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I’m getting a good vibe from Beatrice Guapo, even though “Project Runway” Season 10 hasn’t even started yet.

It’s 50,000 degrees outside so I don’t feel too bad about being such a Saturday night hermit. Right now I’m sitting inside, watching the “Project Runway” Season 10 casting sessions on my computer as “The Walking Dead” marathon plays on my TV.

Raul Osorio also seems like he could do well. I liked the little black dress he showed during the casting session.

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually watched all the PR casting sessions before. Just looking at the new cast for Season 10 — which premieres on Thursday, July 19 — I’m thinking at least 70 percent of the designers were cast for their own quirky style rather than for their design skills. They want “characters” for reality TV. That in mind, I’m not too surprised to hear that two designers couldn’t handle the pressure and quit on the same day, pretty early into shooting.

But there are some decent candidates out there. Based on their casting sessions, I’m thinking Melissa Fleis, Raul Osorio and Beatrice Guapo could do pretty well. Just a guess, though, since so much depends on how they can operate in the fast pace of the PR environment. And you never know what the “crack-smoking” judges are going to like.

Melissa Fleis showed a lot of black, but I liked all of it. I have a feeling she’ll be a personal favorite of mine. Designers who go heavy black have already won twice before (Christian and Irina) despite Nina Garcia’s frustration with a lack of color.

Sonjia Williams seems to have a great personality but I wasn’t in love with the stuff she showed in her casting session.

I’m intrigued by Andrea Katz but I need to see her in action. I’m cautiously optimistic about Alicia Hardesty’s streetwear designs, but she’s already having construction issues and that could be a bad sign. I also like where Gunnar Deatherage is now; nice improvement from Season 9.

Here’s Dmitry Sholokhov/Snape. I think he’s hot in that goth hipster way.

Dmitry Sholokhov looks like Professor Severus Snape, if Snape were from Belarus. For that reason alone, I want him to do well. But I just don’t think he will.

Some of the designers I shut off maybe halfway through their sessions. Not into it. Not curious for more. In at least one instance, the casting panel (including Mondo and Seth Aaron) loved someone I was ready to ditch. So we’ll see.

Are you getting excited for the premiere? Did you hear that Katie Holmes shot something for “Project Runway: All-Stars”? Am I way out of it to be confused why they are already doing another All-Stars? Are they even finished shooting Season 10? There was no final runway show … was there?

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I love everything about Mondo’s “Godspell” look. Even the hair.

UPDATE: I just saw this “official” tweet from earlier today (June 13): “#ProjectRunway returns for Season 10 Thursday, July 19 at 9/8c on @LifetimeTV! RT to share the big news with friends!”

Yes! By the way, follow @ProjectRunway for more stuff like that.


As annoyed as I am by the idea that Mondo Guerra had already been decided as the winner of “Project Runway: All Stars” the second GretchenGate started — not to mention his moody attitude toward the end of the season — I did like his “All Stars” finale mini collection more than his Season 8 collection.  And I LOVED Mondo’s “Godspell” look for the Broadway challenge. That was my favorite look of the season, even more than (sorry!) anything Rami did. But Rami left much too soon. I wonder if that was part of the conspiracy.


I can’t wait to meet the next Mondos. “Project Runway” Season 10 is currently searching for this summer’s contestants. According to the fabulous Blogging Project Runway, there are open casting calls for Season 10 on April 9 in New York and on May 2 in L.A. As Heidi Klum noted last year, the show always shoots in June and July. Season 9 premiered on Thursday, July 28, so I’m thinking Season 10 will premiere around the same time. Right?

*Update* Did you notice that Tim Gunn is now on Twitter?! Check him out @timgunn. It makes me feel better to know that Father Tim’s thoughts on everything are now available on a daily basis. I miss his post-show vlogs!

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I see the judges' point about the lopsided shirt issue, but the idea that this design could send anyone home is unfathomable. I don't mind these colors together and Joanna was wearing the same shade of green. That coat is awesome and there were serious issues with Mila's garment, never mind what Austin, Kara, Michael and Mondo did. Ugh.

What a crock of doo doo.

Not only should Rami Kashou not have gone home on “Project Runway: All Stars” Episode 6, he should’ve won his particular fashion face-off (and I love Mila) and stayed a frontrunner to win the whole season. Instead, the spoilers seem to be playing out exactly as listed — the preordained anointing of certain designers who will not deserve what they get. Sorry, but it’s true.

Please. Are you kidding me? Both of these designs should've been "auffed" before Rami's.

Austin should’ve gone home for that embarrassing top. (I’m seeing a lot of floral prints at NY Fashion Week, but not like this.) Or Kara should’ve gone home for putting everyone to sleep. The “Spring” selections for American Sportswear were a total bust — the groundhog definitely saw his shadow.

But the judges/producers/whoever shot this episode in the foot by deciding there had to be one winner and one loser from each season. The second it came down to Rami vs. Austin, Michael and Mondo you had to know they would kill off the least reality TV friendly personality.

Jerell definitely deserved his win and he deserves applause for how he handled the Michael Costello design inspiration scandal. It’s a tricky thing, but when you design something first and a couple of hours later someone else right next to you creates something that even the judges notice is very similar to what you did — it’s important to speak up. This is not a sewing competition, it’s a design competition. Jerell was right to speak up when Joanna Coles asked about it and he was right to talk to Michael directly about it.

Michael may be sensitive because, on Season 8, he was accused of cheating by using tape of some kind, but this is completely different. And no, Mondo, I don’t think it had anything to do with Michael having won a couple of previous challenges. The Team of Mondo + Michael is nice to see, but their little whisper campaign was way off this week.

I also did not care for Mondo’s Summer design — which didn’t seem like much of a 60th birthday present for his mother either. I felt bad for him when he burst into tears (somewhat like Michael sobbing when he didn’t make the Season 8 finals) but I was very impressed with Rami’s opposite response to being eliminated.

Rami was poised and classy to the end. He felt like he accomplished what he came there to do — he promoted his brand and got more name recognition. Bravo to him. (Or Lifetime to him?) However, it is a crime for him to have been eliminated before Kara, never mind lose to Austin’s horrible top.

Here are the remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference:

• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)


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Rami, why aren't you here?

I just saw this. I hope it’s wrong. But it feels right. It feels preordained.

*March 22 update* Yep. All the spoilers were accurate. Mondo won. * End update *

When “Project Runway: All Stars” started I felt like it was specifically set up for Mondo Guerra to win as some kind of karmic absolution for Season 8. Another poster speculated that it was set up to favor Austin Scarlett.

So it does make sense that they would take the 1/2 spots.

Here’s something I found on from September:

“According to our source, fan favorite Mondo Guerra walks away with the prize. That makes sense since many are still angered that he lost season eight to Gretchen Jones. Heidi Klum even wore a dress he designed for the show’s finale in a show of solidarity with the designer. Our tipster says the plan was to hand it to him all along, and that angered the other designers, including Mondo, but he took the win nonetheless.
Apparently second place goes to season one dandy Austin Scarlett. Victorian lamp shade designer Michael Costello comes in third, despised hipster denizen and cat thrower Kenley Collins was fourth, and Jerell Scott came in fifth. Rami Kashou, the master draper who was in the finals during his initial season, is supposedly kicked out before the half-way mark. Poor thing.
Again, these spoilers may or may not be accurate, but there they are nonetheless.”


I hate the unfairness of already planning to give it to Mondo before anyone even showed up, but that’s a believable tip.

The idea of Kenley beating Rami makes me want to throw something. Rami is still my #1, followed by Mila — I loved her Miss Piggy dress, despite it not fitting the badly explained challenge criteria. Kenley? Stop it. Jerell? Meh. Austin? Not feeling it so far this season, but the judges and producers adore him. They love Mondo too — and Michael Costello is made of Teflon. Sometimes I love his stuff, other times I don’t see it, but to PR he can do no wrong.

Where’s Anthony? To me, he’s the most pleasant surprise so far this season. He wasn’t on my all-stars radar before but his work is growing on me.

Do you believe these spoilers? Do you like them? Will giving Mondo a PR win give you a feeling of closure after The Season of the Witch or can nothing be done to cleanse that stain?


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I don't get it. I don't get what they were looking for and I don't get how Michael's garment, left, won over Rami's. I didn't like Rami's look at all, but it seemed to match what they eventually described as the challenge objective.

I think this was one of those challenges that was better in theory than practice.

Despite Joanna Coles insisting that designing for Miss Piggy was one of the best challenges they’ve ever had on “Project Runway” — and Georgina Chapman saying when you design on commission you have to focus on the client —  it never seemed to occur to anyone to explain what the client wanted. The word “flamboyant” seemed to be all that was required.

The 11 designers had to create a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy to wear to promote her movie “The Muppets.” I was thinking along the same lines as Mila — since Miss Piggy had designs made for her by Prada and other major designers, they probably wanted something stylish and classy rather than a costume.


I copied this wonderful lineup of Episode 3 photos from the lovely and amazing Blogging Project Runway — The wig Mondo gave his model looked like a cheap "Annie" knockoff, or maybe Gilly from "Saturday Night Live."

I still don’t understand why they went to the fashion designers of “Project Runway: All Stars” for a challenge where it looks like what they wanted was something  they could’ve gotten at a party store. No one could love Rami more than I do (except maybe his friends and family) but I gasped and cringed when I saw his polka-dot garment — especially with that necklace on top. I thought for sure he would be in the bottom, with Mila, Anthony and maybe even Gordana’s looks in the top.


Once again, Anthony impressed me while by boy Rami disappointed. The judges didn’t see it that way, but I still don’t know what were they looking for. Rami’s over-the-top look and Kenley’s pink giraffe print at least looked similar, but then … Michael won. Why? They said they didn’t want black because it wasn’t fun and flamboyant and just wasn’t right for Miss Piggy, then they picked one of the darker, more “sophisticated” outfits.

At least the judges (including good sport Eric Daman and, thankfully, no Isaac Mizrahi) and I agreed that what Austin made was horrific. Austin should’ve been in the bottom two with … I don’t know who, but not Mila. Miss Piggy would look adorable in that ’60s mod cocktail dress. And maybe Gordana‘s simple pink dress wasn’t right for Miss “Moi” but at least they all thought it was pretty. I can’t imagine any circumstance where anyone would want to wear Austin’s garment. Those wings!

Having said that, it was probably Gordana’s time to go. Austin is one of PR’s major stars and there was no way they were letting him go this early in the game. Mila made an awesome cocktail dress, it just happened to be the opposite of what they wanted (without ever making it clear in advance what they wanted!)

Here are the 10 remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference after the third episode (big changes from last week!):

• Rami Kashou (Season 4)
• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Anthony Williams (Season 7)
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)
• April Johnston (Season 8)


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Anthony's dress was sexy and unique and just "wowed" me.

Well, well, well. I’ll say this — the “Project Runway” All Stars have more power to surprise me than I expected.

On Episode 2, “A Night At the Opera,” both Mondo and Rami were declared “Safe” instead of battling it out on the runway. And my boy Rami got lucky to be declared safe. That was a classic magenta nightmare. Kenley also got lucky to be safe. Kara’s print was insane. Sweet P — I’m done defending Sweet P now.

I do love Austin's dress and the styling was perfect. I can't really argue with this win.

The challenge gave the designers one day to make a couture gown for the opera. But, as Anthony said, they were insulting “couture” by even comparing that to what they were doing. Instead, they were making “really, really pumped-up prom dresses.”

This was Austin’s challenge to lose and he did not lose. However, to me, he should’ve lost to Anthony. I’m shocked that I loved Anthony’s dress as much as I did but it was PERFECT. So sexy but sophisticated. That is the showstopper they were looking for.

I did like Austin’s “modest,” “tasteful” and “fresh” dress, though. But this was his comfort zone and he was expected to win. It’s almost boring to give it to the ballgown frontrunner.

The judges adored Michael’s black dress and put him in the #2 spot after Austin. Usually I am with them on Michael’s stuff, but this time it was just OK for me. For me, it came down to #1 Anthony, #2, Austin.

The bottom two were April and Sweet P and they made the right call to eliminate Sweet P. She deserved to go home for that cute picnic dress, which NO ONE would wear to the opera.


One thing I love about this season is how the designers are so open in their criticism about their fellow designers — not to their faces, of course.

Here’s a taste:

Mondo — Out of all the designers, Kara is the weakest. (I’m frustrated with Kara for already freaking out in classic Kara style. She has always been her own worst enemy.)

The judges loved Michael Costello's black dress, which was just OK for me.

Jerell — Sweet P was using the same silhouette as the unconventional challenge, for which she almost went home.

April — Everyone thought she made a mistake to dye her fabric.

Austin — Michael’s design was too celebrity, not enough socialite.


Kenley — Too pink and cutesy. Very young prom looking. SAFE, which is surprising.

Gordana — Love the colors and styling. SAFE

Rami — Not into it. Shocked that this is from him. HATE the color. SAFE, which is also surprising.

Mila — Basic asymmetrical black. Like it but not a wow. SAFE

Sweet P — Come on. I want to support you, but… LOWER SCORES. Angela liked the colors, but it was declared a day dress and not fit for opera. Nobody liked the bodice. Isaac said that is the focus of the dress when a woman goes out and if we say anything else we’re lying. Whatever you say, darling.

Mondo — Definitely different, unique and creative. Not sure it belongs at the opera but I appreciate the effort. SAFE

Jerell — I kind of like this, despite how unflattering it is to the body. SAFE

This is for the opera, Sweet P?

Kara — Curtains. She’s wearing your neighbor’s living room curtains. LOWER SCORES. She doesn’t usually do prints. Isaac loved the idea of the print but he said if you’re going to be so simple it has to be perfect. But she did add pockets, which is cool. Where is she in this dress, Georgina wondered.

Anthony— LOVE this. Sexy, sophisticated, white draped gown. HIGHER SCORES. The judges loved the new use of white. Georgina was on the fence about the black glove and shoes.

Austin — Second favorite, after Anthony’s. Surprised to have Anthony’s as my favorite, but it was the best, to me. Love the styling of this model, though. HIGHER SCORES. Isaac loved this dress because it’s modest even though he already said women are basically all about the bodice when they go out. Isaac found it “fresh” and “tasteful.”

April — Very red, but otherwise not that great and she seemed to be seriously distancing herself from it even as it just walked on the runway. LOWER SCORES. Agreed. Guest judges Mark Badgley and James Mischka hate red and black together. They also thought it looked tortured.

Michael — Love the top, otherwise it was good but not great. HIGHER SCORES. Isaac couldn’t believe Michael made this in a day. He took away all his modesty talk and said this is Kim Kardashian goes to the opera. The judges adore this. Angela wants to wear this dress.

Here's the high and low opera line-up.

Here are the 11 remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference after the second episode:

• Rami Kashou (Season 4)
• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Michael Costello (Season 8)
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Anthony Williams (Season 7)
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)
• April Johnston (Season 8)


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Both Rami, left, and Mondo are more polished and sophisticated than everyone else. I do think Mondo's design is very Christian Siriano, ironically.

Even though Rami Kashou won the first challenge on “Project Runway: All Stars,” it seems like this season exists mostly to bring back Mondo Guerra and let everyone gush about him.

As much as I like Gordana, this was my least favorite design.

I love Mondo, but have they already decided he’s going to win? I wonder.

Not that I’m any better — I already think Rami SHOULD win. But will he? If “fierce” superstahhhh Christian Siriano hadn’t been there on Season 4, Rami would’ve already won — easily.

I disagree with the very existence of Isaac Mizrahi on “All Stars,” but I really did not appreciate his comment that Rami’s 99 cent look too closely matched his point-of-view dress from the day before. I’m glad that was shot down by everyone else.

I missed Mila.

I already think this is going to come down to Rami vs. Mondo in the end. And Joanna Coles, this season’s Tim Gunn, has already said somebody basically chokes in the end. Will it be Mondo or Rami … or someone else? For some reason, I think it’s Mondo.

I’m most excited to see more from Rami, Mila Hermanovski, Kara Janx, Jerell Scott, Mondo and, weirdly enough, Michael Costello. Love the guy — and his use of the same 99 cent mop fabric was way better than the overrated April Johnston.

I was disappointed in what I saw from Kenley Collins and Austin Scarlett, possibly because I expected so much more from them. I didn’t have a real issue with Sweet P’s 99 cent dress, but that’s me. I feel bad that Elisa Jimenez was eliminated, but I never understood what she was doing there to begin with. Just for drama?

I love you, Elisa, even though I never really saw you as an "All Star." I would've sent Gordana home.

At least Elisa is never boring. I prefer bizarre to boring. On that note, I have to say, I find Anthony Williams’ personality much more engaging than his designs. At this point, Anthony, April, Gordana, Kenley and Austin are on my naughty list.

One other thing I didn’t care for, beyond some of the fashion and the fact that Isaac is here when he has his own judging spot on “The Fashion ShowAngela Lindvall as host. It’s like she doesn’t know why she’s there either. Put your back into it, lady.

I really like what Michael Costello did. I keep calling him Michael Costello or Michael C. even though he's the only Michael this season. Force of habit.

Rate the designs here on the official site’s “Rate the Runway” page.

Here are the 12 remaining all-stars, ranked in order of my personal preference after the first episode:

• Rami Kashou (Season 4)
• Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
• Mondo Guerra (Season 8 )
• Michael Costello (Season 8 )
• Jerell Scott (Season 5)
• Kara Janx (Season 2)
• Kathleen “Sweet P” Vaughn (Season 4)
• April Johnston (Season 8)
• Kenley Collins (Season 5)
• Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
• Anthony Williams (Season 7)
• Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6)

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I love the new Professor Austin. Please, let Austin steal the show, not Isaac Mizrahi. Isaac already has "The Fashion Show" to annoy people on.

Finally. After almost-but-not-quite starting in November, “Project Runway All Stars” will now reportedly premiere on Jan. 5, 2012.

We’ll see.

Entertainment Weekly has a great little teaser, with lots of crying from Mondo Guerra. I can’t wait to see more (or, really, anything) from Rami and as well as Austin “Starlet” Scarlett.

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They need to do this every week. And Laura needs to be there every single week. She's gold.

Laura Bennett. Laura freakin’ Bennett.

She is my hero. She’s right. She’s right about everything and she was right when she asked Joshua McKinley about his behavior on “Project Runway” Season 9. (Where was this “After the Runway” special last season so she could talk to Gretchen Jones?)

I wasn't wowed by Anya's look, at left, and I had no problem with Laura Kathleen's look, at right. But whatever.

Josh was oversensitive. Laura’s questions were valid and if he hadn’t wasted so much time feeling bullied and put-upon, Laura might’ve had time to question Anya Ayoung-Chee as well. Instead, Anya was let off the hook. Again.

Josh has become the villain of the season and just like the “Project Joshua” pattern Laura mentioned, he lashes out, gets emotional, then apologizes. I doubt he’ll apologize for lashing out at Laura, but it frustrated me because I was on his side when it came to his issues with Anya. I wanted to stay on his side, but his latest outburst overshadowed the valid quesitons being directed to Anya about her sewing and her, in my opinion, selfishness.

Anya seems very popular with the other designers on a personal level, but this isn’t “Project Miss Congeniality.” It’s “Project Runway” and construction has ALWAYS been important. Until now, anyway. Viktor Luna was absolutely right — from day one the judges have favored Anya because of her interesting story of only learning to sew four months ago. (I recommend all future PR designers come up with similar stories — maybe try three months next time — because it works.)

I can understand if he felt ambushed, but he just dealt with it the wrong way. Bringing up Laura's age, as if that had anything to do with it?

Even Kimberly Goldson got lots of praise this week on Season 9, Episode 11, “This is For the Birds,” for coming up with a new dress in three hours, even though they saw all the flaws. The stories aren’t supposed to matter. The finished product is all that is supposed to matter. Everyone has a story, whether it’s Josh having major student loans (get in line), Anya not having experience, Bert Keeter being the older guy, whatever. (I’ll miss you, Bert! Love the transformation from angry old man to mature hipster.)

I enjoyed this look from Josh M. but I can't help but wonder what Anthony would've done on a bird challenge. Remember his birdseed dress? I miss you Anthony Ryan!

I was cheering for Viktor, Kimberly and Josh in the “After the Runway” special because they were right about Anya — she got help every step of the way. She got tangible sewing help, she got money from her friend Anthony Ryan Auld after she lost her own (who stole that, by the way?) and she told Anthony last week — the week he was eliminated — that she would wear the clothes the judges despised.

And yet the very next challenge she shut down, not only telling the cameras she didn’t want to give Josh fabric, she didn’t even think it was appropriate for him to ask for help. Say what? Since when? Didn’t she stand by the register while Anthony was paying last week, so he could give her money?

What is her response to that? All she said was that if she were the other designers, she’d be pissed too. Pissed about what, though? The judges’ favoritism when it comes to her lack of construction skills? Her decision to take help, but not give it? Or give it to Kimberly, then regret it? Would she have given Anthony $11 if the situation had been reversed?

And I didn’t love her black edgy raven dress. That was the “clear winner”? It seemed very literal. And I feel like Andy and April did better versions of this dark edgy look last season, never mind anywhere else. And why does it matter so much when designers “step out of their comfort zone” when some seasons the judges interpret that as “where are you in this design?”

The judges just love Anya. I think she’s a strong designer and I actually really loved her finale collection and think she could win in the end, but I also loved Laura Kathleen’s raven look. To me, that was no more literal than Anya’s black dress with wings.


Why wasn’t Laura Kathleen at the “After the Runway” special? No one addressed the omission on air. Well, according to Laura Kathleen’s Twitter, this Laura may not have fit with the drama theme.

LKathleenDesign: “I wasn’t enough drama for the episode!!!” Based on the fan items she’s retweeting, it sounds like she really did want to be there. Sad.
At this point it looks like the judges really, really want Anya, Viktor and Joshua in the finale. I don’t know if Laura Kathleen or Kimberly can get there. Maybe one of them could push Josh out, but Anya is definitely in and Viktor has earned his way there by now. He is the only one who really deserves to be there. He’s the real slow and steady tortoise who could win this race.

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***Did you miss the “After the Runway” special? Want to see it again? Watch here at

Now we have to wait several months to spend more time with the All-Stars. But seriously, Elisa is here? And is it good that Mondo already looks like a ragtime leprechaun?

Both “Project Runway All Stars” and “Project Accessory” were supposed to premiere on Thursday, November 3, 2011. But now neither one will be premiering on that date.

Here’s the original information from Lifetime (courtesy of Wetpaint):

“Airing at 9/8c, Project Runway All Stars brings back familiar contestants but debuts a new host, judging panel, and mentor. Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief Joanna Coles will help the aspiring designers as they prepare their work for judging by Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman. Supermodel Angela Lindvall will host. … Project Accessory will air directly after Project Runway All Stars. The show will feature 12 contestants who participate in challenges to design and display the most amazing accessories. With the help of their mentor, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, they’ll need to impress host Molly Sims and judges Kenneth Cole and Ariel Foxman, editor of InStyle. Kelly Osbourne and Debra Messing will be among the guest judges appearing this season.”

But NOT SO FAST! Lifetime giveth and Lifetime taketh away. “Project Accessory” now appears to be starting on October 27 and the “All Stars” premiere has been pushed to Whenever in 2012.

Here’s the *new* information, from TV By the Numbers:

“As viewers eagerly await to find out which designer is ‘in’ as the winner of Project Runway Season 9, Lifetime keeps the night full of fashion with the all-new series, Project Accessory premiering Thursday, October 27 at 10:30PM ET/PT following the Project Runway finale at 9:00PM ET/PT. The evening continues with the final episode of After the Runway at 11:30PM ET/PT. The following week on November 3, Project Accessory will move to its regular time period of Thursdays at 10PM, immediately following the one-time, one-hour special, Project Runway Best of Season 9 airing at 9PM ET/PT.  The special will feature some of the most memorable moments from this season of Project Runway and include some never-before-seen footage of the judges and designers.  Project Runway All Stars will now premiere in 2012.”

Poo. I don’t care about “Project Accessory.” Sad face.

Refresh your memory about the All-Stars cast here.

And catch up on my “Project Runway” stories in this nifty but definitely incomplete archive.

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