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Michelle, feel free to lock Juan in a bathroom. (RadarOnline pic!)

Wow, what a News of The Weird Week.

Do you think that DeAnna + Stephen Stagliano and Holly Durst + Michael Stagliano announced their engagements today because Jesse Csincsak announced his engagement to Ann Lueders yesterday?

Here's DeAnna flashing her ring in a Twitpic.

Or do you think Jesse announced his engagement yesterday because he knew The Stags and their girls would be giving Us Weekly the scoop on their longtime engagements in today’s issue?


Anyway, read a little bit more about that here: Secretly engaged! ‘Bachelorette’ DeAnna Pappas, Staglianos, Holly Durst plan double wedding

THIS is the thing that’s killing me: Juan Barbieri and my girl Crazy Michelle Kujawa supposedly hooked up in Las Vegas and are now an item. Do we believe this?

In other “Bachelorette” news: Chris Lambton is officially on Twitter now. He’s also here on Facebook. Try your best not to stalk him.


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