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My top two choices, at this point. When we see all of Emily's guys in action, I'll have some new favorites to add to the mix.

Maybe two months ago, someone asked me if Reid Rosenthal and Kristen Dalton had broken up. I didn’t think so, but I didn’t know. Now I know. Or at least I know now what Reid tweeted last month — that he and Kristen are dunzo.

Apparently I’ve been way out of the Reid loop, but it does explain why he would’ve been at that “Bachelor” reunion to begin with. Will he be on “Bachelor Pad” Season 3? Reid also tweeted a link to “Bachelor” honcho Mike Fleiss’ tweet asking who should be the next Bachelor. Is Reid throwing his hat in the ring or just supporting Bachelor Nation?

Do you think Reid should be the Season 17 Bachelor or should they go with Michael Stagliano of “Bachelor Pad” Season 2, Roberto Martinez of “The Bachelorette” Season 6, one of Emily Maynard’s rejects from “The Bachelorette” Season 8 … or someone new? They won’t go with someone new, unless it’s some new guy they cast on BP3, but if enough people push for it maybe it’ll change their minds?


Are you a Beneffer? He reminds me of one of my brothers, so I don't mind if someone else takes him.

*Spoilers and speculation ahead!*

“The Bachelorette” Season 7 has been pretty wince-worthy up to this point, but I would argue it’s still not half as bad as Brad Womack’s Debbie Downer of a “Bachelor” Season 15. He had a therapist! On several episodes! And he never looked comfortable with the woman he chose (and vice versa). That was one of the worst seasons I’ve ever seen — and I was a big proponent of bringing Brad back,  just not Boring Robot Brad who told every girl the same thing (did he think Emily wouldn’t notice?).

I’ve always preferred “The Bachelorette” anyway, for the obvious reason that it’s much more fun, to me, to watch 25 guys fight over one girl. If I want to watch girls crying and snapping at each other I’ll go back to middle school.

However, unlike some seasons, on Season 7 Ashley Hebert has only really had two contenders from the beginning.

Even though Ryan Park seems sweet to me, the guys bash him as the second coming of Jake Pavelka and he just seems too cheesy for Ashley. Reality Steve seems to think they are setting up Mr. Sunshine as the Season 16 Bachelor and maybe that’s true — he has the generic Captain America looks the show loves.

Ames Brown seems like a fascinating guy but even if he weren’t already dating Jackie Gordon from “Bachelor Pad” Season 2, he would still not be right for Ashley. Did you see the condescending way she reacted to his (creepy) elevator kiss — like he was some little kid who made a surprisingly adult decision and “Wow, good for you, little buddy!”

There’s no one else other than Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum. Constantine Tzortzis may get to the final three, but he seems as into Ashley as Chris Harrison.

How much do you think he regrets telling that "Cupcake" story? I'm betting "a lot."

Reality Steve’s spoilers say JP is the final guy, but Steve’s sources have given him bad intel for the past two seasons in a row — leading me to wonder if Bachelor/ette producers may have finally gotten a hold on their own finales. We’ll see.

(And no, getting an update a week or two before the finale does not count if the wrong spoiler has been out there for months.)

(*Update* Dang it! It sounds like the spoilers were right and Cupcake is off the market. Rats.)

JP is getting major screen time. I’ve read the arguments why that means he’s NOT the winner and I’ve read why that doesn’t mean anything. I’m going by what I see chemistry-wise.

JP is the friend who picks Ashley up after she’s been dumped by Bentley Williams. He was the first one to get two 1-on-1 dates (before Mr. Sunshine even got one) but they were both post-Bentley talks where she just talked to JP about Bentley. Ashley and JP don’t have as much fun together (at this point) as she has with Ben F.

JP is insanely attractive and I’m starting to think he just has great chemistry with everyone. If JP were The Bachelor, even Chris would make eyes at him. I don’t think there’s anything *special* about JP’s chemistry with Ashley, despite him saying he just has a feeling about them. I think Ashley likes having him as a shoulder to cry on and I have no doubt that he’s an amazing kisser.

But she just has a different look around Ben F. I can picture her picturing herself out there in Cali, dealing with whatever people deal with when they have wineries. It’s a relaxing kind of lifestyle. Ashley likes wine. Ashley could use a low-key guy to balance out her zany energy. And I think she knows that. Plus, Ben F. is protective of her and also funny in a way that Ashley seems to like. They seem to “fit.” That doesn’t mean she’ll pick him — I thought Jake and Tenley “fit” better than Jake and Vienna — but it makes more sense to me. I loved their “mental kiss.”

Both JP and Ben have done videos on the official Bachelor site. JP talks about how, by Episode 6, he’s “smitten” with Ashley. Ben F., on the other hand, looks half asleep in his video and plays down his interest to such an extent I have to think he’s joking around.

Plus — and I don’t know why I’m reading so much into this, but I am — Life & Style had that cover story where they announced that Ashley is engaged and “elated.” They described her chosen one as “… the sweetest guy, and he’s very sensitive. He had his heart broken in the past, but he loves being in a relationship, and he and Ashley have great chemistry.” I think that could be either JP or Ben but to me it sounds more like Ben.

Also, Ashley does her People magazine blogs every week and for the one in Phuket, Thailand she talked about how Ben stood out to her at the orphanage:

“At this point, I started to see the guys in a completely different light, especially Ben F. He took it upon himself to paint a mural for the children and was a standout guy in terms of interacting with the children. It really melted my heart, and I feel like this helped solidify my feelings for him.”

At the end of the column, she said “Looking back at this week, the most important lesson I took away is that the best type of love starts off with a slow burn, and eventually turns into something much brighter than a spark ever could.”

Slow burn = Ben.

To be fair, I’m really pushing this Ben F. argument because I want JP as the next Bachelor. And not just because I had a very nice dream about him that I wish I had TiVo-ed so I could watch it back. I think the whole “Cupcake” storyline is adorable but almost too perfect.

If JP and Ashley are engaged and happy, I’m happy for them. But there’s really no one else from this season who would make a decent Bachelor. Not Mr. Sunshine. Not mellow yellow Ben F. Ames is already dating someone else. And they have no luck with finding random guys off the street. Remember Brad?

If JP is taken (or says no) could Stag be the next Bachelor?

Anyway, read all kinds of recaps, top 10 lists, spoilers, speculation and random gossip at Wetpaint’s Bachelorette site. And don’t forget to read up on “Bachelor Pad” Season 2, which won’t start until August 8 but it’s already 100 times better than Ashley’s season.

Wait a minute. I forgot something.

It’s possible that if Ashley IS engaged to JP then they could make Michael Stagliano the new Bachelor, because Stag and Holly Durst are no longer engaged and he supposedly still holds a torch for her and cries about it on “Bachelor Pad” but she’s just not that into him anymore. Or something.

I still want JP as the mini rosemaster, but Stag is my second choice.

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