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But … but … but … I don’t *want* to like her stuff!

Now I’m confused. I checked out the New York Fashion Week finale collections from “Project Runway” Season 10 — including the decoys — and I’ve decided…

Love, love, love this look from Melissa. But it’s really the only look of hers that I loved.

1. Ven must be eliminated at some point before the final three. He did his rose thing again and copied himself in a way that says, to me, “F–k it, I’m doing what I want, knowing the judges won’t reward a whole collection of what I’ve done before. … Unless they decide it’s OK since they rewarded Anya for doing the same thing on Season 9.”

This dress by Christopher is beautiful, but I do feel like I’ve seen it before. Still…

2. Gunnar lost his mind. You know how sometimes the judges try to be diplomatic and sum up a critique as “He was just too ambitious”? Gunnar was just too ambitious. African tribal print? Maybe it could work, even from a guy who hasn’t hinted in this direction at all, but not like this. Way over the top.

3. Melissa and Christopher had some of my favorite individual pieces but they both also had some serious down notes. At first I thought “This is my final two,” but that was before I saw Elena’s collection.

4. Elena’s stuff is a lot better than I expected. Yeah, the lipstick is unnecessarily weird, but I would actually wear that sleeveless zip-up vest and the gray jacket. This may be the best collection of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean she made the finals. She could be a decoy.

Remember Laura last season? She made what even Tim Gunn and the other designers acknowledged to be the best collection but it was a decoy.

I would wear this! And the whole collection is cohesive and instantly recognizable as Elena’s. Dang it! If she had been this good for the whole season, I’d applaud her — attitude and all. But she just hasn’t been doing much other than talking smack. Now I don’t know how to feel.

I just don’t see Elena making the final three. And winning? Dmitry would stake her on the spot.

Check out photos from all the collections.

Dmitry’s definitely disappointed me. Too much Olivier, from last season.

Final three prediction: This is tough. No one knocked it out of the park. Elena was closest, but she’s Elena. She hasn’t done enough all season to earn an actual win. But I’m going to guess Christopher, Melissa and … ugh … maybe Sonjia make the final three? Sonjia’s collection has no cohesion so I can’t see her winning, but I could see her showing a few pieces alone and having the judges give her a spot in the final three.

Winner prediction: If Elena makes the final three, I can’t see them turning her down. But I’m guessing Christopher wins.

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I really do want a Boris and Natasha spinoff now.

I could watch Dmitry Sholokhov make dresses all day. To me, it shows consistent talent. To the “Project Runway” Season 10 judges, it shows he has no range. It’s not like he’s made the same dress over and over. They have similarities, but he’s not making roses or fans all the time (Ven!) or doing the same big coat that makes the model look huge (Elena!) or doing … whatever it is that Fabio does.

I’m still Team Dmitry. And I’m very much not Team Elena. She’s a one-way monkey. And I don’t understand how she’s being allowed to be the fan favorite on Lifetime’s PR site. That’s some rigging right there.

I started this season not liking Gunnar Deatherage, but now I’m mad on his behalf. He was robbed tonight. Last week he was robbed by being in the bottom two and this week he was robbed of a win because the judges liked Sonjia Williams‘ coat. Props to Christopher Palu for giving Gunnar — whom he doesn’t even like — credit for all the work he did this week. Sonjia just promoted her own hunter green coat.

Anway, I’ve been posting recaps on Wetpaint’s site and you can check out my past three recaps here, including all the comments about Ven Budhu being rude to his “plus-size” client, Terri.

Be sure to scroll down to the end of my recap of tonight’s episode for details on the PR 10 Fashion Week collections. I hope Melissa Fleis, Dmitry and either Christopher or Gunnar make the final three. But I’m guessing it will be Melissa, Ven and Christopher. Or Sonjia? The judges love her stuff.

I’m getting a good vibe from Beatrice Guapo, even though “Project Runway” Season 10 hasn’t even started yet.

It’s 50,000 degrees outside so I don’t feel too bad about being such a Saturday night hermit. Right now I’m sitting inside, watching the “Project Runway” Season 10 casting sessions on my computer as “The Walking Dead” marathon plays on my TV.

Raul Osorio also seems like he could do well. I liked the little black dress he showed during the casting session.

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually watched all the PR casting sessions before. Just looking at the new cast for Season 10 — which premieres on Thursday, July 19 — I’m thinking at least 70 percent of the designers were cast for their own quirky style rather than for their design skills. They want “characters” for reality TV. That in mind, I’m not too surprised to hear that two designers couldn’t handle the pressure and quit on the same day, pretty early into shooting.

But there are some decent candidates out there. Based on their casting sessions, I’m thinking Melissa Fleis, Raul Osorio and Beatrice Guapo could do pretty well. Just a guess, though, since so much depends on how they can operate in the fast pace of the PR environment. And you never know what the “crack-smoking” judges are going to like.

Melissa Fleis showed a lot of black, but I liked all of it. I have a feeling she’ll be a personal favorite of mine. Designers who go heavy black have already won twice before (Christian and Irina) despite Nina Garcia’s frustration with a lack of color.

Sonjia Williams seems to have a great personality but I wasn’t in love with the stuff she showed in her casting session.

I’m intrigued by Andrea Katz but I need to see her in action. I’m cautiously optimistic about Alicia Hardesty’s streetwear designs, but she’s already having construction issues and that could be a bad sign. I also like where Gunnar Deatherage is now; nice improvement from Season 9.

Here’s Dmitry Sholokhov/Snape. I think he’s hot in that goth hipster way.

Dmitry Sholokhov looks like Professor Severus Snape, if Snape were from Belarus. For that reason alone, I want him to do well. But I just don’t think he will.

Some of the designers I shut off maybe halfway through their sessions. Not into it. Not curious for more. In at least one instance, the casting panel (including Mondo and Seth Aaron) loved someone I was ready to ditch. So we’ll see.

Are you getting excited for the premiere? Did you hear that Katie Holmes shot something for “Project Runway: All-Stars”? Am I way out of it to be confused why they are already doing another All-Stars? Are they even finished shooting Season 10? There was no final runway show … was there?

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