Rozlyn Papa and The Man Who Could Be Chris Jacobs dance in the background as the woman in the foreground auctions off her purse. Or something.

By Gina Carbone

TMZ is just everywhere. Which is bad enough in a Big Brother sense, but even worse — they tend to catch you at your worst angles, with rabid red eyes and pocketbooks dangling in the air. (Seriously, WTF is going on with that purse?)

Anyway, TMZ somehow got 10 photos of controversial single mom Rozlyn Papa of “The Bachelor” and a man who may or may not be Chris Jacobs getting up close and personal at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

I wouldn’t know Chris Jacobs from Chris Harrison, but under the photos someone posted this comment:

Another shot of Roz and the man in black at the Hard Rock in Vegas.

“1. That dude in the black shirt is the host from OverHaulin’. I recognize him anywhere, he is too cute!”

Other readers chimed in with similar comments, below the story.

Here is some info straight from Chris Jacobs’ Wikipedia page, lending some kind of tenuous credence to the idea that he could be with Roz:

Christopher ‘Chris’ Jacobs (born January 30, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois) is an actor and co-host of Discovery Channel‘s Overhaulin’ and The Insider. Chris spent his high school years at Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey and moved to California in 1988 where he attended Whittier College of Whittier, California in Los Angeles County, attaining a bachelor’s degree in English. He also attended and graduated from their law school and was later admitted to the state bar of California in 1995.

He has had small television roles in The X-Files, CSI, Touched by an Angel and Two and a Half Men.

He lives in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California.

On November 22, 2009, he hosted the live telecast of the Miss California USA pageant.”

Here's a shot of the "real" Chris Jacobs, in case the Vegas guy is someone else.

Chris J. has a listing of other credits on his IMDb page.

I can see Roz dating a pageant host from “The Insider.”

Remember, Roz went “on the record” to “The Insider” and I think that’s Chris J. there at the panel where they grill her.

I was always on her side during the first mess and the “Women Tell All” mess on top of the previous mess.