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Here's the Ometepe Tribe, before Rob Mariano joins in.

By Gina Carbone

If the headline didn’t make it clear, I know nothing. Not that I ever did, but my nothing has sunk to new lows.

I love spoilers, but “Survivor: Redemption Island” is extra tricky because of the recent hullabaloo between Missyae, Russell Hantz and CBS. Everyone is on egg shells, Missyae is no longer spoiling in Survivor Sucks and “boot list” is apparently a four-letter word.

But I’ve been trying to piece together random asides from Blackwhale on Survivor Sucks, Missyae on Survivor Skills and photos posted on TrueDorkTimes, as well as Sucks. (*Update* I also added spoilers from

Keep an eye on Natalie and Matt.

Long story short: Things will probably go well for a “core” Ometepe alliance, which likely includes Natalie Tenerelli (who supposedly dated Ben Henry, aka Benry from “Survivor: Nicaragua”) and Matt Elrod (who looks like Fabio from “Nicaragua”) and probably Ashley Underwood. And maybe Andrea Boehlke.

Natalie and Matt may hook up, too. Showmance? Yes? No? (That’s what they said, but it sounds like “they” may have confused Natalie and Andrea. Andrea and Matt seem to be the couple of the season.)


April 28 UPDATE: I think Andrea Boehlke is going to win. If not, I think it’s Ashley Underwood. Here’s why.

May 15 finale UPDATE: Nope! These spoilers suck! Read my full live finale blog! Boston Rob won. Ugh.


Anyway, here are the pieces I’ve found and you can put them together (or discount them completely) yourselves:


Ometepe Tribe

* Andrea Boehlke, 21, Random Lake, Wis.; student
* Matt Elrod, 22, Nashville; pre-med student
* Francesca Hogi, 36, Washington D.C.; attorney
* Kristina Kell, 46, Malibu; law student
* Grant Mattos, 29, West Hollywood; former NFLer, yoga instructor
* Phillip Sheppard, 52, Santa Monica; technology executive
* Natalie Tenerelli, 19, Acton, Calif.; professional dancer
* Ashley Underwood, 25, Benton, Maine; nurse
* “Boston Rob” Rob Mariano

Here's Zapatera, before Russell joins the fun.

Zapatera Tribe

* Mike Chiesl, 31, Del Mar, Calif.; former Marine
* Ralph Kiser, 44, Lebanon, Va.; farmer
* Krista Klumpp, 25, Columbia, S.C.; pharmaceutical rep.
* David Murphy, 31, West Hollywood; defense attorney
* Stephanie Valencia, 25, Long Beach, Calif.; waitress
* Sarita White, 36, Santa Monica; visual effects producer
* Julie Wolfe, 50, Oceanside, Calif.; firefighter
* Steve Wright, 51, Huntington Beach, Calif.; former NFL player
* Russell Hantz

Missyae’s look at this year’s cast:

Andrea Boehlke – –  Love this player. Smart, strong, social, got it all. A serious threat
Ashley Underwood – The Total Package, another serious threat
Francesa Hogi – – – Why do they always cast black females and edit them mouthy? No chance to win
Grant Mattos – – –  I really like this guy, he could be dangerous
Kristina Kell – – – – One of my favorites but shes too much like me, wide open, early alliance wont save her
Matt Elrod – – – – – Might be too nice, if its between him and another alliance member, he would be in trouble?
Natalie Tenerelli – – Of course all the talk is about her because of dating Benry, did she talk? I dunno, but he did
Phillip Sheppard – – Dude, wrong strategy, wow
Rob Mariano – – – – Cant win the title but will win fan favorite. Great alliance, great player, simply put, The Man!!!

David Murphy – – – Booksmart, will that translate to Game smart?? Maybe he outsmarts himself
Julie Wolfe – – – – Wrong, wrong, wrong
Kristina Klumpp – – The Natalie look alike wont win but might surprise some people with a move
Mike Chiesl – – – – Tough guy, strong, smart, definite threat
Ralph Kiser – – – – Definitely has some youtube moments but will not win, he dont take no crap
Sarita White – – – Silent Assasin
Stephanie Valencia – Not very smart and in way over her head
Steve Wright – – – Good guy
Russell Hantz – – Should have never changed your game style, no final 3 for you anymore, toast


Blackwhale: 22 Leagues Under the Sea forum on Survivor Sucks:

(Click the link for a lot more; I’m just adding a few of his notes)

Matt, Ashley and Natalie may have actually hung out pretty recently.

Matt Elrod is also a part of the core Ometepe alliance, which if you haven’t yet figured out, does very well.

Two people are “redeemed” and I believe one is male one is female. One at around the merge and the other at the finale, as you all know from call sheets.

Natalie Tenerelli fans will be happy to know she’s one of the last two girls standing.

Forgot to mention, Natalie Tenerelli and Ashley Underwood work very well together!

Rob Mariano outlasts Russell Hantz.

Ashley aligns with Rob and then outlasts him.

Stephanie Valencia = Marisa Calihan? That may be so. Not quite sure if its Ometepe or Zapatera that goes to tribal council first, but when Zapatera goes, look for Stephanie to go quick. She and Russell clash.

Seems like a lot of people here don’t like David too much, but sorry to say he does fairly well for himself. I hear he is linked in with the Krista/Russell alliance. He’s a pretty good player. I think Krista’s the only one who doesn’t turn against Russell though. Just like Ashley outlasts her ally Rob, I am pretty sure Krista does better than Russell.


*NEW* (click link below for updates)’s spoilers:

Castaways voted out for good:
-Francesca Hogi

Castaways sent to Redemption Island early:
-Matt Elrod
-Russell Hantz
-Stephanie Valencia
-Phillip Sheppard
-Kristina Kell

Castaways who may or may not make merge:
-Ralph “Rooster” Kiser
-Julie Wolfe
-Steve Wright
-Krista Klumpp
-Grant Mattos

Castaways who make the merge:
-Mike Chiesl
-Sarita White
-David Murphy
-Boston Rob (probably comes in 5th or 6th)
-Andrea Boehlke (could be in the Final 3)
-Ashley Underwood (could be in the Final 3)
-Natalie Tenerelli (could be in the Final 3)


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