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Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow star in "Being Human" as three twenty-somethings trying to live as normally as possible despite being a vampire, werewolf and a ghost.

I just finished watching the season 2 finale of “Being Human” on BBC America. It was miles better than the season 3 finale of “True Blood.”

“Being Human” hasn’t gotten off track (yet) with heaps of new characters and subplots. It still focuses mostly on the three supes: Vampire Mitchell (the smoldering Aidan Turner, who could rival any hottie on “True Blood”), ghost Annie (the beautiful and perfect Lenora Crichlow, whom I loved in “Collision” on PBS) and werewolf George (adorably nerdy Russell Tovey and his ears, which deserve separate billing).

Another hot Irish actor to watch. I can't imagine Aidan Turner won't be a household name someday. He's too bloody gorgeous to ignore.

The show is about the three 20somethings — who share a home in Bristol, England — trying to live normal lives despite being who/what they are in a world mostly unaware of their existence. (Unlike “True Blood,” where vampires have “come out of the coffin.”)

“Being Human” is darker and less slick, visually, than “True Blood.” The whole thing seems shot through a drab, almost sinister blue lens. There’s some humor, but not like the one-liner-happy “True Blood.” It’s not campy and it’s nowhere near as bloody or sexy.

But it feels more real and visceral than “True Blood” or “Twilight” or “Vampire Diaries” or anything else out there. Part of this is due to the gritty, bare bones filming techniques, part from the setting, part from the writing and a great deal from the earnest, believable acting.

I’m especially impressed with Lenora Crichlow, whose warm, witty, vulnerable and lonely Annie deserves her own show.

Now that Mitchell is a real bad boy — no more Mr. Nice Vampire — he’s sexier than ever. Aidan Turner has charisma to spare and it’s put to good use as an angry blood-sucker. I could listen to his voice forever. George is the heart of the show as the kind of normal, nerdy guy who works in every office in every city in the world. He wants to live a normal life, but the whole werewolf thing keeps getting in the way.

Apparently they are going to do some kind of U.S. remake to air on “Syfy.” (I refuse to put that ridiculous new name in anything but quotes.)

I guess British accents aren’t good enough for American cable, except for BBC America.  (And yet everyone I know loves British accents and thinks they’re sexy. So what gives?)

Remember how they remade “Death at a Funeral” just a couple of years after the British original? They are remaking the Swedish vampire film “Let the Right One In” for Americans and also doing American versions of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series.

One of the downsides of being a ghost: You never get to change your clothes.

Why? Why can’t we listen to English with other accents or just read subtitles? Or — heaven forbid — learn languages beyond English?

The remakes are invariably inferior. (Remember how the UK remade “Friends” as “Coupling” then we decided to do our own version of “Coupling,” which sucked?)

Anyway, I recommend “Being Human.” It’s not campy junk food like “True Blood” (and I say that with perfect love) or embarrassingly insipid like “Twilight” (and I say that with perfect sincerity).

I don’t know that I love “Being Human” more than “True Blood” yet, but after the disappointing TB season 3 finale I am open to finding new outlets for my supernatural fix.


I do love Sophie-Anne's black widow dress, but I wish they had actually shown us her fight with Bill instead of cutting away right after they start flying. You teases!

For an episode so enamored with the word “f*ck,” the “True Blood” season 3 finale was surprisingly light on sex appeal. Leading us into a TB dry spell without even a shot of Eric showering off that concrete? Evil is Going On indeed.

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Eric is the light of our lives. Even when he's giving crazy eyes.

Top 20 quotes from ‘True Blood’ Season 3: ‘Fresh Blood’

Eric likes it best when we’re cold and heartless, so I’ll be blunt: “Fresh Blood” kinda sucked. Definitely not one of Season 3’s better episodes and nowhere near the standard of the Dallas episodes in Season 2. However, the last 10 minutes were pretty special since they focused on Eric and Pam and all the poignant things about being a supernatural being. Here are my 20 favorite quotes from “Fresh Blood.” But what do I know. I’m just an infatuated tween. Add your favorite quotes in the comments. 20. Eric to Russell: Be brave. We’ll die… Full story here

True Blood ‘Fresh Blood’ recap: Only the last 10 minutes are ‘Fresh’

“True Blood” doesn’t usually make my eyes glaze over, but there were at least four scenes during Season 3 Episode 11 “Fresh Blood” where I started to drift: 1. Jesus going on about how he wants to do more V. (I still don’t buy this.) 2. “Grandpa” Jason Stackhouse going after the football star who does V. (I still don’t care about this.) 3. Arlene having some flashback moments with Holly during their non-abortion ritual (I still don’t understand this.) 4. Tara crying over Eggs and staring Andy down, even after he offered her his… Full story here

How's this for a wedding gift? Sorry for the fuzzy pic. You know me and my bad TV shots.

Blah blah Sookie and Eric finally kissed outside of a dream blah.

That’s my kind of vampire emergency.

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I mourned you, man. And I mourn you once again.

You know what would be funny? If Franklin turned into the Kenny of “True Blood.” Just kill him off in some new way every week. You bastards!

Jason killed Franklin this week on “Everything is Broken” and I feel like this time he may be gone for good.

James Frain. You die so well. One more time?

Also gone for good: Anything decent about my HBO Examiner page. I’m not liking this Examiner upgrade at all. Like most upgrades, it’s a downgrade disguised with flowery words about how much better it is.

I just posted my “Everything is Broken” recap and for some reason it won’t post the photo. Maybe it’s up by now. (I tried to go back and tweak some of the text and to fix some typos, but I don’t think the changes are posted either. Alas.)

I also tried to post my top 20 favorite quotes from the episode, but that doesn’t seem to be up there at all. (*Update* It’s here now!)

PITA. Seriously.

I also tried to write something about how Iain Harrison won “Top Shot” — a show I came to like, if not understand as a non-markswoman — but my Manchester Celebrity Headlines Examiner page is no better than my HBO page. (*Update* That story is here now, too!)

Change I can’t believe in!

Striped shirt: Yes or No?

First Lorena and now Talbot. And Franklin hasn’t come back yet. Why are all of the interesting vampires being offed?

Especially when Debbie and Alcide are still around and Tommy thinks he can diss Hoyt on my watch!

Not gonna happen.

Having said that, if you have to be staked, there are worse ways to go than Talbot’s experience.

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So Bill helps kill his maker as Pam is saved by hers. Raw deal, Lorena.

I’ve decided I miss Lorena already. Maybe there can be a Lorena/Godric spinoff where we follow their backstories. Perhaps they go on a road trip. Or solve crime. Something. She has her own theme music, dang it! How can she be gone when Debbie is still around? Frown.

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No! You can't leave us already!

Franklin, we hardly knew ye. James Frain, if this is indeed your last night on “True Blood,” you will be sorely missed. Especially since Tara is still around. But she didn’t quite stake you, did she, so maybe you can survive that massive head trauma.

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Who says suits are stuffy?

By Gina Carbone

Don’t forget to die of happiness tonight after the epic double feature of dramatic handsomeness. (Are Jon Hamm and ASkars in Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club yet? If not, how can we make this happen?)

First we have “True Blood” season 3 episode 6, “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues,” at 9 p.m. on HBO. All I ask: Please provide at least one shot of Eric in his blue cashmere sweater.

Pete must be so happy to be in this photo.

Then, at 10 p.m., we have “Public Relations,” the premiere episode of “Mad Men” season 4 on AMC.

We are jumping ahead a year after the episode of “Survivor: Sterling Cooper” that was the season 3 finale. It’s 1964 and we have a new office for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, new haircuts for some of the folks and new problems for Betty Draper Francis. Or whatever she’s calling herself. She might as well be Dick Whitman, since that name appears to be free.

I just want to know that Lois will be OK. She started on the SC switchboard, flirted with the gay art director (Sal, we need you back!), wrangled a job on Draper’s desk, screwed it up, got assigned to poor Kinsey, then ran over Guy’s foot on a John Deere lawn mower before crashing into an office.


Now that Sterling Cooper 1.0 is no more, I want to know what will happen to her. And why, in the official season 4 cast pic, do we have all the SCDP folks, plus Ken Cosgrove? Are they drafting him for the new office? If so, will Pete pitch another fit? (Hope so! I live for Pete’s pouts.)

Shine on, Lois, you crazy foot whacker!

Anyway, one of my friends knows I love Lois and she sent me a link to a story that the actress who plays Lois — I don’t care what her real name is, she is Lois to me forever — has posed for Playboy. Normally I wrinkle my nose at that kind of thing BUT THIS IS LOIS. Lois is the ultimate survivor and now she’s on the cover of Playboy. Long live the foot-killer!

Anyway, not only do we get this deliciousness double feature tonight, we get it every Sunday night for at least a few weeks.

You know what, throw Colby Donaldson and “Top Shot” into this night of hot handsomeness. “Top Shot” airs at 10 p.m. on The History Channel, so you’ll have to tape it while “Mad Men” is on. But it’s worth it — to watch Colby do his best Jeff Probst impression.  (Hey, if you’re going to imitate, imitate the best.)

The show itself is too much of an attempt to be “Survivor.” I hope to get through life without ever firing a gun, but even I think “Top Shot” needs more actual shooting and less strategy and plotting. Half the show seems to be about sending someone home, with only two people getting to shoot things to decide which one goes. Just keep shooting stuff through the whole program.

Tonight’s ep should be better than usual, though, since they will be doing a “Trick Shot Showdown.” Behind the back shooting and shooting objects after you throw them in the air, etc. I’m rooting for Kelly The Kid or Tara. Kelly ’cause he’s the young’un and Tara ’cause she’s the girl. Everyone else is blending together.


Catch up on my “True Blood” stories here. I’m still deciding if I want to write about “Mad Men” every week. It’s a deep show and after weeks of non-stop writing about “The Bachelorette” I may be depth-deficient for a while.

Eric should steal back that crown. Bet it would look good on him.

First things first: Do we like Eric best in all black or the soft blue sweater?

Think about it.

Eric is wearing a cashmere V-neck J. Crew sweater. Props to EW for checking with HBO to get that important scoop.

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Now go eat some daylilies before you starve, you tiresome cow of a sixth-grade boy! 🙂

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