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You don't dump the ringer! Come on, now.

By Gina Carbone


I wasn’t even planning to write about “The Fashion Show: The Ultimate Collection” anymore, but I just saw Eduardo de las Casas — aka the only real talent on the show — get cut so the producers can milk Calvin Tran’s drama for another two weeks.

The poster boy for reality TV contestants who stick around for dramatic effect.

Granted, Eduardo did too many ruffles, which is what he always does. He really did need to take a risk, but he did make pants, as Isaac Mizrahi suggested. And Dominique Pearl David made a freakin’ pig coat and a humpback dress! And Calvin threw something together in five minutes that made me snore.

I can take “risks” and make a cheap pig coat, too. It takes talent to make classy, standout designs. And there’s no denying that’s what Eduardo does. He has a signature style … that happens to include ruffles every week.

So what? I’d buy everything he makes. If I had more than $100 to my name.

Jeffrey Williams won the eccentric accessories challenge on Episode 8 and Isaac said the white dress he made to showcase the chandelier earrings was the best look they’ve seen all season.

I think Jeffrey is up there with Eduardo and Dominique. Cesar Gallindo is hit or miss and this week he was OK. No one was really “eccentric,” in my opinion, but the judges actually liked everyone’s looks.

Jeffrey and Dominique. I predict those two in the finale.

They didn’t want to send someone home, and considering they sent the best guy home, they should’ve stuck to their original plan.

In my opinion, it was obvious Calvin should’ve been eliminated … weeks ago. He’s the drama boy and they sold out Eduardo for it.

Sorry, Bravo, but I don’t even know if I can watch what happens next.

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