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Go rest now, Jaison.

By Gina Carbone

Brett Clouser won his third immunity in a row on “Survivor: Samoa,” forcing the original Foa Foa foursome — Russell Hantz, Natalie White, Mick Trimming and Jaison Robinson — to eat one of their own.

Russell, as usual, played everyone against each other, telling Jaison they would vote off Mick so — once Brett was out of the way¬† — it could be Russell, Natalie and Jaison.

On the other side of his mouth, Russell told Mick they would vote off Jaison because Jaison had already mentally and physically checked out of the game. He wasn’t going to help them to beat Brett in the final immunity challenge.

Russell originally told Natalie her head would be on the chopping block as the only woman — and she didn’t fight him, dang her — but he said he would save her.

At no point did it seem to even cross their minds that FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WE SHOULD JUST GET RID OF RUSSELL.

So, entering tribal council, the two minds were: Keep someone who could possibly beat Brett (Mick) or keep someone who could possibly be beaten when they get to the jury (Jaison).

Russell, the only operational mind on the field, decided to dump Jaison.

It made sense. Jaison didn’t see it that way. He didn’t wave goodbye or wish anyone luck. He told the camera he was mad about Russell’s betrayal and would vote for Brett before Russell.

Interesting. I just assumed everyone would vote for Russell if he got to the jury since he completely controlled the game.

As we speak, the final immunity challenge is coming down to Brett and Russell. So much for the Mick argument: He was the first one out. Uh-oh. Russell won. I think he just won the million, too. (See story above)

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