Are you just pissed that you haven't won a challenge yet? Man up, Sally!

By Gina Carbone

What just happened?

We kinda knew Maya Luz would be leaving “Project Runway” season 7 in some fashion — since she was the only one of the final 11 designers who did not put on a show at Bryant Park — but I never expected her to quit in such an anticlimactic fashion.

She was so calm. No tears. No voice cracking. It was like something she had been planning for a while, while telling no one else. (The other five designers and Tim Gunn all appeared to be genuinely shocked.)

Her announcement came after Heidi Klum said they would have to design a red carpet look for a “difficult” celebrity.

Of course it was Heidi. They love this kind of tease.

Heidi said she didn’t want “a bump.” She wanted to be on the best dressed list and yet she walked into the room to say that while wearing a leopard print.

This show has become all about Heidi’s wardrobe. Anthony Williams just made her a cover look for Marie Claire.

After the red carpet announcement, the camera kept going back and forth from the five contestants talking about the challenge … to Maya’s empty work station.

Then Tim and Maya walked into the work room.

Tim: “Maya has something very important to share with you.”

Maya: “So I’ve decided to leave the competition. I just feel like I’m really not ready to go all the way yet.”

The others shouted out that she was “so close.”

Maya: “I’ve done a lot but I’m not quite ready to get to that point yet.”

In the beginning she thought she  had what it took, but now she feels she’s not ready yet.


Maya is 22 and just out of school, but Christian Siriano was even younger. He won at 21.

Maya told Tim she was having trouble performing on demand.

(She seemed to have less trouble than other designers. She’s never been in the bottom three. She’s routinely in the top three, even if she hadn’t won a challenge to date.)

Tim asked if she wanted to see it through for one more challenge.

Maya: “I really think that it’s my time.”

She spent the whole time completely calm. No tears. No waffling.

There's no getting rid of him!

There has to be something else going on.

Did she get another offer? Is she mad that she’s never won a challenge? Does she question the judges’ taste levels? Does she think the show is rigged in some way?

Oh, and they brought Anthony back. As expected.

They brought Chris March in when Jack Mackenroth left for health reasons.

And Chris was a “life of the party” type, just like Anthony. Part of me wonders if this was part of the producers’ plan to keep a fan favorite around.

It doesn’t help me trust the producers when Heidi is one of them and this episode is about making a dress for her — and she just brought back the guy who made her the dress she wore on a magazine cover!


Weirdest thing, the whole drama was over within the first 20 minutes of the episode.

Taking even less time — Seth Aaron Henderson’s model, Valeria, dumping him (off camera) for a Donna Karan campaign.

Seth Aaron and Valeria, on a better day.

Apparently she is VERY MUCH in demand, since she made a teary speech last week about sticking with him until the end instead of taking another ad campaign on runway day.

But Tim briefly pulled Seth Aaron outside for what appeared to be secret drama. Then he came back into the room to say, casually, that Valeria got a Donna Karan ad and decided to take it.

Like it was nothing.

(They showed more on the “Models of the Runway” episode.)

Guess Donna Karan trumps “Project Runway” frontrunner/designer crush/loyalty/wasted time from last week.

So Seth Aaron got to work with Cerri, the Irish chick Jonathan dumped after she stood up for him on the runway.

Loyalty counts for nothing!

*Possible spoiler alert*

Anthony supposedly makes it to the top 3 or 4.

The top four are supposedly Seth Aaron, Jay, Mila and Anthony.

So Jonathan went home this week … and Emilio goes next week?!

I hope that’s wrong. Emilio should be in the final four.

He was one of the two winners on the “Sew Much Pressure” episode. Heidi chose his dress.

That made three wins in a row.

(And second two-person win. The first was with my boy, Seth Aaron.)

Jessica Alba — the guest judge — chose Anthony’s dress. So he was the second winner.

They are just shopping here. These wins are starting to reek of exploitation.

And where is the drama in the preview for the next episode, which is meant to determine “who goes to fashion week”?

Bull! Ten designers from this season went to fashion week! The prize has been split 10 ways.

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