Just call Wes Hayden and date him next.

By Gina Carbone

First of all, why did it take so freaking long for Jessie Sulidis to pick up the phone when Chris Harrison called from Ali’s room?

Second, couldn’t Chris Harrison at least try to not look so pleased at this development? I know they are taping it all, so it’s no shock to anyone (and I believe anyone includes Ali at this point. They must’ve warned her that this was going to happen) but he could try not to seem so smug. “Sorry,” he says to Ali after the call, barely hiding a smile.

The video of the phone call kills me. Not from the obvious amount of editing they have to do between the two taping stations — in Turkey and Canada — but from Jessica Spillas’ fake reaction.

She immediately bursts into tears, as if this is all about her. Tip: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. The only reason Jessica came forward, it seems, is because she found out, through Justin “Rated-R” Rego’s Facebook account, that he was also dating some chick named Kimberly Kerekes.

Full. Of. Shite.

Jessica contacted Kimberly, who was also unaware that Justin was in another relationship.

Jessica contacted fellow Canadian Jessie — who was on Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” with Ali and also lives in Toronto — and Jessie put her in touch with ABC. ABC ultimately decided to keep Kimberly out of the situation, so the phone call to Ali only includes Jessica.

Anyway, Jessica talks about how she and Justin have been dating for about two years. She knew he was going on “The Bachelorette” just to further his entertainment wrestling career. Apparently she was fine with him using Ali for sport like this.

She helped him buy his suits. She took him to the hospital when he broke his leg. She was fine with all of this until she found out that she was also being two-timed. It was OK for Ali, not for her.

And how about this chestnut from Jessica, during the video: “I’m really trying to be strong through all of this.”

Really? This is happening to you? You are the victim? PHONY.

Put her and Justin in a wrestling ring and let them fight it out. No cameras. They’ve had enough coverage for this mutual stunt.

Ali actually thanks this chick for telling her, as if some great favor has been done. And judging by photos of Justin kissing Jessica, they are still going strong. Unless these photos were taken a long time ago. But who would’ve taken paparazzi shots like this before he was a “name”?

They deserve each other. The part that really burns me? Justin is going to be on Reid Rosenthal’s upcoming Bachelor cruise. Reid, I’m disappointed in you. You should not associate with trash.

*June 30 update* Reid backed out of the cruise due to “other commitments”! It’s now being called “Fans of Reality TV Cruise.” I should have more details later, but Justin and the other guys are still on board. Literally, plus a few more names.  Justin also wants to share his side of the story. Part of me almost feels bad for him, but he did play “The Bachelorette” like “Survivor.” And lost. The tribe has spoken.


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