Rami, why aren't you here?

I just saw this. I hope it’s wrong. But it feels right. It feels preordained.

*March 22 update* Yep. All the spoilers were accurate. Mondo won. * End update *

When “Project Runway: All Stars” started I felt like it was specifically set up for Mondo Guerra to win as some kind of karmic absolution for Season 8. Another poster speculated that it was set up to favor Austin Scarlett.

So it does make sense that they would take the 1/2 spots.

Here’s something I found on Gawker.com from September:

“According to our source, fan favorite Mondo Guerra walks away with the prize. That makes sense since many are still angered that he lost season eight to Gretchen Jones. Heidi Klum even wore a dress he designed for the show’s finale in a show of solidarity with the designer. Our tipster says the plan was to hand it to him all along, and that angered the other designers, including Mondo, but he took the win nonetheless.
Apparently second place goes to season one dandy Austin Scarlett. Victorian lamp shade designer Michael Costello comes in third, despised hipster denizen and cat thrower Kenley Collins was fourth, and Jerell Scott came in fifth. Rami Kashou, the master draper who was in the finals during his initial season, is supposedly kicked out before the half-way mark. Poor thing.
Again, these spoilers may or may not be accurate, but there they are nonetheless.”


I hate the unfairness of already planning to give it to Mondo before anyone even showed up, but that’s a believable tip.

The idea of Kenley beating Rami makes me want to throw something. Rami is still my #1, followed by Mila — I loved her Miss Piggy dress, despite it not fitting the badly explained challenge criteria. Kenley? Stop it. Jerell? Meh. Austin? Not feeling it so far this season, but the judges and producers adore him. They love Mondo too — and Michael Costello is made of Teflon. Sometimes I love his stuff, other times I don’t see it, but to PR he can do no wrong.

Where’s Anthony? To me, he’s the most pleasant surprise so far this season. He wasn’t on my all-stars radar before but his work is growing on me.

Do you believe these spoilers? Do you like them? Will giving Mondo a PR win give you a feeling of closure after The Season of the Witch or can nothing be done to cleanse that stain?


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