I do love this dress.

When I first saw this New York Post story I felt deflated because of the headline and subhed: “The single girl: ‘Bachelorette’ Ali may really go home — alone.”

Dang it!

Then I got excited because I read the beginning and assumed it meant Reality Steve was wrong — Ali picks someone and is happy.

Then I realized it’s not saying that at all. Mike Fleiss is just saying most of the rumors are wrong, which could mean anything since by now about a million Ali is single, Ali picks Chris, Ali Picks Roberto, Ali is engaged to someone spoilers and counter-spoilers have been floating around.

Fleiss also says he thinks the show ends up “pretty well” for Ali. Are they playing it down so we have a huge happy ending or are they cushioning us for a blow?


Here’s a portion of the story:

Don’t believe all those Internet rumors, says Mike Fleiss, creator and executive producer of “The Bachelorette.” Perpetually lovelorn Ali Fedotowsky does get her happy ending on the series finale tomorrow night.

What that means, of course, is open to interpretation.

The blogosphere may be burning up with stories about how Fedotowsky, 25, won’t pick either of the remaining candidates, Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton, but Fleiss declares that most of the rumors are “dead wrong.” He says, “The audience is going to be very satisfied with the outcome.”

… “The finale is really good. Sometimes they can seem very orchestrated. This one is very real,” says Fedotowsky. “I feel like I made the best decision that I could.”

Fleiss says, “I think it ends up pretty well for her. I think she’s happy.”

A rainbow in Tahiti — that's Chris' mom smiling down, right? I got this pic from the FORT boards.

“Regardless of how this turns out — whether I’m with someone or not — I’m so grateful to have finally realized I don’t have to marry a guy like Frank,” says Fedotowsky. “I don’t want the chase. I want a guy like Chris or Roberto. It’s important for a woman to be with a man who adores her. That’s something you realize when you’re a grown up and I’m finally a grown up.”


I disagree about the “adore” part — that sounds so sh-ts rainbows Tenley — but we should all carefully avoid the Franks.

Speaking of rainbows, some desperate devoted Chris fans are cooking up a theory that the big surprise could be that Ali dumps Chris, but he returns after Roberto doesn’t propose or something and then Ali and Chris get together as a rainbow is splashed across the sky. I’d vomit.


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