Here's Mike Fedotowsky in Tahiti with his mom, dad, sisters and Chris Lambton.

On July 30, Ali Fedotowsky’s brother, Mike, talked to Boston’s KISS 108 about “The Bachelorette” finale. It’s only about a 10-minute interview.

Listen to it here.

It’s pretty funny and Mike, who will be on the show tomorrow along with the rest of the clan, is very good about not spilling the official beans.

But he does offer some good details:

• One of the radio hosts asks if we’ll find out in the end that Ali has a real boyfriend back home in Williamstown and they’re engaged. Mike jokes, “If you read Us Weekly, then yeah you’ll probably find that out. … They write all sorts of stuff.” (So that seems to discount Us Weekly as a source with any reliable intel. Not that we probably didn’t know that.)

• He was asked if Ali’s choice would be decided live on Monday or if it was already decided. Mike says “it’s been decided.” He and the family have known the outcome for two months. So never mind about an “After the Final Rose” choice, I guess. And if Ali’s mom is asking about a photo of Chris L. on July 17 and she knows by then who won, that could mean something. (Or not.)

• On what happens in the end, Mike says “All I can say, and you’ve heard it over and over again, is she’s happy.”

• The family is going to have some kind of finale party in Boston, which Chris fans probably shouldn’t read too much into since no one quite has dibs on Massachusetts. (Except for me. I was born there, too. It’s mine!)


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