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Natalie won. And not just for being a hot coattail rider. She earned it. She did!

By Gina Carbone

Woo hoo! I’m excited for Natalie White, since I wanted her to win “Survivor: Samoa” — and predicted it several times — but I’m still surprised.

Russell is TICKED that he didn't win. He wants to buy the title. He would.

Russell Hantz was this season. He owned it. And he knew it. And that was his downfall. That arrogance Erik Cardona singled out in his thoughtful jury speech. (See recent “Survivor” posts for more on the finale.)

Poor Mick. You didn't belong in the finale, man.

Poor Mick. Mick Trimming was the odd man out. No votes. It was a two-way finale even if he was sitting with them. He just got to listen to Shambo — of all people — insult him as “feckless” and possibly fart at him. Hard to tell.

Russell looked ticked during the live reading of the votes. Natalie was thrilled even beforehand. Did they know the outcome?

And, by the way, this was not a coattail victory. Natalie not only killed a rat, she knocked out Erik (who made that speech for her) and was sure to play a strong social game. Never nasty to anyone. Prayer warrior. God was on her side.

During the reunion special, Russell started tearing up. He said he felt he played the best strategic game in history. What a crybaby! He said Natalie’s best move was to jump on his back.

Jeff polled the jury. If Russell had brought Shambo or Jaison to the jury he would’ve won.

He told Natalie all he wants is the title of Sole Survivor. He offered to pay her $10,000 for the title.

The audience loves Russell. Russell said he’s not the only one who thinks he played the best strategic game.

Jaison said people hate Russell in real life. Russell said Jaison is still bitter about the burning socks. Russell pulled out a pair of socks … and put it in the fire.

Russell was named the Sprint Player of the Season and got $100,000. He was up against Shambo and Brett.

At least he won something. Now his ego can go in peace. Or just go.


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