: Then and Now”. It’s going to go through all 14 seasons of the “Bachelor” covering memorable people from each season. Well, they sent a TV crew to Dallas last month and filmed me for about three hours as we went through everyone, so I would think I should get some good run in that thing. They told me the people that will be shown are the people from each season they chose to focus on, then the only outsiders were Mike Fleiss, Chris Harrison, and myself giving commentary. I’m sure I had some memorable things to say about past characters. But at this point, honestly, I couldn’t remember one thing I said. So set your DVR’s: Wednesday night, July 28th, 10pm EST, the E! channel’s “The Bachelor: Then and Now”. And lets hope they used me for more than ten seconds.



By the way, what do you make of Kirk getting the pre-Bachelor treatment in the upcoming “Men Tell All”? In this ABC press release it sounds like Kirk gets to sit in “the hot seat” to talk about his heartbreak and how he’s now ready for love.

Isn’t that what Ali got to do in the “Women Tell All”? The WTA turned into a shameless ad for Ali to be named “The Bachelorette,” which is exactly what was announced at “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.”

Is Kirk going to be the next Bachelor? Over Chris Lambton?! Did Chris see sense and say no? Or are they just waiting to announce something during “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose”? Or will they wait until later, like October, and announce it on “Dancing with the Stars,” like they did for Jake?

What is going ON?

Anyway, there’s a reader poll here for who should be the next bachelor. Among the options are Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez, Kirk DeWindt, Ty Brown (blech), Craig Robinson or Someone Shiny and New.

Way back when, I wanted Roberto for “The Bachelor” because he’s not a lily white frat boy straight off the ABC conveyor belt. Like Chris. But now I’m wondering if an Average Guy like Craig R. wouldn’t be better. I don’t want to see him making out with chicks in hot tubs, but I don’t want to see anyone do that. Maybe a not-so-hot guy would liberate the producers to eliminate that part of the manipulated showmance.

Doubt it. But it’s worth a shot. “The Bachelorette” is always better than “The Bachelor” anyway — 25 guys are better than 1. Except maybe Reid.


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Catch up on my own nifty Bachelor/Bachelorette archive here.

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