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My top two choices, at this point. When we see all of Emily's guys in action, I'll have some new favorites to add to the mix.

Maybe two months ago, someone asked me if Reid Rosenthal and Kristen Dalton had broken up. I didn’t think so, but I didn’t know. Now I know. Or at least I know now what Reid tweeted last month — that he and Kristen are dunzo.

Apparently I’ve been way out of the Reid loop, but it does explain why he would’ve been at that “Bachelor” reunion to begin with. Will he be on “Bachelor Pad” Season 3? Reid also tweeted a link to “Bachelor” honcho Mike Fleiss’ tweet asking who should be the next Bachelor. Is Reid throwing his hat in the ring or just supporting Bachelor Nation?

Do you think Reid should be the Season 17 Bachelor or should they go with Michael Stagliano of “Bachelor Pad” Season 2, Roberto Martinez of “The Bachelorette” Season 6, one of Emily Maynard’s rejects from “The Bachelorette” Season 8 … or someone new? They won’t go with someone new, unless it’s some new guy they cast on BP3, but if enough people push for it maybe it’ll change their minds?


All hail the King and Queen of Red Sox Nation! Obviously, since he's in uniform, she should've attacked him like she did on the Bachelorette hometown dates. Don't let the romance fade so fast.

Miss Ali, I wish you many years of joy with Roberto Martinez. But, seriously, if you ever get sick of him, I’ll be right here.

Ali turns 26 today and you should see the cute cooking video she did with Roberto this morning on Fox 5 San Diego.

You should also consider telling Tenley Molzahn what to get Ali for her birthday since they are supposedly hanging out today and Tenley is looking for advice.

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Is it finally time to give up on the idea that Chris Lambton will be the next “Bachelor”? I’m fine with a newbie. Totally down with that.

So ... maybe not then?

Why is this always the way of it with Ali and Roberto? Reality Steve says one thing, someone else says the opposite, we go back to the original rumor and then that’s refuted again. It’s exhausting.

OK! Magazine claims both Ali and Roberto will be dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” season 11, even though they live in San Diego and he just started work in an area State Farm insurance office. However…

According to the Huffington Post:

David Hasselhoff is the latest contestant to sign on with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Us Weekly reports. He joins Kirstie Alley, the Situation, Audrina Patridge and more. Despite rumors, ‘Bachelorette’ couple Ali and Roberto are not likely to participate.

Never discount Wikipedia. According to the Season 11 page:

Kurt Warner is expected to be one of the cast members, according to the Washington Post. Other confirmed contestants include Brandy, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Troy Aikman, Audrina Patridge, Michael Bolton, Teresa Giudice, Kirstie Alley and David Hasselhoff.

I am not mentally prepared to deal with The Situation flashing his abs at me for several weeks, so I choose him to go home first. I don’t care AT ALL if he’s actually a good dancer.

Sad news now:

Dmitry Chaplin, Anna Demidova & Jonathan Roberts have announced on twitter that they will not be back this season. Julianne Hough will also not be back this season as she starts filming the remake of Footloose.

Julianne thinks she is too good for DWTS now, since she’s (shudder) with Ryan Seacrest.

Good news:

Lacey Schwimmer stated that she will be returning to DWTS. Yay! Welcome back, Lacey!


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Here is Ali and Roberto's first dance on the first night of "The Bachelorette."

I hate to bring it up, but Reality Steve said a long time ago that Ali and Roberto Martinez were asked to be on the Fall 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars.”

Right after Steve posted that, Ali did interviews saying they hadn’t been asked yet. They moved to San Diego and Roberto started work with his new State Farm insurance peeps. Ali went on job interviews and they both did charity work with fellow San Diego-area resident Kiptyn Locke.

But now OK! Magazine is back to the original rumor that they will both dance in the season that starts Monday, Sept. 20 on ABC.


To quote the OK! story:

Look like Ali Fedotowksy and fiancé Roberto Martinez may be taking their love to the dance floor! OK! has caught wind of a strong rumor that the happy couple will spice up their engagement with some healthy competition on the hit ABC reality show Dancing With the Stars, and are in the contracts phase!

Ali hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet but there’s a twist — Roberto is going to compete on the show as well,” a source tells OK!.


Look at this 2005 pic of Trista and Louis! It looks so old school.

Don’t let Roberto dance with Chelsie Hightower! She’s now a curse to “Bachelor” relationships. I suggest Tony Dovolani for Ali. She probably won’t go diva like Kate Gosselin.

If this is true and Ali and Roberto join the DWTS Season 11 cast, they will follow in the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” footsteps of Trista Rehn Sutter, who danced with Louis van Amstel and was the first eliminated from Season 1 of “Dancing with the Stars”; Melissa Rycroft, who came in third with Tony on Season 8; and Jake Pavelka, who was eliminated with Chelsie in a teary farewell last season as Vienna Girardi watched stone-faced from the audience.

ABC is announcing the full cast list during next week’s “Bachelor Pad” on Monday, August 30.

Sadly, OK! says The Situation of “Jersey Shore” (aka Mike Sorrentino) will also be on the show, as will Audrina Patridge of “The Hills,” recording artist Brandy and NFL alum Kurt Warner, who supposedly led the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl win in 1998. I’d be the last to know on that.

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Even if one line of this is true, he is allowed to call other girls "hot" (especially me). He's engaged, not dead.

I was at the supermarket checkout and I saw this In Touch Weekly cover alleging Roberto Martinez secretly mocks Ali Fedotowsky’s looks, will never marry her and is just using her for fame, etc.


That’s why he moved his State Farm insurance agency to San Diego. Because he’s hoping to get a part on “Drop Dead Diva” as a steppingstone to an acting career. (Wait, that does sound familiar…)

This is bull. I think In Touch is just bitter because Us Weekly actually had the right intel about the “Bachelorette” finale proposal. So now they have to play Reality Steve to try and try to dig up some counter dirt.

I don’t buy it. Not that I think everything will always stay shiny and new in Ali + Roberto Land. She’s the one who seems to really want to milk this for fame, but since she got Dimples as part of the process, it’s just a bonus.


Anyway, here’s some stuff from the In Touch article, courtesy of Celebrity Chatta:

Ali and Roberto fell in love, got engaged and moved in together in record time — even by Bachelorette standards. While Ali, 25, may think she’s finally found her soul mate, In Touch has learned that she may not know Roberto as well as she thinks. “Roberto is not in this relationship for the long haul,” warns an insider who is close to the couple, adding that although Roberto “likes Ali,” it’s fame and fortune he’s really after. “He wants to make money and loves the attention.” Roberto appeared to illustrate this during a seemingly romantic dinner at an NYC restaurant on August 4, while the couple was in the city promoting the show. “When Ali went to the restroom, Roberto was looking at a couple of sexy women who were eating nearby,” the insider shares. “He was also talking about all the ‘hot girls’ who were in the room.”

Roberto’s friends are vocal and have a lot to say, describing him as a master manipulator. According to a friend of Roberto’s family, he has always been a “player” who “gets into girls’ pants.” Though Roberto went to great lengths on The Bachelorette to show Ali that he was ready to settle down, the family friend says she should be careful not to judge a book by its cover. “He looks all gorgeous and sweet, but in reality, he can be a jerk,” the friend reveals. And as hard as he may have worked to win her heart, the friend says, Ali isn’t Roberto’s type — physically or emotionally. “He always criticizes all- American girls,” the friend explains, adding that Ali seems like a “career woman” — a trait Roberto is usually turned off by. “He’s very conservative, and wants to be with a woman who’ll be there when he gets home. He told me he’d never marry a girl like her.” Even though Ali’s flaunting her ring these days, the friend says she shouldn’t take Roberto’s proposal too seriously.


Some “friend.” Even if Ali wasn’t typically Roberto’s type before the show — and there’s no reason to believe that — he seems to like her now. He didn’t have to move cross-country to be with her. And they’re not even in Hollywood. Actions speak louder than words and it’s looking like his actions are for Team Ali, not Team Former Friend Who Wants To Make A Quick Buck Off The Tabloids.


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I'll miss seeing photos like this.

I haven’t done this since Ali Fedotowsky’s pre-season conference call, but I’m going to just copy and paste the full transcript of Ali and Roberto Martinez’s call, then the call with Chris Lambton.

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      • Operator: Welcome to Disney’s “The Bachelorette” call with Natalia Desrosiers as the leader.  This call is being recorded.  By staying on this call, you are confirming that you consent to this recording.  If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time.  Thank you, Ms. Desrosiers, you may begin your call.
      • Natalia Desrosiers: Thank you.  Hi, everyone.  Good afternoon or good morning, depending on where you are.  Thank you for being on this call for the season finale of the “The Bachelorette.”  Today, we have Ali and Roberto with me in L.A. and once we have finished talking with them, you’ll have the chance to speak with our runner-up, Chris Lambton.
      • Just a few things — with some of you, you might care about — what Ali was wearing last night and what designer.  Ali had on a Alberto Makali dress and Roberto had on Hugo Boss and the amazing engagement ring that Ali is wearing today is diamond and platinum.  It’s a 3.03 karat ring set with a central Asscher-cut diamond accented by 184 round brilliant-cut diamonds in a fine handmade setting.  It’s worth $50,000 and it was custom designed by Neil Lane and it really is beautiful.
      • I’m going to ask that each one of you ask one question at a time because we have a lot of people on the call and we’ll keep going around until you’re done within the time we’ve allotted for you.  OK, let’s get started.
      • Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, to ask a question, please press star then one on your telephone keypad.  Again, to ask a question, please press star one on your telephone keypad.
      • Your first question comes from Robyn Ross from
      • Robyn Ross: Hi, Ali.  Hi, Roberto.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Roberto Martinez: Hey, how’s it going?
      • Robyn Ross: Congratulations.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you, thank you.
      • Robyn Ross: So, Ali, your whole concern going into the show was, how would you know if they’re really going to love you back, so, what made you take the leap of faith, I’d say, that he would propose?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: You know, that was definitely a fear of mine, but, my relationship with the Roberto is so strong, that I felt, I had faith, that if I took that risk and he’s the only man I brought to the end.  I have faith that he feels the same way about me and you always have a fear, but I think what’s so great about me, sort of overcoming that fear, is I overcame it in the best possible way.  I didn’t have two guys at the end, I just had that one.  So, I feel really good.
      • Robyn Ross: Congratulations, again.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Paulette Cohn from ETonline.
      • Paulette Cohn: Good morning.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Roberto Martinez: Good morning.
      • Paulette Cohn: Ali, when I spoke to you after the “Frank” episode, I asked you this question and you said you would answer it for me on this call.  When did you know your final decision?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I knew for sure, with a 100 percent that it was Roberto, during our last date together.  You know, when we were in the rain and, like, and together and just everything was just so perfect and wonderful and I felt so good and I didn’t want to be with anyone else.  At the end of night, normally, you know, I’d be like, “OK, I need to stop focusing on this guy and I need to focus on the next guy.”
      • You know, I need to – in my date with Roberto, I’m focused on Chris, but I couldn’t focus on Chris.  I just want to spend more time with Roberto.  So, that’s when I knew for sure.  But in retrospect, looking sort of back to the first night, that feeling that I have when I saw him was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  So, I don’t know.  I kind of think I fell in love at first sight.
      • Paulette Cohn: Great.  Thank you.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thanks.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Matarese from WABC-TV.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi, Ali and Roberto.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hi.
      • Roberto Martinez: Hey.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi.  So, my question is:  what were your family’s reactions to finding out that you were engaged?
      • Roberto Martinez: My family was extreme.  I couldn’t hold it in.  As soon as I got back to Tampa after the finale was taped, I told my parents right away and (they were) nothing but excited.  They loved Ali when they met her and now they’re looking forward spending more time with her.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: You know, what’s so cute, I talked to his parents last night when we were at Jimmy Kimmel and they are just so cute and his mom was like, “I love you, Ali.”  And we were – I was, like, crying when I was talking to her.  It’s just a beautiful moment for all of us, and I waited a little bit to tell my parents not because they wouldn’t be thrilled – they loved Roberto when they met him – but because I didn’t want them to feel tempted to share the information.  It’s such a huge secret to hold on to.  So, I waited a little bit but when I told them, they were like, “Yes, we already knew.  It’s so obvious.”  And I was like, “OK.”
      • So, they’re so happy for me and they just love this guy and there like “when can we come out?  When can we come out and be with you two and get to know Robert better?”  And I’m like, “Oh, as soon as we can.  You know, we have a lot of going on right now.”
      • Jennifer Matarese: Thank you.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes, thanks.
      • Roberto Martinez: You’re welcome.
      • Operator: You’re next question comes from Shari Von Holten from
      • Shari Von Holten: Hi, guys.  Congratulations.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Hey, thank you very much.
      • Shari Von Holten: Ali, you had said – I’ve been watching every one of you’re – you know, talk shows that you’ve been on this morning.  So, my question is you say that you wonder what you’re going to pursue on the future.  Do you plan on going back to a Facebook-type position or do you plan on maybe going into television?  What’s next for you?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes, you know, I feel like I’ve been, you know, my reason for being The Bachelorette was 100 percent, you know? I don’t care what anyone says, my reason was to find love and with being The Bachelorette, there’s also this, you know, media frenzy, and all this publicity that, you know, has brought a lot of good things into my life and giving me opportunities to do things in charity that – for charity that I’m so grateful for.
      • So, yes, you know, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Facebook but who knows?  I definitely have some people that are advising me right now and helping represent me so I can figure out what’s the best move.  I want to do this right, I want to do this right from, you know, from my relationship, for Roberto, for me and just make the best of this, you know, blessing that we’ve been given, you know, to I guess just do good in the world and I want to do more of that.
      • Shari Von Holten: Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TVGrapevine.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Al Mellis: Hello, guys, and congratulations.  I’ve watched the whole season.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      • Al Mellis: My question is for Roberto because the pretty lady is getting all the questions.
      • Roberto Martinez: She’s good at answering.
      • Al Mellis: I’m from Charleston as well, actually up the road a bit but…
      • Roberto Martinez: Wow, OK.  Where are you from?
      • Al Mellis: I live in Goose Creek so the property value’s probably a little different from what you are selling.
      • Roberto Martinez: You’re in Goose Creek.
      • Al Mellis: Yes.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes, I know Goose Creek.
      • Al Mellis: There you go.  Anyhow, The Bachelorette made a big deal out of you playing ball.  Are you still going to be pursuing that line or you’re just going to be selling real state in San Diego?
      • Roberto Martinez: Insurance.
      • Al Mellis: Insurance.
      • Roberto Martinez: No, that’s OK.  No, I think baseball is just a big part of my life, but no, I think that’s definitely in the past and it’s just, you know, I think we did on the hometown days – that will be something fun to do – and it’s part of who I am, you know.  Baseball is definitely part of my past.  Unless the Yankees call me up and need a starting pitcher, then yes, I think – actually we’re going to the game tomorrow.  So, if they need somebody to come and relieve, I’d be happy to do that but I probably will not be pursuing it.
      • Al Mellis: Good luck with your insurance career and hope it all works well for you guys.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you so much.  I appreciate it.
      • Al Mellis: OK.
      • Operator: Your next question is from Gina Carbone from Wetpaint.
      • Gina Carbone: Hi, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Roberto Martinez: Hey.
      • Gina Carbone: I wanted to ask you guys about the spoilers out there.  There were so many this season.  Did you follow them and were you ever tempted to comment on stories that’s sort of direct people one way or the other?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes.  I was very well aware of the spoilers out there.  I probably shared them with Roberto.  He doesn’t really read into that stuff but, yes, you know, and it was tempting just because, you know, at the beginning of the season everyone was sort of, you know, realize that Roberto and I have this great connection from the beginning and they were sort of rooting for us and that was so exciting.  You know, it’s good to have people behind you and supporting you.
      • I mean, we don’t need it but it’s nice and then when the, sort of, rumors came out that we were together or, you know, that I was single or maybe I ended with him but that we were split up already, was so hard because all of sudden people went from sort of supporting us and excited about our love story too, you know, this awful and, you know, The Bachelorette is about finding love and Ali didn’t even care, she didn’t want to find love and this was – that was so hard for me.  It really, really was and there were so many times I wanted to be like, “You’re wrong, you’re wrong.”  But I knew I just, you know, needed to wait it out and, you know, all that matters now, I mean, regardless how anyone else feels is that we have each other and we’re so happy.
      • Gina Carbone: Well, good.  I’m glad it worked out for you.  Thank you.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you so much.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Still from
      • Jennifer Still: Hi, guys.  Congratulations.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you, thank you.
      • Jennifer Still: So, my question is actually for Roberto.  How does it feel when Ali told you sort of at the finale, at the Final Rose Ceremony, that you were the only man there?  Were you shocked about that?  How does that feel?
      • Roberto Martinez: I was shocked.  Because, you know, part of the whole deciding to propose thing because, yes, I only want to do that once in my life and it made it a little bit, I guess, not difficult but it was definitely in my mind that there’s another guy here.  So, it was definitely a thought on my mind throughout the day when she finally told me, I was shocked.  I knew, little that I did know about the show, I knew that normally it ends with two guys or two girls at the last rose ceremony.  So, it was definitely a good feeling but I knew that things were going to turn out well as I walked up the steps and I saw her smile and I knew it was good.
      • Jennifer Still: Great.  Thank you so much.
      • Roberto Martinez: You’re welcome.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Stacey Becker from
      • Stacey Becker: Hi, Roberto and Ali.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Roberto Martinez: Howdy?
      • Jennifer Still: You guys made me cry last night.  It was just so amazing.  My question is what is something that each of you learned about each other that you didn’t know already just from the show?  Like that you’ve learned since the finale?
      • Roberto Martinez: I think for me, I mean, not that I didn’t know it but Ali’s such so supportive and so – I mean, watching the show and everything, it has it’s great moments but it also has kind of difficult moments for me, you know, just having to watch her relationships with all the other guys.  So, it just kind of solidifying that she’s just a great person.  She’s supportive and she’s more than I could ever hope for.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: And I guess, I’m dwelling on the sort of same lines is, you know, one thing that, you know – I’m sorry, choking right now.
      • Roberto Martinez: Are you OK?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: So sorry.  I was eating oatmeal because we didn’t have breakfast, you know, I got it caught in my pipe, it was the wrong one.  Sorry.
      • But I think it’s like that kind, genuine, sort of romantic about Roberto, you know, there’s always sort of that little bit of wonder, is yes I want to see dance with me in the street, you know, you do that always and what I’ve just been so grateful to learn about his is that he is like that at home.  You know, when we have these little secret, you know, hideaway spots together, he would dance with me in the kitchen and he does tell me, you know, he said in his proposal I want you to know, you know, every morning knowing you’re so, so loved.  He does.  He tells me that.  It’s unbelievable, the man he is and I think just knowing that transferred over into our lives outside of The Bachelorette, it’s such a great thing and I’m so – I appreciate him so much.
      • Jennifer Still: Thank you.  I love you, guys.  Congratulations.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you so much.
      • Roberto Martinez: I’m a lucky man.
      • Jennifer Still: Yes.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Walt Belcher from Tampa Tribune.
      • Walt Belcher: Hey, Roberto.
      • Roberto Martinez: Tampa Tribune.
      • Walt Belcher: There you are, our hometown guy.  Listen, are you a Rays fan, I hope?
      • Roberto Martinez: I love the Rays.
      • Walt Belcher: When are you guys going to come back and visit this area?  And I guess how are you going to avoid the pitfalls of all those other couples who – I don’t know how many made it to the altar after the show was over – but you know…
      • Roberto Martinez: I think we talked about going to Tampa really soon.  I think that’s on the top of the list and I actually got a text message from my college coach at the University of Tampa that the Rays want me to throw out a first pitch, so I’ll be honored to do that.  So, hopefully we go to Rays game down there and so soon, to answer that question.
      • And your next question, I think for me, it’s just – she’ll always be a priority for me.  There’ll always be at the top of my list.  I mean, it’s she’s what makes everything else worth it and to me that’s what life is about and sharing your life with somebody special and she’s that special person for me so she’s always going to be at the top of my list.  Other than that, I mean, I don’t know.  I haven’t really followed too many of the other couples so I don’t really think in terms of we’re a Bachelorette couple.  I just think of it in normal terms.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes.  We’re just a normal couple and we’re in love and we’re happy and, you know, there’s no reason for us to think that it won’t work, you know, so.
      • Walt Belcher: Well, that’s great.  And that was – was that Coach Urso?
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.  That’s Coach, yes.  Coach Urso.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I saw him and he’s been rooting for you.
      • Roberto Martinez: He’s awesome.
      • Walt Belcher: All right.  Thanks a lot.  Good luck, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question is from Kirstin Benson from Hollywood Life.
      • Kirstin Benson: Hi, guys.  How are you doing?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hi.  Good.
      • Roberto Martinez: Doing well.
      • Kirstin Benson: Good.  My question is for both of you.  I’m wondering how you guys kept under wraps the whole time, and then also, Roberto, when you heard these rumors that Ali was seeing Matt Leinart, what was your reaction to that?
      • Roberto Martinez: What was the first question again?  How we kept it under wraps?
      • Kirstin Benson: Yes.
      • Roberto Martinez: Poker face.  Yes.  Everybody wants to know.  I don’t know.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: He has a terrible poker face.
      • Roberto Martinez: No, I did pretty good.  I did pretty good.  But I don’t know, just – sharing with her and I don’t know.  It’s tough.  It definitely has its hard moments but you do what you can.
      • About the Matt Leinart thing.  Yes, I don’t know.  That’s the reason I really don’t keep up with the tabloids and everything else because it’s easy to get caught up in that so I tend to steer away from it.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: We laughed about it.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Remember when I brought it to you and I was like, “Oh, look who I’m dating.”
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.  It’s just – it’s just kind of – yes.  It’s just a big joke but we trust each other and we communicate really well and that’s I think was the strong part of relationship and it’s just funny.
      • Kirstin Benson: Great.  Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Amanda Hamilton with
      • Amanda Hamilton: Hi, guys.  How are you this morning?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Great.
      • Roberto Martinez: Doing good.
      • Amanda Hamilton: Congratulations on your engagement.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Gracias.
      • Amanda Hamilton: You two know that the other bachelors that were in the house, probably especially Roberto better than anyone at this point.  If ABC decided to make one of those guys the new Bachelor, which one do you think would be the best for that experience?
      • Roberto Martinez: Which two guys are you referring to?
      • Amanda Hamilton: Any of them?
      • Roberto Martinez: I think the obvious choice is – I would say it’s Chris.  And among the other guys, it was just a really good group.  I mean I could name off a couple of names.  Kirk was a great guy.  Craig was a great guy.  I get along with Ty.  So, I mean I think they – I wish them all the best.  I hope they find happiness.  If they want to do that using this kind of vehicle to do it, then I send them my blessings.
      • Amanda Hamilton: Excellent.  Ali, do you have any thoughts about who would make a great Bachelor?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I completely agree with Roberto.  I think, you know, if Chris chooses to do it, I think it’s his, you know, the experience and I say I just want him to be happy and we wish him the absolute best and if decides to do it and same that Roberto said.  You know, I love Kirk.  Craig is just hysterical, super fun to be around.  He’d make a great Bachelor.  I mean, there’s some of the things that he said in the show, he had me cracking up so I know it’d be really entertaining.  So, yes, there’s a few options, I think.
      • Amanda Hamilton: Excellent.  Thank you guys so much.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thanks.
      • Roberto Martinez: You’re welcome.  Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Alison Gallo from Star Magazine.
      • Allison Gallo: Hi, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Allison Gallo: This question’s for Ali.  Was there ever a time after, you know, a broken or failed relationship that you’ve had that you felt you’d never find love again?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: You know, I don’t know that I ever felt that way.  But you know, after I guess, sort of my last serious relationship, I definitely wondered like how I was going to find a guy that was going to treat me the way that I felt a woman should be treated, a person should be treated in a relationship and – so, yes, I did feel a little bit down but you know what?  I think what’s so great about my relationship now is Roberto is that the way he treats me, the way he loves me, I never could have imagine how good it can really be.
      • And you know, I’ve seen some of my great friends, best friends, who are married and have wonderful marriages and I always wonder, “God, will I really find that guy?”  You know, who is just going to love me like that.  And now that I have, it’s like a feeling I can’t even describe.  I never knew a love like this was even possible.
      • Allison Gallo: Congratulations.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you, baby.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Amy Kaufman from the L.A. Times.
      • Amy Kaufman: Hey, you guys, you sound so cute over there.  So, I just want to ask you, you know, obviously you haven’t been the best year for Bachelor couples with the track record, Jake and Vienna and Jillian and Ed, realistically does that scare you?  Because I know a lot of them points to, right after they get off the show, it’s a transitory moment, you know, there’s no helicopters and roses, have you noticed a lot of differences and how, you know, worked through the town just as becoming kind of a quote “real-life couple.”
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes, I mean, I think we’re both really simple.  You know, we appreciate the simple things in life.  So, we don’t want the helicopters and you know, the crazy, you know, lavishness of all the dates.  We just want to hold hands walking down the street, you know.
      • And in terms of failed relationships, you know, we realize that there’s then a few and I guess, we’ve talked about is that we don’t consider ourselves, I guess, a Bachelorette couple.  I mean, we are but we don’t lump it into us into a category.  We just realize that we’re in love.  To us, we’re just a normal couple.  We’re not – I don’t know.  To be categorized, I guess I feel like.
      • Roberto Martinez: You know what, for me, throughout the whole show and we had all these, you know, amazing dates and we went all these places but I always kind of kept it in perspective.  This is not what a normal life will be like to such degree, you know, going on this lavish trips all the time and – so, early on, I just pictured my life with her doing simple little things and that – honestly, I couldn’t wait for that and now that it’s finally here, I’m just so excited, so it’s good.
      • Amy Kaufman: Cool.  You guys better (look out).
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Eudie Pac from Fancast.
      • Eudie Pac: Hi, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hi.
      • Roberto Martinez: Howdy?
      • Eudie Pac: So, I have a question for you, Roberto.  A few weeks ago, there were rumors about you having an estranged girlfriend by the Gabrielle Ortiz who claims you disappeared and cut off all communication with her after two months of dating and I’m wondering if you have any comment, like, [do you] even know this person?
      • Roberto Martinez: You know, I’ll say this.  I thought she was a friend and, you know, I was just kind of disappointed in the whole thing and, you know, there’s not really a whole lot more I want to say about that but other than, you know, it’s just the whole thing was disappointing to read about.
      • Eudie Pac: OK.  OK.  And one question for Ali, going back to your job prospects, if you’re tinkering with the idea of staying in front of the cameras and Roberto stays in the insurance, does it make you at all nervous seeing how being in the limelight affected Jake and Vienna?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: No.  It really, really doesn’t.  I think that the limelight and you know “Dancing with the Stars” and all those things, you know, that’s not what tore Jake and Vienna apart.  What tore Jake and Vienna apart is, you know, something within the relationship.  The relationship was already broken.
      • And you know, lots of couples, you know, look at, you know, I don’t know we’ve been comparing to, you know, the bigger version of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.  Look at them, you know, they are both in show business and I mean, from what I know of the relationship, they’re super in love, they make it work.  I think the strong, you know, if you have a strong foundation in relationship, you make it work and we talk about it all the time.
      • We, you know, we sat down with Cameron from “All My Children” on “Good Morning America” and we, you know, he was on “Dancing with the Stars” and we haven’t been asked but we know it could be a possibility hopefully and we asked him, “You know, you sort of did that and you’re happily married, give us some advice.  You know, tell us – we want to make sure we put each other first and we make this work.  What is your advice?”
      • And we’re just going about it in the best way we know how and, you know, I think honestly right now for me, I know that this is sort of, you know, in terms of staying active I guess and staying busy, me staying sort of in this entertainment world a little bit, you know, as much as I guess people would want me to, will keep me busy and he’s going to be super busy with his insurance company.  So, if I was sitting home all day, doing nothing being a housewife, I’d probably wouldn’t like that too much.  So, I think it’ll be healthy for us to both stay busy but just always put each other first.
      • Eudie Pac: Awesome.  All right.  Thanks, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thanks.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Delaina Dixon: Hey, guys, congratulations.  Can you hear me?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes.  Thanks, Delaina.  We can hear you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Perfect.
      • Delaina Dixon: Wonderful.  OK.  My question is, I know it’s a little early to discuss and you know – I seen it on the television yesterday but what are your plans for a dream wedding and did you guys know each other or meet or encounter each other before the show?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes, we definitely do not know each other before the show.
      • Roberto Martinez: I wish I did.  I wouldn’t have needed to go on the show.  I would have filled her up right there.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: He did play baseball for the SteepleCats which is in the town next to my hometown and we’ve been talking and it’s funny, you know, my sister even wrote me and said, “Oh, my gosh.”  I think, you know, Roberto actually met this guy who’s a friend of ours at this place and I think when I actually go home to my hometown, it’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there is in our lives there that we never even knew about.  And then – what was the other question?
      • Delaina Dixon: Dream wedding.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Dream wedding, yes.  For now we’ve been together about three months and we’ve talked about it since that we taped the finale and got engaged, and you know, it’s so hard to answer that question because, yes, we’ve talked it.  We’ve said possible spring, summer of next year but we also are like well, if we say that and then we get really busy, you know, and we don’t get married and – people are going to start saying that something’s wrong in our household.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: So, we’re kind of like, God, maybe we just don’t even say that.  But we’re just happy.
      • Roberto Martinez: Enjoying life one day at a time.
      • Delaina Dixon: You will be doing it on TV?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes.  I mean, we talked about that too, going into that.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes, I think we’re definitely open to the idea.  I think, the money we can save from that we can use to, you know, invest in our lives and, you know, our life together and – you know what, it’d be kind of cool just to share that moment with everybody as well and be able have my family there and experience that with us, I think it’s really what’s important to them.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Roberto has a big family and his mom told me that he’s thinking along the lines of 700 people at the wedding.
      • Roberto Martinez: A very big number….
      • Ali Fedotowsky: So, that could get expensive.  So, we were thinking, you know, it just makes sense for us to just take the money we’ll spend in a wedding, and yes, invest it in our future, in our home, in our, you know, potential children’s future.  So, we feel like that’s what’s really important and that’s what we should be focusing on.
      • Delaina Dixon: Thank you, guys.  Good luck with everything.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you so much.
      • Operator: You have a follow-up from Robyn Ross from
      • Robyn Ross: Ali, wanted to know if your bridesmaid’s dresses were going to be yellow?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I’m pretty sure.  I actually have because of that – there will certainly be yellow in the wedding.  If not, maybe white dresses and splash it of yellow on, you know, ribbon or I don’t know or something.
      • Robyn Ross: And do you have any other detail that you’ve sort of been thinking about or always have in mind when you thought about your wedding?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: No.  I read people saying I was considering certain designers and I’ve never done that but I have made a couple of comments in the past about, you know, comfortable shoes I would like to wear during my wedding.  I thought about that.  And yes, you know, we’ll have to see. I just really wanted to be beautiful, simple, elegant, and you know, whatever it is.  Honestly, if we were in paper bags, you know, like dancing around the bonfire, that would be perfect.
      • Robyn Ross: And Roberto, do you want to be involved or do a lot of planning?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Will I be involved?
      • Robyn Ross: Well, Roberto, does he want to be involved?
      • Roberto Martinez: Do I want to be involved?
      • Robyn Ross: Yes.  Do you have any sort of ideas, things that you would want?
      • Roberto Martinez: You know, I think what’s important to me, obvious that she’s there.  Other than that, just my family, make sure we’ve, you know, get a little place to dance and we got some good music and be comfortable.  I want her to enjoy it and I don’t know.  I’m sure I’ll be involved.
      • Robyn Ross: Great.  Well, congratulations again.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you very much.
      • Operator: And you have a follow-up from Paulette Cohn from ETonline.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Paulette Cohn: So, Roberto moved in across the country to be with you.  Your move from San Francisco isn’t so big.  Does that put a lot of pressure on the relationship or is it good for you both to start over in a new place?
      • Roberto Martinez: I mean, I wouldn’t say it but if anything and for me it helps.  I mean, I wanted to be closer to her and to me was this decision I have to make with my business to – I had to make the decision quickly and it was a no-brainer.  I had to be – I wanted to be close to her.  So, I wouldn’t say if it’s pressure on the relationship, I’d say it helps if it’s anything.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Yes.  We’re so excited.  Like, it’s so hard because he’s been living in our place in San Diego for three weeks now and, you know, I want to go down see it and be there and it’s – we’re just super excited about it.  We don’t feel any pressure.  For us, it was – you know, I’m so lucky that, you know, Roberto is modest but he like, you know, he’d sacrifice a lot to make this move for me and I thank him so much for doing that.
      • Paulette Cohn: OK.  Because you did tell me that, “Yes, I’m going to live in L.A. but just outside where I can drive and…”
      • Ali Fedotowsky: You know, we want to just stay out of the, you know, the hustle.  I think that’s one of the things, you know, in terms of making our relationship work.  Roberto was offered, you know, to start with his agency by his company right in L.A. and you know, Beverly Hills’ L.A. and we didn’t want to do that because we thought that would put a lot of stress in our relationship, you know, walking out of our apartment, you know, potential paparazzi following us everywhere.
      • So, we knew that, you know, we could still stay involved in this set up here but be removed.  You know, San Diego is so beautiful and peaceful that it’s just going to be such a nice place for us to start our life together.
      • Paulette Cohn: Great.  Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Operator: Your final question will come from the line of Al Mellis from TVGrapevine.
      • Al Mellis: Hi, guys.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Hello.
      • Al Mellis: I got one last.  It’s a tough question for both of you but it’s just sort of an interesting sappy question.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: OK.
      • Al Mellis: You both got a long road ahead of you.  I’ve been married a long time.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Well, congratulations.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes, congrats.
      • Al Mellis: Twenty years.  Yes, there you go.  How many years?  Too many, can’t keep count.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Too little.
      • Al Mellis: Not too many, not too many but can’t keep counting.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes, there you go.
      • Al Mellis: It comes with a (inaudible) to keep track of.
      • Roberto Martinez: Yes.
      • Al Mellis: The question would be if you were to look at each other right now and ask yourself or say to the other person the one thing you’re going to need to work on over the coming years that will make me even happier is, how would you finish that?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: The only thing I would say to him would be you’re going to have to work on keeping the kitchen a little bit cleaner.  Roberto’s, you know, got a good appetite.  He likes food.  He likes to eat and he sometimes makes a mess in the kitchen and little ants going to crawl and then get the food and so for me that – keeping the clean could cause little unnecessary fights that we don’t want.  He is working on that and I’m sure there’s plenty I need to work on.
      • Roberto Martinez: No, no, no.  She’s awesome.  Maybe, babe, she gets a little grumpy when she’s hungry.  So, maybe that’s taking out on me so much.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I do.  When I’m hungry, I get little Miss Grumpy.
      • Al Mellis: OK.  Just a follow up to that.  It’s all food you’re talking about.  It just popped into my mind.  Ali, are you going…
      • Ali Fedotowsky: I was like pretty much revolves around food.
      • Al Mellis: Ali, are you going to learn how to cook Italian?
      • Ali Fedotowsky: My goodness.  Well, if anything I got to learn to cook some Spanish food for this one, but I think we might be ordering in a lot.  But, yes, I think it can be really fun that we’ll do, you know, is like learn to cook together.  You know, maybe do like cooking classes there or something.  That would be really fun.
      • Al Mellis: There you go.  Well, thank you for your time, guys, and good luck to both of you.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the allotted time for the questions and answers for this section.
      • Ali Fedotowsky: Thank you everyone.
      • Roberto Martinez: Thank you.
      • Operator: Please hold.
      • Natalia Desrosiers: OK, everyone, we are going to bring on Chris Lambton, our runner-up from last night.
      • Operator: Mr. Lambton is online.
      • Chris Lambton: Hello?
      • Natalia Desrosiers: Hi, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: How are you?
      • Natalia Desrosiers: I’m good.  How are you doing?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad, thank you.
      • Natalia Desrosiers: Good.  So, whenever we are ready, we’re good to go.
      • Chris Lambton: OK.
      • Operator: And ladies and gentlemen, to ask a question, please press star then 1.  Again, star one for any questions.
      • Your first question comes from Robyn Ross from
      • Robyn Ross: Hi, Chris.  How are you?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad, thank you.  How are you?
      • Robyn Ross: Good.  I have to tell you, I have, like, a million text messages this morning saying how do I apply to be on The Bachelor, [and] if Chris is going to be the next guy?  So, a lot of people out there are rooting for you.  I just want you to know that.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you very much.
      • Robyn Ross: So, what did you learn going this experience that in this relationship with Ali that you’re going to take to your next relationship?
      • Chris Lambton: I think I just learned just, you know, to be open and to kind of just try to give as much as you can in a relationship even though that we at circumstance, you know, I still learned to put myself out there.
      • Robyn Ross: Do you feel like you’re ready to start dating again?
      • Chris Lambton: Yes.  Like watching last night was, is very strange.  I’m not going to lie.  And it just felt like, just hung again, you know, even though it was obviously taped.  So, you know, I definitely had some emotions coming back last night and it’s hard to watch.  But, you know, I’m always ready for the perfect girl to come into my life.
      • Robyn Ross: Well, thank you so much for taking the time.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.  Thank you very much as well.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Matarese from WABC-TV.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: Hi, how are you?
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi.  Great.  How are you?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad, thank you.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Good.  So, the big question is would you want to be the next Bachelor if you were given the opportunity?
      • Chris Lambton: That’s an excellent question.  Honestly, it’s something that I’ll have to think long and hard about because it was hard watching, you know, so much of my personal life and intimate details of like dating and love on TV.  And, you know, it’s hard to share that kind of thing with many millions of people who watch the show.  So, I mean, it’s definitely something that I’ll have to, you know, really, really think about.  I’m not really sure if I want to share all that again.
      • Jennifer Matarese: OK.  All right.  Thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: You’re welcome.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Still from
      • Jennifer Still: Hi, Chris.  How are you?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad.  Thank you.  Yourself?
      • Jennifer Still: I’m well, thanks.  You know, you said previously that you’re really thankful that Ali let you go before the final date.  Did you expect her decision?  Like, how surprising was that?  Or did you feel that you and Ali really had a connection and that she might choose you?
      • Chris Lambton: I mean, I definitely thought that we had a connection.  Whenever we hang out, I mean, there was just – it was easy.  We could just talk.  We could have fun.  I mean, it was never forced even from the first time we talked.  And then honestly, you know, it got down to just Roberto and I.  Obviously, then, I think I even have a better chance.  And then, you know, when she came up to my hut that day, I mean she’s walking up the stairs, usually when she’s with me there’s a, like, big smile and she starts laughing, you know.  And she’s walking those stairs and I saw her face and I was like, oh-oh.  I think I don’t think this is going to go too well.
      • Jennifer Still: Great.  Thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: You’re welcome.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Amanda Hamilton from
      • Amanda Hamilton: Hi, Chris.  Thank you so much for taking this call.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Amanda Hamilton: You’ve said several times that you were really thankful for sort of Ali letting you go when she did and that you respected her decision but was there any part of you that was angry or upset because you have invested so much and felt like maybe you wanted that one more day to spend with her?
      • Chris Lambton: I was definitely not angry or upset because, I mean, you can’t force love, you know.  I mean, and if didn’t want to reciprocate it, then, you know, she’s not the right one for me.  So, that’s why I was thankful.
      • I’m thankful that she didn’t prolong [it] and she, in fact, knew 100 percent that it was Roberto.  I mean, that’s just – like I said, that shows some kind of girl she is.  She’s an amazing woman and she didn’t want to make me hurt.  If she had kept me around that day for another date and then to go over there The Final Rose Ceremony, that would have hurt me even more.
      • Amanda Hamilton: Excellent.  Thank you so much.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Amy Kaufman from the L.A. Times.
      • Amy Kaufman: Hey, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: How are you?
      • Amy Kaufman: Good.  How are you?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad, I’d say.
      • Amy Kaufman: So, I wanted to ask you, you were saying earlier that if you were asked to be the next Bachelor, it’s something you’d really have to think about because of the fact that you share so much in your personal life and it sounded like that was something that was difficult for you this season.  I mean, respecting that so much was going to be revealed and talked about seeing all that on TV and responding to it.
      • Chris Lambton: You know going into that, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean, I never watched the show before so I wasn’t really, you know, up on it.  I never really thought about how far I’d make on the show and how deep I was getting, you know, feelings-wise, emotion-wise.  And, you know, when I actually got as far as you can get without, you know, ending up engaged, you know, watching that all again was – it was very difficult.  And, you know, especially last night, that was very hard to watch.  It was.
      • Amy Kaufman: It seems like, you know, it’s just that other thing is like everyone is saying, you know, you were such a good guy, you handled it so well.  I mean, is there any – how are you dealing so well and being so polite and not lashing out, like there must be some part of you that’s like what the hell?
      • Chris Lambton: You know, I mean, right when she did that, I was like – I didn’t expect it.  I was, like, shocked.  And then, you know, next thing you know, I was, like, on a plane going back to L.A., and it didn’t really set in for a couple of days, honestly, because, you know, I didn’t expect that to happen.
      • But then, you know, looking back on it, again, I mean, I just really respect the fact that she didn’t, you know, keeping me around and if they think that I have an even better chance and make me fall deeper in love with her and she, you know, because she knew what she wanted and she wanted someone else and, you know, I have to respect that.  I mean, I say I wish it was me.  But, again, in a relationship it takes two, and it didn’t work out that time.
      • Amy Kaufman: Right.  Well, good luck.
      • Chris Lambton: Well, thank you very much.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Stacey Becker from
      • Stacey Becker: Chris, hi.  How are you?
      • Chris Lambton: I’m very well, thank you.  Yourself?
      • Stacey Becker: I’m good.  And I just want you to know that, you know, just speaking on behalf of all women who have watched the show which is probably in the million, you are just so loved and, you know, hearing you talk about being sad about the results of the show, I think makes us sad because, you know, you’re every woman’s son, friend, brother, you’re like the dream guy.  You’re like a new American hero and I just want you to know that if you decided to be the next Bachelor, I think you’ll have a cult following.  I think it’d be the best Bachelor they ever had and it makes me sad to hear sad because I just think you’re one of the greatest guys.  I’m married, my husband was scared watching me watch you on the show.
      • I mean, I got like thousands of E-mails, text messages, I have my own blog and people were just writing in all ages – single, married, grandparents – and I just, I don’t – it sounds like you’re not even cognizant of how much you’re adored and I just wanted to ask you, like, are you aware of how popular you are, how loved you are?
      • Chris Lambton: You know, I get a lot of letters in the mail and people will stop by and like, yesterday, someone put a rose in my front porch with a note that said if Ali doesn’t give you her rose, will you accept mine?
      • It’s like things like that but it’s still – I can’t fathom it.  I can’t wrap my head around it because, you know, it’s amazing.  It really is.  I’m like, you know, I go down to the beach – yesterday, I went down to the beach after work at like 4 o’clock and next with my brother and my dad and the next thing I know, there was literally 50 people around me like taking pictures and like, you know, just like, you know, want to give me a hug and will take a picture with my little kid?
      • You know, it’s really hard to grasp.  It’s amazing but, you know, I love that its love coming towards me, you know?
      • Stacey Becker: Yes.
      • Chris Lambton: It’s surreal.  I can’t even describe it to tell you the truth.
      • Stacey Becker: All right.  Well, when you wake up in a couple of weeks and, you know, you’ve reconsider this, I just want you to know that we really enjoyed, you know, getting to know you as far as you can get to know somebody by watching television and wish you all the best.  Have no doubt that this is great thing because now you can go out and find your dream girl.
      • Chris Lambton: I can’t wait to find that dream girl.
      • Stacey Becker: Good luck.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you very much.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TVGrapevine.
      • Al Mellis: Hi, Chris, and congratulations on representing yourself so well.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you very.  I appreciate it.
      • Al Mellis: Here you go.  You mentioned somebody left a rose – left a note on your door.
      • Chris Lambton: Yes.
      • Al Mellis: I’ve taken that you had a pretty good response since you got back home?
      • Chris Lambton: I mean, that’s the one thing I can say though, I’ve got nothing but positive response for me and actually you know what?  My dad’s probably gotten as many letters and E-mails asking him out as I’ve gotten asking me out.
      • Al Mellis: So, it sounds like you’re not going to need to become the next Bachelor?
      • Chris Lambton: Actually, I don’t know a lot but, you know, there’s definitely a lot of love being thrown at me and it feels good.  You know, it really does.
      • Al Mellis: Well, you did a good job at the show and it’s your time to sit back and enjoy and not worry about, you know, cuts.
      • Chris Lambton: Exactly.  I completely agree.  Now, I can take a deep breath and just kind of, you know, sit back and relax and just watch it all play out.
      • Al Mellis: OK.  Well, I hope we see you again sometime in the future, maybe on the bachelor pad or something like that but thank you for the great time you gave us all.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.  Thank you very much as well.
      • Operator: Your next question is from Gina Carbone from Wetpaint.
      • Gina Carbone: Hi, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: How are you?
      • Gina Carbone: All right.  Everyone’s been discussing you talking about how great you are and I’m sure it’s true but you’re also just, you know, a human being like everybody else, so I’m wondering if you could share with people, you know, some of your flaws, some of the things that, you know, may make you not so perfect.
      • Chris Lambton: Man, I definitely have a lot of flaws.  You know, I think I, you know – that’s a tough question.
      • Gina Carbone: Or just to give you a hint, like in the last conference call, Ali and Roberto were talking about how Roberto’s kind of messy and Ali gets really grumpy when she’s hungry.  So, it’s little things like that that maybe people wouldn’t know about you.
      • Chris Lambton: OK.  Well, in that case, to be honest, I haven’t finished unpacking yet from my last trip to L.A. and I still haven’t finished unpacking from getting back from Bora Bora and that was like two months ago.  And that’s probably my biggest one right now is my room is a complete disaster and I don’t even care at this point because, I don’t know, there’s too much going on in my life to even worry about that.
      • Gina Carbone: OK.  Well, thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Eudie Pac from Fancast.
      • Eudie Pac: Chris, how’s it going?
      • Chris Lambton: Not too bad, thank you.  Yourself?
      • Eudie Pac: I’m good, I’m good.  A lot of my questions have actually already been answered but off the cuff, are you going to continue your life in Cape Cod?  Or has the show opened up opportunities for you that have kind of made you think maybe you’re going to move and do something completely different or someday through your life and all that?
      • Chris Lambton: I think as of right now, I’m going to be on the Cape for a while.  I love what I do.  I live with my dad.  I work with my dad and my brother.  My other brother’s right down the street.  You know, we got the wedding that we’re preparing for in October which is going to be an, you know, an incredible time.
      • So, I think, you know, short term, you know, I’m not even thinking about, you know, I’d say like moving to like L.A. or New York or teach again.  You know, the great thing right now is that I have a lot of options and I just have to figure out what option’s best for me.
      • Eudie Pac: Awesome.  Thanks so much.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, to ask additional questions, please press star 1.  You have a follow-up from Jennifer Matarese from WABC-TV.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi again, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: Hello again.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Hi.  Well, I was wondering what your family’s reaction was watching the finale?
      • Chris Lambton: Great thing about my family is that they’re behind me 100 percent no matter what.  And you know what?  They actually – they love the finale.  They love the rainbow.  I mean, my dad called me and he was like, “Oh, my God, you know, I’m crying watching this.  I can’t even believe it.  Is that real?  Did it really happen?”  I was like, “Yes.”
      • I mean, you know, it completely blew me away and, you know, blew away my whole family because it’s such a big story and our family is like, the rainbow and that was pretty amazing and they just like the way I reacted, you know.  You know, when she broke up with me and then back in L.A. after The Final Rose, how, you know, gracious I was, and how, you know, you just have to accept what happen sometimes.  You know, you can’t try to force love.  Love should be natural.
      • Jennifer Matarese: Thanks.  And I hope you do become the next Bachelor.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you very much.
      • Jennifer Matarese: OK.  Take care.
      • Chris Lambton: All right, you as well.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Alison Gallo from Star Magazine.
      • Allison Gallo: Hi, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: How are you?
      • Allison Gallo: Good.  I have a question.  Do you think that it will last between Ali and Roberto?
      • Chris Lambton: You know what, I think it actually will.  From the moment that Roberto came back after his first date, like he was like kind of starry-eyed and, you know, when she looked at him, I thought so – I thought in Turkey, as of Turkey, I thought, you know, they really going to be the final pair.  It’s just something when she walks in the room.  Like, the two of them would kind of light up when they saw each other, and that’s something you can’t really hide.  I think they’ll hide it a little bit on cameras, maybe, but it just seems like they were really, really in love.
      • Allison Gallo: OK.  Thank you.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Stacey Becker from
      • Stacey Becker: Hi, Chris.  It’s your number one fan again.  Sorry.
      • Chris Lambton: How are you?
      • Stacey Becker: I’m all right.  So, for all those women out there who are hanging on your every word, I mean, what is it that you’re looking for in your perfect mate?  Like what are the things you’re going – qualities you’re going to seek out in your next relationship?
      • Chris Lambton: See, the funny thing is I don’t think I look for a certain qualities or that.  I just think it’s based on like chemistry.  It’s like, you know, when you meet a girl, you know, it should just be like an instantaneous click and that’s like you see her and you’re like, “Yes, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this girl.”  You know, I would do anything to be with her, I would love her till the day she dies.  So, I think it’s just the chemistry.  It’s just something that just will, you know, like punch you in the side of the head and I’ll just think, “Yes, this is the one.”
      • Stacey Becker: And I hope that you’re hopeful it’s still out there.  Are you?
      • Chris Lambton: Definitely.  Definitely.  You know, this show did not make me a skeptic of love.  You know, it just made me realize that you know what, I just need to keep looking and love is out there for me.  I just need to find it.
      • Stacey Becker: Yes, it is.  Thanks, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Still from
      • Jennifer Still: Hi again, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: Hi.
      • Jennifer Still: I’m just wondering if you are interested in continuing a friendship with Ali down the line or if you feel that things could be uncomfortable to do so?
      • Chris Lambton: Honestly, I talked to Roberto probably every week since the show ended and I told him and I told Ali after the final rose, I said, you know what, I know that the three of us should be lifelong friends and hang out, you know, as much as we can.  I think Ali’s an amazing special girl and Roberto is one of my better friends from the show and there’s no doubt in my mind that this won’t be hanging out relatively soon.
      • Jennifer Still: Great.  Thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: My pleasure.
      • Operator: Again, for additional questions, please press star 1.  Your next question is from Amanda Hamilton from
      • Amanda Hamilton: Chris, earlier, I asked Roberto and Ali who they thought would make a great Bachelor for the next season and they said you among others but you didn’t sound so interested earlier.  Is there anybody from your season that you think would make a great bachelor?
      • Chris Lambton: A great bachelor?  I think, Ty, Kirk, and Craig R. would be phenomenal bachelors.  You know, they can just control the camera and they can have fun and they’re amazing guys and any girls would be lucky to end up with any one of them.
      • Amanda Hamilton: Excellent.  Thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: You’re welcome.
      • Operator: And at this time, I am showing there are no further questions.  Natalia, would you like to make any closing remarks?
      • Natalia Desrosiers: So, thank you everyone for today and thank you so much, Chris.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you all very much.
      • Female: Thank you.
      • Natalia Desrosiers: We look forward to next season of “The Bachelor.”  Thank you.
      • Chris Lambton: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today’s conference.  You may now disconnect.

Why DID they make Roberto wear a suit? Or did he insist? It's too hot for that.

By Gina Carbone

In a media conference call today, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez talked about all kinds of stuff, including spoilers.

Well, Ali talked about spoilers. Roberto steers clear of all that stuff. He is wise.

Ali, however, said she does follow all the spoilers and was upset when the rumors that she chose no one (or chose Roberto but they split up already) started coming out mid-season and led people to stop supporting her and assume she was there for the dreaded wrong reasons.


Here is Ali’s spoilers answer from the conference call:

Do you follow the spoilers and are you ever tempted to comment on stories to direct people one way or another?

Ali: Yeah, I was very well aware of the spoilers out there. I probably shared them with Roberto, he doesn’t really read into that stuff. Yeah, you know, it was tempting just because, you know, at the beginning of this season everyone sort of realized that Roberto and I had this great connection from the beginning and they were sort of rooting for us, and that was so exciting! It’s good to have people behind you and supporting you. We don’t need it, but it’s nice. And then when the sort of rumors came out that we were together or, you know, that I was single or that maybe I ended up with him but we were split up already — it was so hard because all of a sudden people went from sort of supporting us and excited about our love story to you know ‘Oh this is awful’ and you know ‘The Bachelorette is about finding love and Ali didn’t even care, she didn’t want to find love.’ So that was so hard for me. It really, really was and there were so many times when I wanted to be like ‘You’re wrong! You’re wrong!’ But I knew I needed to wait it out and, you know, all that matters now — I mean regardless of how anyone else feels — is that we have each other and we’re so happy.


You can read more of Ali and Roberto’s answers here.

She does say “you know” a lot, but I know that I do that too whenever I’m trying to explain something. I remember Kirk said “obviously” a lot during his conference call. Sometimes I’m tempted to take that stuff out, but then I think you can’t just cherry pick what you’ll keep and remove. It’s better to sound natural than to speak in soundbites. That’s my take on it, anyway.

Chris Lambton (aka The Second Coming, even to the media folks on the conference call) was interviewed right after Ali and Roberto and you should be able to read that story here. Maybe not right as I post this, but soon.

You know, maybe ABC should’ve helped Ali instead of letting her be thrown under a bus. Us Weekly turned out to be somewhat correct, so I guess they were given the correct Roberto engagement spoiler, but most of the season we were led to believe Ali chose no one.

And I don’t just mean Reality Steve. We were given a strong Ali Picks No One edit, with all the Justin and Frank drama and Chris Harrison talking about how her “insecurities” were such a big deal, and how Ali was “satisfied” with her choice in the end, happy or not. They could’ve just told us she picked someone, even if they didn’t want to say they were engaged. That would’ve ruined the big “surprise” ending, but at least Ali wouldn’t have been attacked by the increasingly cynical and disillusioned “Bachelorette” fan base.

I’m part of that fan base, too, and I feel bad if any of the spoilers and rumors I recycled ever hurt Ali. (Not that I expect her to read a low-rent, happy-to-get-a-dozen-readers blog like this.)

As the self-declared captain of Team Roberto I’m thrilled about how things turned out, but there was a point where even I was wondering if Ali had agreed to go on the show just to get a new wardrobe. This show has gotten crazy and maybe we do take the spoilers and sleuthing too far sometimes in an effort to get the full scoop, but it’s harmless fun. Or it’s supposed to be, until it turns personal and fans go on the attack.

So maybe we can all take a deep breath and remember this is “The Bachelorette,” not “True Blood” or any kind of really important show. (Kidding. Except I’m not.)


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By Gina Carbone

I now have “Halo” running through my head. Hey, it’s better than “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” as theme songs go.

Ali’s blog is making me sappy. It’s so sweet. She wasn’t sure what to write about how she felt this week, so she asked Roberto and he said “Start from the beginning. Tell our love story.”

This is still one of my favorite Roberto + Ali pics. This is Dimples' first trip on a cable car — in Portugal.


So I’m going to copy most of Ali’s “Bachelorette” finale blog here, minus the parts where she praises Chris Lambton as a great guy. We already knew that.

The part where Ali falls asleep and Roberto kisses her forehead?



Here’s the Roberto love story part of Ali’s blog:

Now I finally have my chance to tell my love story with Roberto. Yay! The very first night that he stepped out of the limo, I felt this unbelievable connection. When I sat down with my producer Cassie to decide who I wanted to give the first impression rose to, I told her that I had to give it to Roberto because I felt in my heart that he was the one for me. It is so funny to think back to that night now and to remember how strong our connection was. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but now I know it couldn’t have been anything other than love at first sight. Chris’s dad actually told me that when his wife first saw him she said, “That is the man I am going to marry.” I had a similar experience with Roberto. Such a blessing!

As you remember, I did not have a date with Roberto the first week. I wanted to SO badly, but I knew that I was going to keep Roberto around for a long time; therefore, I knew that I could wait. I’m so glad I was patient because our first date the following week was perfect.

After the rose ceremonies, I would often wait in the hallway area for my ride home. One time, I fell asleep for a moment on the steps while waiting, and Roberto came down to kiss me on the forehead and say goodnight before I was brought back home. I’ll never forget that. Also, every time I saw Roberto he told me a Spanish word of the day. Some of the words were: incredible, adventure, smile, strength, adorable, dedicated and love. I will leave it to Roberto to translate. I’m still learning! Actually, since the show finished, I went out and bought Rosetta Stone so I can learn Spanish. Spanish is a huge part of Roberto’s life so it is really important to me that learn to speak it. ;) Check in with me in six months and ask me how I’m doing!

Lion King was another one of those unforgettable experiences for us. I truly belie that I could not have done that with any of the other guys. Roberto’s calm confidence helped me get through it.

You didn’t get to see much of us in Iceland. Our time at the Blue Lagoon was unbelievably romantic. I saved a special cave within the Lagoon for our one-on-one time, and things certainly got steamy in there!

Our relationship continued to grow in Turkey and Portugal. I especially remember not wanting to leave him after our date in Lisbon. Dancing in the street with Roberto seems like something you only see in the movies; however, that is life for us! Since the show has ended, we have had secret rendezvous together. During those visits, Roberto will spin me around in the living room and just start dancing with me. He is every bit as romantic at home as he was in Lisbon. I cherish that about him.

I was by far the most nervous visiting Roberto’s family, just because I really wanted to make a good impression. Roberto’s parents have such a lovely marriage. We will truly be lucky if our relationship is as successful as theirs. You didn’t see much of his brother Pete, his brother’s fiancée Christen, and his sitter Olga; however, they are all just as sweet and caring as Roberto. I am really lucky that I get to be a part of his family. They are wonderful!

Now onto Tahiti! During dinner in Le Taha’a, Roberto and I really wanted to be close to each other. I actually have a picture of us kissing while the audio crew was putting our microphones on us. I’ll have to post it to my Facebook Fan Page sometime so you can see it. It’s so cute! We really couldn’t keep our hands off each other! As I noted in my blog two weeks ago, Roberto and I had some funny experiences during our overnight date. Besides that, we stayed up all night talking. I remember not wanting the night to end. I just kept my iPod on repeat and listened to some of my favorite love songs with him all night. One song that I loved in particular was “Halo” by Beyoncé. I remember listening to that song while watching him sleep and thinking, “I have finally found my angel.”

My family absolutely adores Roberto. I love that when my dad gave him permission to propose to me he said, “I don’t see a problem with that.” Ha ha ha. That is classic Daddy Fedotowsky. He cracks me up. That was his way of trying to hide his excitement. My mom told me that during Roberto’s visit she was watching him talk to my sister and brother outside and it brought her to tears because she felt in her heart that she was looking at her future son-in-law. A mother’s intuition is never wrong. :) I actually think we should do a poll after watching the finale. Instead of asking, “Who will Ali choose?” let’s ask, “Whose family is better at salsa? Ali’s family or Roberto’s family?” Tough choice I know. Ha ha.

I was positive my feelings for Roberto were unbreakable once we had our final date. It was perfect. We experienced some thrills (jet skiing and sting rays) and a lot of romance (how amazing with the rain?!?!). The reason I didn’t tell Roberto that I loved him back at the end of our date is because I hadn’t said goodbye to Chris yet, and I felt it wasn’t right for me to tell Roberto I loved him when I couldn’t give him my whole heart yet. However, in time, I was able to tell him exactly how I felt. His proposal to me is the most beautiful thing I could possibly imagine. I actually remember saying to a friend that if I was proposed to on the show it would just be a temporary proposal, and that I would want the guy to propose again out in the “real world.” Wow, do I feel differently now. Roberto’s proposal couldn’t have been more real or special. I wouldn’t ever want anything other than exactly how he asked me. Every word he said came from his heart, and I feel so blessed that he said those words to me. After Roberto and I saw the proposal for the first time at the After the Final Rose taping, we went home and watched it about 10 more times that night. After re-watching it so many times, we promised each other that whenever we get in a fight, we are going to pop the finale in the DVD player and remember that moment. So glad we have that on film. :)

And finally, I realize that many of you are skeptical of relationships that come out of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette experience, and I am not asking you to feel any different about what I have found. But what I do want to say is this: I have found a love that is stronger than I ever thought was possible. Since the show finished filming, I have fallen even more in love with Roberto. Will we last the test of time? I cannot answer that for you. All I can say is that we will work on our relationship every day, and no matter what we do in our lives, we will always make our relationship our first priority. Roberto is the strongest man I have ever known, and I want spend every day of my life striving to be the best woman I can be for him. I have faith in our relationship. I love him. I cherish him. I am so very thankful to have found him.

Until … the wedding! ;)

–Ali Fedotowsky


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They are too cute. I'm too jealous.

By Gina Carbone

Here’s the final verdict: The “amazing” count is an average of 16 times per episode, with 26 “amazings” on the season 6 finale of “The Bachelorette.”

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for that important watchdog journalism.

Jimmy devoted most of his Monday night show to talking about “The Bachelorette.” He even asked Shaq about the show.

She's wearing a tiara. I thought that was Erica Rose's turf.

Apparently Jimmy was as moved by the finale as the rest of us — he said he hasn’t cried this much watching a TV show since T.R. Knight left “Grey’s Anatomy.”

It wasn’t all sweetness and light, though. There was a spoof of Chris Lambton’s rainbow connection.

Before Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez came out, the cameras showed them in a hallway backstage, goofing around.

I heart them.

They told Jimmy they first watched the finale last week — and had to watch it 10 times in a row. She was crying, saying “Oh my God I love you so much!”

Jimmy said he and his staff were analyzing the show and discovered Roberto was the only one getting any tongue, which was an important indication that he was the one.

Roberto said Ali taught him the right way to eat popcorn. She does something with her hands so it doesn’t make noise when you chew it.

Jimmy said it sounds like she’s hen-pecking already. Roberto said no, she’s “perfect.” (Awww!)

Jimmy brought out the People magazine poll where fans voted for Ali to pick Chris over Roberto. “Are you sure you trust your heart more than” Ha!

Jimmy is still cynical. He talked about how all the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” couples come there and talk and then something inevitably goes wrong.

Ali and Roberto are planning a spring wedding. Ali says she’s been watching Bridezillas!

“Unlike the Clintons, will you invite the Obamas to the wedding?” Classic!


For all kinds of “Bachelorette” news, recaps, top 10 lists, fashion face-offs and various general “stuff” visit

Catch up on my own nifty Bachelor/Bachelorette archive here. I’ve been updating this frequently in the last few days, so do a lot of scrolling to get it all!

I think Ali and Roberto just replaced Meredith and Ian as my favorite "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" couple. I knew she'd end up Ali Martinez eventually! Even if she keeps her last name....

By Gina Carbone

I want to swoon and cry, but the flipping “Lion King” music is on. Why do they ALWAYS have to ruin the moment?

Roberto can't believe they met on a TV show. Am I being extremely naive or are they likely to make it? I want to believe!

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”? I get it. They flew around the Broadway stage together. What would they have done for Chris Lambton? “Rainbow Connection”? “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? “On the Wings of Love”?

Having said that, I’m dying. Dying. So happy.

So glad Reality Steve was wrong. So glad all those annoying hints that Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Harrison made were wrong. So not worried about Chris L. finding “the one.”

Ali wasn’t “the one” for Chris. He tried to force it, but it wasn’t right. He’ll find the right girl. I’m picturing a pretty little spitfire who’ll challenge him.

Of course ABC has asked him to do “The Bachelor.” This season has been more about him than Ali. But will he say yes? And will we still respect him in the morning if he does? (Remember: We used to like Jason and Jake, too.)

Read more about the finale here:  ‘Bachelorette’ Ali picks Roberto over Chris — did she make the right choice?

Of course Frank was not at the “After the Final Rose.” He should’ve been at the “Men Tell All” and instead he let Justin take all the heat. Justin wasn’t there either but everyone was told Frank would take the hot seat this week. So now he gets off the hook.

Roberto: "I love you. I want to grow old with you. I want to have a beautiful, beautiful family together."

Best part of the finale: The first impression rose curse is over. It’s like the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. Did I say Red Sox? Meant the Blue Rays. I mean Devil Rays! I meant just the Tampa Bay Rays! 😉

Wait a minute! Ali and Roberto are moving in together in San Diego? I used to live in Rancho Bernardo and Escondido and my dad still lives down there.

And one of my brothers and my mom live in Tampa. So it’s like a rainbow sign for me to follow them around.

Don’t give me these opportunities to stalk them! I’m not strong enough to resist the urge!

Roberto even talked about his State Farm move to California. So it’s all in the open now.

He wants to get married in the spring probably because he sweats too much in the summer. I know that’s not a terribly romantic thing to say, but it’s true. Hey, I’m pretty much the same way about summer weddings.

They are taking a helicopter to Catalina! I’ve been there. Love Roberto’s reaction: “More helicopters.”


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