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That's Highclere Castle in the background, playing the title character of Downton Abbey. (Pronounced DOWN-ton — like a "ton" of bricks.)

I have appalling taste in television. I love “The Bachelor” franchise and “The Real Housewives of Wherever” (but especially Beverly Hills Team Kim!) and any other cheesy reality show you can think of.

So when I find a classy show like “Downton Abbey” and actually love it, I’m proud. So dang proud.

Very similar storylines and characters. Thank God!

“Downton Abbey” is going to air its third episode tonight at 9 on PBS. That’s right. I watch PBS. So dang proud.

It’s a Masterpiece Classic presentation and just in case it didn’t sound prestigious enough, Laurey Linney introduces each episode.

That’s right. Laura Linney. PBS. So dang proud.

If you liked “Gosford Park” — and I loooooved “Gosford Park” — you’ll like “Downton Abbey,” which is basically a longer version of GP.

It’s really no surprise that I love it. Hot guys. Personality clashes. Romance. Drama. It’s not too different from “The Bachelor.”

It was created and largely written by Julian Fellowes, who wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for “Gosford Park.” “Downton Abbey” even has GP’s Maggie Smith playing a very similar character.

It’s like Masterpiece porn. And, as in any upstairs/downtstairs situation, the downstairs peeps are the most fascinating.

(My favorite characters are Bates, the myserious limping valet, William, the blond second footman, Anna and Gwen the nice housemaids and Lady Edith, the middle daughter.)

I’m hooked. According to Wikipedia, “Downton Abbey” is being broadcast in four 90-minute episodes (so there’s one more after tonight!) and it is also now available on DVD, if you just want to Netflix the thing. I’m taping each episode as they air.

Apparently there will also be a second season of “Downton Abbey” since it’s a big hit across the pond. Awesome.

I also watch “Sherlock,” the updated BBC “Sherlock” that inexplicably only produced three episodes. But, according to Wikipedia again, “The BBC has confirmed that a second series of three 90-minute episodes will air in Autumn 2011.” They will start filming in May.

The cutest bromance on television? Are they cuter than "House's" House and Wilson, who are obviously copying the Sherlock/Watson relationship?


I need more Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch who — OBVIOUS ALERT — should play the young Severus Snape in any “Harry Potter” production.

He looks like a young Alan Rickman and has the same sexy voice.

Am I alone here? Why didn’t they cast him “Deathly Hallows”?

Oh, one more thing: If they ever pull a “Shameless”/”Skins”/”The Office”/”Being Human”/Etc. and make an American version of “Downton Abbey” (or “Sherlock”) I will effing lose it.


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