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You had to know they would straighten Lauren Alaina's hair and give her the full Carrie Underwood makeover treatment.

To me, it’s obvious: The top 12 girls on “American Idol” Season 10 are far superior to the top 12 guys.

I think we should dump most of the guys and only keep:

I had to change the channel when most of these guys sang. It was too painful. So of course Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez adored them. The second J.Lo talks about a performance as "organic" my stomach wants to pull a Casey Abrams.

• Casey Abrams (one of my old high school buddies compared him to a Gorg on “Fraggle Rock” and I’m now fond of that idea)
The hilariously cheesy Scotty McCreery
Paul “Bradley Cooper” McDonald
Brett “Whip My Hair” Loewenstern and
Jacob Lusk — but Jacob only so he can prove he can indeed sing a contemporary song. He has a great voice but I can’t imagine hearing it on any modern radio station.

The girls killed it, with few exceptions.

Naima Adedapo shocked me with such a good version of “Summertime.” Yes, Fantasia owned “Summertime,” but not this version.

I loved Karen Rodriguez’s Spanish/English “Hero.” I really loved Thia Megia’s “Out Here On My Own.” I just voted online for Thia.

I wasn’t too into Lauren Alaina’s “Turn on the Radio” but that was partly because she was half-drowned out by the background singers. She is definitely getting the “American Idol” style makeover. I knew she would. She is part Kelly Clarkson and part Carrie Underwood. She’ll be fine.

Pia Toscano has a lot of buzz right now after “I’ll Stand By You,” but part of me wonders if that standing ovation was for her rehearsal performance, or some other version. She was good, but not great on the version we got to see. Besides, it’s never safe to peak too soon. Lauren is probably better off for taking it a bit slow.

I still think Lauren A., Scotty and Thia could take it to the end.

But I voted or Casey Abrams last night. So did my high school friend. He makes me smile. He is, as Jennifer Lopez put it, “sexy” in some weird, weird way. That’s probably the only thing she said that was worth hearing.

Funny how Randy Jackson is all-of-a-sudden the only judge actually doling out constructive criticism. How did that happen? Now he just needs to come up with critiques beyond “pitchy” and “sharp” … “dawg.”

Watch all of the performances in videos on Wetpaint’s “American Idol” page. It’s pretty cool.

Lauren, Scott and Thia. I think either Lauren or Scott will win. But what do I know.

There’s too much shouting going on. I miss Emily Anne Reed. She had a unique voice. She was my new Megan Joy Corkrey. And she’s gone.

Still around on “American Idol” Season 10 — the screamers. Like that James Durbin kid who is just a low-rent Adam Lambert. And the first girl on tonight’s Hollywood Week finale. She screeeeeaaaaamed her way through “God Bless the Child” as if the song were all vowels and no actual words.

The judges ate it up. They’re eating up all the screamers.

They don’t seem to realize most people on the radio are not screaming. A lot of them (*cough*Rihanna*cough*) can barely sing well enough to make it past the “Idol” auditions.

But when you hear their voices, you recognize them. That’s something I could say about Emily Anne Reed and Megan Joy Corkrey. But it’s not something I can say about 90 percent of the big-voice contestants on this show. They all sound the same.

Except for, say, Scott McCreery, the deep-voiced Southerner who cried over being a bully to poor Jaycee Badeaux and somehow added a lyric about jeans when screwing up “I Hope You Dance.”

(About Jaycee. He’s a sweetheart and I CAN’T STAND that guy in the glasses who made the decision to kick him out of the group song, but Jaycee probably made the top 40 out of sympathy.)

Go Casey! First time anyone used a stand-up bass during Hollywood Week.

I like Scott. I like red-headed Brett Loewenstern. I love Casey Abrams. But 15-year-old Lauren Alaina Suddeth is probably going to win. It couldn’t be more obvious that that’s what the judges want.

But, as we all know, “Idol” has been hijacked by 13-year-old girls, so unless they decide Lauren is cuter, or at least more relatable, than a guy like Scott, she may be cut before the end.

Same applies to cute little Thia Megia. But Thia’s voice isn’t that distinctive to me. Lauren could get to Carrie Underwood status, if she has the support.

Either way, I think this is the year a young’un wins. If David Archuleta were on Season 10, he’d win. But he’s not. So I’m going with either Lauren or Scott.

As long as it isn’t Ashley Sullivan. She’s kind of a local girl, but I’m sick of her emotional drama.


Check out the top 24 spoilers here. Actually, they just have 18 so far. I don’t see Thia! But I do see Jaycee…

**** END UPDATE****

American Idol Season 10 Top 40:

Alex Ryan
Brett Loewenstern
Casey Abrams
Chris Medina
Clint Jun Gamboa
Colton Dixon
DeAndre Brackensick
Jacee Badeaux
Jacob Lusk
James Durbin
Jerome Bell
Jimmie Allen
John Wayne Schulz
Jordan Dorsey
Jovany Barreto
Paul McDonald
Robbie Rosen
Scott McCreery
Stefano Langone
Tim Halperin
Tiwan Strong
Ashthon Jones
Brittany Mazur
Eryn Kelly
Haley Reinhart
Hollie Cavanagh
Jackie Wilson
Jessica Cunningham
Julie Zorrilla
Karen Rodriguez
Kendra Chantelle Campbell
Keisha Renee
Lauren Alaina Suddeth
Lauren Turner
Naima Adedapo
Pia Toscano
Ta-Tynisa Wilson
Thia Megia
Joey Dwyer-Mount
Rachel Zevita

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