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Kayla! Why did you lose your sparkle? Did the makeover strip it out of you?

I blame the bad makeover. I liked Kayla Ferrel’s blonde hair on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15 and LOVED her bright red makeover. But I think the drab dark reddish color they gave her on “America’s Next Top Model: All Stars” did not do her any favors. It pushed her back two steps and she never recovered.

The ludicrous “branding word” labels also hurt. “Free”? Anything she did should’ve fit into “free” but no matter what she did it didn’t seem to live up to the judges’ bizarre expectations.

I thought Bianca Golden, who was also sent home on Episode 7, was a bit too arrogant to just brush off the bathtub pose element of their perfume challenge, but she was right to question it. Every cycle ANTM does ridiculous things and I’m always amazed anyone goes through with it. (Alexandria Everett was also right to be confused about being insulted as a reality TV star last week, then told to impersonate Snooki this week. Par for the course.) But Bianca had to know the drill going in. She’s there to have a good showing on TV, win more fans, promote herself, build her “brand” and continue on a path to be the next Beyoncé or whatnot.

Allison has been shining as Kayla faded away.

Instead of being rewarded for standing up for herself, she was sent home. Along with my girl Kayla. I really think that was a mistake. Shannon Stewart is the one who should’ve gone home — probably a while ago. She’s sweet but forgettably commercial to me, and boring. Even Tyra Banks mentioned the “b” word with her. Why wasn’t that enough to send her home? Bianca certainly isn’t boring. Kayla isn’t boring, although they went out of their way to make her boring with that makeover.

Is Allison Harvard going to win? I’m getting the impression that that’s what the judges want. Maybe Angelea Preston or Dominique Reighard vs. Allison in the end.

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This is just too exciting.

Kayla in Venice. The opposite of "Dreckitude."

This Fall, “America’s Next Top Model” will make Cycle 17 an “All-Stars” season. All-Stars seasons are the new black. Everyone is doing it. I’m fine with that if it means Kayla Ferrel and her AMAZING red makeover can return.

She had better not have messed with that hair.

Here’s the Cycle 17 cast line-up. I can’t even pretend to remember most of the early names, but I do remember the later girls:

Cycle 1: Shannon
Cycle 2: Camille
Cycle 4: Brittany
Cycle 5: Bre
Cycle 5: Lisa
Cycle 9: Bianca
Cycle 10: Dominique
Cycle 11: Isis
Cycle 11: Sheena
Cycle 12: Allison
Cycle 13: Laura
Cycle 14: Angelea
Cycle 15: Kayla
Cycle 16: Alexandria

Look at the haircuts they're giving Molly and Brittani for the Cycle 16 finale!

Obviously this new season must reverse the tragedy of Kayla only making it to third fourth place on Cycle 15.

There should’ve been two winners — Kayla and Ann Ward. And now there can be…

Check out Wetpaint’s ANTM page for all kinds of spoilers, photos and whatnot.

Who do you think will win Cycle 16? I want it to be Brittani, but I think it will be Molly.

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Is the shot going to stay black and white? Is that a stupid question? I'm asking anyway.

So Ann Ward won “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 15 over Chelsey Hersley, my girl Kayla Ferrel and some other people I’ve already forgotten.

Normally I stop caring at this point, but I just Googled Ann Ward and Vogue Italia to see what the heck she’s doing next. They made such a fuss over her before the cycle started and Tyra Banks seems to think she’s going to be A Big Deal.


Here’s a blurb from Tyra from Vogue Italia, paired with a shot of “The model Ann Ward, photo by Vincent Peters, an exclusive preview of the cover shoot Beauty in Vogue May 2011”:

“America’s Next Top Model is a competition that celebrates the various types of beauty in women. Watching Ann realize that she is uniquely beautiful standing tall at 6’2 is one of the reasons I make it a point to choose contestants that the audience can relate to. Women should understand that there is no such thing as standard beauty. Ann found her beauty in her height and took all the years of bullying she endured and turned that energy into a strong work ethic that led her to be the winner of America’s Next Top Model.”


Congrats to Ann, but I don’t relate to her. I relate to the idea of awkwardness and shyness and overcoming bullying, but not being a 6’2″ skinny model. I am worried about how Ann will do in the industry without Tyra and company behind her. She still seems awkward and insecure and in The Real World people won’t be rooting for her quite as hard as they did this past season. Maybe they will at first, because of the show, but she’s going to have to cowboy up fast.

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Kayla, you need to keep this hair. Don't you DARE dye it back to blonde!

Nooooo! No. No. No.

Kayla Ferrel should be in the finals of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 15.

She was robbed! ROBBED, I say!

Having said that, Ann Ward was always going to win. If she doesn’t win, it will be the biggest reality TV upset since Mondo Guerra lost “Project Runway” to Gretchen Jones. (If Bristol Palin wins “Dancing with the Stars” that will trump everything.)

Look at her frickin' arm! Is Ann on ANTM or has she spent the last few months starving on "Survivor"?

The final four — Ann, Jane, Chelsey and Kayla — in Italy.

On the “Franca Sozzani” episode, Chelsey Hersley won the one-on-one challenge with Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief.

Chelsey does have more pep and personality than Ann.

But Kayla has just as much personality as Chelsey.

Jane Randall, on the other hand, is mousy. She’s so pretty, but the second she’s off screen I forget her. She’s very commercial, though, and I agree with Tyra Banks that she’s probably going to make a lot of money.

Tyra made her directorial debut in some kind of motion editorial challenge. Nigel Barker thought Kayla’s performance was the most believable. Andre Leon Talley thought she was stunning.


It’s now down to Chelsey Hersley, 22, of Boise Idaho (height: 5 feet, 11 inches) and Ann Ward, 19, of Dallas, Texas (height: 6 feet, 2 inches).

They will pose in a Roberto Cavalli fashion show.

Chelsey is the fashion junkie of the season, so she’s really the only one who appreciates stuff like that. She’s always reliable for a worthy gush-fest.

That finale ep will air on Dec. 1. Next week, on Nov. 24, there’s a highlight reel where we can relive Kayla’s two wins in a row and TOTAL ROBBERY from the finale.

Does Ann have enough confidence and personality to be a successful model? She needs so much support and validation and in the “real world” she won’t have Tyra, Andre, Nigel and the Jays to support her.

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Dying. This is "evil" genius.

I may be ready to change my Cycle 15 “Top Model” favorite from Rhianna Atwood to Kayla Ferrel. (Although I still adore Rhianna.)

It was makeover week on ANTM, also known as the “Patricia Field” episode where two models were eliminated.

Terra, your new hair looks good!

Poor Terra White got the boot right after getting her makeover. She was upset that the judges chose to get rid of her after chopping her beloved hair, but the Js got rid of her because she got so upset about them chopping her hair. If she had just put on a brave face she might’ve stayed for the fallen angel photo shoot.  This seems to happen to someone every cycle.

By the way, Terra looks 100 percent better with that short hair. Gorgeous.

I liked most of the makeovers. I can’t think of any major misses, except maybe Lexie Tomcheck, who lost her sparkle. Maybe that’s karma for her “Academy” winning performance pretending to be upset after they circulated the fake makeover plan list.

Some of the makeovers were subtle. Esther Petrack just went darker, but she definitely stands out even more just from going jet black. Rhianna stayed a long-haired hippie. Jane Randall bores me now. Kacey Leggett looked cuter with her glasses.

But I loved the gap-toothed, ice blonde look for Chelsey Hersley. (She’s kind of Anna Paquin-esque now.)

And I dub thee Pennywise.

And I especially loved the dramatic clown red hair for Kayla Ferrel. She said her girlfriend told her not to come home bald or with red hair, but that’s — wait a minute, what’s wrong with having red hair? Why is there a stigma against redheads? I’ve always wanted to have red hair, like my mom and aunts and Irish grandma.

Anyway, I don’t even normally like bangs, but this shocking red hair and bangs go perfectly with Kayla’s face and whole attitude. She looks high fashion. I could see her making a strong impact on a magazine cover or on the runway — i.e. winning this thing.

I agree with the judges that the fallen angel shoot was basically a disaster. Dreckitude! That’s a shame considering it’s one of the show’s better challenges. You know the crap they make these women do. Pretending to be an angel with black wings is pretty cool. So much opportunity. But they all just let the men lead. Bad move.

Ann Ward just won two challenges in a row and the judges love her quirky style. Is she going to win?

Well, not ALL. Ann Ward, who proved herself a saucy lass with that fake makeover list, did a great job and won the first call out AGAIN. Chris White, who was devastated by the elimination of her sister Terra, also did well. My girl Rhianna killed it. So did Kayla.

Poor Sara Blackamore lost her eyebrows and her son may not even recognize her anymore. But she was sent home. Probably a good call, but I could’ve lost Lexie too. They are both blah. “Deaditorial.”

Here’s my current list of favorites at this point (it’s early) in the season of “America’s Next Top Model”:

Kayla Ferrel, 19, Rockford, Illinois, 5 ft 9 in
Rhianna Atwood, 20, San Diego, California, 6 ft 1½ in
Ann Ward, 19, Dallas, Texas, 6 ft 2 in
Chris White, 20, Arlington, Texas, 5 ft 10½ in
Chelsey Hersley, 22, Boise, Idaho,  5 ft 11 in
Kendal Brown, 23, Northport, Alabama, 5 ft 11 in
Esther Petrack, 18, Boston, Massachusetts, 5 ft 9 in
Kacey Leggett, 20, Palmdale, California, 5 ft 9 in
Jane Randall, 19, Baltimore, Maryland, 5 ft 9 in
Lyzbeth “Liz” Williams, 21,, Arlington, Texas, 5 ft 10 in
Lexie Tomcheck, 18, Geneva, Illinois, 6 ft 0 in

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